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You're part of a design team entering a competition for the next generation CAS airplane. The requirements are for a platform that: - has a high loiter time with high fuel economy. - has low operating costs. - can resist infrared and radar guided surface to air missiles with ECM. - can resist anti aircraft cannon in the 30mm range over the vital areas of the aircraft. - has a cannon capable of penetrating light and medium armored ground vehicles and bunkers from a distance of 1 mile (2.5mrad). - the aircraft should have enough hardpoints to carry 8 tons of guided munitions for heavily armored ground vehicles and bunkers from a distance of 1 mile. - has infrared and radar sensors that allow it to surveil an area of 20 miles. - is capable of independent targeting and data sharing with troops on the ground. The team is told that UCAV drones and faster aircraft will be tasked with carrying guided and glide bombs, so this won't be part of the design.
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I've got a question for the veterans here. Do you think one day you could have a peaceful reunion with some of the guys you have fought?
i wish these cunts would just... 18 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click to view.
i wish these cunts would just stop already http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2014/09/04/bloomberg-gun-safety-group-spends-six-figures-on-kroger-ad-blitz/

ITT Underrated Meelee Weapons

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Items in pic related
/k/ sucks, gone are the days... 7 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
/k/ sucks, gone are the days where every thread on the front page is about discussing weapons, gone are the days of HM, Marisa trolling, kagami being a faggot, and /k/ uniting to fight the stormshits, it seems most threads just devolve into some shit flinging contest because autists just can't shut the fuck up, instead of posting weapons faggots now spew memes at /b/ tier levels and discuss retarded threads like anime or humor "weapons related" topics instead of just the fucking weapons as it used to be, I've been here since 2007 and since 2012 its been a steady stream of underage and /pol/yards spreading cancer, time to leave this shithole and go to a more mature place where adults can talk like admits

I need suggestions

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Look /k/ i need help, I am a gun virgin and have no idea what gun to get. I am a fan of most pistol designs and rifle designs my budget is 3,500 dollars. My normal descision would be which has the most bullets. But this is a novelty piece to take out once a week and shoot. I am a fan of marksman shooting but i am not a sniper. any suggestions are helpful
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Mosin question. What is /k/'s opinion on Archangel stocks? I fucked up my hand, and its hard for me to enjoy making bowling pins go boom if I have to stop after 3 rounds.
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Poorfag here. I am thinking about taking shooting as practice. What is the cheapest weapon and ammo I could find, still being safe and acceptable?

What are the best camos for hunting?

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So I could ask /out/, but yall know more about camo. Anyway, any opinions about which camo patterns are best for hunting? If I'm honest, I have a distaste for the generic hunting pattern that looks like someone took a picture of some brush and printed it onto a shirt. I would like something slightly more universal. For example, I've hunted in a swamp, on a field (sitting next to hay bales), and in different kinds of woods. Would I look like some kind of tacticool fag if I used a milsurp pattern, or is there a civilian pattern that I've missed?
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Why does the f-35’s tactical display look so shitty? The graphics look like ms dos prompts you’d find on computers from the 80s and nothing about all the tiny symbols and numbers is intuitive. Are U.S. engineers incompetent/lazy or is lock mart and the government corrupted to the point that they can get away with junk like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oyCzT6sB_4#t=212
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"FOR GAWD'S SAKE DON'T SEND ME!" Battlebeasts/milsurp circlejerk? Pic is my Battle/k/at, The Baroness, with my 1917 BSA No1 Mk 3
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Has anyone on /k/ ever have to get rescued?
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What is /k/'s opinion on Travis Haley? War hero? Accomplished soldier? Successful businessman? Top tier instructor? Or just a fad, and mallninja-pandering fag?
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Hey /k/ I don't know much about guns so I've come here to ask you. I just bought this for $10 from a junkie in the parking lot of a casino. It's probably stolen. All I know is that it's a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun. It looks really old and if I shot it it'd probably explode and kill me. It's missing a firing pin on the left side and there's a nail or something sticking out of the butt. What gauge is it, how old is it, how much is it worth, and what the fuck should I do with it? Thanks!


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Just brought a VP9 home from my FFL today. I'm curious if there are other VP9 owners on here, and what are their thoughts on the gun? Also can anyone confirm or comment on a couple questions/concerns I have about the gun? >slide/recoil spring It seems really easy to push this gun out of battery. When racking the slide, the first ~1/4" of travel is really light, and then once the barrel rocks back, the slide feels like it's the correct weight as I pull the slide back past that. With my Glocks, the recoil spring feels the same weight for the entire travel backwards, though. Is what I'm seeing on the HK normal? Basically, it still has some pressure, but if I shake the gun really hard back and forth, the slide will move (not just wobble, but actually move back, potentially as much as that 1/4"), which I can't do with my Glocks. Interestingly, this only happens with the striker cocked. De-cock the striker, and the slide won't budge when shaking the gun back and forth. >trigger The take-up on mine has a noticeable point of resistance before it gets to the sear. Basically a two stage take-up, with a gritty point in between the stages. I figure it just needs to be broken in, but has anybody else gotten a gun with this sort of grit in the trigger? Did it smooth out eventually? It feels like a really high quality gun. It's my first HK, though, and I'm not sure what is normal on these guns.
so /k/, i just found a maroon... 8 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
so /k/, i just found a maroon beret, where can i ordera metal murder kube or /k/ patch?
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Are there any early pistols form before two handed pistol shooting became common that are built in such a way that they cannot be used two-handed?
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tfw morning coffee and guns
hello /k/ short time lurker... 41 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
hello /k/ short time lurker and first time poster. I want to get into reloading. I found a place i can feed my 8mm mauser raifu with for .50 a pop (iranian ammo/corrosive primer). I would like to keep the price of each round around that much my tolerance is +/- .10 and maybe .20 because i maybe missing something How much will i spend on equipment. is it better to buy cheap equipment and powder. Also I am in the Garland TX area if anyone knows where i can get cheap lead, jackets, powder, and primers. Pops said reloading is useless. From what i can tell he only means if you have like 20-80 rnds on hand but I'm ordering 250 give or take. Insight on this? I'm planing on making reloading part of my chores for the rest of my shooting years so i guess it starts paying for itself?

Ohio police: Former SEAL that /k/ worshipped lied about shooting

Ohio police: Former SEAL that... 82 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Former Special Operator 1st Class (SEAL) Chris Heben was shot in the lower abdomen, but not at West Market Plaza, Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely told Navy Times in a Thursday phone interview. Heben was served Thursday with a summons to appear on charges of falsification and obstructing official business, according to a release from the Bath Police Department, and faces up to 180 days in jail and a $1,750 fine. Court records indicate he’ll be arraigned on Sept. 11. Police have concluded that Heben lied about the location of the shooting after collecting surveillance tapes and other evidence. Heben claimed he was shot during an altercation in the parking lot and later tried to chase down the perpetrators while plugging the bullet wound with his finger, a story that gained him national attention. Investigators pulled Heben’s cell phone records, which indicated that he hadn’t been at the shopping center at the time the alleged shooting happened, McNeely said.
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