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Aus cunts if your not watching the v8s right now your missing out on some exciting shit
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Hey guys, my dad just got a new truck last week, and he said I can use it to school and around town. I'm pretty sure it's a deisel, how do I make it blow black smoke like some of the other kids at school do? I don't want to ask them because then they'll think I'm not cool.

IMechE grant for Huddersfield’s Formula Student Team HARE

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As they prepare for another tough season in the international Formula Student contest – which requires them to design, build and test an advanced racing car – students at the University of Huddersfield, who were the best in Britain last year, have received backing from the world’s most eminent engineering organisation. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), which was founded in 1847, has granted the University’s Team HARE the sum of £2,500 towards the cost of competing in 2014, after students made an application, drawing up a successful case for the award. A cheque for the money was presented in person by Professor Tony Unsworth, a leading engineer, academic and former Vice-President of the IMechE, which runs Formula Student in the UK. The contest is widely acknowledged to be the most demanding of its kind and universities across the globe take up the annual challenge to design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events. Formula Student is a key part of the IMechE’s mission is to produce new generations of talented engineers and when Professor Unsworth came to Huddersfield he met the student team and discussed progress on the new car, which will compete at the Formula Student round that takes place at Silverstone on 10-13 July, moving on to events in Germany and Hungary during August. Top of the British universities
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http://distilleryvesper4-12.ak.instagram.com/0803176ccbbb11e3b1690002c9918288_101.mp4 >What do you think /o/ ? >Audi a3 >Dumpvalve >225 hp
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There is so much to love about le angry ute. If you do not dig the custom grill, you'll surely dig the art on the tailgate. In the unlikely event you don't dig either, there's still the lift and the tires.
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I want a forester XT, but hate the looks of the current model..... whats the best year for these? When I look used how many miles is too many for a subbie turbo that I'd like to get 5-6 years from?

Electrical Issues

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Yo guys, I have a maintenance question. So I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier half cab. Inline 4, RWD. It's just over 100k milesbut for the past couple years now, it just feels...sluggish. On top of that, if it's raining or wet, and I have the heater on with the headlights and radio on, the belts will screech like a demon. . And if it's night with my lights on, and I turn on the heater/AC, the headlights visibly dim for a moment. usually, when it starts to screech, I just turn it on and off again. The problem is that I had this issue before, and it climaxed with my brand new battery and alternator dying multiple times, requiring jumps. Igot the belts replaced two summers ago, and that seemed to fix the problem until now. Now, I've gotten the belts, spark plugs, alternator, battery, spark plug cables, and headlight fixtures replaced within the past three years, but the problem still persists. I just brought it to the shop last month, and asked if there was any problem, but they said the alternator was good, the battery was good, the belts were tight enough and were pretty new, the connections seemed solid, and the spark plugs, while a bit worn, weren't defective. Wat do. Also, pic related.
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