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Disney Villains Victorious XXXI: ATLANTEAN OMNIGLOTS

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Welcome to the XXXI installment of "Disney Villains Victorious." Disney Villains Victorious is a new /tg/ homebrew project based on the idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which all the villains from all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole. It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords, the cutthroat merchants of the East India Trading Company and the might of Atlantis and its magitech-toting mercenaries. It is a world where the grasslands and jungles and forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Kahn and Scar but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between evil sorcerous monarchs like Maleficent, the Horned King, Grimhilde and Jafar, mad, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and Dark Gods like Hades and Chernobog. It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope. Around the world, the PCs' characters and their allies plot and plan, fight and strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Disney+Villains+Victorious http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Disney_Villains_Victorious Assembled pastebins: King/Land/Rule: http://pastebin.com/Z8wFJrhh Beast Species: http://pastebin.com/6YzhDaPi Setting Traits: http://pastebin.com/8RRbwMQT TRAITS: http://pastebin.com/uHCXg4EV POWERS:http://pastebin.com/pQDDqisU Generic Traits: http://pastebin.com/MZwvGsyX Fluff Catalogue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qj_IIuF_rqh_F2L-SeYn-dBiwDTtwWFpnbcXyfcgeE8/edit Song Catalogue: (google doc) 1oQniqbLaTCF7V19fnXP0_zUW7GFr3ESziGM6U5mEcC0/edit Rumour Mill: (google doc) 17CzFrAblibwD__7sEYorqXSz4ILYVp1O4tcQ-mGyYiI/edit?usp=sharing First Playtest: http://pastebin.com/Vy1E0sHB

Mage's Apprentice Quest 2

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Welcome back to Mage's Apprentice quest. We started the last one a bit too late but it was surprisingly popular for being one in the morning. Previous thread >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36216651/ Rules >Voting is best of first five (Unless we get more people than last night) >Rolling is best of first three. No crits. The helmet you've crafted pulses with green veins that seem to flow all over it. Whatever just happened has imbued the normal metal of the forge with a strange green energy that seems to radiate power. You hold the helmet in your hands and can feel the power radiating from it. There's only one thing left to do now. You slowly lift the helmet above your head, not sure of what will happen next. Carefully you lower it down upon your head. And nothing happens. You were sure something would happen. You can still feel the power coming from it but it doesn't seem to have done anything special. How disappointing. I guess now you need something else to do. It's late in the afternoon and the sun will be setting in a couple of hours. Your head still pounds from whatever happened earlier. Maybe a glass of water will soothe your mind. William is still missing as well. He rarely stays gone all day without telling you beforehand. >Try to soothe your head >Look for William >Start on another project
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So, I had an idea for a campaing that I eventually would (or wouldn`t) run and want to share it with /tg Imagine the typical medieval setting of Not-Earth. The history advances. The woodland elf savages carve their own empire of Not-HRE, embracing petty politics and fine arts instead of hunting and tree-hugging. Dwarves are few in number and occupy mountain ranges and rocky coasts of Not-Europe. Their love for engineering and cutting elven wood spawned majectic ships, true leviathans, braving the seas. Tradesmen and mercenaries are abundant in dwarven city-states, bringing both wealth and honor to ancient, traditionalistic kingdoms of the north. Orcs go from constrantly warring hordes of nomads to states of shrewd merchants, selling exotic goods and finely-crafted weapons. Less fortunate tribes travel the world as hired blades, assasins and performance artists. Often simultaneously. Humans settle almost everywhere. Ambitious kings, constant warfare and best agriculture. One year the orcs siege the local lord and next year they`re buying fresh grain for cattle. Elves calling humans primitives, while enjoying human-grown olives. And the ongoing feud of dwarven spirit drinks, elven ales and human wines. Magic? Yes, plenty of. Restless dead, magic-conjured storms, deadly curses. The thing is - the effect of mundane magic is almost never constant. While a novice can make an enchancement that lasts for several hours, master can a week or two, tops. The ways to avoid it - dealing with or binding the otherwordly spirits (often by creating the artifact), divine influence and lovecraft-tier forbidden stuff. Mages are common, but most have narrow talents like "throw fire" or "manipulate thoughts". Gods? Maybe. The worshippers can suddenly have their prayers answered and can even meet the avatars. Worshippers of other gods claim that it is simple magic of belief and lies of spirits. Almost everyone has their own pantheon. Comment too long, will continue in next post.
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fellow fa/tg/uys it is now time to test your might and post your stats, let's see how fit you are for adventuring http://www.easydamus.com/character.html Chaotic Neutral Human Fighter/Bard (1st/1st Level) Strength-15 Dexterity-13 Constitution-13 Intelligence-12 Wisdom-14 Charisma-12

