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Sky Rider Quest: Part 8

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Sky+Rider Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrostyZipper You’ve given the crew up on the top deck a show, that’s for sure. If there’s ever been an awkward, embarrassing way of telling someone exactly what you feel for them then chances are you’ve probably topped it with your display. Sweet Nine above what exactly WERE you thinking when you decided to just shout it out. Were you afraid you’d lose your nerve and start stuttering? Whatever, it’s out now, and when Nyra had started giggling you’d braced yourself for a flat rejection – and she’d have pretty good reason to do so. So surprise was one of your first thoughts when instead of a scathing “no”, she raised her head to meet your eyes, took your head in her hands, and pulled you close to lock lips. Fireworks explode in your head and you’re vaguely aware that the crew who’ve gathered around to enjoy the show are going wild. Some laugh, some whistle and cat call, a few simply start clapping. ‘Way to go Cherry!’ someone calls but you barely hear him; far too focussed on how Nyra’s soft, wet lips feel. You remain attached for almost a minute before finally you both break away, gasping for air. That’s the first time you’ve done that, and you get the feeling it’s a first for her as well. For a while neither of you say anything; and then suddenly a swarm of crew surrounds the both of you, clapping you on the shoulder, one grabs you in a swift but fairly soft headlock and rubs his fist against the top of your head, mussing up your hair. Nyra squeaks as she’s hoisted up onto several shoulders and paraded like a queen. She screams for them to put her down but even at your awkward angle you can see she’s fighting a losing battle to keep the smile off her face. Laughter echoes throughout the night sky and despite everything, you feel good.

Jungle Fever 3.0

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So, I'm sending my PCs into the jungle in search of a root or flower. But I'm having trouble thinking of encounters that are more than random animal jumps you. Anyone have any interesting/fun encounters I can add to spice this up? It's DnD 3.0 by the way.
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/tg/, I need help. I need to come up with a background for my Goliath Cleric of Pelor, but I'm drawing a complete blank. I only need about a paragraph but I can't come up with anything remotely interesting. Throw some ideas my way?

Fallout Quest #2: Cuddling in the nuclear apocalypse? IMPOSSIBLE

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You are Vance Smith, a bounty hunter mainly, but not afraid to take on any sort of job; your history is a mystery (see what I did there?), and it is up to the fucking QM to get to his damn backstory sometime soon. Last time we left off, Vance was in the desert, when he met a beautiful, young lad named Ariel Emerald. After a bit of small talk and the execution of a mole rat, you both arrived in Gilmon and met a not so charming merchant and gained a badass hat and a hunting rifle, while Ariel acquired some actual clothes and a proper combat weapon. Both of you went to the bar to see, if you could find a job but no cigar, but it seemed at the end that Ariel has a little crush on you. _____________________ Twitter (For announcements and other shit): https://twitter.com/sonleeboy Previous Topic List (Starts from the one ending with Real Topic, since I frakked up.): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Fallout%20Quest

Post Apoc Guanyin Mutant Civ Quest 5

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Rolled 7 Last time in a strange forest in the wasteland it started to rain floods also debri- I mean treasure. A odd duel went down between our hero and something else that we only know is connected to water somehow. Seriously though its like full on swampy terrain in the lower reaches and may end up going jungle in upper ones. So much damned water...where the hell did it all come from? That is something we don't know. On the plus side we got some rather nifty mutations and some new heroes. Now what about nastiness? We got zombies pouring out from somewhere guessing the waters displaced them. Monsters are either dying out or being replaced, and the bandits seem to have disappeared once more. Last thread wasn't archived will have to find it.
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Reasons a Codex: Adeptus Custodes would be awful >Overpowered units >Only 2 or 3 unit types >Ward-level cheese >Picture would cost 1100 points Reasons it would be awesome: >Purposely overpowered units >Only needs 2 or 3 unit types >In Apocalypse, you can field THE EMPEROR. So, should we make this happen?
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Consider the following, /tg/. You work for Wizards and are given the position of project lead on the block after Khans. You can construct all the new mechanics you like and write all the fluff you like, but something has been passed down from on high that you cannot change. The block must center around three-color decks in some way, in the same kind of way that Ravnica sets focus on two color decks to represent the guilds. This is to slow Standard down a bit and make it more strategic, as well as encouraging greater diversity. How do you make it work? How do you fluff it?


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Best EDH General with a deck of 99 basics. Pic related, too easy.

Strikers '89 Quest

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The weekend was totally insane, so sorry if the OP isn't quite up to the usual. We may end up running long again, not sure, we'll be playing that one by ear. Archives here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Strike%20witches%201989 And the pastebin character sheet is here: http://pastebin.com/zFxWNup1 ++ “Jessica.” You greet your sister- remarkably levelly, considering she just tackled you off your chair and onto the tile floor of the old castle kitchen. “What brings you here?” “Well I was hungry” your sister starts from astride your chest in her typical, punctuation less way of speaking, “and Kat said we could come down here and she'd make some sashimi and her sashimi is amazing have you tried it I don't know where she gets the fish but it's really really good anyway so we came down here and you're here with Katya and HI KATYA and so we had to say hi and what are you doing down here before dinner anyway miss Mack might get mad!” “I doubt that.” You say, rolling her off you and standing up, gingerly rolling your shoulder and wincing- not dislocated or sprained, thankfully, but it's still a bit sore from where you landed on it. “As opposed to, say, me, I might get mad when I get tackled off my chair.” “Yeah whatever.” Jessica responds, tossing her head. “Anyway are you still hungry cos Kat said she wanted to teach me how to make sashimi and I asked about sushi too but Kenji offered to teach me and Kat said he can't cook but I'm not supposed to tell him I said that and I kind of don't want to anyway and no one here can make a good burger except Patty and she doesn't cook much you should make her cook more and anyway why are you grumpy?” 1/2

Custom Card Thread

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Templates Edition This link has downloads for many custom card templates for use with MSE. http://sourceforge.net/projects/msetemps/files/ If the installers don't work, move MSE out of program files! Thread challenge: Make an interesting double-faced card! Hardmode: Common or uncommon rarity.
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>this was out and I didn't know Anyway, slutty elf, chaste orc, wat do?
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>The Queen of the vampires conspires to have ugly vampires killed that the beauty of the vampire race be preserved.

