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31st July 2014
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http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/disney-monorail-loses-power-lightning-strike-article-1.1865502 >LGTSS
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Some biker cunt was riding on the side of the rode acting like he was fucking Lance Armstrong or some shit. I got pissed off how slow he was going because he was taking up too much room since the road is tiny. wanna know what I did? i reved my car and ran him over like the cockroach he was. Bikers; why do you continue to bike on non-park pathways? All you do is bother drivers and pedestrians. Biker fags Not even once.
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Lugged Frames

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Is there such a thing as a "cheap" newly manufactured lugged frame? I'm specifically trying to find one with track ends. Yes I know finding one used is easy but as a poor fag I'm always buying used or getting hand-me-downs and for once in my life I'd like to be the first owner of something.

Official Cager Hate Thread

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Can we get a cager hate thread going? Pic related, fresh OC.
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currently a sophomore manufacturing engineering major with a minor in material sciences. my passion is bicycles and would like to intern either paid or unpaid for a large company. any ideas how i would go about doing this??
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I have a pretty stupid question /n/. I ride an old road bike. I have a fairly skinny seat and I have a slight problem. The bolts have a tenancy to rub the denim on my jeans to the point of tear. I'm thinking a wider seat may be the best solution is a wider seat, but I don't know if there are styles that are best suited for types of riding. What should I do? Pic related. One of the pants i've ruined.
This shit is a godsend for... 5 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
This shit is a godsend for biking.
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Why do whole cities+suburbs and entire regions exist in America with little or no public transportation? >people chose so on the free market How do you opt for a choice when it is the only one available and there are no alternatives? When a viable alternative is provided people do tend to shift when it suits their needs >railways don't make money They're a long term low yield investment - just like every other vital piece of infrastructure which no one insists must be profitable by the next financial quarter >the free market will fix it Will it? Business wants a quick return on a small investment, transit infrastructure requires high capital investment and pays back over many decades - these are two opposing business models Further, a private operator has no concerns about providing for all of society - only those that can pay, and has no interest in easily accessible infrastructure but instead in maximizing profits from the captive market passengers - this means building dense labyrinthine malls over stations that you are forced to navigate through to get in or out >fema cattle cars/agenda 21/poor people will come to the suburbs nigga pls
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A Northeast Regional led by an AEM-7 just pulled up next door. And that leads me to this question, /n/: What is that clicking noise they make? Pic related, it's the Northeast Regional from the window of the Metro I'm on.
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I dont like transportation, i prefer walking. any1 else with me on this ;)?


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Oshkosh is comin! Who's goin?
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http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28448763 Enough already :(
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I just had my first flying lesson. didnt puke once. ask me anything. pic related

A little help here...

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Ladies and gentleme/n/, I have a question regarding a possible bike build I'm looking at. Firstly, I'd to say that although I'd probably class myself as an enthusiast, the bike in question is a little out of my comfort zone (I do ride road bikes, but everything I currently own is at least 30 years old and generally Reynolds/Columbus or similar). Now, I'm looking at my first carbon road bike, I'm not overly fussed regarding weight (I'm a fat muhfucker, and anything will be shaving weight off some of my heavier tourers or MTB's), I'm also not a racer or group rider, but I do like to ride fast and for long distances. Now, ideally, being the Campagnolo whore I'd love to be at heart, I'd like something Italian... Maybe a De Rosa, but I feel that might be super overboard all things considered. And considering other than my weekly solo outing of around 50KM my daily rides never exceed around 15-20KM (commute), I really think a 3 or 4K De Rosa or Colnago frame would be wasted on me, also neither build the carbon frames in Italy. Anyway, more realistically I'm looking at the Ribble R872 with either an Athena or Chorus groupo. It's had great write ups and it's a much less extravagant price point, All in I could get a Deda/Campy full set up for less than 2K, including Campy pedals. What do you guys think? Any experiences with said bike? Pic related >>sorry for wall of text

Rain rides!

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Just finished a 125-mile brevet, 100 of which were ridden in pouring rain. When it wasn't pouring it was lightly raining. I did it on a fixed gear. >MFW it was probably the most fun I've ever had on a brevet. Do you love rain rides like I do? >Pic related: me on the bike I rode. This pic was taken in the winter though, I rode in regular summer kit.
name the tool that removes the... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
name the tool that removes the bottom bracket part on the right. I have tried a large shifting wrench. not budging. keeps slipping off. I've seen a special wrong spanner for this but dont know the name.
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bike newfag here, will this quill stem fit in this frame guys? or will i have to settle for a regular shit tier stem? frame: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2014-Lastest-Visp-TRX999-Aluminium-Alloy-Track-Bike-Frame-with-Fork-and-Seat-Post-Clamp-and/1403766155.html stem: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1974371577.html or is that stock headset built into the fork?
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i want to bury le shit nigger in a coffin filled with sand and then set the coffin on fire. i would then carefully break the coffin to find le shit nigger incased in glass. i would then chip the glass parts around his ass and wear them as glasses. then, and only then, would i be able to fully appreciate le shit nigger's detailed asscheeks. i want to shave my head and cover it in vaseline. i would then meet up with le shit nigger and slowly push my head into his delicate anus. then i would wear le shit nigger as a mask and go to a party where other people where each other as masks. maybe we could get drunk together. i want to find le shit nigger's diapers, microwave them, and then wear them. afterwards i would call him to a feast and make diaper stew which i would force-feed to him through a straw. i want to surgically remove my ballsack and take all the semen from it and spill it inside a humidifier. i would then put the humidifier inside le shit nigger's room when he is asleep so he will slowly breath my would-be kids inside his lungs. i want to collect all the dead skin cells and finger-nails from le shit nigger and put them inside my work-shed. i would later attempt to replicate le shit nigger's left index finger and pleasure myself with it. maybe if i collected enough resources then i could made a full-on fist. i want to find a random person on the street and duct-tape him to a stop sign. if the scientist near my shed gives me hi-tec equipment, then i qould be able to siphon genes and dna from le shit nigger. i would then intoxicate the man on the stop sign with le shit nigger's hormones and attempt to turn him into a le shit nigger clone. i want to piss down le shit nigger's throat. i want to shit inside le shit nigger's anal cavity. i want to cum all over le shit nigger's eyelids. >tfw you will never EVER become le shit nigger feels bad man
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