PDF Request Thread

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Hey /tg/ can we get a pdf thread going. Just had my hard drive crash so I need to collect all my stuff over again. Looking for HeroQuest 2 if anyone has it.
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Your kingdom's long time rival has declared war on you again. Both of your nations were about equally matched in terms of resources, military manpower, weapons and similar, which for the most case remains the same. However, on top of that they have deployed a dreadful new secret weapon: A cannon toting giant mechanical spider!

MTG: Standard General

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>Whatcha up to >Whatcha playing >Whatcha getting btfo by >Any brews you need help with To the anon who was wanting to discuss the Mono-Blue deck, I'm gonna repost my last post in this thread. I'll try to discuss it more with you if we're around at the same time
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is there a game like D&D but with robots and cyborgs? i wish to be a cyborg space wizardress READ THAT AGAIN: like D&D THAT MEANS NO FUCKING 40K

Skaven IoB Rat Ogre

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Hey /tg/ just finished up the base of my Rogre after spraying it with matt varnish. Pretty happy with how it came out so I figured I'd share it with you guys and see what you think. More pictures in album: http://imgur.com/a/iZozO
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>tfw it's Wednesday and your group doesn't meet until Sunday >tfw when you turdge through every work day just thinking about your game, your dice, your epic story >tfw you feel trapped in reality >tfw you already updated your players' sidestories on Google Drive and you already have the adventure planned for the weekend >tfw you consider playing two or three nights a week because one's not enough >tfw you get home and spend your evening world building >tfw you wonder if it's ok to be 27 years old and still fascinated by making fictional worlds >tfw when you pass by the room with your hand-crafted LED lit game board, its glow beckoning the next game session >tfw it's ok - it really is ok >tfw you remember what other people your age are doing and remember that you don't give a shit if it's ok >tfw you look upon your nearly 14 real life year old setting, empires created and destoryed, stories willed into existence >tfw when you look upon your made-from scratch system, beautiful mathematics >tfw you relax, because it'll be game night soon

Quest Thread General (Cancer Thread General) - ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING EDITION

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Niggerbin: http://pastebin.com/deSLX3UG QM: What's a quest you made, you don't want anyone to talk about? Players: What's a quest you're ashamed you've actually played once?
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You are a king of a kingdom surrounded by other kingdoms of similar size. Your kingdom is a loose feudal affair with a few great houses owing fealty to you and a few strata of nobility underneath them going down to knights. This had worked out alright of the last few centuries, but times are changing. New farming methods and crops have increased agricultural output per arce. Your kingdom's cities are growing in size and towns are growing into new cities. In these cities the merchant classes have risen in power based off maritime trade and literacy rises. New schools dedicated to the study of the world. Warfare is changing as your neighbors move away from mercenaries and men-at-arms to professional standing armies in service to the crown. Many believe that your old system is no longer up to the task? Three obvious choices exist are before you... Centralization: Establish yourself as a single strong leader and cultivate power in your court. People get into high station by service to the state and you are the state, though the nobles will still have higher station. Constitutionalism: Establish for the people a system of legal rights that will make your subjects into citizens. Rule along with a parliament of nobles and of wealthier commoners. Status Quo: Try to keep the old system going as long as possible. Favored by traditionalists and the old great houses in your realm. It also has the least possibility of civil war, at the moment at least. What course do you take?
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>Be alien race >Searching stars for intelligent life >Pick up signal which seems alien in origin >See this >Wat do?
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ITT: Unorthodox Dwarf Ideas. We had a good thread about dwarven merchant republics and priestly railroad companies last weekend, I thought it might be a neat idea to expand on some ideas for dwarves outside of "Scotch-Viking Alcoholic Miners" Off the top of my head I'd like to see Irish Traveler/Tinker dwarves. Travel from place to place in caravans, and get caught up in construction scams. "Aye, I could build ye a fortress yer highness, stand for a age and a half it will, thousand years at least or your money back. I'll just need to call up me clan, get 'em together and we'll set this rock pile up faster than a spit in the eye we will! Even got a bunch of stone left over from a wall we built fer Lord Culverin two duchies over. Now if'n ye'll sign here... and here..." And sure enough they build a castle, or forge you a sword, and it's of finest dwarven make. But as soon as you repel the invaders or slay the dragon it's revealed for the piece of shit it is. Your expert sword breaks in half, the walls of the castle start to sag, and it turns out they painted your house with whitewash the cheap bastards. But by the time you notice they're over the state line, laughing with full bellies and full purses. Any other ideas?


