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>language is a lie
What's good ravishment... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
What's good ravishment romance/smut?
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Have you ever read a textbook outside of a class curriculum? What was it? Did you enjoy it?
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Who are your favorite poets, /lit/? After being mostly a novel guy for years, I recently bought my ex-teacher's poetry books. This made me go out and buy a couple more, so I got Bukowski's Love is a Dog From Hell, and a collection of TS Eliot's poems. And my fucking god, my heart and soul is just torn in two. I read one of each each morning and night, and by god I just can't get over that there is ACTUALLY stunning poetry out there. >inb4 neither of them have stunning poetry So, who are your favorite poets? What are your favorite poems?
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>Nietzsche, on the contrary, pours out his contempt upon democracy because it is not aristocratic. He is predatory to the point of demanding that those who must succumb to feline rapacity shall be taught to submit with resignation. When he speaks of “Anarchistic dogs” scouring the streets of great civilized cities; it is true, the context shows that he means the Communists; but his worship of Napoleon, his bathos of anxiety for the rise of an aristocracy that shall rule Europe for thousands of years, his idea of treating women in the oriental fashion, show that Nietzsche has struck out in a very old path — doing the apotheosis of tyranny. We individual egoistic Anarchists, however, may say to the Nietzsche school, so as not to be misunderstood: We do not ask of the Napoleons to have pity, nor of the predatory barons to do justice. They will find it convenient for their own welfare to make terms with men who have learned of Stirner what a man can be who worships nothing, bears allegiance to nothing. To Nietzsche’s rhodomontade of eagles in baronial form, born to prey on industrial lambs, we rather tauntingly oppose the ironical question: Where are your claws? What if the “eagles” are found to be plain barn-yard fowls on which more silly fowls have fastened steel spurs to hack the victims, who, however, have the power to disarm the sham “eagles” between two suns? Stirner shows that men make their tyrants as they make their gods, and his purpose is to unmake tyrants. >Nietzsche dearly loves a tyrant. Thoughts?
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>Noah [Baumbach] and I had a rape joke in The Life Aquatic [with Steve Zissou] that’s not in the movie. There’s a thing where— there’s the topless script girl, Anne-Marie Sakowitz, played by Robyn Cohen, and they’re tied up by pirates and blindfolded, and Bill Murray says, “How you holding up over there, Anne-Marie?” and she says, “Not that great, Steve.” It used to be, “Not that great, Steve. I’ve been raped.” That was the gag, and we cut it out, and I expect it wouldn’t’ve left them rolling in the aisles.
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Confession thead:

Thomas Ligotti

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Let's talk some Ligotti, /lit/. Specifically, let's talk about Ligotti's mythos. His stories 'Nethescurial', 'Teatro Grottesco', and 'The Shadow, the Darkness' all seem to hint at the same entity which controls all living things from within: Nethescurial in 'Nethescurial', the Teatro Grottesco in 'Teatro', and the Tsalal in 'The Shadow'. All of these titles are evidently synonymous (we learn towards the end of 'Teatro' that the Teatro Grottesco at one point operated under the name of Nethescurial). It seems to me that most if not all of his stories take place near a northern border between one unnamed country and another unnamed country which is basically under the control of the Quine Organization. The locales are all largely similar: grey, dilapidated towns full of artistic and intellectual failures, as well as eccentrics and occultists. Do you think Ligotti's mythos takes place in our reality or another world entirely? Do you think his vision of the northern country blanketed in fog and governed by the Quine Organization is a grim premonition of what's to come? Discuss.
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For those who have read it, how did Kafka's Metamorphosis affect your perspective? Who was the Gregor in your life?
Chronicles of NarniaWhat order... 17 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Chronicles of Narnia What order should they be read in?
Thoughts?Julien is an eerily... 22 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Thoughts? Julien is an eerily similar character.
When did you realize you... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
When did you realize you discovered and developed dialectic reasoning and analysis on your own through arguing with people on image boards?
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/lit/ I need your help. I currently have 3 ideas for books outlined and I cant seem to decide which one to focus on. So tell me which one you would rather read between those 3. I write in french, if that matters. 1. A fiction in 4 acts each representing one of the 4classical element. It will follow two protagonist on a journey accross the sea trying to find a new land to live on after a terrible earthquake left their civilisation in desolation and primitive amarchy. Its mostly at sea tale but only one act will focus om that journer. The prose would be rather poetic. and tie in the vocabulary with the elements. Will include "dream" sequence wich will consist of poetry. 2. A play in 8 scenes or acts ment to be played in 6 different outside location in Montreal. Wil follow the story of 6 protagonist. Basicly a bunch of left side militants meet after they receive an online invitation to a manif-action. Their ambition will quickly lead them to imagime a "coup" to smash the government but theyre action are doomed to fail as each character as a different vision for "revolution". It will be mostly a political satire mocking the faux-militant of the digital age. Also pretty much a big dialogue between 6 different leftist side of view (anarchism, marxism, feminism, libertarism,) without being clear in supporting these view the message would be , we should focus our effort innone common goal instead of the divide we have now. 3.a dreamy poetic novel that follow the 2 final year of the life of a delusional man who beleives the 4 blood moons to be a sign of.endtime. This one will be non linear and rather elastic in its use of word and.grammar , yet will remain dense and rich in current event references (irak/syrian war, ukraine/russian war, israel/palestine war ...) feeding the delusion of the main character. So tell me.lit, which one will it be?
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Does anyone on /lit/ know where to pick up a legit copy of Mein Kampf in English?

recent purchase thread

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wish I had never found this board >at home an hour ago >hmm I'm bored >wonder whats going on over on /p/ >misclick >/lit/ is under /p/ >read some of the posts >these faggots are slightly likable >hmmm I'll take one of their suggestions >check what time HPB closes >run up there just now >spend $20 on 10 books got the entire Narnia set, $2/book, grabbed Animal Farm and 1984, as well as F451, and a couple of others per the suggestion of the employee at least this should hold me over for a while post up your recent purchases
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What do you read when you feel lonely?
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The illumati/magick obsessed heroin addict who thinks I'm in on it because I've read Crowley has gotten on my nerves again. I've tried to disabuse him of his dilusions for a year now, and I'm annoyed enough that I'm just going to go the other way and drop cryptic hints, and whenever he starts rambling about demons I'll say "not here." Throw some conspiracies at me.
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One time I asked a question on fit and they called me a faggot manlet or something. I posted again on artwork/critique asking for critique but I am happy they did not call me a faggot for posting in wrong board. I post my work for critique here I think because the other guy strongly imply this is where it belongs. I will just copy and paste what I wrote before. do you guys like to read? It is 2.9k words. I wouldn't call it art I just want a critique. From 1-100 how shit it is? 1 being the shittiest, 100 being not that shit. English is not my first language. maybe read a little bit and tell me where the shit overwhelming. THanks. http://pastebin.com/1kd5Kkpk
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