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Is there an LCG where there can be a mirror match faction wise? What happens to unique characters in that situation? Can each player have their own copy of a unique character out at the same time? I'm wondering because of that new Warhammer 40k: Conquest game.
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/tg/, I need some help. I recently got invited into a D&D 4th Ed game that currently needs more players, and I have two issues with which I'm hoping you can help me with. First of all, I've never played D&D before in my life, (and honestly, never expected to), and I need some idea as to what I should expect ruleswise. Second, as to character, after looking at the Pathfinder bestiaries I was given to by a friend, (another game I don't ever expect to play), and really, REALLY, want to play a Shae (PF Bestiary 3, pg. 242), speciafically a Shae Wizard/Bard. Now, from the various D&D threads I see around here, I know multiclassing is generally a bad idea/looked down upon, but how can I make this work? Also, is there any more info on the Shae? I know that technically they are a monster race but they seem like something one can play as and I need more info on their culture if I'm to roleplay as one properly. How does one even properly stat out a monster race as something one can play even? Please help me /tg/. You're my only hope...
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Ok question, my awesome /tg/ compatriots... Well first, a bit of backstory. I've been playing D&D now for about 7 years. I started on 3.5, moved into 4e, and even had a 20 session or D&D Next campaign. I prefer being a player, but I DM when it's appropriately my turn, so my DM/Player ratio is approximately 1:3. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a average DM. Well recently my bro bought Shadowrun, and now that our D&DNext campaign is over, were gonna try a few months/campaigns with that. BUT, and this is where it starts to get relevent: I very recently saw a great deal on ebay for a collection of 4 "Only War" books for only $70, and I bought it. It contains the core rule book, Hammer, Enemies, and Final Whatever. So with shadowrun on the horizon for my group there is a good chance I won't be playing Only War for a good few months. IF they even want to play it. THAT BEING SAID... I may have a side group interested, but the number of the group would be considerably smaller than my main rpg group, so instead of 6 buddies, maybe 2, 3, or 4 people would be playing. Now for my question: How would I go about creating an only war campaign for 2-4 people? I know most classes get comrades, but even so, I'm afraid that the small group size is going to make it impossible. Can it be done? How would you do it? With such a small group, am I locked into having them fight other guardsmen, or can I use xenos without them being super-buttmangled. Any advice for this would be greatly appreciated. I have time on my hands, but am completely lost.
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So, uh, yeah. Why isn't this just released as Pathfinder Second Edition?
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So, we all know that the numerical average for a d20 roll is 10.5 and the numerical average for a 3d6 roll is also 10.5, with the real differences between the two being that that the 3d6 generates a number between 3-18 instead of 1-20 and that there is a probability curve associated with 3d6, causing numbers closer to the average to be rolled more frequently. The real question I have is: how game-breaking would it be in a d20 system to allow players the CHOICE on any given die roll whether to roll a d20 or 3d6? As a player, how would you make use of this option? Critical hits and misses on the 3d6 would be on an 18 and 3, respectively. Clearly, if you're using a weapon that benefits from criting, you would want to choose d20 and if you're going up against tough odds and know you need to roll fairly high, you would also want the d20. But if you're trying to achieve something more simple like hitting a low defense enemy or pass an average DC skill check, I would think you would prefer the 3d6. The 3d6 option is kind of like taking 10, but there's still an element of chance, so you're not guaranteeing success. How game-breaking would it be to allow monsters/NPCs to make the same choice on any given d20 roll? For those of you wondering about the fluff, I would think that rolling 3d6 would correspond to the character "playing it safe" in their action while the d20 option would represent "going all out" and exerting extra effort that could yield exceptionally good or bad results. FYI, I'm thinking about this option for my players in a game of 4th ed D&D that I am running, but the same question could be applied to any d20 system. in b4 "don't play d20 systems"
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So a friend showed this to me and we decided that sometime we should get a few other guys to play this game. The plot sounds cheesy, but I like it. Anything that /tg/ would like to tell me about this game? Unless of course you guys only play D&D and would rather fill the front page will quest threads.
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So I'm planning to run a sci-fi campaign for my group. They took one look at the books for Traveller and GURPS and, while they thought they were interesting, said no. The group found them both too simulationist and rules-heavy, and they prefer more freeform styles of roleplay. Despite this, I don't think a completely freeform combat system would work very well with them. So now I'm here to ask about a good rules-light system to deal with combat and basic skill checks, which can handle a futuristic/space setting.
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Pick a folder and I'll start dumping. Might take a while depending which one.

