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/m/ board - Mecha - 21st July 2014 at 4h

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YOU, THERE. Yes, YOU! Get in the Gundam!
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Which Mech game do u guys think will come out next for PlayStation 4 ? Heres hoping for a ps4 game similar to Armored Core 4 For Answers!
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I just wanted everything to be alright. This is not okay..
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Tell me /m/, what's your favorite /m/ OVA/TV/Movie/Franchise series right now and why? It can be a single entry in a franchise, or it can be the entire franchise. If you don't have an explanation, you need not post. >I'm pretty into Patlabor right now since it is not a show that think thinks too much of itself yet manages to actively push me forward to watch the next episode (Not the movie series, of course). I feel a chemistry with all of the characters, and they just sort of click in a really good way. Also, Izubuchi is always a favorite, so the designs are a real treat. I can also really appreciate the idea of mecha cops in an SoL atmosphere. I feel like that's not something that's done much too often and another SoL comedy might be a good thing for the current state of the mecha genre.
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How an Ultraman series written by Gen Urobuchi would be? >There would be different Ultramen with different ideals fighting each other >Members of the Earth attack team would die regularly >Idealistic MC facing the harsh realities of being a hero >Obligatory character who wants to save the world through utilitarian means (probably the Commander of the deffense team)

Gundam Build Fighters BD Box 2 Extras

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---> http://pastebin.com/BPrSk0sY SD Knight Fighters 2, 6 Years After, Creditless OP2 & ED2, and episode 24. go get 'em. Also included on the pastebin are links to the BD box 1 extras for anyone who doesn't have those yet. tfw yuuki isn't in knight fighters
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