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I want to buy a bike and only have 150 dollars. I want it to last around a year, after that I would be willing to buy a more expensive bike. What bikes do you recommend?
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Hello /out/ I'm a poor Arizona geology major with a shoe conundrum. You see, I have a pair of 5+ year old Hi-Tec hiking boots, and they're starting to fall apart. Now that wouldn't be a problem, but I'm going on a month long /sci/trip to Michigan soon. This trip is all about dendrochronology, so I'll be spending time out in the woods, screwin' trees, and camping for a majority of it. That being said I'm looking into two boots from REI. They're both Hi-Tec, and from the REI outlet store cause I don't have a lot of spending cash, here they are: http://www.rei.com/product/875770/hi-tec-lima-hiking-boots-mens-2014-closeout, and http://www.rei.com/product/875769/hi-tec-flagstaff-waterproof-hiking-boots-mens-2014-closeout. Should I look into the Waterproof boots, or the regular boots. I'm leaning towards the regular boots cause I'm in southern AZ and open bodies of water/wet are hard to come by most of the time. But if these choices are terrible, like really really terrible are there any $75 ish boots from REI that are better. TL;DR Waterproof vs Normal boots ? Are these Hi-Tec boots okay ? If not what are some good cheap boots (preferably from REI) ?
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Hey /out/, I just got 5 new picture windows and I was wondering which greenhouse plan would be best to use, something similar to the picture on the left or the one on the right? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Travel Equipment

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Hey, /out/, First time posting here. I will be doing some extensive travelling in the coming months and I need suggestions for clothing, bags, etc. It's time for me to finally start exploring the world and I finally have enough disposable income to do so. I will be travelling down through some of Mexico's southernmost states, crossing into Guatemala and then travelling back to my home for a brief rest and then I will be flying to Lesotho. From there, I'm heading to Johannesburg to stay with a friend for a week or so and then I'm headed home for good. Anyway, I need recommendations for gear. Clothing and a bag/bags first and foremost. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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/pol/lack here. Not familiar with this board. I was just wondering, anyone on this board a traveller? Train riders? Bitchhikers?
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Me and my dad are planning a hike in Zion natl park in st George, Utah soon. This was originally his trip to make alonne, but since he's gonna be flying into my city and I'm picking him up anyways i'm gonna be tagging along. Just curious if anyone has been there and what to expect.
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/out/, I'm building up my camping outfit for the first time and need help finishing it. Here's what I got so far: Zippo Lighter Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 GTX Thorlo Unisex Wool/Thorlon Thick Cushion Hiking Sock Energizer Pro 7 LED Industrial Headlamp CamelBak 90352 Omega Water Reservoir, 100 oz. DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine / Coarse Leatherman Wave Cold Steel 92SFS Special Forces Shovel Includes Sheath ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air Pad Kelty Light Year XP 40-Degree Sleeping Bag 2 Person Backpacking Tent Osprey Kestrel 38 Pack Khukuri + Chakmak + Knife
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Anyone have any good train-hopping experiences or storys? train-hopping is interesting to me.

Camping in Central California

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sup /out/ Looking to head out camping this month and wanted to collect recommendations on where to go in central california...(USofA) >beautiful hiking trails is a must >campfires allowed is a bonus >preferably a good distance away from the comforts of a grocery store nearby >pic somewhat related. definitely looking to keep that California Sunshine with me
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Boot care /out/? I have a pair of leather Chippewa boots that I use for hiking and yard work. I love the boots and they are by far my favorite boot. They are getting dirty and fading so I want to start taking better care of them. I usually just wipe them down with water. What are some good ways to take care of leather boots?
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--Sorry, I couldn't figure out in which category this thing goes, ban if it's incorrect or whatever-- Why do you think that nerd or geek culture is so popular nowadays? Why hipsters and preppies try to look like nerds, geeks, gamers, otakus, etc.? I have some theories: one is the laboral future and the amount knowledge that entails being part of that culture. Other is the way of showing to the society how different you are, by using conformist or bizarre clothes, being obssessed with "weird", "lame" or "useless" things and being anti-social.

Plan an escape /out/ of EU capital!

