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I found a better alternative to the Kelly Kettle! I always loved the idea, been close to buy i several times, but every time, i've been hesitating; it's smart, efficient, cool, but it has always bug me, that the cork prop is included, and has no use at at, other than when you want to leave hot water untouched. Using the prop will make it explode. Literally, I have a friend who got a large first degree burning from leaving it, he was stupid anyway. http://www.petromax.de/en/products.html#feuerkanne The German PetroMax has made this, and creating it much more user friendly, with a standard issued top mount for using cooking pots, better handle, and a better packing of it self. I'm about to go all stereo typical like /int/ about this product, but damn it's looks nice.

Kentucky wilds

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Hey /out/, thought you guys might enjoy some pics from my recent toking expedition up a remote creek gorge.
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Ask a High Altitude Climber anything >Pic related, me at the Mount Everest's final steps on the summit push, 28,000 feet (8,534), not too far from Camp4, climbing at 3am

Needs /k/nowledge

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Oy! Fresh from /k/ here if it wasn't obvious. If there comes a time when SHTF then I simply plan to hide out for a while innawoods. I want my cat to survive. He is very important to me. What do I need to know to keep kitty alive out there?

Odd Plant identification

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I had not seen this plant in a long time until recently. My dad told me, when i was a small child, that he used to chew this when he was a kid, as a surrogate for tobacco to feel grown up. I ran across it again recently, several states from where I grew up. It's the same appearance, scent, texture, everything that I remember. But I have NO idea what it is. It crushes with a very fresh scent, smelling a bit like carrots when it dries. I have never seen flowers on one of these. The first portion is a stand, roughly six feet in height. The plants are tender and fragrant at a foot or so in height. Region is the Gulf coast and south-east US (the above photographed in central Georgia this past weekend). I have shown the photos to a friend who knows wild plants fairly well, and he is clueless. A coworker is familiar with seeing the plants but has never touched them.

Internal vs External

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and size/\material of pack >3 months long trip. >2 people on trip together >walking mostly from state to state >maybe train >will be carrying probably lots of gear already searched /out/ catalog andsome threads couldnt find the info needed >tl;dr 3 month trip, internal vs external with high weight
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If i wanted to explore a drain, how would I go about it. Is it possible to get a map of the drains beforehand? Like from a library or city council or something? I have a surveyor friend who has access to maps of the city but I'm not sure how much he can help me. im imagining I'd just need a torch and some ruggid clothes/boots. maybe a mask/filter to not get shit into my face. any ideal torches / shit to look out for?
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Hello /out/buds I present http://instasynch.com/rooms/Outdoors Our outdoors instasynch room. Everyother board seems to have one why not us?
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Any ausfags on tonight? I'm getting into urban exploration and I'm looking for abandoned places to explore, any suggestions?

The New Forest

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Hey /out/, anyone been to the New Forest in the UK- what are the guidelines concerning the carry of knives, fires etc (basic bush craft stuff) + any recommendations about what parts of the forest are best to visit?

Scratching that itch

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It's the height of backpacking season in my area. I've gone only once this year, back in May, and it's getting impossible to ignore the compulsion to strap on my pack and just go. But I can't. I'm unemployed and I need to apply for work every day, and if I miss a call for an interview, then there goes my chance at finding work. But I crave an /out/ adventure. I want to wake up in my hammock, snooze away the early morning, and roll out of bed to eat a granola bar and see pic related. I want to walk for hours on end carrying my life on my shoulders. I miss it, /out/. How do you scratch that itch? How do you get over wanting to be /out/ so badly but not being able to? tl;dr Can't go /out/, want to go /out/, what do?

Forest Fire

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Hows your fire season goin /out/?

Some light thing

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This is the light... Thing, I saw in London. Ask me If you want some more of these.

Help identifying pest on plant

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So for the past few weeks I've been seeing what appears to be gnats flying around near my plants, thinking they were fungus gnats I let my plants dry out and applied some imid. This didn't seem to do much and I'm still seeing these little things flying around. During this time I've also noticed my plant has not been looking very healthy, after a closer inspection I noticed these small yellowish/white elongated bugs crawling around on the surface, I figure they're about 1 to 1.5mm in length. They look too long to be root aphids and they don't look like springtails to me. After hours of searching I still cant seem to figure out what it is and how to treat, please help me fellow /out/doorsman ! Sorry for shitty pic, I had to take it through a 15x magnifying glass with my phone since I don't have my good camera on me.
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Hey /out/ does anyone have experience with fly fishing bays/harbors in Southern California, I'm about to try it out so any advice? I have a 9' rod and ts-350 fly line. Is that good enough?
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Hey /out/ anyone do fly fishing in the bays/harbors of so cal? Any advise before i go out there? Also....is a 9' 8wt with ts-350 line good enough.

Cheap 2 person backpacking tent

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I'm looking for a relatively cheap 2 person tent and I've found two that seem pretty good to me http://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B004J2KDH0/ref=aw_wl_ov_dp_1_1?colid=1S4VNYVM2PQA2&coliid=IIFJR3DH9DV82 http://m.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12550141&ppp=24&cp=4406646.4413993.4414966.19446416 I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either of these or if someone can recommend a better one.
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Gonna be that time of year soon for those of us in the Northern Americas, where the temps drop well below freezing. So what says /out/ about a stove tent for a casual hiker/camper. I camp only with company and I don't spend more than 2 or 3 days out. For maximum comfort, I'm thinking one of those stove tents which have a collapsible stove which rolls up with the tent. Similar to pic related. Supposedly they'll keep an interior temperature of 70ish degrees at zero fahrenheit with a steady supply of twigs. Also an added bonus of being a nice hub to hang out in and chit chat without the harsh winter breeze. remember: this is not supreme UL yOLo $wag shave .2 grams off of the packload camping, it's casual camping and hiking.


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Where is this place?
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I'm contemplating making a good sheath for a fucking butcher knife because i cant think of a better all purpose knife than a butcher knife can you /out/?
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