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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgCpa1RlSdQ&feature=player_detailpage#t=83 ahahahahah.. ahahahahahahhahaha.. ahahahAHAHAHAHA.HAHAHAHAHHAH
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I've tried Google, but I've had no luck. Could anyone tell me the LD50 of Pasteurised Whole Cow's Milk please? Or a means to find the lethal dose for my weight. E.g. a reference site. I told my mother about the GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) diet and she says that it'd kill me. Thanks.
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So I've been pondering over a question that is out of my field of expertise. An MRI has a magnetic field of 0.5 to 3 T with very little pathological effect (obviously this varies), but could their be a magnetic field strong enough that it can denature proteins in the human body? Or is this phenomenon even possible?
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http://youtu.be/gGnl8dqEoPQ?t=1m3s >the mind can be reduced to one atom What a deep thought. Did this brilliant man just solve the hard problem of consciousness?
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Hi guise :), check my new tat xD Can you guess what it is? Yeah, that's right, it's dopamine the love hormone ;). My question is, will i get in love if i inject myself with dopamine :0? xD i know you nerds have the answer :3


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why does this thread show up?
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Hey /sci/, what's the probability to find the missing color in a game of Skat in the skat? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skat_(card_game) So let's say I have Diamonds, Harts and Spades on my hand. So what's the probability to find a card of Clubs in the Skat? Is it: \frac{6 \choose 2 * 16 \choose 4}{22 \choose 6} = 33% or is this the wrong approach? The last time I did stochastic was back in school so I'm not very sure what I'm doing here...
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I am a Mechanical Engineer undergrad. this summer I am trying to teach myself a computer program or two to improve my resume/gain some overall knowledge. I already know Matlab, so what other programs would you suggest I learn that would be most beneficial? Im talking coding-type stuff, not CAD type stuff... thx ! pic unrelated
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Hey Guys, So I've come looking for a bit of advice on what to study, I'm just about to finish my first degree in Economics/Finance and whilst I found it useful (economics) and challenging I don't have the desire to work in those fields. I currently support myself playing poker and don't have any issues financially so i was thinking about continuing to study. I'm 26, I did all three sciences in high school and a very high level of mathematics but since then I seem to have forgotten a large chunk of it. I'm really interested in psychedelics and drugs in general and I want to understand what is happening in the brain when we take them. I'm not interested so much in manufacturing/synthesising drugs but instead I want to understand how they interact with our brain and how consciousness is affected. What consciousness is ect. What kind of course could I undertake to get this information? I'm from Sydney but I'm moving to the Netherlands in two months to experiment a bit more "legally" with drugs. Any courses in these parts of the world or any really, preferably within strong english proficiency countries or atleast European. Any general ideas about why or why not this might be a good idea, I defer to you good fellows of /sci/ tell me your secrets.
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ITT: Beta cunts
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Took a probability course and got pic related. I disliked it and don't feel confident enough to take higher level courses involving it or taking the filter test P for actuary, so I'm thinking of starting all over. Where do I proceed? I was thinking of Feller since I do know some basic shit, but getting feedback besides Amazon would be nice.
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What if we manage to slam Pluto into Jupiter, would that jump start jupiter into star-level privileges?
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What does a Zen cow say? Mu. Moooooooooooooo. In Zen circles, there is a famous koan about mu. Mu is Chinese for Nothingness or no. When a disciple asked the master Joshu if a dog has a Buddha Nature, Joshu said ‘Mu’. This was a confounding answer, because every Buddhist understands that everything has a Buddha Nature, including dogs. The answer was intended to awaken the disciple to his own Buddha Nature. That story has been used since that time to awaken countless seekers to their own Buddha Natures. Today certain Zen practitioners will sit in meditation and contemplate mu until they awaken. Mu, mu, mu, mu, mu. They try not to think about anything else while they think about nothing. Just like a cow. The joke of this joke is Zen. There is no such thing as a Zen cow. Cows are just cows. They say moo. People are also just people. As people, we suffer. We suffer from our thoughts. We think we are things that we are not. We think we are good cows, or bad cows, or Christian cows, or Buddhist cows, or Muslim cows, or Hindu cows, or Jewish cows, or atheist cows, or black cows or white cows, or milk cows or beef cows. We’re not even cows. Mu
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Hey /sci/fags, I'm going to take an instructor exam at pic-related (Mathnasium tutoring center) on Tuesday. Should be easy, but I haven't done much Math below Calc in so long, what's a good site to sharpen the Geometry/Algebra/2 skills I know I'll be needing?
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If you inject dopamine in your body would you get in love?
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If i type these operations on my calculator, I got those results... What's going on???
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Can someone explain specific heat capacity? When a particle strikes a particle, the force is distributed between both, minus friction. When 1*K of heat is added from 1g of x to 1g of y, y's temperature should increase by 1*K; heat capacity should be proportional to mass and specific and molar heat capacity should be redundant. Why is this otherwise? Also can someone explain enthalpy? I know that heat is the change in enthalpy, but what's the point and how does it differ from temperature? Pic (mostly) unrelated.

EFT Orion mated with heat shield.

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Though this may seem a minor occurrence, the Orion Spacecraft has been mated with its heat shield. Avcoat and Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator – with a technical name of AVCO 5026-39 HCG (Filled Epoxy Novalac in Fiberglass-Phenolic Honeycomb) will be the ablating material of choice for this particular heat shield. Right now, this heat shield will not likely be used on future Orion flights as it does not posses the needed ablative properties for a return from Mars flight. However, the heat and G loads on the structure itself will provide valuable, updated data for the later manned Orion Flight (EMT). If anyone else has been following this, the heat shield itself has gone through multiple revisions and this one is the intermediary until the new design is announced later this year. Currently, Orion is scheduled to launch between December 4th and December 15th 2014. It will ascend to an altitude of 3700 Miles where a series of checkouts will occur before it then commences re-entry. This will be the first unmanned testing of a human spacecraft since Apollo as the Space shuttle was not given an unmanned flight.
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what type of engineers make the most in canada?
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Why is the physical world assumed to the be only real world among presumed non-real worlds (pure mathematics, non-material, abstract, spiritual, intellectual, art, etc) when it too is perceived by minds? And these presumed non-real worlds are able to have impact on this presumed only real world. Is this physical world not just the middle road? The tree, of under the earth, of on the earth (physical) and above the earth. And computers don't necessarily ``solve'' and the problems they do are of a computational nature or else they wouldn't be able to do them. It seems humans aren't too good at calculating absurd amounts of numbers within a second (they can do it of course but not within such a short amount of time) which a computer can do and then be used to simulate something from that ability. But humans can do things that only sentient minds can do such as create the computer, discover the concept of numbers, create the concept of calculating, create the concept of simulation, use those to things to solve problems, and also solve non-computational problems which require high intellect such as the problems within pure mathematics.
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