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In the end,I suppose, it was my fault for letting him have that damn lute. Allow to explain over free pizza (if you live in California I might be able to get you some too). Basically, I decided to run the Call of Cthulhu scenario "Dead Man Stomp". Unfortunately,I only got two players free on my day of play, but that was enough.... too much, it turned out. They rolled wealth, one got a ten, the other a 4. Now, one of them, who'll be known as "Tom" didn't do much of interest with his cash. The other, "Jack" did. Jack is the one who rolled a ten. He sold his assets, which gave him a shit ton of money to spend. He bought over a hundred of "The best, most masterfully crafted Lutes in the world. " And hired one of the "most famous and successful lute player in the world" to check every single one Then he bought a vault in the Sahara desert to store them all in This should've tipped me off. Be back in an hour for an update, if you want.

Awesome Moments/Games

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I'll start with my finest moment. >Playing 3.5 in a campaign that lasts from lv 6 to 14 >Playing a former court wizard/ who specializes in summoning spells. >Always stay out of the limelight, preferring to let my teammates take the glory, what little there is to be had. >I never get into arguments with the DM, and he returns the favor by letting my summons be actually useful. >Based DM runs an amazing campaign wherein our kingdom is being overrun by another, more powerful nation. >We give as good as we can, but we’re only four guys, and although we do a hell of a lot of damage to General Mortkaisar’s forces, they’re simply too powerful for us to stop. >We’re now in the capital of Kotor, besieged and preparing for a glorious final stand among the battered, weary and starving troops. >The battlegrounds around the castle walls are littered with the dead of both armies, and the enemy is preparing to charge our walls with its full force and overrun us. >As the other players start their preparations on the walls and outskirts, I take my follower, Stormcrow the Bard, and silently slip away from them. >A piece of backstory in our game is the tale of The Lost Battalion. 500 men and women who were slain to the last defending their wounded Colonel. In the end, he managed to escape and lead a counter-attack that drove the enemy back in one of our kingdom’s most glorious victory. In the end, all five hundred soldiers were returned to the capital city of Kotor, to be interred with honors in the national mausoleum. >I strode through the tombs silently. As I walked, I heard the muffled thuds of explosions outside the city, and the sounds of steel as the attackers have reached the walls.

Mage Guild

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Hear ye, hear ye, I call to order another meeting of the Mage Guild. On the agenda for today: the kingdom is complaining that we're the only major guild that doesn't accept sports-based scholarships. I know none of us really care about cricket or associate's football or whatever it is the kids are wasting time with these days, but it turns out there's a legal loophole that requires us to start accepting at least 1/500 apprentices in sports scholarships so that the Guild won't become a closed club, as it were. We've already drawn up some drafts for the requirements, but does anyone have any suggestions about what we should add as a requirement to enter apprenticeship as a cricket player or whatever?

Good places to find...

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Hello elegen/tg/entlemen today were starting a thread on things to gind on the internet. Today were telling were to find >Art Tell and post any art you have and give source if you have it.
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The previous thread was surprisingly busy, so if this keeps up maybe we could make this a regular thing? Useful Links Rules and army lists downloads Net Epic Armageddon: http://www.net-armageddon.org/ Epic UK: http://epic-uk.co.uk/wp/ Miniature providers Troublemaker Games: http://www.troublemakergames.co.uk/did.htm Onslaught Miniatures: http://www.onslaughtmini.com/ Steel Crown Productions: http://www.steelcrowngames.com/ Crazy Czech guy: http://www.trolls.cz/collections/6mm-warfare
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Can we talk about the Holy Roman Empire /tg/? I know we're the de facto /history/, and it's for my campaign. Setting is based on 13th century Europe, party is on a trek from Venice to the Matterhorn right now because that's where Paladin HQ is. They're currently in Milan, and I just don't know what the hell is even going on in Milan. The campaign is supposed to be sandboxy, so can you help me out a bit? They all have things they're looking for, but I don't want to just hand things to them. If that doesn't interest you, I'll also be laying out the groundwork for turning the NPC healbot following the PCs around into a succubus via a poor binding on a demon they're trying to figure out how to banish.
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