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name my new car

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Wuddya fagg/o/ts got
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pt5D9QoB20 my sides are in orbit
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Is there money to be made in street racing? What kind of car should I start with? ($25,000 budget) Am I retarded for even thinking of this? Pic minorly related

Learning Manual

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I just learnt to drive and i'm wondering if i can get some Manual tips and tricks.
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can someone tell me what kind of motorcycle/trike/three wheeled car this is?
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What's a good starter socket set? I started work in a garage. I do tires/batteries/oil changes. I'm tired of running all over the place looking for tools and want to start my own collection. I just need something that is cheap and not a piece of shit. I was looking at picture related. What else should I get?
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do you prefer your car to be bone stock or highly modified?
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. >girlfriend Keeps chastising me on how bad my driving is when ive had no accidents or tickets, just because she gets motion sickness. >girlfriend had an accident a year ago, turning right too soon while playing with her cellphone, I never let her drive my car, the only time I did, I almost had a fucking heartattack, shitty fucking driver. >Her bitch mom is an equally shitty driver, cutting people off, driving slow in the left lane, always telling me to slow down when I'm fucking doing 60 on the highway, shit must run in the familly. Today, lifting weights at the gym when I get a phone call from her, telling me to be a witness because she rear ended someone and it was "just a tap" telling me to lie to the police. She was probably playing with her cellphone. I'm not gonna do shit about this, she needs to take responsibility and learn her lesson, stay in the fucking kitchen if you're going to use your cell while driving. Girls don't belong behind the wheel. Bitch has the nerve to tell me to lie to the cops when she critisizes me. I'D like to know in what kind of shit could I be in if I was stupid enough to lie to the investigators? I'm not going to answer them but Is like to know.
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we post the most stereotypical image of a car/brand with its driver as possible.
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Ok im sure this has been mentioned before... or has it? anywhoo... my buddy said his phone uploaded a virus to his cars ECM. I know i know. sounds looks and smells like bullshit... but is it really? I know its dangerous for me to think freely, im still paying off the bill from the last time i did that and burnt down a denneys resturaunt. But i started thinking anyway: how difficult would it be to encode a virus into a smartphone of any kind that can connect to a cars bluetooth signal or auxiliary jack or whatever, and have it fuck with the ECM? In any way shape or form. have the virus do whatever from mess with the fuel injectors in the engine to the wiper motors or hell lets have the turn signals use Morse code to say nigger nigger niggery niggernigglet. Is any of this possible? his vehicle was a '09 prius. and yes it is powder blue and yes my friend is a flaming faggot and no fuck you i am straight and fuck you in general for even having that thought cross your mind. all he claimed happened was a virus got into his ecm one day and displayed several error messages in the obd2 that were non existant in the engine itself

