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Message to Civ Dark Elves

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I apologize for any inconvenience, but I am far too tired to DM today. I will make another tomorrow at the same time I promise.
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Stat yourself /tg/ Any system that you want Pic Related

PACYOA:TE General Thread #60

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Hello and welcome to the Power Armor CYOA: Teamwork Edition General! Post suit builds, discuss fluff, and prepare for the upcoming missions! Rizon IRC Channels: #PACYOA and #suits for general discussion #/suits/ for missions #suits_roleplay for RP Note: This thread brought to you by Alice's Diner and Grill. "Don't settle for your base's gruel, eat over here and be cool!" How to make a wiki page http://the-power-armor-cyoa.wikia.com/wiki/Pilot_Page_Format_(TE) 1) Go to the above URL. 2) Click on the dropdown box next to the "Edit button" 3) Click on "Classic Editor" 4) Click on the tab that says "Source" 5) Copy all the text in the box 6) Leave the editor and click on any other page in the wiki. 7) Click on the contribute button 8) Click create a new page. 9) Enter a name for the page 10) Hit edit, then switch to the classic editor, and then click on the source tab 11) Paste the template and fill it out with your character information ____________________ Tentative schedule of upcoming games. https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=pacyoate%40gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles ____________________ Galleries of Power Armor images for character creation http://imgur.com/a/T5ALI#0 http://imgur.com/a/15yRR#0 http://imgur.com/a/MHmTp#0 http://imgur.com/a/RoluL#0 http://imgur.com/a/SdnQd#0 http://imgur.com/a/Tj41X#0 http://imgur.com/a/4TNwf#0 http://imgur.com/a/rfqhT#0

Art Thread

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continued from>>36232779

Disney Villains Victorious XXX: THIRTY THREADS IN SEVEN DAYS

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Welcome to the XXIX installment of "Disney Villains Victorious." Disney Villains Victorious is a new /tg/ homebrew project based on the idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which all the villains from all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole. It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords, the cutthroat merchants of the East India Trading Company and the might of Atlantis and its magitech-toting mercenaries. It is a world where the grasslands and jungles and forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Kahn and Scar but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between evil sorcerous monarchs like Maleficent, the Horned King, Grimhilde and Jafar, mad, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and Dark Gods like Hades and Chernobog. It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope. Around the world, the PCs' characters and their allies plot and plan, fight and strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Disney+Villains+Victorious http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Disney_Villains_Victorious Assembled pastebins: King/Land/Rule: http://pastebin.com/Z8wFJrhh Beast Species: http://pastebin.com/6YzhDaPi Setting Traits: http://pastebin.com/8RRbwMQT TRAITS: http://pastebin.com/uHCXg4EV POWERS:http://pastebin.com/pQDDqisU Generic Traits: http://pastebin.com/MZwvGsyX Fluff Catalogue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qj_IIuF_rqh_F2L-SeYn-dBiwDTtwWFpnbcXyfcgeE8/edit Song Catalogue: (google doc) 1oQniqbLaTCF7V19fnXP0_zUW7GFr3ESziGM6U5mEcC0/edit Rumour Mill: (google doc) 17CzFrAblibwD__7sEYorqXSz4ILYVp1O4tcQ-mGyYiI/edit?usp=sharing First Playtest: http://pastebin.com/Vy1E0sHB

War Planets / Shadow Raiders

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Which system would work best for running a War Planets / Shadow Raiders campaign?
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So, I had an idea for a campaing that I eventually would (or wouldn`t) run and want to share it with /tg Imagine the typical medieval setting of Not-Earth. The history advances. The woodland elf savages carve their own empire of Not-HRE, embracing petty politics and fine arts instead of hunting and tree-hugging. Dwarves are few in number and occupy mountain ranges and rocky coasts of Not-Europe. Their love for engineering and cutting elven wood spawned majectic ships, true leviathans, braving the seas. Tradesmen and mercenaries are abundant in dwarven city-states, bringing both wealth and honor to ancient, traditionalistic kingdoms of the north. Orcs go from constrantly warring hordes of nomads to states of shrewd merchants, selling exotic goods and finely-crafted weapons. Less fortunate tribes travel the world as hired blades, assasins and performance artists. Often simultaneously. Humans settle almost everywhere. Ambitious kings, constant warfare and best agriculture. One year the orcs siege the local lord and next year they`re buying fresh grain for cattle. Elves calling humans primitives, while enjoying human-grown olives. And the ongoing feud of dwarven spirit drinks, elven ales and human wines. Magic? Yes, plenty of. Restless dead, magic-conjured storms, deadly curses. The thing is - the effect of mundane magic is almost never constant. While a novice can make an enchancement that lasts for several hours, master can a week or two, tops. The ways to avoid it - dealing with or binding the otherwordly spirits (often by creating the artifact), divine influence and lovecraft-tier forbidden stuff. Mages are common, but most have narrow talents like "throw fire" or "manipulate thoughts". Gods? Maybe. The worshippers can suddenly have their prayers answered and can even meet the avatars. Worshippers of other gods claim that it is simple magic of belief and lies of spirits. Almost everyone has their own pantheon. Comment too long, will continue in next post.

Game World Cyberpunk: The Revival

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Alright, so. Now that the Disney Villains Victorious thing is out and about, I felt it might be a good time to revive an idea /tg/ had a while back. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/33014702/ This link happens to be to the original thread, where we sort of fluffed a few things out. Heck, there's even pic related, an unfinished CYOA (sort of) for it.
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ITT, RL people who would make good CoC investigators. Mine is Yuri Knorosov. Genius student, played the violin, fought WWII in the soviet army, and found a rare book on Mayas in Berlin, which sparked his desire to study this matter. Years laters, he had translated a good chunk of the Mayan Alphabet and allowed the translation of the Mayan Codices. Also he had a cat.
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>the standard is to set your price at 5 times the cost to print http://www.leagueofgamemakers.com/the-price-is-right-msrp/
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Here's a question for all you GMs out there. How much ham is too much ham?

