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Excuse me, Commisar, but the Blood Ravens arrived half an hour ago, and they've already stolen my pants and the front half of my lasrifle. How long are they going to be here, sir?
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Excuse me, fellow Commissar, but how do the Chaos Legions maintain enough discipline to fight us? We have our own magnificent presence, of course, to motivate the men forward, but the Chaos Legions don't.
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lets say there is a king, and he takes one random peasent's daughter by force. Lets say that peasent, becomes a powerful mage and fucks the entire kingdom, causing a huge war, monsters, terrifying calamities, and plagues, because the king won't give back his daughter. Pretend diplomacy has failed, and all stealth options would fail, only brute force is the way.

Mage's Apprentice Quest 2

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Welcome back to Mage's Apprentice quest. We started the last one a bit too late but it was surprisingly popular for being one in the morning. Previous thread >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36216651/ Rules >Voting is best of first five (Unless we get more people than last night) >Rolling is best of first three. No crits. The helmet you've crafted pulses with green veins that seem to flow all over it. Whatever just happened has imbued the normal metal of the forge with a strange green energy that seems to radiate power. You hold the helmet in your hands and can feel the power radiating from it. There's only one thing left to do now. You slowly lift the helmet above your head, not sure of what will happen next. Carefully you lower it down upon your head. And nothing happens. You were sure something would happen. You can still feel the power coming from it but it doesn't seem to have done anything special. How disappointing. I guess now you need something else to do. It's late in the afternoon and the sun will be setting in a couple of hours. Your head still pounds from whatever happened earlier. Maybe a glass of water will soothe your mind. William is still missing as well. He rarely stays gone all day without telling you beforehand. >Try to soothe your head >Look for William >Start on another project

Disney Villains Victorious XXX: THIRTY THREADS IN SEVEN DAYS

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Welcome to the XXIX installment of "Disney Villains Victorious." Disney Villains Victorious is a new /tg/ homebrew project based on the idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which all the villains from all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole. It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords, the cutthroat merchants of the East India Trading Company and the might of Atlantis and its magitech-toting mercenaries. It is a world where the grasslands and jungles and forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Kahn and Scar but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between evil sorcerous monarchs like Maleficent, the Horned King, Grimhilde and Jafar, mad, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and Dark Gods like Hades and Chernobog. It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope. Around the world, the PCs' characters and their allies plot and plan, fight and strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Disney+Villains+Victorious http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Disney_Villains_Victorious Assembled pastebins: King/Land/Rule: http://pastebin.com/Z8wFJrhh Beast Species: http://pastebin.com/6YzhDaPi Setting Traits: http://pastebin.com/8RRbwMQT TRAITS: http://pastebin.com/uHCXg4EV POWERS:http://pastebin.com/pQDDqisU Generic Traits: http://pastebin.com/MZwvGsyX Fluff Catalogue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qj_IIuF_rqh_F2L-SeYn-dBiwDTtwWFpnbcXyfcgeE8/edit Song Catalogue: (google doc) 1oQniqbLaTCF7V19fnXP0_zUW7GFr3ESziGM6U5mEcC0/edit Rumour Mill: (google doc) 17CzFrAblibwD__7sEYorqXSz4ILYVp1O4tcQ-mGyYiI/edit?usp=sharing First Playtest: http://pastebin.com/Vy1E0sHB

War Planets / Shadow Raiders

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Which system would work best for running a War Planets / Shadow Raiders campaign?
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fellow fa/tg/uys it is now time to test your might and post your stats, let's see how fit you are for adventuring http://www.easydamus.com/character.html Chaotic Neutral Human Fighter/Bard (1st/1st Level) Strength-15 Dexterity-13 Constitution-13 Intelligence-12 Wisdom-14 Charisma-12
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Highlight reel, /tg/. Tell me about your: Best character Best group Best adventure

Shitty Spaceship Quirks: Again

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I had so much fun with the last one ( http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36164622/ ) I couldn't wait for TheBaneblade to start another one. > One of the passengers on the ship for a recent (though nobody knows how recent) voyage was a paranoid professional demolitionist who someone smuggled aboard all the tools of his trade. >> This fact was discovered when one of the janitors attempted to clean out a footlocker which he had secured against intrusion. >> Someone's going to have to figure out exactly how extensive the minefield is, and figure out how to disarm the booby traps, before someone else has to be hosed off the ceiling. > The janitor is near-universally reviled for using mop and bucket to clean up stains on the floor, leaving wet puddles that crew frequently slip on. Nevermind that the janitor is scrupulous about putting down wet floor signs. >> It's gone too far now, though. Instead of mere water, the janitor's been cleaning the floors with a mixture of water and space lube, a near-frictionless substance which propels crewmen who jog over the puddles down the corridors at excessive velocities which only come to a halt upon impact with a bulkhead, typically headfirst. >> Half the crew are prepared to lynch the janitor, and he's gone into hiding, but he swears blue in the face he asked the ship's chemist to fill it with a cleaner which would be effective but not cause the crew to slip. Someone's going to have to figure out the truth, before the wrong party, or worse, all parties involved, are airlocked. > The ship was formerly in service as a commuter ferry. >> Thus it embodies all the worst qualities of mass transit and inner-city taxicabs. There is graffiti everywhere, the upholstery is ripped up or carved upon, there are worrying substances stuck to the underside of most seats and tables, and basically, everything on it is knackered. >> The upshot: you got a great price for it, because selling it was more profitable than fixing it.
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twitch dot tv/chessnetwork

