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http://www.iflscience.com/technology/google-has-developed-self-driving-car discuss
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No pics, so I'm going to try and describe this the best I can. Standard late 60s early 70s muscle car style (not a mustang for sure) From the trunk area going along the back side of the car was black blob with big numbers written in it. Idk what these numbers mean (its not the type of car like a 442 olds), but I've seen this style before so its not something this guy did after.


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What have you gotten in the mail recently? Whats in my boxes? > hints below
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/co/ here. Would you drive this car?
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>blast Eurobeat in my American V8 >people give me weird looks
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Hey guys, Going on a road/surf trip South Florida to Northish Canada then to california just need a vehicle to do it with. Any ideas? I've been looking at mainly Volvo's, Subaru's and jeeps(cherokee & grand). http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/4460496548.html http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/4427392649.html http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/4462488994.html (i take it a bmw w 99k miles is a bad idea) Newer jeeps seem to suck and its hard to find a older Cherokee thats not beat up to hell. Will be sleeping in it on occasion and need to have atleast 2 boards in it. Looking to spend 10,000 or less but can go up to 20,000 if it's something I would actually like to drive after the trip.
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Has anybody on here owned a Morris Minor? I am thinking of buying one as a first car, hopefully a bit rough around the edges so I can get it at a cheaper price. I am good with mechanics and am confident I can do most of the work myself except for welding (if any) and stuff like headliner. Any advice on what to look for? and stories from owners or general speculation
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Have a 2008 silverado half cab. The piece that holds the rear door closed rusted and I need to purchase a new one but I don't know what it is called and have had little luck in trying to search for it. Anybody know what it is called or how to buy one? pic related

Names for my jeep.

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Sup /o/, I've been fixing up my jeep wrangler I bought a year and a half ago. Engine has around 270k miles with some rocker noise but still going strong. Got a friend who owns a body shop to give me a good restore job on it with the body. All surface rust scruffed off and rust holes patched with 16 gauge metal. Took about a month.The end product ended up really nice. Now it's on it's finishing touches and I have yet to name the jeep.You may find it silly but when I used to live in PR we would always name our jeeps, and it became a habit for all my cars. So I have a weird request for /o/ to give me some suggestions for names on my 1995 jeep wrangler.

Angry Raikkonen had 'long' Ferrari talks after Spain

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Hours after the chequered flag in Spain, Kimi Raikkonen's "long talks" with Ferrari officials were dragging on. That is the claim of the Finnish broadcaster MTV3, reporting that the Finn was unhappy with his treatment by the Italian team in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. Raikkonen answered "no" when asked if he now feels like the number two driver at Maranello, because Fernando Alonso received first call for pit service despite running behind the normally ice-cool 2007 world champion in Barcelona. He was, however, furious. In a television interview for Britain's Sky, the 34-year-old answered "I don't know" when he was asked who made the decision to pit Alonso first -- an advantageous tactic usually reserved for a team's leading driver. Asked if he wanted to pit before Alonso, Raikkonen mumbled, shrugged, and stormed off. Later, having been beaten in the race by Alonso, he played down the strategy incident, according to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport. "There was not much between the two," said Raikkonen. "In the end it makes no difference. It was a very disappointing result for Ferrari." But on the slowing down lap after the chequered flag, Raikkonen is reported to have angrily asked on the radio: "Exactly who made this (pitstop) decision?" http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/angry-raikkonen-had-long-ferrari-talks-after-spain/
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Recently had to change my master and slave on my 2g GST /o/ While doing so I noticed I had a minor leak of anti freeze and by that I mean my reservoir was empty with just bubbles. I had added fluid just 3 days before. Anyway I noticed my engine bay and engine get very hot. The thing is my gauge reads the right temperature. It has been getting a lot warmer where I live (near chicago) and idk if that has something to do with it. I'm putting clamps on my hoses because I think that's where my leak is coming from. Any other dsm guys know or have had the same issues. Maybe replace the timing belt and water pump or just water pump because my belt was replaced around 80k and I have 110k Idk any ideas would help >tl;Dr engine is hot but temp gauge reads normal. Minor anti freeze leak as well
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Electric powered cars are great and all, but I want a car that doesn't even need to be plugged in or refueled. When will they begin making nuclear power cars? If a nuclear powered submarine can go 40 years on one nucular thing can my car go a year with a smaller version of that? I think we need to skip electrical powered cars and go straight to nucular powered cars. Why waste time.
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how do i make a car with these specs fun to drive? >2800 pounds >autofaget >2.0l 8v sohc >fwd there's a pretty big after market for it, and they sell pretty well so I might do a little work to it, drive it for a year, and sell it next summer also I'm getting it for a really good deal, so econobox for the summer shit >cant fuck up the interior >I'm not putting more than a grand into it wut do guys? one last thing, this is going to be my second car, I loved my first car, but she's dead, and getting scrapped soon
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Chevy Asstro Best van or greatest van?
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Hey /x/ I was going to share with my usual board /b/ but you guys seem to be more capable of understanding. When I was 10, being young bored and creative, my friend and I would for some reason to a series of hand signs and shout the word "zenith". I think we thought it could make us run faster (we ran everywhere). I've been working an intense manual labor job on 12 hour shifts only for about a year now and sometimes go on no food or sleep. At my worst when I'm to the point of dry heaving and passing out I go into the restroom and sit for about 5 minutes. I repeatedly do those handsigns and whisper "zenith" and it seems to keep me going throughout the rest of the day. Is it just placebo or is there something to this? I've only done it at my complete worst, maybe 3 times total. When I'm really really tired and want to I say "no don't waste it". Not spiritual in the slightest btw.
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I recently bought a 2005 sunfire just as a dick around car. I don't really know too much about cars, so I plan on learning about engines/basic maintenance on it. With that being said, I also want to have fun with it. What are some mods I could do to make it the most ridiculous piece of shit sunfire possible? I have a Subaru hood emblem I'm going to replace the Pontiac one with, I plan on buying Subaru mud flaps, I want to put a Jeep light bar on the roof, I'm going to replace the horn, and I was wondering if doing a lift kit is possible? I don't know how lift kits work/if it would work on a sunfire but I'm willing to try. Any other thoughts? Are the things I've listed above do-able for someone with next to no knowledge?
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>buy new car >want something else in about a week or so Everytime.

It's Mopar Monday!

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