Fantastical Civilizations

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Despite the image, THIS IS NOT A CYOA THREAD. This is a thread for the discussion of what these civilizations would look like if those threads actually ever got anywhere. So what do your elves, dwarves, orcs, minotaurs, naga, centaurs, harpies, myceanea, slimes, insects, arachni, felinids, ursines, dragonlings, vanara, bullywugs, tengu, kobolds, crystalids, aquatics, giants, orges, lizardfolk, gnomes, celestials ect. any sentient fantasy species, eat? I don't mean in general. I mean imagine they were the dominant species in a civilized land. They have chefs, they have tailors, they have novelties. Don't restrict yourself to the image, the profiles are too crude really. Use your imagination and see how they'd expand. Would the traditionally land based species start fishing & sailing? What would their agriculture consist of given their desired environment? What's the diet? What are the delicacies? What are the general styles of clothes? What's the fashion? What are the sports? What are the spectacles? In fact, what's the politics? What's the opposition? Go crazy /tg/ this is a general imagination thread. World build if you like, but really get thinking about it. Remember, this isn't a CYOA or Quest, this is a discussion & ideas thread,

Shitty Spaceship Quirks: Again

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I had so much fun with the last one ( http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36164622/ ) I couldn't wait for TheBaneblade to start another one. > One of the passengers on the ship for a recent (though nobody knows how recent) voyage was a paranoid professional demolitionist who someone smuggled aboard all the tools of his trade. >> This fact was discovered when one of the janitors attempted to clean out a footlocker which he had secured against intrusion. >> Someone's going to have to figure out exactly how extensive the minefield is, and figure out how to disarm the booby traps, before someone else has to be hosed off the ceiling. > The janitor is near-universally reviled for using mop and bucket to clean up stains on the floor, leaving wet puddles that crew frequently slip on. Nevermind that the janitor is scrupulous about putting down wet floor signs. >> It's gone too far now, though. Instead of mere water, the janitor's been cleaning the floors with a mixture of water and space lube, a near-frictionless substance which propels crewmen who jog over the puddles down the corridors at excessive velocities which only come to a halt upon impact with a bulkhead, typically headfirst. >> Half the crew are prepared to lynch the janitor, and he's gone into hiding, but he swears blue in the face he asked the ship's chemist to fill it with a cleaner which would be effective but not cause the crew to slip. Someone's going to have to figure out the truth, before the wrong party, or worse, all parties involved, are airlocked. > The ship was formerly in service as a commuter ferry. >> Thus it embodies all the worst qualities of mass transit and inner-city taxicabs. There is graffiti everywhere, the upholstery is ripped up or carved upon, there are worrying substances stuck to the underside of most seats and tables, and basically, everything on it is knackered. >> The upshot: you got a great price for it, because selling it was more profitable than fixing it.

O.R.E. General

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What games are you guys playing right now? My friends and I are putting together a Wild Talents game using the mO.R.E add-on. Keeping pilots at 100 points and mechs will be at 150.
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Let's play a game. >go to wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Special:Random >that is what will kill you in the 40k universe >if it's a place it's where you will die, roll again >if it's some kind of product like a BL book or codex or something, then everything contained in it kills you >that's right, everything >If it's a real person, he's going to kill you in real life Dare you?

PDF Request Thread

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Hey /tg/ can we get a pdf thread going. Just had my hard drive crash so I need to collect all my stuff over again. Looking for HeroQuest 2 if anyone has it.

4e Characters Thread?

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Everybody hates 4e because of it's combat-centered nature. I haven't really played any other edition though, so it's great for me, so long as everyone is actually playing their character, and not just some faceless guys with swords. That being said, post your favourite 4 characters you've made and played. Image not really related.

40k List Thread

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HQ: Warsmith Cata armor Master-Crafted Paragon blade Digital lasers Iron halo Volkite Charger Servo-Arm/Battlesmith Centurion Master of Signals Artificer Armor Elites: Apothecarion Detachment 2x Apothecarions 2x Artificer Armor 2x Augury Scanner Rapier Weapons Battery 2x Laser Destroyer Terminator Squad Sergeant w/ power fist & harness 1 chainfist 2 sets of powerclaws 1 heavy flamer w/ power axe Troops: Legion Tactical Squad (19 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, power axe, ` melta bombs Extra close combat Weapons Nuncio Vox Legion Tactical Squad (19 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, power axe, ' ' melta bombs Extra close combat weapons Nuncio Vox Legion Tactical Squad (9 marines + sergeant) Sergeant has artificer armor, melta bombs Rhino dedicated transport Heavy Support: Iron Havoc Support Squd (5 Iron Havocs + 1 squad leader) 220 pts 6x Missile Launcher Augury Scanner Spartan Assault Tank Armored Ceramite, flare shield Pintle twin-linked bolter Sicaran Battle Tank Heavy Bolter Sponsons Artillery Tank Squadron 2x Medusa Fortifications: Aegis Line Total = 2,497 pts
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Your kingdom's long time rival has declared war on you again. Both of your nations were about equally matched in terms of resources, military manpower, weapons and similar, which for the most case remains the same. However, on top of that they have deployed a dreadful new secret weapon: A cannon toting giant mechanical spider!

Game Finder General: Boomtown Rats Edition

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I don't need to tell you how to do the thing >Player/GM >Preferred System >Preferred Method of Communication >Contact Info >Comments
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