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Thinking of hiking the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail this December. Floridian who has never seen snow or hiked up a hill that wasn't a parking garage... or hiked at all. Can I do it?
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Leave it all behind... That's what I want to do. I won't get into why, but let's say I was willing to live a life of no running water or electricity, small shack, in the woods. How would YOU sustain this type of lifestyle? I figure for income/bartering I could keep bees, chickens, and a cow. Besides that I would farm/hunt in the good season and stockpile food for winters. Does anyone here have any experience with living like this? I've been on many multi week hiking trips and am no stranger to living with very little needs in the wilderness. This lifestyle is my ultimate goal, how can i do thissss? Just need to buy some acres to get started I guess. BTW I would want to do this somewhere near massachusetts since that is where all my friends and family are located. How would I stock up for new england winters?
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moar like this
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The nearby smokejumper base is hiring firefighters for the 2015 season, what are my chances of getting hired and passing rookie training? Anyone in here have smokejumper experience? Seems like it would be a pretty kickass job.
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http://gizmodo.com/5909950/how-to-sharpen-a-knife-like-a-bad-ass-boy-scout Is this legit? Couldn't learn anything from the comments Also knife sharpening thread I guess
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good afternoon sc/out/s of New York, I'm fairly new to the North Country, just got stationed out here in Drum in the late winter(spring) didnt do a damn thing this summer besides get shitfaced at rathole bars. I dont like that, so im planning a trip to the high peaks area as soon as all this nasty weather clears up. the issue is I dont have a good trail map and I dont want to wait for my map to get shipped in so I was hoping one of you wonderful folks could tell me if there was a trail connecting Mt. Marcy and Algonquin peak. also any tips for summiting the two. I plan on starting at the Adirondack Loj, hiking up Marcy then Algonquin and ending the trip full circle at the Loj for a nice rest in a warm bed. I'm going with a nice leisurely pace and taking lots of pictures because this is probably going to be the only time I spend up North. the whole thing will probably take two three days and a fourth night at the Loj. TL;DR is there a path between Mount Marcy and Algonquin Peak? Tips for the two? and General High Peaks Area
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Are hexes still worth it to buy these days as redundancies for large cams if your on a budget? I'm looking to scoop up some BD C4's used/new to add to my meager rack of nuts and small/medium tricams but at the same time I'd like to get some gear to use for placements and anchors where using a cam would be a waste.
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http://gearjunkie.com/vssl-outdoor-utility-tool Anybody seen these / have an opinion on this? Flashlight stuffed with survival gear that you can customize with a couple different varients. Shelter / first aid / General survival stuff / zombie (which is a novelty really unless you need to conceal a weapon in a bad neighborhood or something) Imo they seem kind of big to be practical but its still better then the hollow handled knives
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Hey guys I need some help and was told you were the pros to ask. It's getting cold outside and my current coat isn't cutting it anymore but I can't find a decent replacement. This is what I'm looking for: - men's. - crazy warm. It's gets down to -50 here, and some days I'm standing outside for over an hour. - a hood. Faux fur trim would be ideal, but I'm only really interested in keeping my head and face warm. We also get really strong winds here. - long. Thigh to knee length. - waterproof. Or at least very water resistant. - style. I really don't like puffy down coats, but warmth is my preference right now so I'll settle if I have to. - price. So far the closest I can find are in the $300 range. I'd like to get below that if possible. Bonus points if it can be used when it's only chilly out as well. My current coat works for mild cold but if I can have one coat to cover both that would be even better. Maybe a removable lining? Also I should probably specify my activity level in this coat will be light, so I shouldn't have to worry about overheating in it. So any suggestions? The pic is one of the aforementioned $300 coats but I don't know about it's quality, and I'm sure you guys know about much better. Thanks, and sorry for bothering you with this.
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Hey /out/ How does one stay alive overnight in a forest like this? Say, scandinavia in the winter, short days, food is not an issue and with tent and sleeping bag etc. What is required gear? fire mandatory? are temp. -15 still okay during nighttime?


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I'm in high school and quite clever and academic. My family want/expect me to go down academic route but I don't want to. I like the outdoors and am practical. I don't mind hard work. Any career ideas?

God Tier /out/ youtubers

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ITT: we post our favourite /out/ related youtube personalities. MCQBushcraft This legendary man has an awesome talent for making quality videos and the information he has to offer is incredibly useful. He's well spoken too so I can understand him, unlike the rednecks who post "der vidyers up on dat der youtubes and wunder why dey ain't got no views." https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTDXDBHApa_cvcOx86yJOA Enjoy this scholarly legends numerous and lengthy internet uploads.
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Found this in my backyard in southwest Florida.
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Sup /out/. I have a great vacuum bottle, pic related, that I use for hot drinks when I go fishing. Well the weather in my area is getting to the point that fishing is done for the year so I'm gonna pack up my stuff for the season. Every year when I open my bottle up again it smells like stale dogshit. It does this even though I clean it well before storage. Is there something I can put in there that will keep it fresh while packed away? So I don't have to clean the hell out of it before using it again?

Trail Running General?

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So does anyone on /out/ do any trail running? Figured we could get a thread going. Was also wondering if somebody could recommend some decent shoes? I honestly think I'd prefer something a little more minimalistic just in that I like a shoe with some flex. I've gone barefoot running before but not much on rougher trails. Anyways, yeah, trailrunning general i guess.
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Finding Bigfoot season premier tonight! Are you psyched? I'm psyched. Any other squatchers here?

Snowshoe thread

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Looking to continue hiking through the winter up here in Wisconsin. Does anybody have any recommendations for snowshoes
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I was wondering how much water do you carry in places with little to no natural water sources? Have you ever gone on longer than day trips to deserts and the like?
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You will never have a use for your ax or paracord.
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Hey /out/ it seems like my hands get cold extremely easily especially if I stop moving for a few minutes, I love the cold but hate losing dexterity and feeling in my hands. It's usually around 28F/-3C while I'm out and getting colder. Wearing some tough leather gloves with a fur lining and sometimes fingerless gloves under that. Any recommendations for some decent cold weather gloves? Might be seeing a couple feet of snow this winter and hoping not to lose a few finger tips. >pic related; what I don't want my hands to look like
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