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Hey guys, I'm homebrewing a generic ultra simple fantasy RPG with some friends (I'm doing most of the work, they just agree to beta test). I'm kinda stealing elements from other games I've encountered. Could you give me some ideas for names? I need something to say besides "our rpg". Also homebrew general, I guess.

Epic Quest

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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But damn, its full You are Zachary Zelnacki, newly formed Epic. Two months ago, super-powered people rose from the wea-I mean normal. Yeah, normal. You have the ability to control vectors, allowing you to change the speed and direction of any solid object within 15 yards(13 meters). You are also inhumanly tough, able to shrug off small caliber weapons. Finally, and perhaps most important, you are able to absorb powers from dead Epics, if you touch them within ten minutes of death. You witnessed an Epic fight in the local Middle school, and absorbed the power of steel manipulation and regeneration. You then uploaded the video of the battle and bought a Glock. Finally, you check around town for anything of interest. You see a poster about an Epic in Sacramento, read about a trio of Epics that took over New York City, and learned about LA. Now, what to do... >Go to Sacramento >Road trip to NYC >LA baby! >Stay here >Write In Read the last two threads at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Epic%20Quest Number .5 is the first one, sorry if thats confusing

Autistic Superpowers Quest

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You wake up. You get off of your bed and go to your table. On your table you are currently painting WH40K plastic models. > For the Greater Good. SUBOPTIONS ---We must fight. ---We must talk. ---We must work. ---We must travel. ---We must lead. > To preserve our dying race. > To PURGE the xeno and BURN the heretic. SUBOPTIONS ---As people with great power, we have great responsibility ---We're ordinary men and women fighting for our lives > OMNOMNOMNOMNOM > For all the pleasures in the world. > Urghh.....Urghhh... > WAAGHH!
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twitch dot tv/chessnetwork

4e Characters Thread?

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Everybody hates 4e because of it's combat-centered nature. I haven't really played any other edition though, so it's great for me, so long as everyone is actually playing their character, and not just some faceless guys with swords. That being said, post your favourite 4 characters you've made and played. Image not really related.

40k List Thread

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HQ: Warsmith Cata armor Master-Crafted Paragon blade Digital lasers Iron halo Volkite Charger Servo-Arm/Battlesmith Centurion Master of Signals Artificer Armor Elites: Apothecarion Detachment 2x Apothecarions 2x Artificer Armor 2x Augury Scanner Rapier Weapons Battery 2x Laser Destroyer Terminator Squad Sergeant w/ power fist & harness 1 chainfist 2 sets of powerclaws 1 heavy flamer w/ power axe Troops: Legion Tactical Squad (19 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, power axe, ` melta bombs Extra close combat Weapons Nuncio Vox Legion Tactical Squad (19 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, power axe, ' ' melta bombs Extra close combat weapons Nuncio Vox Legion Tactical Squad (9 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, melta bombs Rhino dedicated transport Heavy Support: Iron Havoc Support Squd (5 Iron Havocs + 1 squad leader) 220 pts 6x Missile Launcher Augury Scanner Spartan Assault Tank Armored Ceramite, flare shield Pintle twin-linked bolter Sicaran Battle Tank Heavy Bolter Sponsons Artillery Tank Squadron 2x Medusa Fortifications: Aegis Line Total = 2,497 pts

Game Finder General: Boomtown Rats Edition

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I don't need to tell you how to do the thing >Player/GM >Preferred System >Preferred Method of Communication >Contact Info >Comments
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It was a hard-fought victory, leaving you and your comrades scarred from the withering touch of vile magic. But despite the burns on your face and the sweat on your brow, you have prevailed; you have, with what seemed your last ounce of strength, slain the elven wizard that had aspired to use you as a sacrifice to attain immortality. You triumphantly march into the vault said to hold his greatest treasure, but find no gold. Instead, you find the thing most valuable to him: His sons, which he had tried to cheat death that he may continue to raise them rather than succumbing to his terminal, wasting disease. Despite his compassionate motivation his plans still required your life, and so it was a matter of your death or his. Still, that does not alter the choice now before you: What do you do with the spawn of your hated enemy?
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Hey, all. I've heard good things about Burning Wheel and become interested in the product. Now, I have nothing against purchasing the books. But, I noticed that there don't seem to be any files (at least that I can find) of the new books. Before I commit to the purchase, I'd like to hear some opinions or at least be able to peruse through the books a bit. What have you experiences with it been like, /tg/?

Pathfinder General

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Gunslinger/ Gun users edition Is this a terrible idea for a Gunslinger-esqu character? Mysterious Stranger 1/Trench Fighter 3/Divine Hunter Paladin 2? and which to advance for the most power?

Horror Scenarios and Ideas

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I don't see a horror gaming general, so... How about we share some horror scenarios. Not just spooky hooks, but full scenario ideas--what's the big reveal that might drive the PC's mad? What's the horrible thing that's dragging people away into the night? It can be a movie, a game you played in or that you'd like to run, or just some weird thing you thought up. Pictures and stuff welcome.

