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Is the ultima GTR as good as it seems? >Faster than Ferrari FXX around Top Gear test track, therefore, as fast as if not faster than any other street car in the world >Looks like a fucking 90's Le Mans prototype, some of the greatest racing cars to ever exist >Has everything you need for a comfortable, useable road car (Including A/C) >LS7 V8 powerplant and Porsche 6 speed transaxle, proven acceptable reliability, nothing impossible to find parts for or service >Costs $150,000, about 10-20% of anything as fast as it. Seems like the ultimate dream car for people that will never be grossly rich.
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I have a 99 Grand Marquis GS. The heat barely works. Coolant is full and doesn't leak. Car doesn't overheat and runs at a normal temp. The air coming out of the vent doesn't get above 60ish degrees, measured by thermometer. If I turn the dial off for a while and then to vent the air feels warmer, maybe 80, for a few seconds and then cools off to its max running temp of about 60. Common things to check first? Ways to rule out a bad heater core?
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why don't manufacturers build all sports car motors with forged internals from the factory? it almost seems like a scam so that if you do want to upgrade, you'll have to pay someone out the ass to pull your motor and install them >pic unrelated

Tales From The Dealership: Assholes, Ex Wives, and Sugar Momma Edition

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Not the best stories ever this week, but thought I would share my weekly funnies with you guys >dealership is running a "we will beat any offer on a comparable car by 1000 dollars sale" this week because cold and low foot traffic >fully expected it to turn into complete shit storm >middle aged guy comes in with his wife, looking smug as fuck from the moment he walks in the door >wants to take a look at a mid 2000's G35 we have on the lot >spends entire test drive droning on about how I am going to hate him, how he loves haggling with sales people, he doesn't take any bullshit blah blah blah >do actually manage to learn that the car will be for his wife, although he talks over top of her any time she tries to say anything to me >we finally get back, wife says she likes car, husband spends a couple more minutes trying to blow smoke before he says he likes it to, and we go in to talk numbers >I knock together a pretty fair offer, he will be out the door for 11K >guy puts on big as fuck shit eating grin, "oh I could have saved you the paperwork kid, I KNOW what you are going to give it to me for" >throws down a sales order for another mid 2000's G35, similar miles, that has an OTD price of 4995 >guy leans back in chair laughing while I pick up his buyers order to try and see if it's for real >tell him I am going to have to confirm that the order in fact legit since the price difference is so drastic, and I head off to grab the manager >first step is we google the name of the 'dealership' that wrote the offer and it comes back as a junkyard located about 2 hours away >from that we track down the website and find that it IS a junkyard, but that the place also appears to sell a small handful of cars >website is god awful, but we find the G35, listed online for 5500 >I proceed to call the place up while manager writes down the VIN and pulls up autocheck to see if things look legit >phone rings, and fucking Cletus McSisterfucker picks up on the other end, >oh_boy.jpg
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Yes, it's another wut car is gud thread. Quick backstory: >Buy Mustang GT (autolol) >Buy manual Miata >Realize manual is superior >Want to replace my Mustang I almost settled on the 370Z but I'm having second thoughts. My considerations follow: 370Z +Unique +Best driver feel [from what I hear, haven't driven the others] +Arguably the best performance +Looks amazing from some angles +Not GM +V6 which may help alleviate some insurance buttfuckery +Unique +Relative interior quality -Looks horrible from other angles -Looks blobby and pigfat in a lot of non-monochromatic colors ---Visibility -Road noise -Ride -Practicality [isn't too important] Mustang GT (05-10) +Looks great from most angles +Dat V8 +Most practical of the three +Arguably the best for cruising [most of my commute is highway, will retire the Miata to a weekend car regardless of purchase] +Not GM +Relatively decent visiblity -Arguably worst driver feel -lolhandling -Cop magnet [at least compared to my other cars, not sure how the Z/C5 match up against this] -Looks awful in non-black colors -Virtually every black manual for sale within my budget is riced to hell and back or in bad condition -Power's kind of meh compared to the other two -Already owned a Mustang, sort of looking for a change C5 Corvette [probably non Z06] +Looks fucking beautiful in black +Decent driver feedback [from what I hear] +Decent cruising comfort [from what I hear] +Dat V8 +Unique-ish +Relatively decent visibility +Most reliable of the three -Looks meh to bad in most non-black colors. -Hard to find in black -Hard to find in manual -Hard to find in decent condition -Interior quality [this will be a DD so.. Yeah] -Two-seater V8 sports car? Insurance buttfuckery without lube -GM (1/2)
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The Little bastard was a time machine, a very very unstable one.
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thoughts on this car /o/ i want a fixer upper for DD
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Hey All, I was recently rear-ended by someone on a freeway. No major damage, but the back and front of the vehicle are damaged as they nudged me enough to have some light damage in the front and the back is more out of shape. I have been working with their auto insurance company, and they have been suggesting CarStar collision repair centers as they are affiliated. These aren't independent places, and Honda does not have recommended ones on their end, their centers are all independent that they suggest. First time collision repair advice? Inside stores from collision repair workers? Is it a bad idea to go with the affiliated collision repair center or a good idea (my feelings say it is bad, as it is affiliated with the company trying to save on collision repair, not for the pure quality of the work done to your vehicle, also the CarStar centers near me have zero reviews out there so nothing to go off of).
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Craigslist/Should I buy this car thread. At what mileage should I just walk away from an e34 530i? http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/city-of-toronto/1994-bmw-530i-sedan-e34/1032307610?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true 280,000 kms / 174,000 miles, supposedly no rust, $2700 OBO. Is the e34 still in the "not too bad to work on yourself" era of BMWs like the e30 is? Or should I just start toying my asshole now so that I'm at least warmed up for what I have coming if I buy this car.
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Welcome to Auto Vidya General, the last safe place to discuss racing vidya and vidya including cars without blatant fanboyism, moderation, intimidation, and shilling! Previous thread at >>11497401 New thread will be made at the bump limit (300 replies). Our Wiki will answer every question you could possibly have. All frequently asked questions can easily be found on the main page itself: >http://get-good.net Our Mumble server is incredibly active and features over 30 regular visitors, drop by and introduce yourself! >Mumble IP: voice.get-good.net >Port: 36126 Join the /ovg/ group on Steam! >http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ovgonsteam We're racing rFactor on weekends as a way to bring everybody together for some vidya, consult the GoogleDoc for info about start times, mods, and tracks we're using: >https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmMrKcr0SnYZdG4zTkZIN1U2T1FXRUt3dXJweGRua1E#gid=3
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What kind of coilovers should I get for my A6? I live in Wisco, so I need some utility. Also, general german luxury car mods