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Let's write an adventure from Brussels (EU capital) to X. X is somewhere where no one can find you and there is no one (no settlement) in 50km radius. > We have 1000€ > No equipment > One move per post. So, where do we go?
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/k/+/out/ transdimensional shitposting >research project for school taking place this summer >many weeks of camping, weekends at home >/out/ helped me put together a list of shit that would make my stay more comfortable >pic related FAQ: >What are you researching? I am trying to find out the perfect ratio between ground truthing and RSI only methods of GIS. Aim to learn how much on the ground verification is needed to hit 95% accuracy, as well as to explore, at least in the context of the area I am working in, what data can only be gathered from the ground. >Why is your gear so cheap? It was either free, really cheap, or you fell for the hype of expensive shit. >Why do you have a pair of small dildos? I got them in a sextoy grab bag at the local dildo store. They are supposed to be bachelorette drink dangleys, but I turned them on and they are super fucking bright. I am going to have one hanging at eye level so I can turn it on when I go out to piss or shit at night and not get lost. >Bring a rifle faggot Too large and obtrusive in case people come a looking while I am out. So my questions are these: I have a choice of 3 handguns I can bring with me- A 9mm with 14 bullets, a very small .380 that fits in a fanny pack with 12 bullets, or a 6 shot .22lr revolver with 100 bullets. It will be used solely for emergencies only. I am leaning towards the 9mm since I have gold dots in it, and FMJ for the other two. Second: Will the following be enough for me to eat over 4 days? >15L of water >12 eggs >1lb bacon >14 hot dogs >16 buns >large can of Beefaroni >2 cans of baked beans >coffee and assorted hot drinks (tea, miso)

flower id help

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hey, I am having trouble remembering a flower from my childhood. It flowers like morning glories, but has a tall, thock, stalk that grows uppwards.

/out/ Routines

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What are your /out/ Routines? Something as simple as walking your dog every day at a certain time or always having a specific meal while camping will work. Feel free to share one or all of them. >I go fishing for an hour or two every morning. It's not much, but it gets me /out/
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ok guys, im going on a 2 day coastal hike tomorrow, im going to assume there is nowhere to resupply, how much water would you suggest i take? how much you drink per day/hour? >pic unrelated
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So /out/, just a warning this post might get a little on the long and feelsy side, but I can anonymously confess all of this to you guys and get your opinions without having to see you all the next day at work or something, lol. Sometimes I just need to let all this out.. I promise its /out/ related though. >Yesterday my sister got engaged, which is great news because she has had loads of problems over the last 10 years or so; drugs, alcohol, abusive boyfriends, rehab, etc. So the fact the she found a good guy to settle down with is a huge step forward. Which leaves me, the youngest of 4 siblings the only not married. >I know thats not something terribly bad, however 2 years ago, I was engaged to a girl I had been with for 6 years..high school sweethearts, the works...we were in a long distance relationship for a year due to work situations and I found out 2 weeks after asking her to marry me that she had been fucking some guy on the side. It killed me. I met my current girlfriend soon after we split. It started as a fling, and it kept going. I thought I would be fine being in another relationship, I was SO angry at my ex that I was completely feeling-less towards her..or so I thought. >This was almost 2 years ago, and I admit, I havent healed from the situation. She has already more than moved on and became an army wife(no joke, less than 6 months after we split they got married), Im not wanting to win her back or anything, I just want to move on completely. And I think my current girlfriend is holding back that healing process, sadly...


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Anyone have experience with permethrin? I plan to do a lot of /out/ing this summer, but I live in the great state of Georgia (USA) and mosquitos get fucking bad here. I've heard that permethrin is some sort of miracle spray -- spray it on your clothes, tent, shoes, and pack, let it dry, and boom, no more mosquitoes/ticks for at least 6 weeks. Can anyone confirm? Is it worth the $15? Can I leave my DEET spray at home?
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Building my camping outfit for the first time. Any suggestions? I plan on backpacking and the area currently I plan on going to is a dry arid bushland surrounded by hills and a mountain that has a lot of conifer trees and gets snow. This is currently in my shopping cart: Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath, Black Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord (Black, 550-Pound/50-Feet) 4pairs charcoal heather black, heather navy, heather brown mixed bag Mens Merino Wool Blend Calf Boot socks for Hiking and Camping (2blk,1nvy,1brwn, fits Mens shoe size 8-12 Coghlan's 1000 4-Count 9-Inch Ultralight Tent Stakes Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic Lifeline 57-Piece Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock (Forrest Green) Energizer Pro 7 LED Industrial Headlamp, Blue/Black, 3AAA Batteries Included Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 GTX Waterproof Hiking Boot,Slate Brown/Russet Orange,8 W US Warp Brothers JC-1020 Jiffy Cover Heavy-duty Plastic Drop Cloth Frogg Toggs FTP1714-09 Action Poncho Open Country 2 Quart Aluminum Covered Kettle Equinox Egret Tarps (6 x 8-Feet) CamelBak 90352 Omega Water Reservoir, 100 oz., Black GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot Black Military Wool Glove Liners (Small) Men's Vintage Look Distressed Leather Strap Belt Snap On (M(33"-35"), Black) BIC Disposable Classic Lighter With Child Guard. Sold As A SIX Pack Lifeline 29-Piece Ultralight Survival Kit 5510 G.I. PLUS POLYPROPYLENE BALACLAVA SAND 1 Chamois What I currently have: Sleeping bag (Kelty) REI Dome 2 REI Pinnacle backpack


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I've finally moved to Alaska permanently. So, where should I get /out/ to in Alaska? Denali National Park isn't far, though I need to buy equipment for anything more than hiking. Anyone have some Alaskan experiences?
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