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You are a university professor that is teaching an introduction to C++ class. The semester is about to end and you are assigning your students a final project. What project would impress you the most?


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to high to do math pls help
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Hello I'm an EE student from /ic/ I've got to use op amps for one of several given applications as my final for my first semester of circuit analysis. Help me choose? >Low pass and high pass filter for a given cutoff frequency >band pass or band stop filter for a given >bandwidth and center frequency >3 bit digital to analog converter >3 bit analog to digital converter >analog computer to solve 2nd order differential equations >integrator and differentiator circuit >summing and difference circuit thank you
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Remember follow them
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Hello /sci/ ! Someone would please explain how to make a pushdown automaton in JFLAP that recognizes this language ? Any help appreciated.
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>As he burned he never moved a muscle, never uttered a sound How does science explain this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwQTsCiguHc
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Assume that you play roulette, or you flip a coin. There is a 0.5 probability for each of the 2 events. Does the record of previous results matter? I know that the chance of getting a black or white is the same every time, but if it got 20 reds already, should you choose black, and if so why?

Vile Vortices

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Normally, anything seen on the History Channel (USA Television for out of country /sci/entists) can be dismissed as baloney topped with a nice helping of mental retardation. They've had a terrible decline into reality TV, moving away from history and science. However, a recent documentary on the vile vortices has intrigued me. While I would normally call bullshit, this seems legitimate. Summary: there are 12 areas flooded with an aluminum isotope interfering with the earths magnetic field by stopping the rotation of earths core with its own magnetism. Without the magnetic field, the atmosphere gets torn away by solar wind, we all die. Prediction for this happening, 20 years or so. /sci/ I dont feel like dying. Apparently a research team in the Africa vortex looking to use EMP's to demagnetize the aluminum in an area, in an effort to prove the theory that EMP's can be used to save the Earth and destroy the vortices (this theory came about in the observation that the 1962 atomic bomb tests near hawaii acted as a massive EMP, and the vortex near hawaii was affected in a way that the soil on Hawaii no longer showed magnetism in the samples). This worked on a small scale, a few boxes of dirt, one single wire, one small EMP. Didn't work on a large scale, second attempt with higher voltage failed too, then camera crew decides to leave but leaves one camera there. The research team begins to have emotional/mental breakdown, a construction worker brings a charged wire over the field sample, giant explosion. Help me find this documentary/information on it. Forgot the research team leader/doctors name. Lets see what solution we can come up with.

dear /sci/

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If you were in a spaceship (let's say the starship enterprise) and outside of your ship, a second ship detonated in a huge explosion. Now I know you wouldn't hear anything due to their being no air in space - but would you feel anything? If so, what is the force propagating through?
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I don’t know if there is an answer to these questions, but I will ask them anyway: 1 – What does an atom look like? 2 – The electrons around the atom: if we could actually see them moving in slow motion, how would that be? Would they be disappearing and reappearing in other random places around the nucleus? They say they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, but if we could really make them move in slow motion: they would probably not occupy several places at the same time, right? We would not be able to say where one electron would reappear, but he would only be capable of filling one space at one given moment, right? 3 – What does a photon look like (shape, color, etc.)? 4 – What does a quark look like? 5 – Can you guys indicate some great documentaries about atoms and subatomic particles on you tube? Thanks
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Hi /sci/ Lately I got interested in alchemy. Not as an actual science but as a cradle for actual chemistry to appear. What got me interested is once of the classes I have, I learned about how alchemist were testing mercury on humans (supposedly even kings) and how they developed basis for all proper chemical work. Now the problem is that there are close to no books on the topic at the library I can access. Given that, I'm no longer tied to my native language and can read something really good. So, do you know some good books about this transition from alchemy to chemistry or how alchemy evolved? I know the basics but wanna go deep. As this is more scientific and not just a request I thought I'll post it here.
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If heat expands, why does water expand when it becomes ice?
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What are today and potentially the most profitable areas for Applied Maths/Signal Processing? Seismic prospecting? Finance? Biomedical? If anyone works in the field, how easy is the mobility between application domains? Soon to grad and considering options here
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What pop version of the future do you prefer, intellectually or aesthetically? Go by decade, explain why.

What is width? Is the concept of width empirically impossible?

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There is always something more little that composes width and if atoms are empty is reality basically nothing or a 2D context?
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I'm 20 years old and currently studying cityplanning, where i'm guaranteed a job if i finnish, and the startup salary if i decide to work for the state is 100k, and get higher the longer i work, or i can work for a private company and potentially earn way more. However, this is not what i like, and i feel no motivation to continue. From i was little i've been interested in space, and time. especially time, both the science of it, and the philosophical aspect of it. When i started high school, i began at a school i didn't like and didn't bother to continue with maths or other science related subjects as i was quite unhappy in general, and couldn't manage the workload science subjects brought with them. I rather took up philosophy and other non-science subject. Now i want to change that course and get back into science, but would that be possible without a "miracle", as i'm basically 5 years behind now on science related subjects.
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What is this Group theory thing? I cant get my head around the concept of a Group acting on a set. How are we getting more information about the group itself when we look how it acts on different sets?
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I need some help with ideas for signal analysis.. Let's say I have a signal I am looking for in a big array of a data set. The dataset is noisy, but I am looking for any methods or computational image analysis methods where I can take one vector of an excepted signal, and see if this signal is present in a huge vector set I am collecting. The idea is this large data vector will be the voltage readings I will measure from a photodetector. Now, the signal that is excepted will be known and we are trying to find this signal in this data set So far I tried the following: Using matlab to cross correlate the known signal with the entire data set. However, the data signal is noisy. I also used a Mellin transform but can't analyze it properly. I'm just looking for image analysis techniques for correlating my vector with this noisy data.. can someone just list some techniques? I'm pretty clueless about this topic Pic unreleated
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Being a successful Physicist is a matter of being a genius or it's a matter of hard work?
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One of my roommates keeps trying to get the rest of us to stop using the microwave. I started looking into the sources they list on these articles about how bad microwaves are. >Based on self-assessments, participants classified themselves as extremely electrically sensitive (24%), moderately (16%), slightly (16%), not sensitive (8%) or with no opinion (36%) about their sensitivity. >56% of participants in this study claim to be "electronically sensitive" What the fuck am I reading? Do people really get funding for things like this? http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Havas-HRV-Ramazzini.pdf
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