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http://www.komonews.com/news/local/News-helicopter-crashes-burns-beside-Space-Needle-250790281.html Rotary wing aircraft. Not even once.
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Is there any developed first world capital city that still uses signalmen on its' commuter rail network besides where I live? I thought their day was long gone. A thing you see only around museums and historical outings for ambience's sake these days. Caught the train to the CBD for the first time today since I was a child and was surprised to see them still kicking about the city's central station. Obviously back when I was a kid they were all that was available Then again, we still don't have electrification yet on our urban commuter lines so it would not surprise me if we really are the only civilised city still using traditional signalmen to wave trains out of the station.
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I'm ready to order my new wheelset for my fixed gear, but hours of research have driven me insane. I really like the reviews of the H Plus Son Archetype rim, and Formula Origin8 hubs are supposedly good enough. Velomine.com has by far the cheapest price for this setup, but they seem to only be stocking DT Swiss Champion spokes. This really bothers me, the Competition spokes have a much better reputation and barely cost more. Is it worth worrying about? http://www.velomine.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=86_118_0_87_172_301&products_id=2204&language=en
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Are Battle Boats /n/? I was asking /pol/ how many ships that matter does each navy that matters have and they said to go to /k/. I asked /k/ and they said go to /n/
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Hi /n/, I am normally just a daily walker, but recently I've been presented with a older 3-speed bicycle. I do get bored with walking from time to time, so I'm set on getting back into biking. This 3-speed is in excellent condition considering it's almost 20 years old. I've fiddled around with it for the past few weeks and everything seems good. Now, I know it's a 3 speed. In fact I am very thankful that I received a quality FREE bike with any working gears at all, but even now after 2 weeks of exercising with it I still feel that even the lowest gear can be hard to start with. Again, mechanically everything is perfect, but for me it's still hard to get off the line. Also the top gear feels too high and seems very impractical for my daily use. What I want to know is, how would I go about selecting a new sprocket for my rear wheel? I figure if I change my ratio with larger sprocket than the 1st gear will be easier to start and the 3rd will be more practical. The only problem is I'm having it hard trying to find related information about my problem/solution. Any helpful information or direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
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How to remove this rust from an aluminum bike without damaging the frame? I bought it used a few days ago, it's in good shape but the the bolts were rusty and the rust propagated to the bolt holes So how can I remove the rust without damaging the frame?
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Fly to Sapporo in April and ANA offered me to board a Boeing 787 on my second leg of trip. So, how good is it compared to other airliner??
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Why are bicycle helmets so shitty? How is this supposed to protect me from a fall? How about the facial area? Are we stuck with the motocross like helmets?
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Idk if this is the place to post but Does anyone have any advice on longboarding I am jsut starting and I keep falling off after only like 3 yards pic unrelated
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Sup, /n/, saw some adults riding in the back seat of a car yesterday and it was just, well, alien to me. Never thought about it before, but I never fucking see that, can't think of the last time before that. My question for you, where are you from, how often to you see adults riding in the back seat of a car, and what's the public transportation like there? Where I live, on the east coast of the United States, is it really all that focused on personal transport like that? Is it like that across the entire country? The world? I'd be curious to here from you fuck who live in other countries.
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Anyone know what kind of boat Keira Knightley is driving in that new Coco Chanel commercial Pic related.
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Gearing up tomorrow. Going to 50x11. What sort of top speed can I expect? 700c naturally, right now running 32mms, could throw some 23s on it, maybe some cheap Vredsteins and go to 160 psi for maxxx speeeeed.
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Hi /n/ignogs. Tying and soldering spokes. Is this ever worth doing?
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I thought this was kind of interesting with the announcement of Shimano 11 speed 5800 next year, and the concept of "trickle down" technology You can see in 2000 and 2001, the first generation of Tiagra, all tiers of Shimano parts shared the same technology, just in varying quality. This was when Campy had just released 10 speed. A year later in 2002, Shimano released the first downgraded group with the introduction of Sora thumb shifters, obviously a jab at Campy, but also the first year of increased product differentiation. These shifters were not like previous 8 speed shifters, but a new cheaper and less functional design. 10 speed trickled down to 105 in 2007, and 105 shared the same level of technology as Dura Ace for just one year. Shimano made it clear that 10 speed was not going to trickle down to Tiagra for some time and released 4600 with visual indicators. This was to separate Tiagra from the "real" groups with the tacky and heavy indicators, and in order to keep Tiagra a generation behind. Now there is no overlap. Tiagra is a complete generation behind, and for a year will be two complete generations behind. Sora is yet another complete generation behind and a year where it will be more than a generation behind Tiagra. So is 105 next and never going to share technology with DA again, or will Shimano keep their product cycle so you can buy top level technology at different prices through the generation? Shimano certainly worked hard to make sure there were full generational gaps at the Tiagra level.
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Hello /n/ I have some minor knee pain so I plan to get a professional bike fitting. I'm looking at two: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/sportsmedicine/programs/biomechanical_tests.html http://www.rexcycles.com/service-fittings/ UCD is a school and their fitting is $200. Rex is a local frame builder in Sacramento and their fitting is $95. Is the extra $100 worth it for UCD?
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So I was at work today and I'm pretty sure I saw an APC-3 Orion, a P-8 Poseidon and maybe a C-17. Can someone suggest a good website that could tell me if I'm right. I have tried google but all I get are commercial flight trackers. To make it fun see if you can guess where I am.
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Are Bianchi bikes /n/? What do you think of Bianchi and the people who ride them, are they for posers?
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Looks like rail fatalities are up, so I guess /n/ should be reminded that if you see track; think trains! Remember, you stand no chance against a train, not even on your imagination will protect you and your bicycle from 13,000 tons of steel. http://www.seetracksthinktrain.org/
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so I just picked up my new Norco storm 9.1 from bikeland. they said it would be ready for 4 but I got there early while I was waiting they let me ride the specalized fat boy out in the snow and soggy grass. awesome bike. guy who I was talking to says they're getting they new norco fat bikes with rockshocks, already sold out. the store owner doesn't even know they have two left. also post your bike area (shed, garage, room)
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solar powered flight could this be part of the future of aviation /n/? really very interesting stuff, the website is lacking a bit in technical details but still worth a visit - http://www.solarimpulse.com/en/
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