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Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero

Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I've heard this stuff is wonderful. How well does it work? Is it worth the price? Would it be worth it at 75% off?

Isle Royale Thread

Isle Royale Thread 38 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Isle Royale master race checking in. If you've hiked it, canoed it, or kayaked that bitch get in here! I spent 8 magical days /out/ there in May 2013, and hiked about 65 miles. Hung in my warbonnet blackbird hammock every night. Saw 6 moose... No wolves unfortunately. > Day 1... Rock Harbor to Lane Cove - 7 miles > Day 2... Lane Cove to West Chickenbone - 13 miles > Day 3... W. C-bone to Hatchet Lake - 8 miles > Day 4... Hatchet to Lake Desor - 8 miles > Day 5... Desor to Washington Creek (Windigo) - 10 miles > Day 6... Voyager II water taxi from Windigo to McCargo Cove then a hike to Lake Richie - 6 miles > Day 7... Lake Richie to Three Mile - 10 miles > Day 8... Three Mile to Rock Harbor - 3 miles Planning my next trip for fall 2014. Pic related, I took it when that m'er f'er was about 20 feet off the trail.
Can I afford to take my wife... 7 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Can I afford to take my wife and 1 year old to Hawaii from Utah for $2000?
I'm looking for a decent... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm looking for a decent camping/hiking trip for next weekend within a few hours (public) travel of London. Preferably 10-15 miles hiking per day and camping on the Saturday night (ideally not in a campsite - I'm cheap.) It's to impress a girl so clearly it's time for all hands on deck. Any ideas? Help me /out/!

Attempted a /k/ challenge (European Extreme)

Attempted a /k/ challenge... 29 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
My friend and I attempted the Huckleberry Finn European Extreme this weekend. >Felled a dead elm tree on his parents farm >Cut logs to proper length >transported logs to river >Middle aged couples looking at us assembling log raft like we are convicted serial killers >lash all logs to a platform >Ready to float this bitch 5 miles to complete European Extreme challenge >Stand on raft and realize it only supports one person Apparently you need some big ass logs to support 2 men, and I feel like elm isn't the best wood to use, but it is all we had access to at the time. General log raft building tips? What would the most buoyant wood be? We had a canoe paddle that I carved and a push pole that we made out of a small boxelder, but we still had a hard time maneuvering it individually. Hopefully we can get some bigger logs and complete the challenge, sorry to let you down sc/out/s. pic related

Beginner's Hiking Thread - Already Read The Sticky

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Just to reiterate: ALREADY READ THE STICKY. My apologies if I am breaking unspoken board protocol and rules by making this thread, regardless. Inform me that I have done such and I will promptly evacuate myself from the premises. There are some good sized hills around where I live - Nothing too crazy, all of them under 1,000 feet, and 15 miles or less, so I figured they would be suitable for trying out hiking/backpacking for the first time. I figure there's more to these trails than just getting on them in my every day casual wear and going off. For someone who just wants to give hiking a shot, and doesn't want to throw down $100/$200+ on hiking equipment just yet, what are the basics I'll need to go on a 400-800 foot high, 8-15 mile trail? What kind of clothes, how much water, what kind of snacks, what kind of boots, any other miscellaneous equipment I need? First-aid kits, flashlights (I plan on going at day, but who knows?), Swiss army knives, etc. etc.? Part of me wants to turn this into a fitness thing, so I'm entirely willing to pack a backpack full of completely useless shit just to give me more weight to lug around. For reference, the trails in question are in the North Bay Area of California. Thanks for any and all responses in advance. Again, apologies if I've violated board culture with this thread.

/out/ Jobs

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How many of you work outdoors? Been trying to find jobs outdoors, like working at summer camps, lodges, etc. How hard is it to find jobs like this? I imagine working with kiddies has a lot of screening required, but what about working at a summer lodge in say, Yosemite or Mt. Shasta?
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Favorite Backcountry Recipies

