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/o/ board - Auto - 10th August 2014 at 12h

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What happens if someone puts one of these on your bike's front brake?


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Why do all you autists drive shitty ricers with dumb ass looking stance? Why dont you drive a real vehcile >>pic related >>giant v8 >>4 wheel drive >>run over your gay stanced ricers >>too high for fat chicks to climb up >>solid axles >>pussy magnet


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Hey /o/, it's /k/ here. As you probably know, we're a bunch of paranoid daydreamers who believe the apocalypse (be it in the form of nukes, zombies, nuclear zombies, or ebola) is coming. Sooner rather than later, in a hopeful mindset. While /k/ is a great resource for all things firearms, survival, and fearmongering, we severely lack automotive knowledge. Back in the World Wars, people improvised ways of getting around the problem of fuel rationing - wood gas, town gas, producer gas, different names for the same concept of turning biomatter into combustible hydrogen. In a future where fuel could be a rarity (SHTF or no, what with peak oil and such stuff), being able to run a car or generator on fuel that literally grows on trees would be extremely helpful. tl;dr - Is a syngas/wood gas powered vehicle a viable method of transport in the event of global or local catastrophe?
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