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what does /sci/ think of this? pic possibly related?


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https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mTd9Ap1v48Vlb4Wjk-GT5FcOzLEqOMoWUFaUsMQWKDg/ Thx :D
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Bill Nye the Science Guy to Rescue Malaysian Jet

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>Bill Nye the Science Guy has developed a diarrhea machine for the Godzilla Jesuit and insists on shooting it at him to cause the Jesuit to release the jet from his anus, to try and save the people on the Malaysian jet. He has suffered some serious injuries in the process of making the device that will be used on the jet, to save the passengers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSbxEU-c8iA


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Hi /sci/; I'm a noob with Latex. How can I make those parenthesis match the height of this fraction.
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Is the any evidence for a heliocentric solar system?


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So /sci/ likes to talk about fission a lot. Can we discuss fusion? "Iter" has a bad reputation being that it's $14 billion in with no results and the asshole researchers claiming it'll be ready in "50 years" but other methods are gaining ground and with much less funding too. General Fusion for example has a novel approach in making a a cyclical, rather than sustained, fusion reaction and uses pistons and liquid lead to create the fusion reaction. Lets think about the benefits of fusion: >unlike solar and wind, it'll be available everywhere >no carbon emissions like oil and coal >no nuclear waste like fission so no need to store dangerous waste long term either >abundant energy using freely available resources benefits go on and on and General Fusion's goal is to have a fully working prototype working NEXT YEAR not in 50 years. Any thoughts? Contributions? Pic related.

Identify this hash

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Hello all, I have been racking my brain as to the format of this hash, it could also be an encryption scheme I guess, but it appears to have more of a hash signature. I have already tried it against all common hashes. H+GxrD7c87G76Oxfs8mrD4y=
Is economics a legitimate... 9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is economics a legitimate science?
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How much beer can I drink without lowering my intelligence? I love beer but my brain is the most valuable asset I have. It says that moderate drinking may even prevent cognitive decline, but getting drunk impairs memory encoding. I usually buy a 12-pack on Friday and it's gone by Monday. Hell I'm drinking while doing homework right now because it's relaxing. If I drink 4+ a night they're usually spread out over hours just enough to maintain a healthy buzz. I'd venture a guess that my BAC never goes above 0.06.
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YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: This has to be the most offensive thing I've seen and I never used to think I would call myself a person who has been offended by something: https://vimeo.com/87646291
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Anyone have any ideas how to do part b? I've been stuck playing around with equations and the initial conditions all night, trying to get the system of differential equations to look like those expressions with the exponential terms. Do I have to find eigen vectors / general solution to the system of differential equations?
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[spoiler]the singularity is near[/spoiler]

Artificial Intelligence

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Hello /sci/, i decided this morning to make thoughts on what it needs on developing an artificial intelligence. I have written down some thoughts. Thought-mood-Multiplexer takes Thoughts multiplicates the environment thoughts with itself and generates thought-mood thought-generator generates random thoughts based on previous and the mood and senses thought-evaluator puts some thoughts together to get complex thoughts, and evaluates the current thoughtmood thought-executor (interface?) executes a thought to a certain degree (maybe mood-level) thought -> derives complexThought ? learning ? maybe intercepts with the evaluator sense (superclass?) hear, see, touch appeals to the evaluator and generator mind -mindstate based on mood and number of thoughts contains generator multiplexer evaluator senses and a backend to the executor

General Knowledge

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It's good to have skills and specialisation in one field, while knowing about many different things on the surface. So what are good books to know the basics about a certain field, such as psychology, sociology, physics, astronomy, and so on.
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Hey /Sci/. Im in a chem and physics class at school and we have been talking about light, sound and the different sorts of waves. And I was just thinking to myself and came up with a question. Would it be pyshically possible to make a light that emits darkness or black light ?
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Good morning /sci/ (: What's your favorite physics textbook? Mine is The Tau of Physics.

Dividing by zero thread

Dividing by zero thread 3 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So logically, you can't evenly separate nothing into multiple parts. Multiplying by the reciprocal of zero just ends up with a divide by zero equation again and ur back to where u started, the answers not infinity and I don't know why anyone would think that. But strange enough, the square root of zero is zero, so therefore, 0/0 = 0, giving us one thing.

Math program.

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What do you think of my course? 2014 Summer Calculus I German I Fall Applied Calculus I Calculus II German II Physics I 2015 Spring Applied Calculus II Calculus III German III Physics II Summer Differential Equations German IV Fall Elementary Statistics Discrete Math German V Physics III 2016 Spring Finite Math German VI Introduction to Computer Programming Linear Algebra Summer Advanced Algebra Complex Analysis Fall Advanced Algebra II Differential Geometry Real Analysis Seminar 2017 Spring Applicable Geometry Classical Geometries Matrix Groups Stochastic Processes Summer Exam Fall Research 2018 Spring Research
Python or R? Also consider the... 1 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Python or R? Also consider the curve. It is fairly simple to determine the exact probability of a random 01 matrix being invertible. For example, there are 16 2x2 01 matrices, 6 of which are invertible. Therefore the probability of choosing an invertible matrix at random is 3/8 or 0.375. This problem is of complexity 2^(n^2) so I have only computed the first 5 values explicitly. However the curve produced by random sampling is decidedly regular. Would there be an explicit formula for this curve? Also consider the next post.
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