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Hello tg, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm running a oneshot for my group and was wondering if you guys had any ideas for puzzles and traps to put into the dungeon they will be going into.
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Tell me /tg/, what are some of the most creative things your players have done? Not necessarily smartest, nor even things that affected the game in any huge way but were inventive nonetheless yet still were plausible things. For instance in one Campaign, I had an Ifrit bard whose instrument was a teapot with four spouts of varying size. The spouts were topped with hinged lids that had strings tied to them. You would boil water in the teapot and lift the strings in patterns to create music, sort of a whistling sound. It didn't really affect the actual game in any way, but was rather clever, and interesting. Got any more stuff like this? Picture unrelated.

Exalted General

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>tfw you exalt as a solar before you get a chance to exalt as a DB >tfw your arranged Fire Aspect waifu wants to kill you now >Exalted, what is that? Read this article to get a hang of the setting. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Exalted >That sounds cool, how can I get into it? Play this tutorial: http://jyenicolson.net/exalted/. It'll get you familiar with most of the mechanics. >Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group? Pray. But seriously, Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/ are both places where games could be found. The /tg/ chat on F-list occasionally has Exalted games, but they are not for the prude/squeamish >Wow, this book is confusing as hell. How the fuck am I supposed to generate a character from this mess? Anathema. http://anathema.github.io/. This is a godly character generator. It has all the charms in nice little skill-trees, a soothing sight for anyone who's ever played an RPG before. It also does all of the math for you, making it very easy to experiment with builds and create character sheets easily Resources: >Corebook with embedded errata http://www.4shared.com/office/xH2zo1Oqce/_exalted_core.html >Most other books http://www.4shared.com/dir/YI_tDi2g/Exalted_-_Second_Edition.html >Archive with Errata notes: http://www.4shared.com/rar/Vq9yxN4Yce/erratacomments.html >Fanmade crossbook indexes: http://www.4shared.com/office/_Ke_MsnJba/_exalted_indices.html >Some mechanics reference sheets: social https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetSocial_0-5.pdf combat https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetCombat_0-7.pdf >Infernal Bandaid: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted/124885-how-to-put-a-band-aid-on-infernals/page2#post128384 Today, /tg/, since the last thread is autosaging and about to be reborn I want to hear stories about your past lives/past voices flaw/merit/background for infernals. I hear a lot of people take it, but I have yet to. How does it go?

Board Games and Card Games Thread

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Sup /tg/ My city just recently had a board games con, and I got to try out a bunch of awesome games. Usually my group sticks to tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder, GURPS and Dark Heresy. But man did I enjoy these games. I notice /tg/ is often the same, so much talk of our RPGs and Wargames we forget the simpler games. Can we have a board games and card games thread?


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heya teeg, I'm feeling a bit crazy right now and feel like making a dungeon of horrors in a high lethality setting full of traps, danger, excitement, and most likely a ton of corpses provided by the players! The playes I'm hoping will be YOU! I've been working on a homebrew system for AGES AND EONS and feel like testing out a meat grinder I've been putting together that will be used to test to see if the system works right. SOME INFO Will be running late saturday night into early sunday morning if I can help it or late friday night into early saturday morning, or maybe on a wednesday night. The system is very skill focuses, semi-classless, and goes off the logic "you can do it unless the game says no", it is high lethality and is very flexible. One character I had was a gingerbread cookie golem ninja. So go nuts. Skype is in the email field. Lets get the meat grinder going!

Amazing Engine

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So, anybody know whatsoever about this system? It was TSR's first attempt at a generic system, and I hear that it was basically solid with some fairly good sample settings. The main complaint is that outside of the sample settings everything turned to shit. Somebody know more?

ERP General Blue Version

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>Sexy Pokemon Edition (This is the Fetish Version for people who want to discuss how to best incorporate fetishes into their games) To get started >Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method >Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC >Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list >Go to http://www.f-list.net >Create a username. >Create a character profile on that username. >Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage. >Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.
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How do we fix Chess imbalance that have been that way for ages? Hearthstone gave a bonus to the player who played second but Chess still have this huge imbalance

How would Naruto translate into a Medieval setting?

