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Anyone have nay good Scouting... 231 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Anyone have nay good Scouting stories that they'd be willing to share?

Local Abandoned Thread

Local Abandoned Thread 73 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I just figured out that there is an abandoned amusement park over the state line in Wichita Kansas called Joyland. Im gonna be dumping some pics of it here, maybe you guys would be interested. When it gets warmer im gonna be driving out there and taking some pics and maybe even shooting a cheesy film out there. Do you guys have any cool abandoned places around where you live? Pics and vids are encouraged. This can also be just a general urban exing and abandoned places thread. Ask and post away!
So, /out/. I come to you with... 50 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So, /out/. I come to you with a dilemma. Due to the University program I'm in, I am required to go on a "survival weekend". Originally I was excited for this, and spent a lot of time here, and on /k/ trying to piece together a good bag of goodies for this. But I recently got our limitations of what we are, and aren't allowed to bring. So I ask you, under these conditions, what three items would you bring to survive 48(ish) hours? (I believe a knife, paracord, and canteen. But I don't have much experience with these conditions)
Hey /out/I'm going to... 31 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /out/ I'm going to Mongolia next month what are some warm pants? the weather ought to be dry but VERY cold (-20 or more) are long johns and jeans suitable?

ITT: cool shit

ITT: cool shit 117 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Soup /out/ Can we have a cool homemade creation thread? I'll dump what I have Also, just cool/creative shit in general
you want you lose. 308 posts and 120 image replies omitted. Click to view.
you want you lose.


Homesteading 116 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So let's talk about it /out. What is your plan for getting the hell out of this shitty civilization and living simple till ya die? Here's mine: In a year i'll graduate and start making about 55k a year, never had a REAL job before and I intend to live cheap, and save a lot. I've noticed 8 acre plots of wooded land with water sources in vermont for sale from around 18-22k. I already own all the standard gear, firearm, pack, lots of camping equipment etc.. I'm also an experienced outdoorsmen, hiked the AT for weeks, many camping trips etc.. So I figure someday I'll save enough money so that I can go build a cosy one room shack with a wood stove, prep the land for farming, and just go and live man. That's all I want. what do you think? What are some problems with actually doing something like this? What are some essential things to think about?
Hello /out/Got this for... 134 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /out/ Got this for Christmas, anyone interested? Self-Sufficiency thread

Close Calls?

Close Calls? 159 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click to view.
How about a thread for those times when you were /out/ and had a close encounter with our mutual friend? >Running of water or food >Getting lost >Inexperienced party members >Extreme heat >Extreme cold >Caught in some kind of storm >Other averse weather conditions >Dangerous heights >Equipment failure >Bloodthirsty animals >Bloodthirsty people
Bigfoot thread 159 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Bigfoot thread

/fg/ - Fishing General

/fg/ - Fishing General 312 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Winter Edition Pre-spawn when. Rods getting lonely. inb4 go anyways, faggot. >tfw no boat >tfw no electronics >tfw fish holding in 35-50 feet of water with no way for my poor ass to reach them
I convinced my family to... 226 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I convinced my family to become Preppers... well any improvements for this list? Need still Lists for the 72 bug out packs. >2 adults >2 teens >4 siblings/kids 5 male, 3 females
Footwear GeneralHiking boots,... 49 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Footwear General Hiking boots, every day wear, door-kickers, anything welcome These are my old Timberland's, can anyone identify them? They're about 8 years old, tongue label is rubbed off and I'm not sure what model they are.

Homegrowmen (Farming and Gardening) Thread #8

Homegrowmen (Farming and... 310 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Old thread: >>228350 Companion Planting - Raised Beds - Vertical Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Polyculture - Composting - Mulching - Vermiculture - Espalier - Fungiculture - Aquaponics - Greenhouses - Cold Frames - Hot Boxes - Polytunnels - Forest Gardening - Aquaculture Resources: Murray's DVDs on Aquaponics, (sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYR9s6chrI0 ) http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/5357600/Aquaponics_Made_Easy http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/6263904/Aquaponics.The.First.12.Months.And.Aquaponics.DIY.DOCU.DVDRip.Xv http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/5699014/Aquaponics_Secrets Backyard Aquaponics Mag, http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/7670763/BYAP_-_Backyard_Aquaponics_Magazine_15_Editions Backyard Aquaponics System. http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8071079/Backyard_Liberty_Aquaponics_System 400+ PDF BOOKS ON GARDENING http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/5247926/400__PDF_BOOKS_ON_GARDENING Youtube channel Growingyourgreens, tons of videos on almost every single gardening subject, https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens Ollas clay pot watering system, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkNxACJ9vPI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvKq5geEM-A USA Time of Year Planting Guide, http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/what-to-plant-now-zl0z0903zalt.aspx Food preservation, http://nchfp.uga.edu/ http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/6835572/Canning_and_Preserving_All-in-One_For_Dummies_2011_-Mantesh http://fantes.com/manuals/all-american-pressure-cooker-manual.pdf Mushrooms, (culinary and psychoactive): http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/4970660/Mushroom_Growing_Literature_Video_Collection Mother Earth News' Vegetable Garden Planner program, (full version requires yearly subscription $fee) http://www.motherearthnews.com/garden-planner/vegetable-garden-planner.aspx Tons of Gardening/Farming PDFs http://www.fastonline.org/?page_id=35 Aquaponics http://www.fastonline.org/?page_id=32
ITT : Scuba, Freedivers,... 259 posts and 88 image replies omitted. Click to view.
ITT : Scuba, Freedivers, Snorkelers, etc.
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