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So, my ex is writing a fantasy series, and just published this short "zombie apocalypse" story through Amazon to get her name out there. Opinions? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IGYZZUC/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

Ecclesiastes Study

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Hey /lit/, anyone here know any good supplementary literature for someone who wants to study the book of Ecclesiastes? Or really bible study in general. I'm going to be reading a lot of it and analyzing it from a historical and theological background, and would like to read up about it as much as I can. Obviously I'll be analyzing the text itself first and foremost, but I'm sure there are some good studies out there. Anyone know anything good?
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>FRANZEN I had bad dorm rooms, and I’d landed in a nerdy situation as a prospective physics major. There were very few cute girls, and those few had no interest in me. My only significant ambition was to get laid, and I was failing spectacularly at it, for reasons now obvious to me but completely invisible at the time. I thought about transferring to a different school, but then I realized that if I majored in German I could go to Europe for a year, and that things might be better there. Things were not better there, at least not girlwise. But I came back to the States less outrageously immature. And every once in a while a person’s life feels like a novel, and the eight weeks in the middle of my last year of college were a time like that. Everything came together quickly, all the stuff that had been latent suddenly crystallized, and I felt transformed in the space of eight weeks. I became a human being. By the end of that January, I was having sex with the person I would end up married to for fourteen years, and I’d become a determined, focused writer who wanted to do nothing but write ambitious novels. Why is Franzen so beta bros?

Interplanetary Settlers

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To the best of my Knowledge, Anne McCaffery invented the interplanetary settlers genre. I kind of doubt this is the case so I thought I'd ask: what, if anything, predates her Dragon Riders series in terms of People arriving at a new planet to settle it. I'm not going to count anything that doesn't go into a fair bit of detail regarding the trip from earth to the destination.
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I've never read Battle Royale Should I read the original English translation, the expanded edition, or wait for the remastered version?
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sup /lit/ I've compiled a list of all the important philosophers since descartes. Let me know if you think it needs any additions/removals Rene Descartes Thomas Hobbes Baruch Spinoza John Locke David Hume Voltaire Jean-Jacques Rousseau Thomas Jefferson Immanuel Kant GWF Hegel Arthur Schopenhauer Ralph Waldo Emerson Max Stirner JS Mill (cont...)
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Long-time /lit/ poster and lifelong virgin here, What are some books that will help me get laid, preferably by a woman?
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Can we have a self-help thread? I'm tired of being alone and people not liking me. I want to change but don't know how
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>tfw smoked a cigarette because that's what authors do and now I feel nauseous. Pleb/Self-Loathing General

Having trouble appreciating poetry

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Sell me on poetry, /lit. I'm an avid reader and writer and lover of prose, but I never really learned to appreciate poetry. Or for that matter poetic prose in general (I don't really have the same enthusiasm that other people do for flowery, "beautiful" prose. Hell, I have a hard time imagining prose as "beautiful"). I'd like to start maybe writing poetry a little, if maybe to better my appreciation of it, and because I have a hard time capturing those small, story-less moments of mood and atmosphere in prose. Yet I never really feel much when reading poetry. I don't really seem to get much out of the careful arrangement of words and rhythm. So sway me, /lit.
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>Comparing the Hunger Games with Twilight
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>Take poetry writing workshop taught by a professional, well-published poet >Classmates write obscure free verse filled with vague solipsistic metaphors >I write poetry with clearly discernible and relatable themes, unique imagery, and attention to structure, form, and verse >Prof likes my stuff, gives me constructive criticism where it is duly needed, but generally favorable feedback >Classmates fail to understand my work and harshly criticize me because it isn't filled with adolescent posturing and emotionally empty navel-gazing >Mon visage Why is form and traditional Western poetic beauty so shunned by the modern youth? Are my classmates just going through a turbulent phase, which they will hopefully exit as they become adults? Will they ever realize true aesthetic beauty, or will they forever revel in their vulgarity?
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Tell us about that story you're working on. Whether it's a short story, a novel, shitty fan fiction, whatever.
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So you /lit/ guys are smart right? This chick from class gave me this book and said it was "amazing". The book is basically one long semi-psychotic rant by a 200-year-old werewolf. I'm gonna post a few excerpts: >I ran my thumb very gently over the moist crinkle of Madeline's anus. A pornographer in Los Angeles said to me not long ago: the asshole's finished. Everything gets finished. You keep coming up with crazy shit you can't believe you'll find the girls for, that'll finally finish the girls. But the girls just keep turning up and finishing it. It's depressing. >When she comes, you know, she looks at you with such pure and remote clear hatred. The contempt...It's the contempt. I spent so many years looking for a woman who truly despised me. So my livening hand slowly ascended (will always ascend, must ascend, though the gods have gone and the planet's dying and the human race has ironied itself into terminal indifference and it wasn't painless and it wasn't quick) through the zones of deepening heat to the lace enflowered tender sly swelling of her cunt. >I'm immune to news, THE news, breaking news, rolling news, newsflashes. Live long enough and nothing IS news. Even the News knows there's no real news, and goes to ever greater lengths to impart urgent novelty to it's content. The news feels post-apocaliptically redundant to me,as if I'm sitting in one of the billions of empty homes watching video footage of all the stuff that used to matter, wondering how anyone ever thought it did. I jerked myself to the news anchor's fake tits and felt inexplicably bad about coming on the part of the screen where her face lay. So my question is, does this girl want to bang? And how kinky do you think she is?