/o/, I'd like your advice

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I'm in line to inherit a 1963 Corvette. Specs: 360 hp, 327ci, 4 spd munsey trans, saddletan interior & saddletan paint, 0-60 in 6 seconds, estimated value at $170,000. My question is would you keep and cherish it only to be driven 10 miles/year, or would you sell it and get something else...I'm conflicted.
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Ok /o/, we all know what a bitch black cars are. What are some permanent solutions to removing swirl marks? I'm not looking for just a cover up. Is this something I can DIY or will I be better off having it done professionally? A suggestion I have heard before is wet sanding the paint. I'm really not comfortable with doing that myself, I'd probably fuck it all up. Are there any other methods that will work? Pic somewhat related. Iv got swirls but they aren't quite this bad
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Hey /o/ Thinking about picking up this jetta as a little econobox/project car. Called the guy the other day, and he said that it needs the resonator, and possibly the thermostat or temp sensor. Other than that, he said, the car runs and drives fine. No rust, apparently the odometer works (VW fags know what I'm talking about), and the interior is in good shape for the age of the car. It's at a shop (from what I understand, he owns it), and he said he had no problem throwing it on a lift to show me the issues it has. He seemed to be an older fellow who has owned a few VWs. I think he said he owned this jetta, a rabbit, a golf, and a fox. It seems to be a decent price for a decent car. What does /o/ think? http://annapolis.craigslist.org/cto/4634539290.html
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Airbag deployment experiences you wish to share?
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if /o/ raced on the touge, who would win?
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I'm looking for opinions on the 2010+ Toyota 4Runner Trail edition. I'm afraid that my 2002 Grand Cherokee will be taking it's final breath soon and I'm looking for a new SUV to replace it. unfortunately the new Jeeps have entirely lost the rugged factor that I think used to set them apart. one vehicle that caught my eye was a very sharp looking dark grey 4Runner, same body style as pic related but dark grey, had the stock wheels painted gloss black and had white letter BFGoodrich T/A KO tires, which I am a huge sucker for. it looked really sharp. so basically I'm trying to decide if one of them would be worth owning. I want something that can get around in all types of weather, haul my motorcycles and boat no problem, and is well-equipped with navigation and stuff like that. I also want something reliable, which Toyota seems to be known for. but. my biggest concern is the fact that they are only available with a 4.0L V6 producing 270HP and it looks like they weigh in at around 4,300 lbs. considering that the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi made almost 350hp and weighed about the same, that's fairly drastic and I would imagine the 4Runner would be quite sluggish. so. what similar SUVs are out there with more adequate power? I like the taller boxy profile, like the 4Runner or the extinct Jeep Commander. but I don't want anything as big as a Suburban and I really don't care for GM products at all. or am I just overthinking it? perhaps a modern V6 is just as good as my tired old 4.7L Mopar product? I guess that's why I'm here. share your thoughts!


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such a great idea to introduce EGR and DPF in diesel vehicles. like its actually helping the environment that much more... all it does is bog the engine down and restrict airflow to make less black smoke come out of the exhaust at WOT. fuck that shit just look at an example of what the EGR pipe on a truck fuck. that is what didn't make it into the second combustion in your engine. what he fuck. please enlighten me why this shit exists? and fuck your prius.
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Since I'm a giant faggot I want to get a motorcycle, I want something like a cbr 250 or the likes. I just want something to ride to college and around town, never plan on taking it more then like 200 miles. I'm thinking about spending like $1800, is this enough? also what are some other bikes I should be looking at
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I bought an '85 CJ7 4.2L 6cly yesterday and I took it to get the smog test (SoCal) today and it didn't pass. The smog test guy told me the carburetor is getting too much gas and that my car is running "rich". Now, this is my first car and idk what the hell he was talking about. I went to a repair place that specializes in Jeep cars and the guy told me that a lot of stuff needed to pass the smog test had been replaced with new parts, meaning the guy before me was trying to get it to pass the smog test, probably got tired of doing so, and sold it. Now, I bought it at a car lot, so by law they have to give me a car that passes the smog test. I'm in San Diego and I bought it in L.A. (drove it home without any issues). I'm wondering, if its not too expensive I can just do it myself or get the work done locally (the Jeep specialist told me I could call the lot and get it done or make an appointment with him to get it checked out, find the problem, get an estimate on repair costs, and get it fixed). My question is: * Does anybody know what could be wrong? *Any experience with this issue? *Could I realistically fix it myself? (It had an ignition problem but I replaced the solenoid starter and the starter itself today and its now starting up perfectly fine, keeping in mind that its my first car and I did it all based on youtube and the repair manual I bought at auto-zone) * Should I give it a tune up along with the smog repair stuff? (129,700 miles on it) etc. Also, Jeep thread >pic related My CJ

Get out of speeding ticket?

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I imagine the people of /o/ are pretty used to dealing with cops and tickets. A few weeks ago I got a speeding ticket for 55 in a 30. Not sure if it matters but I'm an 18 year old guy driving a 2.0T A4 quattro. I already mailed the ticket in weeks ago saying I'm going to fight it, and haven't heard back. I'll be moving about 1,000 miles away for school in about three weeks. What should I do /o/? Is there any way to completely get out of the ticket? Maybe re register the car in the state I'm moving to?
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