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This will be my first time posting on /lit/. I felt like chatting about Brandon Sanderson and i was pretty sure that /b/ (where i usually spend my time) wouldnt be that interested, so i figured i'd come here. anyone here read the mistborn series? stormlight archive, elantris, etc. i love this guy, he's one of my favorite authors atm.
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How to approach this bad boy?
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"there ought to be papers on Nino and on that bailey horse" page 168 of the crossing did billy say this or the sheriff?
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Any love for The Phantom Tollbooth? /lit/ What are your literary tattoos?

mister squiggly by dfw

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what the fuck? he wrote close to 30 pages describing the focus group with no plot? what the hell am I reading /lit/? is this supposed to lead somewhere?
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Why has the private, solitary realm been destroyed? Did such a realm really exist in the first place? Why is it that public life is encroaching upon every single aspect of our lives (last.fm, facebook, reddit, etc.)? Do you think that the dissolution of the private realm (if it did exist) has been harmful? It seems that the previous model that Western Christianity provided wherein one could both be deeply tied to their community in a public realm while also maintaining a private relationship between themselves and God dictated by solitude has withered away in most Western societies. I bring this up because in reading an introductory essay on Descartes' Meditations, the writer mentioned Cartesian solitude (the isolated thinking subject) as being heavily attacked on the basis of thought and language as being public. I wonder to what extent maybe those claims are a result of historical developments. I find it interesting that as the well curated individual identity has entrenched itself, that that self finds itself more closely tied to the public realm and less able to engage itself in a private realm of solitude.
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I imagine it's a longshot, but I'm looking for an English book about the history of the Genyosha. Anyone know of anything?
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any philosophers/thinkers which theorize about sex (physical contact)? bonus points if it's not a feminist work (not against feminism, but their critiques are boring).


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As most of you know, each day we get at least 5 threads asking about to get into philosophy. I propose that we make a /lit/ approved reading list for philosophy which we can put on the sticky to help out all those new to philosophy. shall we start?
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Thank you humanities/English departments. But seriously, why is this even an issue? it seems like pseudo-tolerance bullshit, a useless gesture.
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>your age >your job >your /lit/ related ambitions
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Anyone want an invite to aaaaarg.org ?

/lit/'s opinions on English degrees

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I'm going to be studying for one soon and I'm on the verge of perpetual anxiety because of debts, job prospects and by my own ability to get a first class honours. I'm going to a top 10 uni so it's a challenge. The hope I'm clinging on to is the fact that I have a relative in publishing who has secured me internships in the past and hopefully will be give me a hand if I need it.
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Step 1: Schopenhauer Step 2: Nietzsche Step 3: ________ ? Who do I into next?
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Have any of you actually tried writing? I tried a few times by now. So far i was just writing first chapters and then abandoning the whole projects. No actual preparations made. But right now I'm taking it srsly. I already made whole mythology and timeline. I have a whole notebook of maps, stories about ancient wars of gods and titans and magic and other shit like this. Right now I must pick a moment in my timeline to put my 1st book in. Then I plan on making some main characters bio and desing. I realy wanna make my world to stick together and my books to cross together well. I want readers to have tought "Oh wait a min, they're talking about that guy from 2nd book, but they are totaly wrong, i know the story from another angle" Also it will me fantasy genere (i tried cryminals and sci-fi earlier) I know its actually shit genere, but fuck that, it sells well and I like it. So tell me am I missing something? What would you do before actually writing. What do you think my chances are? Also pic realeted, a nice lil preview and spoiler, so you can reconize my book in future maybe. An elder god of justice and thuder. Creator of human race, forgoten by his own children. He uses his wing to cover the sky from sun at night. When making humans he used his feathers to give them a "gods spark" as so when he covers the sky at night, the sun goes through a bit. The holes in his wings are called stars and there are as many stars, as humans. The moon is his eye, watching after us. Once a mont the eye is almost closed, because even he must rest. This are the only night that people are allowed to party hard, to not hurt his feelings. Aslo sorry for my bad english, I'm not a nitive speaker. I hope translators will do a good job, if my book will ever go international

Finnegans Wake

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and >sittting a ronin stun Dear, readegin finnegans awake >acute hipstergirl encroaches me >stark tremblin' afeard >Ahoy ured finagalings Quake question lisitany good question >eye-eye think Hewell find finiginsuayke trans-incense theN ormandy goodab dyke a(ctually)natomy >sea shells she sellsn't oversit >insulllfate con mirth >cafe Sprite de mis nosetrils, sa slong single strand sof /sp/ag GET. >pAnakin! gET dOwn! I swiftlipool tableclothe. Tomb I know simbol ow. >Moral: /sp/ag GET. fall out boy. >Trite Toque. Cachet. Shit. Tall. Jeremy Lin. Federal (G-Men hate) butt-i quickly understops >Thug Earlsssssssss raring me in Horrah. The horrah. The horrah >Flavouir Ice Stand! Upkno,,cking my chair over, et Sprint towards le door. >Pert on 1 stringSSSSSSSSS of spaghetti twas hat danglin' de me narise. >tt I crash to le floor un wet bubble de Bolognese sources capes from my Bu >attept toucan sand Ass lip onamonameatball tha thas ruled ute ufe mi trooser loog. >"Bye!" Know Ebony won Iceland (-ing!) Hysterectomy! >I try tie explie thie openie sentie Fi Ni Guy Why bye my my Sigh fi fi spaghettye >starthrowg un cunt role able y! >thespian ghetto praws fsleif acircle mi neck. >Cunt breath. >beg four help Ass know won can heremoi sur there LMFAO. >be four dye Ying-Yan comma Mike Ma cunt fessessionalslast >eye haff k N.O.I.D. wuts going g[o]i[n]g go[in]g fake win again >todo es Dark Ness. >mon visage qu
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What are some good books about Yakuza and other criminal organizations?
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what does /lit/ think about the role of mental illness in literature or, more generally, the arts? does the unique perspective inspire greater work, or might the symptoms prevent any progress? recently self-diagnosed borderline here, for any that are curious. i'm trying to decide if treatment is worth it for me as i'm sure the intense bouts of emotion give me some kind of advantage over other artists, but the total inability to pursue romantic relations is really fucking with my head.
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I remember when i was younger i read most of a fantasy series, but i can no longer recall the title. Does anyone have any idea how to track it down? The setting was some fantasy land where the forces of good lost a war with evil after their god apparently abandons them. Mages had their hand covered in red, and they would renew their magic by conducting a ritual in which they would bath their hand in moonlight (or something like that), but when the war started, they found out that by doing so they would lose their hand and become powerless. In desperation the last surviving mages sacrifice themselves to perform a ritual so that more mages may be born in the future as their last hope. The series follows the adventures of a girl who is born after the war with the ability to use magic and she is hunted down by the evil forces that now rule the land as they see her as a threat. Anyone have any idea what series im referring to?
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Hey /lit/ I'm trying to learn Spanish. Can you recommend any English books that use a lot of Spanish? Similar to the way Lolita implements the use of French every so often. Exception would like it to be a little denser than Lolita foreign language wise.
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