Finding Service Manuals online? Help a /m/an out

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My grandparents have an ATV, are trying to hunt down a service manual for it to fix an issue with it not starting. This is outside my knowledge area, so I figured I would ask /o/. I'm trying to find a service manual for a Suzuki Eiger Lt-f400 Manual Transmission (Pic related, theirs is green). Chilton/Haynes don't give back search results, and the only thing I can find in regards to an online pdf is from tradebit; has anybody had experience with the site? I don't have an issue purchasing the pdf online and printing it from home, but I'm paranoid about having my card information stolen.
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hey, /o/, first time here and don't know much about cars, but I want to eventually get into racing. I don't own a car right now and I was thinking of starting out with a Nissan 240sx probably something in shitty condition that I could build up. So, if you could help I'd like to know >is a nissan 240sx an okay start for south florida? >how much do you think a good car would cost after modding? (although not necessarily a speed demon) >what parts are most important to focus on improving? Thanks
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How severe is a speeding ticket in your area? Money wise, assuming you are doing well above the limit but not immediate arrest territory. Someone I know in new York got cited for 22 over (they were really doing 18 over but the cop was a dick head) . That would be six points on the license. The ticket was $400, new York driver responsibility program $300 (bullshit yearly fee if you get six or more points in 18 months). Insurance surcharge would have been 45 percent for the next two years. This would have raised premiums by about $500 a year for three years. Total cost: over two thousand dollars. This person ended up hiring a lawyer and got it to an $100 failure to stop at a stop sign. That cost money (lawyer) but less than all the above. I'm considering buying full laser jamming and radar detection for my car even though it's expensive because of the above... >inb4 the don't speed posters come en masse
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>Engine size: 5.2L V10 >MPG: Up to 14 city, 20 highway What the fuck, how does it get better gas mileage than most V8s?!
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Is it dangerous to drive around with a cracked rear sway bar? What exactly does this mean? Is this an urgent fix? What's the meaning of life?
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This thread is only suitable for people who enjoy/understand engineering. With all of the 'jellybean' cars that have debuted in the past decade, why couldn't car makers start designing cars to look like the T1? Small frontal area, modular parts, etc. Obviously the cars couldn't have all of the swoops and carbon fiber affects, but they could be much more streamlined and easier to maintenance than the blobs of today.
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Is Falken rubber any good? Looking at the ZE914s, got Pirelli at the moment but they don't seem to last that long.
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So I bought a new car. Three year / 36k bumper to bumper, five years 60k power train. I bought an extended warranty for six year / 100k miles for $2,400 with $100 deductible. If I don't use the warranty at all I'm entitled to a refund of that entire amount if I claim for it within 30 days of the warranty end. I get the money back except the sales tax. A) did I fuck up here? B) what repair would make the use of the warranty worth it? I figure only if there's major transmission or engine problems will using it be worthwhile.
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I used to drive a Miata, then I remembered what power felt like.
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