MTG Quest - Ravnica

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I'm gonna try this again, my internet was kill last time I tried so whatever. First guild (or guildless color) to get 4 votes decides our main characters affiliation. Plot suggestions are also fine, last time Dimir agent disguised as a Boros soldier was suggested and I went with that.
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Hey, fa/tg/uys. I need help. I plan on running a campaign in a setting that is a crossover of Dishonored and Guns of Icarus, and while I already intended on using GURPS, one of my players is fervently opposed to it for reasons I do not understand. I want him to play, so I need a system that /isn't/ Savage Worlds, GURPS, or FATE (He is adamant about them being shit.)


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>make level 1 human bard in Pathfinder >puts a 16 with human +2 into Charisma, for 18 Charisma >put rank in Diplomacy >sorta proud of my Diplomacy +8 so far >tiefling wizard player dumps Charisma down to 7 with tiefling -2, for only 5 Charisma >places 18 with tiefling +2 into Intelligence, for 20 Intelligence >uses two traits to take Diplomacy as a class skill with a +2 bonus and use Intelligence instead of Charisma for Diplomacy >takes thrush familiar for +3 Diplomacy >puts rank in Diplomacy >tiefling wizard now has 20 Intelligence, 5 Charisma, +14 Diplomacy >tiefling wizard is way better at making friends, influencing attitudes, persuading people, and gathering information than my bard Feels bad, man. Why does it have to be this way?
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Which setting has the best Dark Elves? http://strawpoll.me/1266021
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You haven't lived until you've cast this.
Is it true, /tg/? Have the... 12 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is it true, /tg/? Have the rumors really been confirmed? Are we finally getting a Khorne-themed supplement to the Chaos Codex?
Hey /tg/, I need your help.My... 7 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /tg/, I need your help. My players (D&D) are going into what can best be described as a desert nation full of Jewish necromancer cowboys. Can you guys help me flesh this out?
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Teej, a group of us are going to start a Fate game this weekend. I don't know the system yet, I'll get told on the day. Anyway, I want to make a female Rider-class Servant and I need cool ideas for historic/mythic women who'd fit the role. So far I have Baba Yaga, Boudica and Bradamante, but none are quite what I'm after. Suggestions? Also, general Fate/Servant thread, I suppose.
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That Guy stories? >Join a campaign >We're all writing up character concepts >I've always wanted to finally play a nice guy not bent on murderhobo >DM says "for the sake of my sanity, no evil characters" >lolk, NG utility character >2 guys pipe in >"I could definitely make an evil character fit in with the party goals and not interfere with anything" >dread necromancer >"I wouldn't get in the party's way of things, I just want to play this" >assassin >DM doesn't respond, alarms go off in my head, this could be dumb 2 sessions in >my guy's been makin' dem knowledge checks, he's really just there to help >we get to the objective, combat >during combat, assassin crits me >wtf >"you got in the way, it's what my character would do" >DM stays silent >everybody's looking a little irritated with the exception of the necro >"i raise his corpse to serve me. he'll be more useful than he was in life" >DM stays silent >I'm pretty certain I did literally nothing to deserve this >I had no defenses, no possibility of surviving >nice guy, exists to supply party with info and materials for utility shit as well as some story >mfw dead because evil characters which weren't allowed in first place >mfw I actually enjoyed that character why. just why. Why do these people exist?

Game stores?

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Hey /tg/, I was wondering what a good game store to try out would be? I live in a really rural area, but I just figured out that in a city about an hour away there's a Games Workshop store. I've always loved /tg/ related things, and I'm excited to finally be able to go somewhere to try them out. I was just wondering since I'm a shy person, is there anything I should know beforehand before going an hour out of my way to try this? Is Games Workshop a good store to start out with?
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