4e Characters Thread?

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Everybody hates 4e because of it's combat-centered nature. I haven't really played any other edition though, so it's great for me, so long as everyone is actually playing their character, and not just some faceless guys with swords. That being said, post your favourite 4 characters you've made and played. Image not really related.

Half Breed Royal Quest 5: The Quarterling

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You sigh, heading back to your own chambers, hand on the hilt of your short sword. The castle isn’t kind to nobles these days. Your few trusted guards surround you, easily keeping pace with your shorter steps. Various nobles corpses had been found all strewn about, broken and bleeding, never with the signs of struggle. Great Uncle Caiust had jumped, leaping in a swan dive from the tower, smashing metres away from you, splattering blood and gore on everyone. Ushered safely into your room, the maid helps shuck you of your bloody clothes and bathes you, blood wiping away from your still burgeoning new musculature; the efforts of training after the cities sacking. It’s infuriating being locked up at a time like this, you curiosity burns in your gut, as you are dried, before inviting the swordsmaster in for sword practice, dulled blades clanking as you swing about your room, trying to get an edge on the smug elf. He has the skill, but you have the ingenuity and dexterity on him. >Roll d20 to... >Feint left, then strike right >Jump off the bed, for an overhead blow >Kick him in the shin

Incomplete campaigns

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As title indicates, how do you fa/tg/uys feel about this? This isn't a ride that never ends, this isn't even a ride that ends short (such as ending on a chapter of a super long campaign module like Rise of the Runelords). This is a DM/GM who keeps people going in their campaign, but can never seem to reach sort of conclusion or a feeling of completeness. They either ask for more time to create more parts of their campaign, they leave the campaign on an unspoken/unofficial hiatus and expect everyone else to understand this completely, or they make a new campaign because they have DM/GM block and come back the old campaign probably many months later. For me, it bothers me to the point I'd rather have no game than a game that doesn't even conclude in some shape or form. A simple "you guys have finished chapter 1 of my campaign. Would you want to continue to the next chapter with the same characters?" would've be a nice indicator. Admitting that they can't think of any new ideas and they can't move the campaign along would've been considerate as well. tl;dr version: Beta DMs that won't tell you that they ran out of ideas for their campaign and thus allow you to finally let it go and move on.

Horror Scenarios and Ideas

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I don't see a horror gaming general, so... How about we share some horror scenarios. Not just spooky hooks, but full scenario ideas--what's the big reveal that might drive the PC's mad? What's the horrible thing that's dragging people away into the night? It can be a movie, a game you played in or that you'd like to run, or just some weird thing you thought up. Pictures and stuff welcome.
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So what's the difference between 5e and Pathfinder? Is 5e better or should I stick to Pathfinder?
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>That Guy learns that Wish is an illegal spell in my universe that I'm GMing >He bitches about it for nearly an hour straight >In. Character. >Actually goes to the high king of the entire country and demands he make it legal because reasons >The King politely denies the request >That Guy now goes against his alignment to consort with the dark arts so he can get his wish >Is min maxed as fuck so the other PCs can't stand up to him >Bitches at me for ruining his escapism fantasy when I tell him he's being a dick to the others and ask him to stop >Have no choice but to fiat his actions by having him thrown in wizard prison Did I make the right choice, /tg/?

Abhuman Assassins

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Other than being pretty much fed to Chaos and Tyranids like the Squats before them, Why aren't Ratlings ever taken on as Vindicare Assassins? I figure the Officio wouldn't mind abhumans as long as they got results. Anyway, Abhuman thread.

Quest Thread General: Blank OP edition

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What are the gods in your campaign's pantheon like, /tg/?


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Fuck the community edition >List building at www.forwardkommander.com >Steamroller scenarios http://sr20x.com >The Giant List of Podcasts and Blogs http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?76379-Warmachine-Hordes-related-blogs-websites-and-forums >Warmahordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG http://txt.do/o4q1
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