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Got a clean 2000 V6 Mustang for $2500 with 160,000. Only thing wrong is it's missing an O2 sensor and driver window doesn't work. >inb4 durr v6 mustang It's a hell of a lot better and faster than my '98 Cavalier that threw a rod and made a hole in the engine block. Couple of things that concern me though >When I cold start the car it sits at 1,000 rpm at idle for a few seconds and then drops down. Is this normal? >Sometimes the car shakes and vibrates while at speed and other times it doesn't >When I floor it and then sit at idle at a stop light or something, engine rpm fluctuates between 600-800 sometimes and sometimes the car shakes and vibrates badly Pls help Also I guess general Mustang thread?
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Need some help gents. I've got a 2010 jetta 2.5, less than 50k miles on it. recently, and very sporadically, my car has been stalling out while driving. it seems to happen when i am accelerating up a hill or making a hard/fast turn. the engine with suddenly sputter and stall out. then i'll lose power steering and the battery light will come on. if i turn the car off and restart the ignition, it works fine and continues to drive normally. i suspect this is something to do with the fuel system, in particular, possibly that my fuel pump is starting to go. any ideas? pic related.
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What do you guys think about buying a used car that has sat for a few years, with intermittent moving for a few days?
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Go to random google street view http://www.mapcrunch.com/ go to a random spot on the globe. The first vehicle you come across is the only thing you have to drive for the next year. How fucked are you? Hard mode: put it in stealth mode, and once you find your chariot, drive to the nearest airport. I somehow ended up with a silverado in the netherlands. Boring first roll

Don't fuck Victoria Police

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I don't know anything about cars but I am a P plater and have a cool idea for a date where we go and test drive a cool car. Audi was easy to find test-drive things online and the RS looks like the best range. Would I be allowed to drive it given the restrictions on P plates? And would they discriminate cause I'm poor?
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