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Art and picture thread

Art and picture thread 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
/tg/, I need a mad scientist pictures. Help me.
/tg/ threads thread.Last... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
/tg/ threads thread. Last thread hit image limit. Posting Dwarfrael because somebody /r/'d it in the last thread.

Muh Minecraft Server

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IP: cheremenin.no-ip.org Pack: DNS Techpack Version: usually latest Get the pack from ATLauncher: http://www.atlauncher.com/ All extra mods enabled. I suggest you also check Optifine Ultra. No plugins, no protection, griff to your heart's content. If you want to. Yes, the loading time for this shit is VERY high. Can't do much about it. Hosted from a home connection, so might be laggy at times. Mostly bearable. Some major mods' info: IC2 - the old shit. GregTech - the old shit^2. Thaumcraft (with a bunch of addons!) - advanced magicks and stuff. Ars Magica 2 - customizable modular spells. Forestry (also with addons) - tons of trees, bees, butterflies, etc. Everything is useful. Resonant Induction - pretty much the best Universal Electricity mods and addons, packed into one. Conveyor belts, quantum assemblers, reactors, pumps, crates, cranes, etc. Thermal Expansion - cool useful machines. Buildcraft - do I even need to explain? Comes with some addons like Buildcraft Tools. Minefactory Reloaded - automate everything. Everything. Natura - some cool new worldgen. Tinkers Construct - make modular tools out of anything, upgrade them with socketables. Ex Nihilo - a mod great for Skyblock, but also comes rather useful in "normal" worlds. qCraft - Google's mod. Allows you to create multi-sided blocks, blocks that vanish when you're not looking, etc. Power Converters - mostly useful when you have too much EU and need more RF, or vice versa. Minechem - cook meth, feed people cyanide pills. Agriculture - pretty good cooking system. ProjectRED - RedPower's unofficial continuation. ICBM - turrets and bombs of all sorts. ComputerCraft and OpenComputers - do stuff with the power of lua. Ender IO - ever wanted a water pipe, a gas pipe, a wire and an item conduit all in one block? Twilight Forest - awesome new dimension. MystCraft - infinite customizable dimensions. TrainCraft - 3D TRAINS CHOO CHOO And a ton more stuff~
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>In medieval society there are three types of People: those who farm, those who fight and those who pray Ahem...
Is there any way to make your... 42 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is there any way to make your own Adamantium in this game? I started near 2 Adamantium Ores on Myrra, grabbed them with my Dorf cities but now I want a Draconian city with Adamantium for those sweet sweet Doom Dragons with Adamantium. I looked everywhere on Myrrah, but not a single adamantium, besides the two i started with, are to be found. I have Warlord, Sorcery Mastery, Myrran and Node Mastery for skills My books are Nature 2, Sorcery 5, Chaos 1 and Life 2 - I snagged a ton of books from Nodes, as well as Sorcery Mastery which wasnt too shabby. I also have access to Transmute and Change Terrain.

A Certain Academic City Quest 52

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Welcome to Academy City. The time is near evening, the weather is strange, and the date is August 26. You are Kyril Torikov, ‘Level 2’ Telekinetic Child Error, and you were walking home with your girlfriend, a pair of panties in hand. It’s not for her, mind, but rather the babysitter you hired, Toshino Kyouko. You weren’t sure why she needed a new pair of panties. Everything looked to be fine when you left her with both the Index Librorum Prohibitorum and Last Order. She even bought a hefty stack of paper with her so you’d imagine that Index would stay out of trouble. You had been having a good day too. After all, you managed to locate the Chemicaloid that you had been hired to steal. That it was protected by several hundred powered suits was of no concern. You had the means to acquire some serious firepower. It was a good thing those things were supposedly remote controlled. After that it was a simple matter of waltzing out with Nunotaba and the Chemicaloid itself. All of that was tomorrow though. Sitting outside of Touma’s room, you found, well, Touma. Apparently he’d just been released from the hospital. He had also been chased out of his own dorm room. You must have forgotten to tell him about Toshino. He must have walked in at the worst possible time. Speaking of which, did you really want to walk in to a pants-less Toshino? Normally you were fine with the female form. However Toshino was related to magic the magic side. You didn’t have very pleasant memories when magic was involved. >Get to the bottom of things >Touma could use some company
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Magic set Editor. This time, lets do 40k Tactical Objective cards.
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So I haven't been keeping up with 40k ever since the last nid codex release. Yes, I know the dataslates made things better and that it's not as bad as everyone was saying, but I was just so let down that I took an extended break. Now I don't know if there is another thread for this, but what the fuck is this thing? Some sort of new Forgeworld Nid model.

