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/o/ what the hell is this and where do i get one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EIgzfiFOTwY#t=551 also why don't we all live in Finland?
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I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here. Apologies if not. I'm in England. I've currently got an 07 peugeot 207 1.6 petrol, 110bhp. 56k on the clock. Its due for tax, service and insurance at the end of next month, so I'm considering getting a new car. I've had this one just under a year, and I've had a few problems with it. I estimate its value at 3-3.5k (is that about right?) and from what I can see, I can fairly easily do a swap for a BMW 1 series, or an Audi a3, albeit they will be about an 06-07, and with 100-130k on the clock. Given the 2.0 diesel engine, I don't see an issue with that amount of miles.. What do you guys think? I'm levitating towards them because I think they are more reliable, and probably nicer to drive. Am I right? Should I just stick with what I've got? Look for something else around the 3.5k mark?
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Give me one good reason why these regs wouldn't be the perfect replacement for current NASCAR regulations: >Open only to front-engine, V8, naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive cars available for sale in the United States >Cars must use production unibody with NASCAR spec roll cage and all currently required safety equipment and features incorporated >Cars must use stock hood, roof, doors, and rear deck lid >Front and rear fenders may be replaced with "flared" fenders that do not increase width of each side by more than 1.5 inches over stock >Front bumper/fascia assembly may be replaced with aftermarket assembly incorporating a splitter of no more than 3 inches in length, but must otherwise retain stock dimensions >Suspension is free provided stock configuration and mounting points are retained (i.e., if a car has a double wishbone in stock configuration, any parts may be used but the double wishbone configuration must be maintained) >Choice of springs is unlimited >Brakes are unlimited provided they retain stock configuration >Cars must use stock engine blocks and displacement >All other parts are unlimited provided they retain stock configuration (i.e., if the stock cylinder head is overhead cam and 4 valves per cylinder, any cylinder head may be substituted provided it too is 4 valves per cylinder and overhead cam)
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why is it that a rollcage made of some rods can make cars so much safer in roll-over scenarios and why are those rollcages not standard (nicely hidden of course) if they can't make the cabins stiff enough?
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are there any books worth reading to help me learn more about cars pic related, i think
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>hey bro, can you help change my spark plugs?
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Have you ever been so completely stuck on something you just want to give up and take it to a shop? I'm trying to replace the clutch on my Heep and nothing is working out. Every little piece is seized, I don't have the right tools and I never have enough time. I'm not a mechanic, never taken shop class and I'm starting to feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew on this one. Would you give up or would you keep on it until it was fixed?
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Hey /o/, just got my license and a fulltime job. I'm having some trouble what to buy for my first car. What do you gentlemen recommend for a Wisconsin guy for under 2,000. I'm thinking Geo Tracker Lsi but I'm not sure yet. Suggestions?
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/k/ommando here I dont know shit about cars and I know even less about the paperwork involved. A car I want has a salvage title but the guys says it passed inspection, has tags, and has been thoroughly repaired. Its in texas while im living in arkansas, its an 87 supra with a 1jzgte. What do I need to do in order to purchase and legally drive it in arkansas? Im going to check it out this weekend and make sure it runs and isnt fucked in the frame. Anything I should ask for and look at specifically? Thanks br/o/s
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I had it good /o/. 2 years ago I had a deal with my dad where he would pay for 1/2 the price of my first car. I worked 2 summers in high school and saved up $5,000. My dad matched it and I ended up buying a $10,000 car. A week ago, I fucked it up (without going too far into detail, I locked up the engine) and now the car does not run and will cost 7,500 to fix. I'm now looking at a replacement car in my price range of $1,500, and to be honest, downgrading is not very fun. I've also noticed what's cheaper than buying a new car, and that is buying a shotgun. Anyone else out there got any /o/ feels for me? I cri evertim
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Stuff/questions I've been thinking about today. 1. My friend says Subarus and Mitsubishis are shit and break down a lot. 2. How bad are rotary engines? Everyone talks about apex seals needing to be replaced but how often do you need to? 3. Every time I drive some faggot in a riced out civic always assumes I'm a racer fag like him because I drive an Integra with a WAT sticker. 4. What is a realiabe RX by Mazda?
