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/out/ related careers

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Hey /out/, I'm interested in getting a career that is /out/ related. For example, a job tagging animals for tracking and research. I don't know much about this kind of subject, but how should I start with no experience or background in this kind of field? What degree(s)/education would I need? Where can I get experience? What are some other careers that would be /out/ related? Does anyone here have an /out/ related job? Thanks in advance.
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I'm doing an environmental sciences video and I'm gonna have a section called A WORD FROM THE INTERNET. Can y'all make a remark about the environment on vocaroo.com? Would help me greatly. Here are the entries I got so far: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0fECCDi7nKe http://vocaroo.com/i/s0g9Bo4yESif It can be negative if you want to.

I have rich parents

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who stolen my swag.
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what plant is this?

Bad /out/ feels

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>tfw no /out/ gf >tfw always going /out/ alone, or with people who only want to get drunk >tfw forget extra socks and nearly get swampfoot Did I mention, >tfw no /out/ gf >http://vimeo.com/31158028 Sorry, I couldn't find the video on YT anywhere.

Help me find a State to live in

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I lived in California most of my life and I want to move to a different state. I need help finding the best state for me to live in. I am looking for: >The land is similar to rolling hills, possibly mountains. >Snows during the winter. >Leaves turn orange and fall in autumn. >The weather is cloudy on most days, overcast is preferred. (Similar to the UK) >Somewhere open and quiet. (small town, rural) >possible Cabin home. Please respond If you live in an area similar to this, or if you know which stats might match these descriptions. I want to find the state which best suits what I am looking for. I am planning to travel across the country, I will drive through the states on the list. Previous suggestions included Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois. I have no preference, but I am leaning towards Western states. I appreciate comments and suggestions. Thank You.


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So, is this poison oak? Note the flowers.
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/out/ I am in the process of making my home self sufficient. I live in the desert and am trying to figure out water storage. I do not have a way to get a well but I have a large garage and about a half acre yard. What options do I have to store water here?
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Ok, so went through my old tackle box today. I'm guessing ten year old me though I was going to catch MONSTER bass. Nothing but bass worms, spoons, crappie artificial baits of all kinds, and some 15 year old lure of the moment kit that was supposed to imitate using live shad. Oh yeah, it was a fucking banjo kit marketed in the late 90s/early oughts. tl;dr I have nothing useful, no good hooks, weights, or swivels. What should be a basic list of things to purchase for * catfishing using punch bait or live shad/minnows * trout from a stocked lake using a spinning reel * crappie, sunfish, bass, and other general fish that aren't the above
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Hey guys, 3 of my friends and I are heading to the Gore Mountain range north of Vail, CO in a few weeks as a grad trip. None of us have camped longer than 3 days before and especially not up that high. We're kind of worried about food, both about having enough and being able to pack it all out since we're backpacking to a spot about 10 miles away. Does anyone have any experience packing food for a long trip with no resupply that can help out? What kind of foods should we be looking at? Any tips to drop weight without sacrificing flavor?
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I fucking hate these things. My legs got eaten last night. Whats a good repellant spray that I can use that won't give me cancer and is non toxic?
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/out/ both my wife and i want to nice back RI the mountains We both went to school in the blue ridge >Appalachian State I've got a six figure job and she does ok, we have two boys 4 and 2 How can we get back and into a community and live comfortably? Anons with experience preferred.
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Is /out/ the right place to discuss about shoes? I'm so fucking mad right now /out/. earlier this year i bought 2 shoes, Reebok and New balance. each one cost me around 200$. after only few months of use they turn out to be complete shit. i had mid workout just because the cheap plastic kept stab my heel. I know it's probably my fault because i bought made in china trash. anyway, i'm looking for god tier pair of shoes. what's my options?
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How does /out/ deal with insects when being innawoods? Ticks, wasps, spiders they all scare me to death, I guess the first step would be knowledge, how to prevent and treat whenever it happens but they still scare the fuck out of me.
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sup guys. up north at my cabin walking around and I see this plant. what is it? looks similar to my friend mary jane but it doesnt smell like it
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I have a very menial job that lets me listen to podcasts for 5 hours a day. I'm wondering if there are any /out/ podcasts that you know of? The only one that is kind of similar is The Art of Manliness. Every so often they will have on some outdoors guy. It's not very consistent though. Any suggestions?

LRF/ light tackle?

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I had a few £ spare in my pocket today at the tackle shop, and blew £20 on this lot. It's the smallest, lightest set up I have now, I'm normally out with a 14' beachcaster, but everyone seems to be raving about light rock fishing now. I've always been a bait person, but from what I understand LRF is more about lures ect so >tips please as I know not what I do
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Guys, i need some tips on some basic stuff i`ll absolutely need in outdoors conditions. I have about 2 days for shopping and then i`m leaving to be a part of a paramilitary group, which has a training camp in the wild. I am a noob and they will provide me with a tent to sleep in and food. I don`t have much time for discussions, but i will appreciate any tips.
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itt THE Icefall. Post if you have, will, or want to trek the hardest path on earth.


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Anyone else get real doozies from mosquito bites? >pic related If I get one where there's little fat/skin is stretched they become extremely visble. On the plus side they're fun to "x". Same thing happens with stinging nettles but not piss-ants, wasps, etc. for whatever reason).
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