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31st October 2014
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This is how I /out/
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Hi sc/out/s, I don't frequent here often, but I have a favor to ask of you all. Me and a group of friends are to design an app that would somehow benefit our community and I have an idea that coincides with your board's focus. The app is one that is essentially a database of flora and fauna of an area with descriptions for said organisms, there could also be a reverse image search deal. My question is, would you use it? A quick search of the app store and I've found nothing all too similar. Also, would there be any other features any of you would like to see?
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What can you tell me about this axe? Style? Primary use?

Bushnell Binoculars

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Hey! I've found a discount on some binoculars. The thing is that I don't have any experience with those things and I don't have an idea if they are good or bad. Hopefully somebody could advice me here. Here are the specs: - Field of View: ft@1000yds/m@1000m426/142 - Close Focus: ft/m6.5/1.9 - makes 1km seem like 142 - brand n name: Bushnell LEGEND ULTRA HD 8x 42mm I'm planning to use it for urban exploring, hiking and just extending my eyes. Price 301 usd (otherwise 391)
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What kind of music should i listen to when in the sticks m8s? Proenneke's grandson is pretty /out/ related
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I'm the anon that asked where to go to camp for a couple days in Northern Virginia and the recommendation was Cat Rock/Bob's Hill just north of Frederick. >1.5 mile trail >kinda small area Now, my friend and I want to set up two different campsites, one for each day we're staying there, and we wanna get quite a bit of backpacking in, and assuming we don't bushwhack like idiots without a map, that's a pretty small area. So the question is, /out/, where can I go camping in/near Northern Virginia that's an actual large area? Bonus points for providing map as well.
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Hey guys, I'm new here, and I have some gardening questions. I got my seeds in the beginning of the summer, and they've been growing steadily since then. However recently, I've noticed a bit of wilting recently, and I was wondering what the cause could be? I water the plants every say (although some days I skip, as I can see the soil still obviously wet). I also have outside in clay pots for most of the day (They're on the outskitrts of a shaded porch, so they see abour 9 hours of sunlight in a day). What could be going wrong? Is this just natural, and I shouldn't worry? I used to work in a garden every day for 2 months and I hadn't experienced much like this. Is it possible that I'm over-watering, and washing out the nutrients that the plants require? Or is it possible that they're getting more sun than they're used to? It may also be time to transplant some of the plants to a larger pot, or even soil, but I wouldn't imagine that would manifest as wilting. Among others, I have Tiny Tims, Lupine, Lavender, Butterfly Flower, Poppies, and a mysterious strain of marijuana. They're all fairing well, except the Tiny Tims, and the marijuana, which have been getting brown leaves. However they seem to be growing new, green leaves just fine, while still browning other leaves. One of the other plants shed all its leaves, and is not just a shaft sticking out of the dirt. (I don't actually know which one this is, cause there was a labeling mixup and I haven't grown these plants long enough to differentiate their sprouts on sight). Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you. >pic related it's lupine

Midwest Thread

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Let's talk about the Midwest. I'm in Chicago and looking for some interesting hikes in the area. I've done Starved Rock, I've done the Pictured Rocks, and I've done Sleeping Bear. How about some suggestions for stuff around Chicago though? Say within a three hour drive. How are the Indiana Dunes? Anyway. Talk about all the places you like in the Midwest.

/out/ badfeels thread

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Let's talk about the badfeels of /out/ing. >just starting a long hiking trip and already starting to feel a hotspot on the side of your heel >my companions are idiots and they won't shut up and i'm stuck with them for three more days. >"hey anon, mind if i bring my friend? No, anon, i don't think he/she has never been camping before, but has seen all of man vs wild so already has everything he/she needs to know." >my perfectly toasted marshmallow just caught fire and burnt to a crisp. >oh crap, another group coming down the trail towards us. i'll just step off to the side and let them pass while trying not to make eye contact with them. >shit, i just accidentally shit on my leg >so cold but pos bic lighter won't light
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ITT: /out/ careers Let's discuss the jobs of the outdoors, how to get them, and hear testimonials from anons who actually do them.
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anyone ever brought this bad boy when going /out/? i do. it's lightweight, dirt cheap and you can practically use anything that is small-size with some decent weight on it as a projectile(pebble, small ball bearings, glass marbles,etc) can't say i'm too proficient with it though i did managed to get some wild fowls and rabbits with it.

water filters

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I need a new water filter, and I don't know what to get/what's good, so I need your help /out/. I don't mind if it's a little expensive, but preferably under $50. I'm just looking for something that's easy-to-use/clean and durable/will last.
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Looking to buy a gun (new or used) for hunting purposes. I want something that's ideal for smaller game such as squirrel, duck, rabbits, etc. With that said, some type of shotgun would be best, right?
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Anyone else ride a dual sport motor cycle into the woods??
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What is the best type of..........firewood? Every year around this time I go on a camping trip with so friends. It's car camping btw. Last year we ended up with some shit wood. There's a place by me that sells oak, maple, ash and pine. Face cords range from $45-60 depending on what type. Which type would be best to bring along? Also I have some chunks of cedar I will be bringing.


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Does anyone on /out/ bowhunt? I'm pretty curious about it. I've never hunted before, or picked up a bow, but the prospect of getting my own meat and using something that isn't a gun seems really appealing. For a complete beginner who lives in Brooklyn, does it make sense? I hike regularly, I have an archery range near my apt, and the New York official bowhunting registration appears to be free. I've got access to an SUV, and my weekends are always free. How hard is learning to use a compound bow? How difficult is learning to track deer? Can a beginner even expect to kill something in his first season? Any and all information would be appreciated.

/Out/doorsy Cameras/Pictures Thread

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I wanna get a camera for /out/door usage, waterproof/shockproof/ect. but that will still take good photo/video. I hate using a phone as a camera, its awkward and isn't going to have juice as long as a dedicated camera I'd assume. Just for taking on hiking/camping/boating to get some shots of the trip, not for ultra super professional pictures. What cameras do /out/ use? Been looking at this, specs look good, but there's no reviews for it anywhere and its predecessor was a piece of shit from what I can tell. http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-C9WP-Y-Xtreme3-Waterproof-Digital/dp/B00L1UKQM0/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1412126376&sr=1-1&keywords=coleman+xtreme+c9wp+camera Also general /Out/doors pictures thread since last one is almost at limit

North Dakota

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Gear me up for surviving car camping in the North Dakota winter, a horrible idea that will have me suffering negative double-digit degree Fahrenheit weather with sever windchill for months on end. I'm going out there looking for a job since I don't mind the cold and I'm tired of being a poorfag, but while I'm no stranger to winter camping in Pennsylvania, I've never dealt with that kind of cold for that long a time.
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Hey guys. I'm looking for a compact stackable mess kit, and this seems to be the only one I can find. It's a "Serbian military mess kit" from Amazon. Pretty cheap at $12. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, anyone have other suggestions for something similar? Pic related.
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