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What the fuck happened at the end, /lit/? I got the whole book up until the last few pages. Am I retarded?
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What does lit think of this one?

>I'm reading "50 Shades of Grey"

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Hey /lit/, pls r8 this text I wrote last week. Don’t mind any syntax errors, it wasn't written in English at first (not mother language). Hope anyone enjoy. “ ‘Cow dung is sold in cans’ I heard this shit and I decided to go home, quickly. Put the peas in olive oil for frying, a hamburger for grill, light up a cigarette and start writing about my time. Writing about the post-post-post-modernity, up because we were so drained of our creative force by the huge mosquito of work that we couldn’t establish new denominations. Nothing is distinct now. Everything is relative, is its precept as well as that of the slap is the Christian’s. Not sure if you can recall, but there’s that horde of idiots in the Catholic Church who hide themselves behind biblical arguments and lighted quotes when in fact they have hidden sexual desire with blond transvestites called Margareth. You, artists of now days (since even this is an inaccurate terminology and may complicate the understanding, though I don’t have great appreciation for the terminologies) are just like them, or even worst. Well, the time has come to write about the second decade of the XXI century. Then I realized that the peas were burnt. The damn burnt smell. It’s such a good smell, if not for the food wasted. Living of art, just of art, albeit receiving a lifetime monthly stipend from the government, even today, is madness. As the mother cited by Baudelaire, that would rather have given birth to snakes than to a poet, well, good poets meet a lot of people like these mothers. But what can I say about the contemporary itself? First, starting with the most important, I see the absolute decadence of the bars. I mean the GOOD ones. Bars in which there’s a snooker table, good beer, snacks bums, plastic tables, good music, attractive and crazy women willing to forget life for just one night, once in a while, why not? Also fights, plus reasonable prices and peace to someone who wants to stay in a selfish and internal laughter. And a hearty laugh too, when the time asks for it. But above all, so that there is a bar there is something essential, something that cannot miss in any way: people. Real people. I'm tired of seeing bags of meat with deep dark circles so dependent on phones and electronic gadgets that would give his asshole for their iPhones if there was an app for that. It's terrible to have to share your time, your precious life, with people who are living just to kill time, have a snack here and there, adopting a pet and pampering him, hating street pets; using animals obtain sex, fuck a woman like who staples a page in a law office on a Wednesday morning. They are there, everywhere, and came not to bring anything. Cybernetic parasites of Earth, a monstrous fern covered with trinkets, a universal majesty with mantle silicon: the pure and dumb information crawling brains and covering them with mud.” [Probably continues]
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Are there any credible books about freemasonry?
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Let's have a science vs philosophy thread.
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'm sure fans of the Lord of the Rings (the book, mind you) will agree: This is something that's always bugged me, about every single adaptation, from the radio play to Peter Jackson. They leave out Bombadil and the Barrow-Downs...now, don't get me wrong, I actually quite like Bombadil, but I happily agree that if you need to cut some time from Fellowship, that's the place. But, that also cuts out the hobbits getting their blades from the Barrow. With that in mind, would have killed ANY of these adaptations to take two or three minutes in Rivendell..."These short blades were forged in Arnor to fight against the Witch-King of Angmar. The servants of the Shadow all fear such weapons. They will serve you well." Or something like that...I mean, otherwise the Lord of the Nazgul goes down in two very mundane hits.
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>tfw doing homework
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