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Hi there /out/, I'm finally getting to take my Dad backpacking. He's sold on the freeze dried bags of food because the clerk at our shop upsold the shit out of them. I've had them before. I don't like them (too salty) so I wanted to make my dad something really tasty and cheap to keep him wanting to go backpacking with me. Looking at some kind of rice noodle dish because the cook up fast. Any suggestions?
4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey, /out/! I will be taking a canoe trip into Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands in mid-July. I have everything I need for the trip, and have somewhat planned my route. I will be going either by myself or with 2 more people max. I know the general area fairly well as I live around 25-35 minutes south of there and day trips up into the Wildlands during the summer aren't uncommon for me. I will be bringing 2-3 cameras (1 SLR, 1 P&S waterproof, 1 DSLR) with me as well as a journal that I will be writing in every day whenever I would have the time (Each page/ entry would be posted here). The trip would hopefully be 7-15 days in length, an itinerary would be left with family, at my home, and with close friends, just in case I do not come back by a predetermined time. I would also have a Spot GPS system with me (as a last resort, in case shit really hits the fan), and I will have a cell phone with me along with 2 batteries stored separately in waterproof cases/bags (in case shit hits the fan but it isn't life threatening and for pick up at the end of the trip or returning late). I would hopefully come out of this trip with some amazing photographs, stories, and overall having had a great time being /out/. Thoughts? Requests? Anything? Link to map of QEW II Wildlands: http://extrazoom.com/image-4335.html Cheers, -/out/istic canuck
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Hey /out/ I often find things growing atop my compost, but I decided to plant this and another one. I was just wondering /out/ if you had any idea what it could be? What things have you found growing in your compost and have you ever planted them?

Glove thread

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I'm in need for some good gloves. I do a lot of urbex, so glass, heavy things, sharps etc. I would like gloves that also protect my wrists as well. I'm having a hard time finding good gloves that fill in this criteria. Any suggestions?

Hiking in Windsor Ontario

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Hey fellow /out/siders, I have recently gotten into hiking but have so far only gone to one forest a few times. I live in Windsor Ontario and am wondering if any of you knew of any places to hike nearby. Whether there is a developed trail or not doesn't really matter to me.

Travelling the world

Travelling the world 21 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
With no money, and no equipment. Would it be possible?

insect control

insect control 12 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
mosquitos, midges, marsh flies, gnats and all manner of other flying vampire insects. what do you use to prevent being gnawed by this little fuckers? I have used various sprays for personal protection with varied results. wrist bands have not worked at all and coils..meh.. not ideal what do you use? bonus points for home remedies/bushcraft
A bud I know who owns a park... 8 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
A bud I know who owns a park wants to create a birdwatching spot, along the lines of a bird blind and has asked me to help. I'm finding next to nothing about permanent bird blinds/hides that are strictly for birdwatching. Is /out/ going to be of any help?
Completely new to /out/ and... 50 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Completely new to /out/ and fairly new to the world of fishing. I don't know all the technical terms, but I do understand enough to manage on my own. I know my favorite type of reel is the Spinning type and I know how to attach my lures. Very basic knowledge here. That being said, I LOVE fishing when I do. Could care less if I toss the line out 20 times with no bite...it all pays off when you feel that tug and you begin to reel it in...just waiting to see what you have on the end of that line... All my experience comes from simply fishing when I'm with family/friends who all have run down and old reels and bait. After fishing on Easter and catching 6 Bass I've officially decided I want my own setup. This is why I come to you for the first time! I need suggestions on a good beginners setup. I want a Spinning reel and beyond that I am clueless. As I said earlier, I've only used random assortments of other people's property. I'd like to spend no more than $300. Preferably around $200. That being said...what say you? > Pic related. Easter Day. Pardon the dumb expression, didn't get a re-take!


morels 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
i ain't find shit and i've been out everyday for the last week morels ain't up yet in northeast ohio anyone else have any luck yet?
Hydration thread.After coming... 57 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hydration thread. After coming off a 25km hike yesterday with literally nothing on my mind other than water since I burnt through 2L and then developed a horrendous thirst, what do you carry for hydration? >inb4 use a stream OP There was none, nothing I'd have trusted anyway, all grimy/ slow flowing/ stagnant water. I now realize why Eberlestock and Kifaru include more than one hydration compartment on their rucks. I normally carry a 3L Camelbak and a litre bottle of water, yesterday I had a 2L Camelbak and forgot the Nalgene like an idiot. Why they include a 2L Camelbak with the Linchpin I will never ever know. Jesus. Lesson learnt. I need like 4L for a day hike. Anyway, show me your hydration systems...
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