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Well /m/, how does it play out... 46 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Well /m/, how does it play out differently?
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Let's have a Bionicle Thread.

Jaeger vs Muto

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Think Gypsy Danger could take on Muto(male)? Godzilla and Muto(female) are a little too large. Also imagine Gypsy and Godzilla fighting Mutos side by side.
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Hey, /m/. I was wondering... Does a translation of the Zeta novels exist somewhere? If so, where?

Gundam UC Episode 7 General

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Other threads are on autosage. Old thread; >>10818434 Link to episode (chinese subs); http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av1128008/index.html No english subs as of this thread's start.
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Did you like the History Repeating albums? I came for the robot angst, I stayed for Send Me an Angel
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Is the gundam unicorn episode 7 dub out yet?
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Mu mu mu Muteki! Muteki-Da-uun! Mu mu mu mugen ze! Muteki-Da-uun!
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Attention interloper - heed this recorded message! This drone-vessel speaks with the voice and authority of the Ur-Quan. You are trespassing within Ur-Quan space. This world, Earth, may not be approached for any reason. Nor will hostilities against our orbital platform be tolerated. In addition, your ship does not respond to standard Hierarchy identification transmissions and is therefore deemed to be independent. This is not permissible -- only subservience shall be tolerated. This drone now leaves to inform the Ur-Quan of your transgressions. You are commanded to remain here and await the arrival of the Ur-Quan. Disobedience will be punished.
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Holy shit, why did this make me cry? The whole episode was manly tear level, and this is what broke the damn.


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CHPATER 1: RED PILL RISING FORD BRADY who was prodtaganist of the GARROD EDWARD movie that just came out in theaters this fridays may 16 who was son of JOE BRADY and stepbrother of WAYNE BRADY who had not been heard from since he became new black ranger after zordon made him new black ranger and zordon was really brain of hank schrader plug into abandon military supercomputer. San francisco get cancer from atomic blast at end of movie but Obamacare set up FEMA death camps instead. "Colonel Edward R Murrow, I must protest this unethical actions!" say Ken Serizawa. "I am sorry but these are my orders. They are unamerican in their denial of consumer choice to choose big savings at low prices coming this summer" say colonel murow. MANWHILE serizawa's british sidekick woman who was also in the grady edwins movie rebot that came out like just yesterday in theaters. was in the science room on the saratoga knee deep in graph printouts because the science readings were off the charts. "doctor, these graphs are outta control!" yell hte scientist womban. Serizawa say "What!? What are these readings!?" and ran into the science roo but the comptuer was on fire. "look out sempai!" yell that british woman who was like play by sally hawkins or something. Computer explode in serizawa face and take out eye "No, my fields of visiens!!!" scream serizawa in pains of agony and he had to be taken to sick bay. 15 HOURS LATER after extensive navy surgery, the navy medicine was too late. "I am sorry doctor but the computer explosion was too bad, you will have to wear eyepatch now" and now serizawa look like serizawa from the 1945 classic GOJIRA: THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FIRE MONSTERS
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Episode 7 (Final) - Over the Rainbow TORRENT WHERE edition. Chinese Hardsub: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=555209 BDMV: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=555260 English Audio: https://mega.co.nz/#!M0B3yBCA!ErhsUq7r_36Yjqeu6piGUf6ci4zK51CtOFfEPhtZ-AE Old thread: >>10825320
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>tfw you realize how shallow muv ruv is still want to save this world. Because it is my home and because despite everything i love it.
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>Nahel Argama and Garencieres crew now an allied front. >Zinnerman now captain of the Magallanica battleship. >Unicorn and Banshee still intact, though novel implies the NT-D is locked on the Unicorn IIRC. >Banagher heads back for Mineva, who is on the Magallanica. >In spite of happy ending, everyone is still fugitives from the Federation, and RoZ Defense Minister more desperate to maintain his nation's independence than ever. So...are they setting up a Unicorn sequel story of some sort? Because as satisfying as the ending was, this situation is loose ends incarnate.
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So, I'm getting ready to watch Evangelion, but RX&*2's release has me worried. On Nyaa, he has this listed in the description: >Evangelion is a somewhat difficult show to sub due to its large number of one-frame-long subtitles and sign subs that I simply don't have the patience to properly deal with. That said, I wanted to provide a good encode that dealt with a few of the problems inherent to the DVD source, for others to use and remux with. I didn't want to tag this as an EG release because as far as I'm concerned, this is more of a raw release. I've included the vobsubs from the R1s as rudimentary subtitles, but make no mistake that this release is intended for other people to build upon. Has anyone release fixed subs for this. This release is the most recent one I could find.
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In Soviet Russia Gundam builds you
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I bet you can't name a secondary rider as scumbag as Micchy.

Old Gundam games

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Hey there /m/. I am trying to figure out the name of a Gundam game I played back on the PS2 a few years ago but I haven't had much luck so I said I would try asking here. I remember it was set during the original gundam timeline and that you could play as either Zeon or the feddies. I don't think the guy you play as had a name but I might be wrong. I remember that you could choose which mission you were going to do next and different options would be unlocked depending on if you won or failed the mission. There were missions on land, underwater and in space and a pretty wide variety of mechs you could pick. I would really appreciate if you could help out here /m/.

Shin Mazinger Z

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I really enjoyed this. I have no idea what to think of that fucking ending, though. Were they planning on a sequel? I haven't read/watched any of the original Mazinger series. Are they as good as this was? After that ending I'm left somewhat unsatisfied.
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Cartoony Human Characters or Bland Human Characters in your monster movies?
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