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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEeBXUUOBiI >those references

The whole Federation vs Zeon thing in the original series

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I just started watching gundum (079) and four episodes in I'm already surprised by how they show the enemy faction as rather competent and not outright evil, how the enemies also get in though shit over things like weapon supplies, or how Amuro is aware that the machine is doing most of the fighting for him. And now this ep shows asshole Fed base commander at Luna II. Does the series stay this good at portraying both sides of the war all the way through?
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So this just happened. Does this mean they'll be putting up all of GaoGaiGar on their own site? Has a remaster been announced in Japan or something?

What if he was facing the Macross UNSPACY post Frontier Era?

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How much time would the Gamilas endure?
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>CHAPTER 1 IS RELEASED! DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1sjv2v9evd6nay6/Kamen+Rider+Legacy.exe You will also need the RTP, if you dont have it already: http://www.4shared.com/rar/kni8-aaa/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace_RTP.htm Previous threads >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10759781/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10766737/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10779176/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10807994/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10885894/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10965729/ >http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/10985236/ >http://archive.moe/m/thread/11078044/ >What is this? It's a RPG Maker Kamen Rider game with creative and artistic input by /m/. >Can I help? Yes, we currently need more sprites and ideas for the plot (Template in the next post - just start coloring over the little bald human!) If you want to help with story ideas and discussions, here is a pastebin with what we have so far and what we are focusing: http://pastebin.com/ukXffJwd >Progress? Chapter 1 is Ready and in Beta stage. >What do you need the most right now? Sprites for: Skyrider ZX ZO J Kuuga Blade Den-O Kiva OOO Input for the chapters signalized at the pastebin Anything else will also be a huge help!
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How big will the shitstorm be if Urobuchi makes a Gundam show? Note that he already made a couple of mecha shows and has another one coming up, worked on a larger /m/ franchise (Kamen Rider) and Tomino openly praised Madoka
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So /m/, I came here awhile ago to try and find an gundam show I used to watch which turned out to be G Gundam, which I can now realize why I remember it, it is HYPE as fuck. Anyways I need help remembering another Gundam show from my childhood, of what I cant remember there were two twin gundams, once specializing in offense and one in defense. This is what I can barely remember, it was in text as well, I remember reading about it too. Thanks and I'm a faggot for asking for help.
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What do you think Tomino's thinking here?
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Tell me /m/, why does he wear the mask? No seriously, why the fuck is this clown running around like this? I'm 13 episodes into Victory Gundam and this guy's fashion sense baffles me. Char at least had the excuse of trying to hide his identity.
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Hello, this is your leader Titan. Yes. Yes, that Titan, stop crying and pay attention! You clowns on /m/ have been floundering about for years and you STILL cant find a way to sop that damned Stronger! I am losing my patience! But because you do such a good job defaming and disgracing the Showa Riders, I am giving you a day to think of a way to DESTROY Kamen Rider Stronger! DO NOT FAIL ME.
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Hey /m/. I know tabletops usually go in /tg/, but considering the setting and what I'm asking, It's probably a better idea to go here. I'm preparing to DM a tabletop campaign using Battle Century Z's system. (It's basically a Super Robot Wars conversion, and is the successor to Giant Guardian Generation from the same guy.) The deal is, I want to make the experience (without railroading because fuck that) as close as possible as if you watched a mecha anime-- Minus the fact the players are controlling the main characters. So I'm asking for advices on how to make it as close as possible to any mecha anime. Soundtrack is obviously a must, so is a Narrator speaking to explain things happening during the game. Any idea for that?

Best Robotech DVD set?

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Is the box with Robotech and the Macross dub any good?


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WHY IS IT ANIMATED LIKE THIS!? It's a cool enough story, to the point where I'm probably just going to read the manga, but why did they go through the trouble to animate it just to make such a shoddy product? It looks like ass! The motions are spastic and jerky, the faces are even more wooden than anime often is, the lip-sync is nonexistent, and the characters spend 1/2 of the shots standing rock still (which, again, isn't that weird in 2d anime, but looks horrible in 3d).
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Why is he so perfect? What is it about him that makes him objectively the best mech in the entire genre?

ITT: Anime localizations we never got, test dubs, etc

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I'll start off with the most notable ones. >Turn A's cancelled western release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMUOENME8Zc >SPT Layzner and Giant Gorg were licensed back in 2001 but never released because Sunrise gave Bandai shitty blue tinted masters >Legend of the Galactic Heroes' test dub by Ocean Studios (someone from here uploaded it to YouTube a while ago but I'm having trouble finding it now) >Harmony Gold's pre-Robotech Macross test dub

Kamen Ride Gaim - 44

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What's /m/ opinion on Liveman? The only other Sentai series I watched are Jetman and Dairanger. I'm thinking about watching another one, but I'm not really interested in the post-00s ones.
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