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http://synchtube.6irc.net/r/jonestv#watching... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
http://synchtube.6irc.net/r/jonestv# watching random shit, cabin-building doc in a few, feel free to join! post stuff in the chat!

How to Motocamp: Northeast Edition

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Hey all. Can you guys recommend some places to go /out around southwestern Connecticut? There's just not much of interest around here, and not too many places to camp away from people (or above board). A little background-- I want to give moto-camping a go once I get my motorbike fixed up. Since I'm a new rider, I'd prefer to take some short trips that still offer plenty of adventure close to home. I've been thinking of going up NY-22 to Canada or VT (have family along the way). Could also head west to Bear Mountain State park. Basically, any awesome stuff that's not too far away in any direction-- mountains, canyons, falls, swimming holes, plateaus, oddball history-- I dig it all. Always wanted to visit West Virginia's coal-mine ghost towns, FWIW. Current gear-- 1 MSS sleep system, Butane stove, some knives, canteens, and both an ALICE Ruck and Frost River bushcraft pack. Gonna try to get a small tent and sleeping pad after the bike is fixed. TLDR: Stuck in CT hell, help me plan moto-camping trips that are doable and adventurous. Don't care what direction. Also general moto-camping advice and discussion.
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innawoods /out/ edition
I'm going on a 3 day... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm going on a 3 day jungle hike soon and I need enough food to keep me alive. It'll be a 8 hour hike to the base camp where I can store all my stuff, so it'd be great if I could pack as lightly as possible. So any body got any advice on what to get?
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I just started a new job as a utility forester, where I spend my time hiking around the hills of the CA bay area looking at trees and power lines. I have a pair of boots that I got when I lived in a colder, wetter climate, that I find are too hot/not breathable for this kind of work. My company provides me a $100 stipend for boots. I'm looking for a ~$200 pair of boots that are at least 6" high, breathable/comfortable for both hilly hiking and urban use, and look reasonably professional. Any thoughts? Thinking something like pic related. (Columbia Men's Original Hiking Boot)
What's your favourite... 21 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
What's your favourite book about going innawoods, /out/?
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Hi /out/ I've never posted here before, but I'm hoping for some advice. I spend stupid amounts of time staring at computer screens, and my level of knowledge of the natural world is absolutely pathetic. What is the best way to go about having a decent knowledge of flora and fauna? I'd like to be able to identify birds, flowers, trees, etc.

Mushroom identification thread

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I found these shrooms growing on a tree a few months ago. I didn't know what they were so I just took a picture and left them alone. I just came across the picture while looking through my phone. Any idea what they are? Are they edible? Rare?


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Sup /out/, I recently got some birthday money and I'm considering getting a 30 degree Revelation quilt from Enlightened Equipment. Anyone here have experience with quilts in general? I've heard nothing but good things about the company.
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Hey /out/. How self-sustainable can a yacht be? What systems could be installed to help me survive on sea? I'm fed up with living in big city. I'm a programmer, I do all of my work remotely, I love yachting and fishing, and I'm considering moving on a boat, and working while traveling around the coast (or even the world). The only thing is: I'll need laptop running approximately 8 hours a day (so that I can work). Are modern solar chargers good enough to support that? I could run off generator I guess, but that would require always stopping near civilisation to keep fuelled. Same reason I'd prefer to have sail as my main power source, with engine only as a backup. How about water acquiring? I remember seeing things that you trawled behind your boat that de-salted ocean water and turned it into drinkable, but I have no idea how long filters on those last. Anyways, any ideas/tools for self-sustained living on a boat welcome.

a gem in DC

a gem in DC 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I found this spot while I was walking at the crescent trail that surrounds DC's west side. There were some people who were fishing and "the great escape" was written there. I thought it looked nice and it would be a nice spot to escape every now and then. If you live around DMV, its worth checking out.
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Where are you sleeping tonight sc/out/s?
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>you're walking around in the woods >suddenly these cute little guys pop out of some brush and stare at you what do you do?
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I'm trying to plan a bachelor party for my buddy. He wants to go camping and shoot guns, drink beer, smoke tobacco, etc. All my camping friends are Copblock types who always get ticketed or fined for camping in the wrong spot, so I can't ask them for advice. Any suggestions for good places to tent camp and do the above activities without getting fined/ticketed in the Seattle area? I know there are tons of Cascadians on here.
Camping for the first time... 9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Camping for the first time this up coming weekend. Any advise for me on things to bring/wear/what to look out for? its near some river in Pennsylvania
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How would you go about becoming a ranch hand? I only have know how to ride and rope cattle. Ideas? Suggestions? Places? halp it's my dream ;-;

looking for good coat

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looking for a good quality coat to buy for cold canadian rainy weather. can anyone help me with some high quality durable brands to look into? i've come across fjallraven and canada goose so far... but could use some more selection in picking my endgame coat
Is anyone else deathly afraid... 31 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is anyone else deathly afraid of centipedes? How can abominations like these exist? From what i've heard though, they are bros for eating pests. Still, they are spooky looking. I found pic related in my basement last night. Not sure if it was a babby or not. It was moving pretty slow as well.
>tl;dr: i want to learn all... 23 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>tl;dr: i want to learn all i possibly can in the ways of bush crafting,surviving etc, etc dearest /out/ i come to you dwelling all the way from /k/ i come to you to learn the basics of living off the "fat of the land" i ask your help to teach me how not to die innawoods by teaching me to identify deadly berries,plants, and stuff of that nature, i'm not very skilled by any means in bushcraft but i'd like to learn how, so i can learn to survive for extended periods of time if need be, my views aren't warped and i'm open to learn something that i'm probably clearly wrong about, i'm live in Maryland if this helps at all.
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Opinions on dug-in greenhouses?
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