E-book self publishing

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Sup /lit/ I'm working on a manuscript for my poetry book (aren't we all?) and I'm thinking about self publishing, both as via print and e-book. I don't know if you know anything about this, but how much effort would you think trying to do it all by myself would be? I'm mostly wondering about the e-book side of it - formatting and selling (is it completely non-viable to create a website only to sell the book (and maybe later others), I might be able to get a few others to join in, so we'd have a few books to sell together. Obviously I'm not expecting to make any money off of it, at least not any substantial amount. If I could, through busywork, book readings and such, be able to make the printing cost back, that would be cool. I checked out services like squarespace, where I could have an online store, but paying 16$ a month is a bit steep for this kind of thing, I think. I'd rather have people pay me by online bank transfer and e-mailing them the books than paying that amount, even if it is unprofessional (fuck drm).
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Any latinbros here? I haven't read a book in Spanish in a while and I want to get into writing in Spanish, I can't seem to write in English because I still think in Spanish. Can anyone recommend me a book in Spanish? I have ideas, but I can't put them on paper, my main problem is picking up a narrator, tense, or whatever the fuck you call it, like : A: >Today, John had the toughest day of the year at work B: >Today I had my toughest day of the year at work C: >John just came back home from the toughest day of the year at work Thinking in A looks boring, uninteresting and hard to me, I feel better writing and thinking as B but I've been told by multiple people that point of view sucks shit, I feel comfy with C. Also, how do I develop my lexicon?
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Anybody feel like a critique thread? I saw your haircut in a storefront The choppy sides and perfect bangs I loved the way it framed the models cheekbones The blank expression on her face So I stormed inside and asked to buy it But I got told it's not for sale I quit my thinking and I decked the sales clerk Stole the wig and ran like hell So I figured I should come and show you So I kept running towards your house Then I remembered I don't have his address At least not the guy you sleep with now So I headed home to get collected To rid the red flushed in my face Took out my notebook and I sketched you smiling I like to think of you that way And I hung your haircut on my doorframe Beside your shirts and all those cards you sent I turned the light out and I sunk in slowly Counting sheep and breathing hard again But when it comes it's way too quickly And it busts apart the faith I've grown See I can't stop myself from hurting you So I guess I won't
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Hey /lit/, I'm writing an essay about an idea that can be perfectly encapsulated with the line "Without love, the truth cannot be seen". However, this is from a commercial work of fiction, and using it would be plagirism, I imagine. How can I take the perfect idea from this perfect sentence and use it in my essay? Cite it and jam in a works cited? Switch a few words around and make off like a bandit? Please advise. It's a college assignment, writing an essay for NPR.org's "this i believe" thing.
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Who's for you the best writer to report daily life in words?
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