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Hey /sci/, I'm wondering if there are any working civil engineers about. I'm just starting out university and plan to head down that road. I am having second thoughts because I don't know if I will enjoy it. So what I'm asking you is; what do you do for your job and do you enjoy it?
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discussion: do you consider viruses to be living organisms or not? i'd like to hear some opinions on this
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I want to write science fiction with reasonably realistic aliens and humans from different planets. What resources should I refer to to get some understanding of the differences between humans/aliens from low gravity planets and those from higher gravity planets? I'm aware of the basics, I'd just like something more in depth.
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>Hint: integrals
Age 24, Male, live in New... 2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Age 24, Male, live in New England I had no idea what i wanted to do for a career or what to go to school for until recently. I've taken all these career tests online, and from other sources and it appears I am most interested in Environmental Science. What would be the most upto date book or great source for obtaining great knowledge for this field or on the subject of Environmental Science? Any contribution would be very appreciated i need to get my life back on the road.
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Ask a guy who graduated on Geophysics anything
Is there anyone willing to... 39 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is there anyone willing to help me understand this? I'm having a lot of trouble with IUPAC names and the molecular formulas for Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Any help would be great appreciated.

Low cost state excecution

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/30/lethal-injection_n_1391408.html With all the talk of lethal injection either being too costly or too cruel (and therefore against the 8th amendment) some states are coming up with other ways to legally kill people. Your challenge think up low cost and (relatively painless) ways to kill people >no .22 to the head, were scientist not texans
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http://archive.foolz.us/sci/ /sci/ has an archive again
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A question for those released Speak in enigmas Do you REALLY have to run away regardless of what progress you've made? I am getting confused. The grail has been long attained and my psyche (appears) stable.
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Hello /sci/entists! I have a question about group theory that I think requires a colloquial explanation, because the mathematical explanation isn't extremely informative... So what I'm wondering is what it means for some function or vector to serve as a basis set for an irreducible representation on a character table. I understand that it corresponds to the transform and what not, just not what it actually means... Thank you in advance, Anonymous
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What are evolutionary advantages of a gorilla-dog?
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So whats up with the all these murder-suicides where people go into places and kill like 15 people? Is there a escalation in the past decade? What is the cause of all this? Tis all a conspiracy or nah...

Light Pollution General

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Where do you estimate your city or town lies on the Bortle Scale shown here? Have you ever been to a true dark-sky site without any light pollution?
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Can you show me how to solve this Partial Differential Equation, /sci/? My book only says "trial and error", but gives no direction. Thanks
Does weight lifting waste... 28 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Does weight lifting waste energy that could be used for thinking?
The whole... 96 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click to view.
The whole creationism/evolution debate is really the age old question of length vs girth. Think about it. One view has a lot of material/data shortened to a small amount of time, and the other is a lot of material/data stretched out over a long amount of time. What I'm trying to say is Ken Ham has the chode.

The Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Astronomy Picture of the... 2 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
IC 1805: Light from the Heart Sprawling across almost 200 light-years, emission nebula IC 1805 is a mix of glowing interstellar gas and dark dust clouds about 7,500 light-years away in the Perseus spiral arm of our galaxy. Stars were born in this region whose nickname, the Heart Nebula, derives from its Valentine's-Day-appropriate shape. The clouds themselves are shaped by stellar winds and radiation from massive hot stars in the nebula's newborn star cluster Melotte 15 about 1.5 million years young. This deep telescopic image maps the pervasive light of narrow emission lines from atoms in the nebula to a color palette made popular in Hubble images of star forming regions. The field of view spans about two degrees on the sky or four times the diameter of a full moon. The cosmic heart is found in the constellation of Cassiopeia, the boastful mythical Queen of Aethiopia . Tomorrow's picture: light-weekend apod.nasa.gov/apod/
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Really need help on this question, with work shown so I can understand how to get an answer. A 75.000g sample of acenaphthylene is combusted in excess of oxygen which yields 35.520 grams of water. Acenaphthylene has a molecular mass of 152.19 g/mol. Determine the molecular formula of acenaphthylene.
Does anyone else find that... 8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Does anyone else find that when bad data (either intentional or accidental) gets published it can have devastating effects, even long after it is redacted? The best examples of this are found in the anti-GMO movement, where experiments that were published, redacted, and labeled as cherry picking are finding their way into the discourse of serious debate and concerns. Another example is the autism and vaccines relationship, where a single set of bad data has done years of damage to the credibility of modern bio-medical science as well as the public's health. Social science is also affected by this affliction, where organizations with strong bias opinions fund data fishing expeditions or just out right lie as in the case of the New Families Structure Study. In fact almost any issue that can have the slightest implantation of political or social bias tends to have a hand full of bad data that gets published and becomes a beacon for politically charged idiots to use as a weapon despite redaction and dismissal from the scientific community (such as global warming). How can the public be convinced that sometimes scientist are wrong and make honest mistakes, or can be unethical and have an agenda behind their data?
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