Log Horizon Quest #16

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QM's Twitter: https://twitter.com/TinyShepherdQst Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Levers You are Ambrosis, the level 31 cleric, captain of the Big Red One, and leader of the First Panzer Division. You had fallen behind TopCat and decided setting the boiler on fire was a good idea. Now that you have returned to the deck, you realize this idea was, in fact, not a good one. Fire rages on the deck, the heavy wind from the BRO's speed only feeds the flames. “Someone do something!” Aideen shouts over the wind. You scrolled through your ability list. Nothing seemed to be able to help, except maybe Energy Protection. “I know how to fix this.” Takeshi says to you. Before you have a chance to stop him, he is already in the air, sword drawn. His arms swing down, dragging the massive sword with it. The blade cuts just in front of you, slicing the deck port to starboard. The assassin spins with the momentum and makes another cut, just in front of the stairs. Takeshi lands on the deck next to you. He sheathes his sword and, as if on cue, the burning part of the deck crashes down into the boiler room below. “Now the boiler room's on fire!” You shout. “Fire is speed.” He responds. You wanted to slap him, but he had a point. With all this fire on the boiler, there is no possible way you will be out done by that cat! Then the ship begins to slow down. “We're out of water again!” Tabula says over the wind. “How the hell are we out of water already!?” You reply. The summoner leaps from the stairs all the way to where you are. “More heat, more steam, less water.” he explains. “The hotter we run, the faster we go, but the more water we lose with each pump of the engine.” You didn't really need the explanation, so you shout, “Just get the boiler filled up before the fire goes out!”
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I have a request. Could any of you fine fa/tg/guys help me out with some artwork? I'm putting together a SCI-FI TTRPG, and I need artwork for my races. However, I can't fucking draw. So, could somebody have a bash? It doesn't have to be fancy, or even in color. A sketch will do as long as it conveys the races general size and features. Here are the descriptions of the races right from the book. Much appreciated if anybody decides to help.

Calling all ye architecture nerds!

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I'm trying to go full autist mode with the realism for my setting's architecture and building supplies. Does anyone currently trafficing /tg/ know the different varieties of brick and their purposes? Styles of laying them, styles of mortar, etc? Because I'd like to design and draw buildings that LOOK like they could exist in the fantasy places I've put them. Be they swamps, rocky mountains, wherever. I don't know a thing about building castles or watchtowers or anything beyond the fact I know they use some variety of brick, some variety of mortar, and the quality and properties of the building materials varies depending on where they were quarried. Help me, /tg/. How can I make buildings made of rocks and cement and concrete different depending on the race and their level of development between cultures in my games? How can I make dwarvish lighthouses incredibly longlasting? How can I make orc settlements impervious but short lived? /diy/ was only a little help by saying, "you really need to become a mason to know masonry."

Kalte Ernte: The Wandering Blade

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>A forest of swords, their blades trapped in the ice, stretched as far as the eye can see. Great and small, iron and gold, pitted with rust or gleaming as if polished only that morning; every member of that hallowed brotherhood seemed to have assembled upon the glacial field. For what console among them, none could say. Deep below the sheets of cobalt and purple ice, the shadows of a thousand armored figures lay twisted and stretched in eternal slumber. At the center of the field was a pit in the ice, a hands breadth across an an arm's length deep. Here the king of all swords once held court, but ages ago left upon a pilgrims back to seek it's opposite within the world of men. Until the wandering blade finds a hand worthy to wield it, the bloodshed can never end. D&D/Pathfinder without casters. Magic still exists within the world, but only in the natural world and to be wielded by the hands of men must be teased out with an alchemists contraptions or a smiths forge. Can it be done and still be fun? How do you go about removing assumptions baked into the mechanics? What do you replace the capabilities of semi-casters like Paladins or Bards with? Alchemists are around who can distill the special or hidden properties out of certain plants or animals, but only after slow cooking and experimentation. Mostly they make the sort stuff you can make via the Craft: Alchemy skill. An actual traditional sort of healing potion would be the work of a life time and the creator could name his price for it. Forging magical weapons/armor is in the hands of skilled craftsmen. Most of the time, no one even recognizes that there is anything special about item beyond it's craftsmanship (plain +x items), but every now and then a craftsmen will experiment with some strange materials (metoric iron, wood from a tree pulled out of a graveyard, ect...) that gives their creations more obviously powers. What else is needed?

Origins Game Fair

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So any of you guys going to Origins this year? What are you looking forward to?
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Hey /tg/, I know the Log Horizen RPG book came out awhile back in Japanese, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about an English translation? My group is pretty interested in giving it a try, but so far I've had no luck finding any news of a translation, or even a fan translation. Pic unrelated. Thanks!
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This is driving me fucking insane. What is the CR for an NPC of X Player Character level? Like a Dwarven 1st level Druid?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Goshujin-sama

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Would you play How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Shelter mixed with Maid RPG? Ie. Master and maids are stuck in a bomb shelter and one or more maids is an assassin.
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