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ITT Recommendations

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What are some good anchient civ and history books?
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A quick little observation. Lit is filled with generic science vs philosophy threads. The people defending science, or rather attacking philosophy usually proclaim >obscurantism >meaningless intellectual wankery >does not empirically exist >u cannot no nuffin Very rarely are scientists, philosophers or anyone else referenced. These individuals rely on their own definitions and their own assumptions. On the other hand, those defending philosophy >never attack science, but rather seek to limit its autonomy >present proper, logical arguments >defy the easy, materialist solutions There are frequent references to both scientists and philosophers, along with well thought out and well-argued points. Now, this thread is an observation of the anon's themselves rather than the argument. There is a correlation between dismissive, self-entitled and ignorant anons on the side of 'scientism,' - (for they truly believe science to be the only worthwhile form of knowledge) whilst those who are well versed in both philosophy and science are more polite, open to different arguments and knowledgable about the philosophy and history of science. This doesn't add weight to either side's argument but merely notes that pop-culture's residue on the populus has created a group of people grounded in paradox. Not only do most of these anons know very little about science, but they hold that this knowledge, of which they know nothing, is the highest and only true form of knowledge. I find it fascinating that the anti-intellectual culture that was born out of capitalism and consumerism has absorbed science into it's mainframe of support. A truly awful situation.

Critique thread

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Most of the ejaculate landed in the palm of his hand. With no more than half a second of consideration, he brought it to his lips and swallowed his essence. It burned his throat but the taste was not unpleasant, a fact in which he took something resembling pride. Crashing back to reality, he made some keystrokes using his few dry fingers and waddled to the bathroom. With the top of his boxer shorts tucked under his testicles, he tenderly rinsed the tip of his foreskin-lacking penis. To avoid a urinary tract infection he then evacuated his bladder in the sink, acutely aware that the residual semen could and would divert the route of the stream in any direction. Following that ordeal he washed once more and walked back to the computer, at which he sat with his penis laying in the warm rays of the sun and wrote about the latest event in his vapid life.
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is it just me or there a lot of bible thumpers on this board?
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What do you think of Orwell's writing? Favourite book by him?
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Shouldn't the opposite of reactive be 'preactive' not proactive? What other words bother you?

Magick Literature

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What is /lit/'s opinion on magick literature? Magick is obviously not real in the sense of fireballs and curses, but it's obviously made an impact to still exist today. Why? From Crowley to Levi to whatever, it's always been around, and in multiple unrelated cultures. Why do people devote such time writing about things that are obviously a farce?
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How do you motivate yourself to read?
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Does anyone on this board wander the city? I wondered in three cities in my lifespan and if I had any skill in writing it down, who knows? Mostly I walk but sometimes riding a bicycle is great too. You get to see things, today I saw a woman stare into an empty shop window, and how people with expansive cars are cunning not to show a liking for the nationalist biennale of the tribesman that inhabit my beloved European province. In the south-eastern provinces of Europe people like football, they approve the apsurd amount of political attention football gets - they dream of the '98 fame worldcup. The greatest thing since the liberation. If you dwell deeper into the city, you would see places where characters are made. In these parts it was wise to walk faster and in shade as opposed to a spring day, when the whole world would come out to the main square and the young women would smell of much too sweet spring parfume. Rare people get to feel the cold concrete in the winters for a long enough time to start to befriend it. Whenever I visit this board there is much talk of right and wrong, give yourself an expirience, go out and let the feet carry you and when the feet had enough of it, you can judge something as right or wrong. But only for a moment, before the dreams take you.
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Name a greater book series than "Where's Waldo?". Pro tip: you can't
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Hey, /lit/ I have thousands of books in pdf and I do a lot of my readings through the computer. I'm considering getting an ebook reader, but I'm not sure how Kindle and others behave with pdf format. Also, I have a lot of art books with images that would naturally not look good if the screen just uses black or if the format does not allow for zooming and stuff. What do you recommend for my case? iPad? Any ebook reader? I'm also consering pros and cons of its price, I don't have an exact budget but the cheaper the better. Thanks

Sophie's World

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What did you think of Sophie's world? I thought it was an adequate introduction, but the author clearly does not know the meaning of subtlety when it comes to awkwardly throwing in his political opinions I enjoyed how intensely meta it was.
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Dice is life.
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on average, how many pages do you read a day?
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> A Conclusion about Philosophy from Studying it > > As a student of philosophy one makes an experience that hints at the peculiar position of this domain of thought between science and literature, which does not share either of its advantages. > > The literature of all three fields is immeasurable. Considering the lyrical output of a single year alone one could despair, and yet one finds in this infinity with instinctive certainty just a few books that will become important to one’s self. In contrast, the literature of the exact sciences has the advantage that every book modifies its predecessors, develops them, and hence makes them obsolete. Only in the field of philosophy one doesn’t know who to learn from. [Excerpt freely translated from Robert Musil’s diary ca. 1920] So, what does /lit/ think of this?
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>tfw persuasive speech due on Tuesday and I have no idea what I want my topic to be
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what is the evangelion of literature?
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Who is the Darude - Sandstorm of literature?
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I have always have been asocial since I was a kid spending my afternoons playing Diablo 2 instead of going out and playing with my friends and peers. As I grew older, the amount I went out and did social things declined to the point where doing something social once a month was considered abnormally frequent for me. I guess its because of this that I never really had stellar social skills, and have constant social anxiety. It was easier to play WoW than to actually deal with people on a frequent basis. Starting in the beginning of high school, reading lit, watching film and browsing reddit and 4chan became my primary use of time when I stopped caring so much about vidya. I can't help but think immersing myself in this stuff is just another substitute for the vidya of my youth, because it probably is. Another thing I grasp onto because I'm just a loner and these things being my almost sole comforts. Even when I do go and be social, which I have to now daily thanks to the 40 hours work life, I often come home and open a book just to decompress since I can relate to the people in fiction more than the people around me. Every day of struggling to find any sort of meaningful connections in the daily grind leads me to become more and more dependent on literature and film to convince myself that things aren't so bad. Recently, the dissonance between the empathy and sense of shared human understanding present in books and film and my complete inability to find any sort of meaningful social interaction in real life has caused me to feel increasingly depressed and getting to the point of being suicidal. Can anyone relate? Life is just becoming increasingly absurd and depressing to me and I just want to see if anybody else has been in a similar state of affairs and got out of this rut. related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9PzSNy3xj0
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Which is worse, 19th German philosophy or 20th century French philosophy?
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