Robot Decommissioner Quest #4

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bW75OwVXZI PREVIOUS THREADS: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Robot%20Decommissioner%20Quest GLOSSARY OF TERMS: http://pastebin.com/VyjDMrpb The year is 2152. Humanity has progressed. Under the leadership of the world’s most brilliant scientists, the nations of the world have united under a technocratic banner which has shot Humanity into the stars and beyond. This has come at incredible cost. Scientists, technologists, and astronomers have proven no less corrupt than the people they have replaced. While the average man will live to see his 200th year, his life will be wrought with trials and tribulation. In Sector 12-IA, there are approximately 7,000,000 humans. Whether they’re cyborgs brainwashed by the system, or average people trying to make a meager living, they are all victims of a technocratic system. For every human, there is a robot. A robot may serve purposes ranging from police work, to municipal services, to servile work, and to “pleasure and luxury”. Despite the best methods in troubleshooting and bug fixing by the corporations which build them, sometimes mistakes get through. That’s where you come in. There are over a thousand of you, of varying models, shapes, sizes. The most popular one these days, which you are, is the “Mechanical Man,” a class of robot similar in build to a human, but with the processing power and intelligence of a supercomputer. Built by Cray Incorporated, your purpose is to hunt down robots which are declared obsolete, rogue, or simply no longer wanted by their owners. Sometimes your builders will use you to hunt down political targets in the name of science. Other times, you may have to “repo” a prototype from another company. To you, the Three Laws are simply Three Suggestions. You are the last thing a robot sees before it dies. You are a Decommissioner.
Is the 3.5 spell... 83 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is the 3.5 spell "Grease" flammable?
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Hey guys I need some references for a project, I'm looking for WWI era clothing and tanks and failed tank plans. I'm modeling up some characters and vehicles, and mixing it with a steampunk style, I need ideas as well
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So /tg/, I've decided to try and get into Napoleonic war-gaming and I would like your advice on what would be the best miniatures to collect or just general information on that area. I know that Napoleonic is pretty popular within the war gaming world, and I just want to know where would be the best place to start.
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I got this at the prerelease and I didn't care much for it. My pool didn't support it anyway. One of my friends however is conviced it will somehow be great especially with Khans coming out. I just don't see it. I guess phasing it or Sakura-tribe-elder or something could make it work, but it still wouldn't be that great. Also some sort of general post-rotation standardspeculation thread iguess
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Does anyone else hate this stupid bullshit with blue dragons breathing ice and yellow dragons breathing lightning and whatever? Dragons breath fire dammit.
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I need a pathfinder stat block for the fantasy equivalent of a redshirt.


Skeletons 17 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click to view.
No skeleton thread? That really rattles my ribcage.

Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Defender of Hearts.

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Stage 17: Situation Nowhere Near Fucked Up Enough to be Normal. Herding everyone inside again so the barrier may be taken down is only the first step. Of course, it is during this time that your niji-chans, your miko, and your girlfriend are all calm enough to start asking questions – such as how did you get your arm back, why are you grey, and what in the world happened to your hair. After panicking for a moment you figure out they only mean the longer, thicker and slightly more wild hair you now sport, as opposed to having it burned away by venom or having it change color too. Herding dragonettes is a little like herding cats, and herding dragonettes of different elemental varieties is like herding cats that someone gave methamphetamines to. Herding YOUR dragonettes is like herding nuclear powered kittens that have just woken up after nap time and then having had sparklers tied to their tails. Nevertheless, with promises of story-time and explanations, as well as apologies for wrecking the spiritual manifestation of the window that Akari had just repaired and therefore dooming its real-world counterpart to further damage, you manage to get everyone inside and safe. Well, safer. Glossing politely over the parts of the experience that could lead to serious embarrassment, if Akari is capable of being embarrassed outside of you discussing her penchant for silk ribbons, you explain that with Akari and Er Yin's assistance they were able to graft the sapphire arm that had been removed, and in reconnecting it to your body you seem to have acquired some slightly unusual extra abilities that manifest very visibly inside a barrier. “Which reminds me, we need to take this down.”
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Master card race. You guys are shit compared to this.
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How do you DM something where the entire party is working together to control something? This idea came up when thinking about DMing a Power Rangers game, I have no idea how to make piloting a Megazord interesting for everyone playing. The same idea can be extended to running a company or sailing a ship. Are there any RPGs that do this well? Tips?
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