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hey woodland critters, have any human- encounters you want to share? >be me >taking shit in the woods because what else would I be doing lol >Smell them before I hear them >hear them before I see them >Two humans walking my way >wtf I am miles from the nearest human path >book it out of there mid poop >leave a trail of feces following me >climb tree >The two humans pass underneath me >"don't look up, don't look up" >they are arguing about something ".....but morahs are more sturdy and you can use them for battoning....." >They walk right underneath my tree >They stop >My butthole clenches, my breathing stops "fuck I just stepped in shit" >MFW
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What's up /out/? I have a question that's aimed more towards anons who live in Ontario. So recently I've really gotten into fishing, I had dabbled in it a few years before, but that pretty much changed since I got back from a few weeks of sea fishing in Florida. While I was there I'd usually catch 3 Spanish Mackerel every day, fillet them and cook them up for the family for supper. It's a great feeling reeling a fish in, especially if you've been focusing on a certain spot for a good while. My question is, where are some of the best fishing places in Southern Ontario? I'm from Toronto myself, but I have no problem traveling up north for some good places to go to. I've gotten a decent rod with a few sturdy reels of line, and a ton of other necessities that my gramps gave to me, he loves fishing too. While I'm sure freshwater fish are nowhere near as exotic as what you'd find in the Gulf of Mexico, I'm still keen on trying to fish somewhere closer to home. Any advice for a new guy?
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Hello /out/ I'm trying to put together a personal work and I would like you opinions and knowledge regarding this board. I will be making one thread once for each board. I will observe the thread until it is deleted. 1. What does this board mean to you? 2. What was an important event in this board's history? 3. Optional misc Mods: I realise this is off-topic, but please use your discretion.
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How do I spend more time outdoors? I'm sick of spending all day, everyday on my computer. Help me /out/
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what wood do you use for your bow drill set? can i use birch for the board? what use for bow? what use for board? what you for socket ?

Cooking while Camping

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Hello /out/, Im going camping this saturday for the first time in a couple years, and I realize this is my first trip without someone experienced, and ive realized I know very little about cooking while out in the woods. Any recommendations for recipies or easy meals for a group of four or five? Or general camp cooking info? Thanks.
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Im going camping end of this month and im looking for a good value tent for 2, I want sturdy and reliable material, and not to heavy. Help a brother /out/

Fishing with Senko Worms

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I have heard a lot of guys saying a wacky rigged senko is one of the best ways to catch bass. Is this true? And how would I fish it? Do I just let it sink then twitch it? I would appreciate advice from anyone who has experience with them.

Camera for the outdoors

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greetings /out/ ive settled on something. and that something is what my next peice of gear is going to be. new knife? no. new backpack? no. new clths? no!. i looked back over my gear and it occured to me that the peie of gear i have that is most outdated is my camera! ive completely stopped using it becouse i am just not satisfied with the quolity of it. it is a casio exilim z1000. and as i wrote atop i am just not satisfied with it. so now i find myself in a market i know next to nothing about! i am looking for a camera that i can give me good quality pictures but mostly video. so i can film myself and track my improvements or even if it turns out to be different from all the rest upload it to youtube maybe. and that can sorta hold up to outdoor activities. nothing too extreme or anything i just dont know how fragile cameras are today i havent really settled on a budget limit since i have no idea where they are now TLDR: need camera for film outdoor activities. what one?


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Are there any amateur fossil hunters on tonight? Ive had interest since I was a child to go out and collect fossils. Ive finally found free time and I wish to start seriously. Any tips for a beginner? General fossil thread. Sorry if im on the wrong board this seemed the most relevant.
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What is this? Looks like a pelvis. Can anyone identify what animal? And why would anyone leave this on a rock right next to my back yard? I don't even have neighbors.
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Hey /out/, I want to tell you a story. >be me >22 >exploring forest >find river >follow river for a ways >walking upstream >gets to spot where it goes through a gorge so there's cliffs on both sides >continue walking above cliff >still forested >hear faint noises >sound slightly demonic >spooky.jpg >wonder if I am in a real life creepypasta >too curious to nope the fuck out >get closer >sounds more like whimpering or crying now >probably only sounded demonic cause I was a scared faggot >keep moving closer >as I get closer, I determine that it is definitely crying >very remote, surprised that another human is this deep into the forest >miles from nearest roads, even further from any human settlement, and no hiking trails around >almost to source of noise >can see human figure in distance >figure is standing right above cliff overlooking river

Nutrient deficiency or baterial?

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So I re-potted my Gem Squash into the greenhouse a couple of days ago and noticed this? I don't think it's temperature related as it's never dropped below 8 celcius or above 30 celcius?

Backpacking Seats

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Hey /out/ So sometimes when I'm out camping or backpacking I'll be in a place where it really sucks to sit on the ground. As I live in the southern US there's a lot of swampland that is convenient for me to get to but offers lots of mud and the like. So I've been thinking of using some of muh ounces on a backpacking chair/stool that I can use when there are no logs, stumps, rocks, etc available. Do you guys have any experiences or recommendations? inb4 gearfaggotry hate, if you're not actually interested in the topic please just hide the thread.
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Hey, sc/out/s, I've got a question for you. For the people who travel a lot, or spend a long time on the trail (like Appalachian Trail thru-hikers), how do you guys afford to do these things? Do you save up your money beforehand and then hike for 6 months? Do you rely on the kindness of strangers to stay fed? tl;dr how to afford long trips in the bush pic not related
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Why are most fly fisherman holier than though cunts? They think they own the water and are better than all other fisherman. Especially the ones who only catch and release, they are the fucking worst. Sorry I like the taste of fish. Get the fuck over it hippy.
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Anyone here ever been to the Peace Corps? Ive already heard all that about how it's outdated or it doesn't know what it wants to be, I know. Just looking for experiences. Did you like it? Do you know of any similar programs where you live overseas for a while? Some people get to live in cities but I want to be as close to nature as possible in Asia or something. I've already applied and talked to a recruiter, just waiting to hear back. I think they will make me a teacher with my experience and degree but I'm pushing for agriculture and forestry.

Forestry & equipment

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>ask someone who works as a forestry and natural resources technician currently working on a specialisation as an Arborist anything (equipment, machines, about the job etc.) Also forestry & equipment general thread.
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Can any of you fine gentlemen help me with a predicament I'm having. There have been floods in my country and I have volunteered to help with clean up of muck, rubble and stuff. I'm a little city boy, with no outdoors type experience so I figure if anyone had any advice on what to bring/wear, what not to bring etc. (rubber boots and tools will be provided supposedly and maybe sandwiches or something, though I'm not gonna rely on that)


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Going tomorrow to Zion (national park) for first time and only 2 days, any tips or recommendations? Best hike?
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