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Previous Threads https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32463582/ https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32494796/ https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32516939/ http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32555215/ https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32594682/ None of the ideas are set in stone, if you can improve an idea tell us about it. CONCEPTS >Hidden Villages Knightly Orders that train in magic >Jutsu Magic >Kage, Jonin, Chuunin, Genin Grand Master, Knight, Errant, Squire >Tailed Beasts Horned Mythical Creatures (Dragons, Griffons etc) >Seven Swordsman=Knights of the Round Table >Helen Sunward is now Helen Maurelle (Hyuga Clan now House Maurelle) >Kushinaa is no longer a jew. 1 Horned Unicorn 2 Horned Minotaur 3 Horned Behemoth 4 Horned Leviathan 5 Horned Chimera (2 on lion, 1 on snake, 2 on goat 6 Horned Cerberus (2 on each head) 7 Horned Griffin (arranged in a sun crown pattern) 8 Horned Kraken 9 Horned Dragon 10 Horned Terasque/Apolitical Beast >Land of Fire/Hidden Leaf France >Land of Water/Hidden Mist England >Land of Wind/Hidden Sand Muslim Spain >Land of Lightning/Hidden Cloud Holy Roman Empire >Land of Earth/Hidden Stone Hungary >Land of Whirlpools Netherlands

CYOA New thread

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>>32588464 Last thread
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I need some map making software so I can make maps for DnD. They don't need to be pieces of art like pic related, but they need to be easy to make and easy to use/read. Oh, and it has to be free. Does anybody know any good sites for these purposes?

Sith Quest #6

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Sent to the Sith holy world of Korriban in order to face the trials to join the order, you have had an eventful few days. You murdered two of your fellow acolytes during the first trial, and sadistically tortured a third that night. Your ruthlessness and strength earned you the attention of your Overseer, who gave you your second trial early. Though difficult, you successfully completed the trial, gaining weapons and knowledge in the process. After that, you studied in the academy library. The next day, when you went to receive your trial, only two other acolytes from your group were present; the fellow Kaleesh, Valgan, and the Zabrak, Talgur. You were given the task of slaying a beast in the Lower Wilds as your third trial. Laying a trap, you battled a trio of Tuk'ata, and, though badly wounded in the process, you emerged successful. You now return to the academy with proof of your success.
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what are some good ideas for a setting based on the conflict between a republic based on the SPQR and a monarchy based on the arabs? the empires were part of a single political entity that colapsed im "in charge" of the republic side of the setting i was thinking in making some sort of confederacy of races where the provicens would be organized according to the cultural remnants of the races and thus they would have some degree of autodetermination. i was thinking making some kind of adventuring guild run by the goverment that would regulate the adventurers mercenary work making it profesional and safe, citizens would be able to post requests (for a fee) and adventurers could even work in goverment issue missions , if the party proved themselves they could get "recruited" (sometimes even for secret mission). any ideas?
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I need some immersion help /tg/. I'm gonna run a Halo:Mythic game in a week or so and I wanna really make it feel authentic. The group is gonna be a fresh new ODST Team. I've already planned to make some "Electronic Briefing" pictures in photoshop and display them on my tablet to make it feel more futuristic., and I'm also gonna dig up my Halo Wars Risk and use some of the tokens to show the plans and map to them. Anyone else got some ideas I could use? Also Tabletop Immersion stories in general are welcome.

Reproduction and Offspring Worldbuilding

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ITT Reproduction, families, offspring, and family relationships worldbuilding/ideas/setting details. Note: Intercourse itself is not the main focus of this thread.
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Anyone here going?

Yo GM Jokes

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Yo GM so bad, he thought Constitution was a list of rights

Big Motherfuckin' Crab Truckers

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You're gonna need to get a pinch of this: http://i.4cdn.org/tg/1402095091289.pdf It's Friday night, let's play some fucking CRAB TRUCKAN. First three crabs to post with a good Crabbin' name, their role and their traits are in.

Fuck Them

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I'm starting a Pathfinder... 23 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm starting a Pathfinder campaign soon as a Gnomish Bard. I usually play big, quiet martial characters, so I wanted to try something different this time. Anyone have any tips on how to roleplay this guy? He's a storyteller and orator, and I'm building him as a support and debuffer. He's eccentric, talkative, prone to pranks, oblivious and impulsive (low wisdom), extremely charismatic, and physically diminutive (although he has one hell of a voice, as is expected). Pic related, it's him
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