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gonna post a feels blog because i had a dream last night that really took me back >be 17 >just got license a few months before >washed dishes and picked grapes for two years >saved up two grand >timetobuymyfirstcar.jpg >really have a thing for old Audis >love the sound of those old 5 cylinders >find out about a guy about a 100 miles away that has an old Audi graveyard >go there with my old man >this guy's shop is some old barn that's almost falling over >wtfamidoing.png >but the notice an old UR-Quattro sitting there behind a rusty school bus from the 50's >and then notice a wrecked 2001 RS4 sitting there >and when i peer around behind the barn i see a fucking 1991 coupe sitting there >holyfuckingshit.gif >immediately ask him what 2 grand will get me >he grins a little bit and says "boy do i have the perfect car for you!" >he tells me to follow him around back >and shows me this MINT AS FUCK 1991 90q 20v >it was pearl white, my favorite color >mindblown.webm >he says it needs some TLC but it's a solid car >literally perfect >he said he only needs $1500 for it because >i gave him $750 cash on the spot as a down payment >he told me to come back tomorrow to pick it up >couldn't fucking sleep. too excited >had school that day, but my pops let me out early to pick it up >we drive over there >guy has it sitting out front all clean and pretty >bonerintensifies.jpg >takes me for a little drive around the block with it to show me ropes and tips for taking good care of it >i drive it off the lot after handing him the other $750 >thing drives like a go-kart >that driving position >that feedback >that throttle response >that fucking sound best fucking day of my life. i drove that car for four years and it was the best car i've ever had. >pic related; the car
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Alright /o/, I could use some advice. I recently inherited an '85 chevy citation. I decided to use it in the winter to save my Trans Am some wear. Anyways, it has a fucking AM radio. As much as I love listening to news/talk radio 24/7 and getting FM stations every now and then, is it possible to replace this radio in it? I've seen replacements on ebay for fucking tree fiddy. Any ideas? TL:DR, Have chevy citation, would like to replace radio. Pic related, but not my exact car.
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/o/ I need your help. Vote on it: Should I get this car? 1985 V8 4L Mercedes 380SL - $5,600 - VIN WDBBA45D8FA024914 Pros: - Buyer is totally cool. 50 year old computer security dude, met his family, they live in a rich suburb. - Car has only 90K miles, not bad for 30 years - Car is in excellent condition, no rust, no major dings - Soft top is like new - Drives like a steel horse on steroids (vroom!) - Has inspection from mechanic and got serviced 3 months ago, but still doing an inspection with mercedes dealer just in case. I don't want a lemon. - Car enthusiast friend has a 75 SL, says the engines run forever. Cons: - No service records from 2 previous owners (85-94, 94-2013) - AC doesn't work - I live in a neighborhood with niggers everywhere and I'm scared they'll slash it if I don't put the hard top on - Could be tough getting a loan for it, though I could pay in cash if I wanted to.
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whats /o/ opinion on the Suzuki SX4 hatchback (US) >bough it cheap because they pulled out the US >32k miles >$6k >no accidents >only one in the whole state, never seen another one on the road SUZUKI THREAD!
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Hey guys i own this model of the corolla but i'd like to change the wheels to the pic(s) i'll post next. I'd just like to know how much this procedure will cost and where i can get it done.
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Pizza time, niggas. I'm back at the nigger station tonight. New Civic sitting outside, still has no plate. I'm very close to having it pizza ready. I need to fix the radio and cig lighter plug, though. Power is flowing to the fuse so I think the head unit is just broken, and the plug us rusty. I guess if I'm to learn shit like this, what better than an old beater Honda?
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Whats up /o/? Looking at getting my first car. Found this, its close, and in my price range. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ctd/4609438378.html If I do get it I'll probably do head gaskets, timing belt and steel oil separator plate, and if the clutch hasn't been changed in 30k or less I'll do that too since the engine will be out. You guys have any opinions/advice? Things specific to these cars too look for etc? Also VIN # 4S3BG6858W6627283 if anyone would be so kind as to run this for me. Thanks for any help. Pic related, the car.
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Hey /o/ last time I was on here some guy posted a thread of an idea I once had, and basically he changed his interior, the felty thing, whatever.. into a different textile. Anyone please help. >pic related the thing I want to be in my car ex. Carpet, door panels and, ceiling part.
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A question about used Hyundai cars in my area. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4617866161.html http://www.kbb.com/hyundai/elantra/2002-hyundai-elantra/gls-sedan-4d/?condition=excellent&vehicleid=4193&intent=buy-used&mileage=130000&category=sedan&options=162621|true&pricetype=private-party&persistedcondition=excellent I'm looking to buy a car for under 3000, and have noticed several promising Hyundais in my area. The problem I have discovered, as sampled by my favorite of them above, is that unlike any other comparable deal among other makes, almost all Hyundais are priced a thousand dollars or so over their blue book recommendation. Why is this? What effect should it have on my decision? Any other General Advice? Thanks!
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