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Warhammer 40k Ruels Thread

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Welcome to the official 3rd installment of the /tg/ Warhammer 40k 7th edition Technical Question Thread: ITT post questions about rules and codices in this thread and the collective will of /tg/ will produce the most noble answer the gods ever put on this good earth. To start us off: Does my chaos space muhrine demon prince get his god specific psychic power for free now?? does it ignored for the "all in one discipline get the primaris power for free catagory?"

Military Info for your games or characters

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Army Officer, captain type, who offers any info on tactics, techniques, procedures, doctrine or whatever for your games or characters. A lot of experience in cavalry and artillery. A bit of SOF stuff, mostly while deployed to Afghn.

Battle of Nations 2014

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So, who watches BoN this year? Any opinions?

Hellborn Quest 18

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QM Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellbornQuest The Story So Far: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=hellborn Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/rNg3Yw8m (picture included) When you get back to where Borya is, Isaac and Harvey are already there helping get him on his feet. Rowan sees your approach and waves. None of them are in their full-on glowy power modes anymore, which is okay with you. The darkness does some to alleviate a dull headache that’s been keeping you on edge ever since Ranthix ran away. HP: 10/15 PP: 12/25 Stress: 75/100 Sanity: 94/100 You reclaim Zelathis, Lightning Sword thing from about where you dropped it. Thank goodness. Now you just need to learn how to use swords. You relay the gist of what happened the Hallows. Isaac doesn’t look as surprised as you expected, and says something along the lines of, “Demons are complicated.” Still, you can tell he’s disappointed. Him, Ro, and Harvey are all pretty beat up, mostly you suppose from their fight with the Infernus. You don’t feel too bad though, he did quite a number on you as well. Your group breaks for you go to make quick on your getaway, leaving the people you freed on the curb where the fire department can pick them up. >Go home with Isaac. >Go home with Cassandra. >Other (?)

Magic cards storage

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How do you store and sort your Magic cards /tg/? I've recently moved out of my parents house and I want to combine the contents of two drawers, about ten fat pack boxes and a few plastic boxes into one neatly sorted collection. I used to store them by set but there has to be a better way.

Questions regarding the Oblivion crisis at Black Mash

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So, what actually happened there? How well armed are the Argonians? I mean you better be well armed to go up against the Daedra forces in Daedric weapons and armour. Or they are just butt mad insane and high on coke How they manage to even force the Daedric commanders to close their own gates? Ain't Daedra kinda every powerful?
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Character Art Thread: Fantasy Female edition! Post heavy, medium, light armor. Cheesecake. Different races if you'd like.
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I'm having issues coming up with female names I'm talking about fantasy of course Any tips/generator? Even things like ancient names or generated names are fine, as long as they "feel" female Pic related: should be a female

Dear tg, could you please suggest a dark fantasy module?

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Preferably relatively short, for 3-4 sessions. System is irrelevant.
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ITT: absurdly large weapons. The more improbable the better.
Why do people play Pathfinder... 49 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Why do people play Pathfinder when all the 3.5 books still work just as well as they ever did?

Lorendale Republic-Builder

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I suppose that we begin our story with the rise of Lorendale, the great city and republic to the northland that rivaled all that came before it. The Free City of Lorendale began it's days as a Northern Hold that protected against the barbarians that would descend upon the land in the olden days. As time went on, the threat of said barbarians withered in it's tracks and people flocked to the fortress to provide service to the soldiers stationed there. Within a matter of years, the fortress had become a bustling city that grows with the beat of her own grace. As all may know, Lorendale was a vassal-city of the Kingdom of Jekala. This all changed within a matter of months when the Mad-King Maric was found consorting with demonfolk. The more supersitious of the lords declared war on him within a matter of days while the more prudent ones waited to see more evidence. The evidence was not pretty. Within months of this relevation, Maric had been imprisoned, tried, and executed for his crimes against the crown and humanitity. Even though immdiate action was taken, the damage had already been done to the kingdom of Jekala. Several duchies and counties split off from the empire in favor of independance while others waged war on eachother for lordships and revenge. This is where you lot come in, you are all important figures from the city of Lorendale who were elected to lead Lorendale through this trying time. From the ashes of the old, Lorendale shall declare it's independance and become a Republic with you at it's head. Do it proud. Rules and other stuff of importance, it has a whole bunch of very important stuff that you should at least browse over if not read through. http://pastebin.com/dFJveXr8
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Are Lamenters effectively the greatest Chapter the Imperium ever commanded. >Heroic as shit >Fights for the weak >Space Marine Robbin Hoods >For those we cherish we die in glory ;_;

Post Apoc Guanyin Mutant Civ Quest 6

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Rolled 90 Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/32697200/ Last time we dealt with zombies, looting, and mutations. Including the formation of a bunch of abominations. Who after a certain...incident mysteriously disappeared. A hero ended up departing only to be replaced by a friend of theirs a Monstrous Monster Master Wrangler of all things. One should be wary though much has changed the forest is no more being replaced by rotting marshes and new dense growths. Zombies are no out in force a new hives are appearing. New types of monsters are also emerging either way a lot has changed whether for the better we shall see.

A system recommendation

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Hey /tg/ do any of you fine lot know of a system that I could run a cyberpunk horror game in? I've gm'd fantasy stuff before but my knowledge of modern and sci fi system's isnt very good. I've looked into Delta green and CoC but I don't think they would work too well.
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What does /tg/ think of doppelganger's? What potential do you see them having them in your party? Also Doppleganger thread

Awesome Campaign Story General

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Hey /tg/, what are some of the best/funniest/most epic campaigns/moments you've ever had?

40K Stealth Quest

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Hello again, I've decided to finish this. I'm thinking of either doing another Eldar mission, or choosing a different character based on popular vote when this is done. Previous thread ---> http://imgur.com/ykFAcKX -------------------------------------------------------------------- Your name is Elthien, and you are currently in an ork base on the agri-world Panraxis. You are a lone Striking Scorpion operative, and your mission is to assassinate an ork warboss, in order to tilt the favor of the war to the humans, and (as your farseers say) the craftworld. When we had left off, you were standing at the base of the ork supply dump, which is honestly just a huge pile of guns. >Set a grenade (You currently have 2) >Inspect pile >Other

Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 21

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Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nco7qfrPG7I "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."

dm woes

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So I'm running this 3.5 campaign and i hate greentext. It's four newbs and old pro. Three newbs want to be elves; okay. Other newb wants to be an ent. That's cool, synergy. Pro wants to be, I shit you not, dragonwrought kobold. I went through a week of arguing with him, where he changed into fleshwarpers and druids and all sorts of wacky shit that didn't fit the tone of the campaign. Sits down at the table with a blank character sheet and rushes together a gnoll fighter in ten minutes. Cool right? That's what I thought. First encounter, they get a goblin prisoner, he slits the fuckers throat. No joke. I say "hey man, what happened to no evil characters?" he says "hey man, I'm chaotic nuetral." >greentext emotional response Also, I swear I haven't been spamming /tg/ with political pictures, when I use this computer I can't view any pictures before I post them.
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