Fantasy Systems that aren't D&D

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I want to compile a shortlist of fantasy systems under some general groups for an infograph, but don't really know where to start. What would you flagran/tg/rognards like to see?


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questions that dont deserve their own thread. i'm playing in a 3.5/PF here in a few days (we like the system, sue us). im undecided on what to play but am leaning towards a TWF. would a gauntlet count as a weapon used in the off-hand? > picture only vaguely related
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>That Guy learns that Wish is an illegal spell in my universe that I'm GMing >He bitches about it for nearly an hour straight >In. Character. >Actually goes to the high king of the entire country and demands he make it legal because reasons >The King politely denies the request >That Guy now goes against his alignment to consort with the dark arts so he can get his wish >Is min maxed as fuck so the other PCs can't stand up to him >Bitches at me for ruining his escapism fantasy when I tell him he's being a dick to the others and ask him to stop >Have no choice but to fiat his actions by having him thrown in wizard prison Did I make the right choice, /tg/?

Quest Thread General: Blank OP edition

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Secret War

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Hello again ladies and gents! Welcome to another session of Secret War! When we last left off Lilith was ready to raise all sorts of hell! Who will stop her? Will anyone else go to war? Will the trade block expand? Are we kill? Or are we dancer? Game starts in 15 min. Feel free to RP in the meantime boys.
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MTG Commander >How are you? >What's on your mind? >What are you playing? >Secret tech? >What's your LGS like? Do you love it or hate it?

Grimdark DRM

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You've got Steam which is essentially the Imperium of Man where we all worship a being as a God Emperor (Gaben). It's the Client we all believe we should know and love; and to not love it is considered HERESY! Despite the fact it had flaws, a rough start and that it appears to have fallen into a state of decay (a lot of people are not happy with the direction Valve is taking with Steam) we hold onto it as our only hope since we could arguably do a lot worse. Which brings me on to the next point, The Forces of Chaos. The Ruinous powers. Your Ubisoft and EA pretty much with their Uplay and Origin. Also can kind of include Activision in this. They offer shinny titles and try to undermine Steam at every turn with their tempting AAA games full of shine. But if you sell your soul to them you find there lies a bug riddled mess. While it may look pretty the gameplay is often shallow and repetitive and you never quite get complete satisfaction from them. Before you know it you seem to be shelling out $60 for an incomplete game each year and a further $60 of DLC. Constantly repeating a cycle for a game you thought looked good but once you play it, it appears to be a linear experience offering very little in terms of gameplay. These are as such the ways of daemons, to lie and mislead us! Now you got Indie Developers, the Orkz. They can be a lot of fun and can be a good cheap laugh, but left unregulated they can mess everything up. Think your average Kickstarter/Early Access with good reputation. Not to be confused with the next group. The Shovelware Developers. These guys are your Tyrannids and their only purpose is to make a buck by sucking your wallet dry. Essentially your typical Steam Greenlight Game (yes I know there are good titles but unfortunately there are far too many terrible ones). They copy/steal an idea and reproduce it cheaply to cash in on the current trend while producing a minimal viable product.

Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Oni Slayer

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Stage 45: The only things worse than information is not having it. You wake up slowly, mostly because you're very warm. Not uncomfortably so, but it's the kind of warmth that radiates from you to be trapped inside the blankets and makes you even warmer. Yui is lying on a small mat next to your futon, eating shrimp flavored rice chips and reading a book, of which there are several in the pile next to her. There is also a tea service and the scent of the tea makes your mouth water. Kiki-hime seems to have left, but Er Yin-sensei is sitting in a half-lotus position at the left side of the futon, her unseeing eyes staring at the wall across from her. Her hands are cupped below her breasts and her thumbs and little fingers are pressed together while the rest of her fingers are curled together – a mudra, one of the Buddhist hand-positions they use for their prayers and rituals. Your mouth goes dry just as quickly as it went wet, as you gaze at the cheongsam garbed seer. Her tail shifts slowly as you gaze at her and she places her hands on her legs. “Good morning, Ryukusa-sama.” The intense warmth fades to a more normal, gentle warmth, which is nice, but not nearly so sleep-inducing. Yui glances at you then pushes herself up and hops to her feet. “I'll let Kiki-hime know you're up, aniki!” [] Hold that thought Yui-niji-chan. I need some time with Er Yin. [] Okay, niji-chan. Thanks. [] How is she taking all this, first, Yui-chan. [] Actually I have a job for you.... [] Thank you niji-chan. And thank you for letting Kiki-hime know too.

Sell me on : D&D 3.5

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Alright /tg/. Why don't you sell me on D&D 3.5, without any comparison to other D&D editions or derivatives (which means no Pathfinder, FantasyCraft or any D20 game at all)? I would like to try it out, but it never really appealed to me. I really don't want to start a flame war or anything, so if you don't like 3.5, please refrain from shitposting. Well, do that even if you like 3.5. For references, I'm familiar with most RPGs out there aside from d20 stuff and GURPS, and have been playing and trying new stuff for almost twenty years now, so feel free to use other games for reference if that can help.
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