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Did you know: Ethan Becker is... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Did you know: Ethan Becker is Conehead
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Sup /out/, Has anyone here ever been to the Losiniy Ostrov national park in Moscow? I am thinking of spending some time camping there. Any good spots? Any warnings? http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=55.871651&lon=37.788506&z=12&m=b&search=%D0%BC%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B2%D0%B0
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I like using oil in campfire cooking but I hate carrying it while hiking. Is there a way to extract oil from wild plants while innawoods?
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Hey sc/out/s, quick question. I used to use a folder out inna woods but I got a nice fixed blade for my b-day. Problem is I don't know how to carry it. With my folder I would just put it on a lanyard attached to my pants/shorts and put it in my pocket. It even worked when I wore a bathing suit. Where do you carry your fixed blade? Most of what I've tried feels uncomfortable or means the blade isn't always on hand.
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Does anyone here have any experience with WWOOF? http://wwoof.net/ A guy on Wizardchan made a post about it, but he seemed a lot like a shill and I want to know if it's a slave labor camp or something before I sign up.

Backpacks general

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I'm looking for a new trekking backpack, I've always used an +-60l Active Leisure I inherited from my dad, served me well for years, but it's starting to fall apart. What backpack does /out/ use?

Innawoods/bushcraft knife ~$50

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Recommend me a good knife for bushcraft/innawoods utility. I'm leaning towards the 4" mark. I also carry a small woods axe, so I have no need to baton. I'm looking for something around $50. I'll spend a bit more for a better knife, or I'll save my money if somebody suggests something cheaper and just as good. No Mora, please. I already own many Moras, and I saw what happened in the Mora thread.
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what does /out/ think of alice packs? good, cheap packs or garbage?


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Hey /out/, So I've been wearing a pair of Asolo Powermatics while hiking this year and they are fantastic. The only problem is that the footbed is absolutely rock hard. Not a big deal when walking for a few hours, but if you're on your feet for multiple days or dropping from rock to rock, the lack of cushion really starts to get to you. I went to a local /out/ type store with a really deep product selection, explained my problem to the sales guy and he suggested I get some $40 insole that was hard as a brick and provided no cushion. Great. What kind of insoles do you have in your hiking boots? What would you recommend?
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Recently found a nice deer stand and ladder on my property. It's on the border of my neighbor's and my property but I know it's not his. What should I do with it? pic sem-related
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where is the most, beautiful, enchanted forest in the world?
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I see a ton of people wearing those tight spandex pants for hiking these days. What do you think of them?

Organic Insecticide/Pesticide?

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So a couple years ago my family and I went to California to visit some relatives. Since my uncle grows peaches for a living, we took some peach pits and try to grow some on my family's 2-acre lot. So far, 27 peaches have grown at least 2 feet tall. When the time comes that the plant becomes a tree and starts giving fruit, I intend to preserve the peaches so I could actually eat them. In order to preserve them, what organic insecticide should I use? Can I make my own organic Insecticide? >tl;dr What organic insecticide should I use when my trees start giving me fruit? Can I make my own organic insecticide?
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shit to do in and around the mammoth area im going up there in a few weeks, and we are planning on going to; bodie, june lake, devils post-pile, fish hatchery, hot-springs, fishing in some of the lakes ect...i have a wife whos 7months pregnant and whom has never camped before so we are getting a hotel (gay i know) and a 3 ½ year old who is fucking nuts....anyone else have any ideas of things to do up there? we'll be there for about 3 days
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Help me, /out/. Please. Two years ago I discovered that I love outdoors. Everything about it. I've never been happier now than any point in my life, and I can only thank Mother Nature for that. Problem is, my only job experience is security. I work at (don't want to be specific because this is 4chan after all) a State building as a security guard, and have six years experience. But I hate it. As someone who grew up without parents, I liked the money at first, so I was happy. But I'm miserable now. I work 830 to 5pm and I miss the beauty of every day; my coworkers are all awful ex military personnel that talk about politics and war all day. Everyone I "secure" is a state worker (so, rude and usually retarded) I need to get away, but all I have experience in is security. I don't want a DIFFERENT security job because then it'll be indoors again. However, I have state experience now, so I figure it's a leg up in the National/State park or City work? I'd rather repair potholes or clean up trash at parks and be outdoors all day than sit inside like this. I feel legitimately sad every day and I know it's my work environment. I hope someone has more knowledge or a suggestion, I've done so much research. Pic related, I'm in MA. Also I called The department of conservation and recreation but their HR manager is gone till Wednesday, so I have to wait, but I'm already on that.
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Soup /out/ Plan on doing the West Highland Way for the first time come this winter and don't really know what to expect. Anyone on here that's done it got any tips? Got minor camping/hiking skills, so I'm not a complete beginner, just kind of want to have a bit of an idea what to expect >Inb4 don't do it in winter

Needs /k/nowledge

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Oy! Fresh from /k/ here if it wasn't obvious. If there comes a time when SHTF then I simply plan to hide out for a while innawoods. I want my cat to survive. He is very important to me. What do I need to know to keep kitty alive out there?
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hey /out/ first time poster I was wondering if you guys could share your fur tanning techniques. and how they come out. I'm very interested in tanning and would appreciate tips, tricks, stories, anything about skinning/tanning/fleshing.
Are you /out/ creative or... 8 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Are you /out/ creative or consumerist? Plz share your opinion and your ideas. I do enjoy looking at outdoor producys , but what I really like is to use things that are simple when I am out. I cannot imagine myself riding a bike with a matching helmet, biking clothes, and special shoes. I just bike with regular clothes. Some camping gear are unnecessary and overpriced. Regular household products work just fine. For example, a zip bag or an empty container with a large opening( like protein powder container) work just as well as water proof cases. One day o couth a fish with a reflective candy wrapper. I still se things that I bought, but I
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Is knife throwing a useful skill? Can one throw regular full tang utility knife with any accuracy? Assuming you have no other tools and no wood for spears/bows, would you try knife throwing as last resort for hunting, say, rabbits?
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