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/out/ board - Outdoors - 9th July 2014

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found this in Indore, WV, in Elk river. wondering if anyone can identify it? it sticks to magnets in some spots. in person it really looks like melted metal of some kind.

Day Pack thread

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Hey, somebody stole my beloved horn hunter daypack, like in pic related which they no longer manufacture. I was wondering if any of you on out have any kickass daypacks you could recommend? specifically I would like one that has a bladder system, or is bladder compatable, and has a waistband with large pockets to hold my rangefinder, windicator, and other do-dads while I am bowhunting. the pack does not have to be camo, or hunting related. I am willing to spend a lot of cheddar because I spend a lot of time /out/

SoCal/Nevada Desert Camping

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Hey, /k/ here. I'm looking for good areas between Bakersfield and Vegas to camp/backpack around with some friends. Anything particularly beautiful or cool you guys can recommend? I'm in Bakersfield, and closer is better. Generally I just need the place to be /k/ friendly (my Ithaca 37 is fun) and if it has any spoopy /x/ related aspects, that's great too. Thanks. (pic unrelated)

Roofing hatchet

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i typed out a long thing but accidentally deleted it long story short i broke my axe need a hatchet is a roofing hatchet any good so i don't have to buy a new hatchet.
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Hey /out/ found this old stove (possibly incomplete?) at a garage sale a couple years back, If you could help me get it working I would be grateful beyond expression. The tricky part is that I think it hooks up to a presurized gas (alcohol or whitegas/kerosene? possibly propane!?) canister that is not with it any more. Next post will be the thread that I need to match. If anyone knows anything about these stoves or can find an online resource that would be great (I've looked and failed). the "patent applied for" makes me think it's almost a prototype? there arn't any other markings...
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So, /out/, Thermarest Neoair Xlite or Exped Synmat UL?

snow boarding experts here

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/pol/ack here. found this snowboard while logging. its a morrow fury 163 with fiftyonefifty thermo bindings. it has a scratch or two on the back. whats its worth used?
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Hi /out/. I don't go out much but I want to go to barbecue alone tomorrow without using coals. How hard it is to start a fire with just gathered woods and branches big enough for me to cook the food?

CB Radios

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How many of you have a CB in your vehicle or use a portable? I recently put one in my truck (picture semi-related. How I installed mine) and had some good conditions the past 3 days for talkin skip. Running a Cobra 18 wx st ii with a 3 foot firefly on the roof of my Frontier.

/out/ fashion

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Hey /out/ this thread is probably going to get some flack but here we go: ive been an outdoor enthusiast for about 3-4 years now so i wouldn't say I'm a rookie anymore. so i was rummaging through some gear and packing for the weekend while i over heard a rimmel london comercial ( that makeup stuff) and i thought to my self " get the Lundin look" so how do i do this? what are some fashionable /out/ related things i can wear to really show the world im an outdoorsy person? it dosent have to be primitive stuff like cody though some necklace ideas would be cool. id like it if the items atleast has some form of use besides looks i already wear a bandana almost daily ( inb4 gangs. lolno im white) and i have some paracord bracelets i made that i rarely wear so. waht do i do?
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So, what cameras do you guys use to film your /out/ings?
do you guys think this is Lyme... 44 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
do you guys think this is Lyme disease? I took a tick off there about two weeks ago, and it just recently started to turn red like that. If it helps, i was supper stoned last night and was scratching at it. Please help!
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Here is a challenge for /out/. You are going to be outside for 2 weeks straight. You get all your stuff set up in 20 minutes, and now you have to keep yourself entertained. What do you do? Here's the twist - Anything involving hunting and reading do not count. Pic related; you have to give me $20 if you don't come up with an answer
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