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What's the most interesting, creative, or awful spell combo you've seen, teeg? >New to Pathfinder >Druid looks fun >See Awaken spell >Uplift animals and trees? Cool! >See Anthropomorphic Animal spell >You what >Anthropomorphic Animal >Permanency >Awaken >You have created a furry >Teach the furry to Druid >Repeat I'm tempted, /tg/. I'm tempted and I'm scared.

Quest Thread General

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Links, read them (No really, most questions you have are probably covered): http://pastebin.com/A9uQ9XK1 Players: Do you enjoy quests in which the MC is a fairly low-key player in the world? QM: How do you prepare for a thread?

Magical Heir Quest 7

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You walk around in circles as you go through the recent events in your mind. You are the heir of Aaflyn bloodline of mages; with your affinity of flesh you have begun practicing your ancestors’ art. The grimoire of your predecessors hangs by your waist, its single large eye looking at you puzzled. The last week or so has been eventful as you discovered your heritage, met your childhood friend after years of not seeing each other, discovered that the same childhood friend has been used by a mage you only know as “The Doctor” to murder people, moved into the woods and killed a woman. Some time ago you called your father to find out that the police are looking for you. Not the best week you’ve had but certainly the most exciting one. You slump down on the ground against a bleeding tree. The sun is almost going down, dyeing the sky of your Sanctuary a darker shade of red as Cecil is waking up, still naked and covered in the red liquid with the piece of her left ring finger still in your pocket. At least it’s not bleeding anymore. You watch her awkwardly stumble to the shelter where she puts a kettle onto your campfire and starts preparing a coffee pot with a satisfied smile. >You need a plan.
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My friends and I were thinking about doing a game set in early 1990's southern Africa. No supernatural elements, no future tech, nothing; just keeping it as realistic as possible. The players have these ideas for their characters: >A documentary director in way over his head >The filmmaker's native translator/guide/bodyguard >A WHO doctor >A stereotypical "only in it for the money" Afrikaner mercenary The basic premise is that the documentary director and his guide were doing a documentary about the WHO doctor, but they were attacked by rebels; they hired the merc to get them out of there alive. I'm going to be the GM, but I'm not sure which system would work best. I'm thinking d20 Modern. Anyone have any other ideas? Pic related; that's a detachment of Executive Outcomes mercenaries in Sierra Leone.
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Does anyone have scans of Sanctus Reach/Red WAAGH? I'm hoping to use a formation at a tournament tomorrow.

Transformers Quest

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Transformers Quest 7: Nothin' But Misery Pastebin is up http://pastebin.com/u/Telechan4 Twitter https://twitter.com/JoeBobotron All around you a city-state burns. Kilometers of cramped tunnels and dark inner construction sites had almost put the destruction out of your mind. The inferno blazing around is a visceral wake up call. Fortunately the acid rain has stopped, though its chemical taint has colored the fire in greens and purples. Standing atop a massive domed building flanked by two skeletal towers you find yourself high enough to be out of the fire and with a commanding view of the city cape. The once yellow brown slum city has been turned into a funeral pyre for those who had opted to stay out of the war.The destruction lies between you and your comrades, who are no doubt fighting against Cons and the inferno. In the distance you see Decepticon gravskiffs being flown by three Con squads, driver, lookout, and a gunner on a rear mounted turret. There are a number of purple flyers zipping around, dropping explosives or firing there personal guns into buildings. You also see a pair drop ships, one a kilometer away to your right, another far off in front of you, also on the right. A freighter circles an area not to far to your left.

Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 39)

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>Previous threads available on suptg at >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Loli%20STALKER >Part 29 is misarchived here: >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/31271862/ >Alternatively, Foolz archive here: >https://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/subject/Loli%20S.T.A.L.K.E.R./ >I also have a Twitter for updates, @Loli_Kaleun Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Lolis, Killers, Explorers, Robbers. YOU ARE LOLI, You and Ice are staring dumbfounded down at Dave, who is stood in the open on the valley floor waving like an idiot at you. A valley floor that until a few moments ago was filled with very angry and very shooty Monolith fighters. "Wait here," you tell Eliza and Viktor, motioning Ice to come with you. You rush down the slope quickly to meet up with the man wandering lazily back towards you. You open your mouth to ask a question, but Ice beats you to it. "Dave what the HELL was that?" He shrugs. "Ie asked them to leave." Ice blinks. Then blinks again. "No. Nope, no way. You don't just ask Monolith to LEAVE. What did you do?" Dave cranes his neck, sighing in exasperation. "Ie simply, explained the obvious. They, were hkere to ambush us. They failed, they should leave. And so, they did." Ice squints at the man. "You're... being serious." He moves his mouth, trying to form more words, but none seem to come forth. Dave turns his attention to you. >?
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Let's talk Star Wars d20. I'm trying to make a hoss Noble/Lightsaber build. I'm thinking about starting off with wealth then Connections, then going for the saber build. I don't know if I should do the Fencing talent tree in KOTOR or take advanced weapon proficiency OR just take three levels of jedi so I can get Block and Deflect. Any advice on where I should go with this build? Will post fantasy pics in the meantime.
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We've all heard this question before /tg/, its the classic question asked by all nerdy young men. As inane and pointless as any question can be, comparing the strengths and weakness of fictional characters. So why do we ask it? Because those are the fights we want to see, those are fights we dream about. Trouble is, in our immaturity, we only wonder about the most OP of characters, such as the infamous Superman vs. Goku. What I ask of you instead /tg/, is to come up with the BEST fight. Characters whose abilities and skills are well defined. Characters who are not defended by 8 inches of plot armor. What would be the greatest match up in the history of fiction? And who would win?
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Eternal Crusade steam happening. For you who backed this shit with your cash, there is a kind of gift or something.
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Do class levels affect CR linearly? If I give this CR20 giant 20 levels in wizard, I'm sure it doesn't become CR40 since it's still just as limited by the action economy.
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Hey /tg/, just a simple question here: I'm unsure of which deck to take to a Magic Modern PTQ this Sunday. I've got Storm, UR Twin, and Scapeshift all put together. I like them all and I have probably equal experience in each, probably a little more in Twin. Here's my take on each: Storm + Can reliably combo off turn 4, sometimes turn 3 + Stomps a meta when there's no hate for it - Loses to certain cards very easily (Eidolon of Rhetoric and Rule of Law) - Small mistakes generate incremental disadvantage that punish you for being wrong more than the other two decks do - Worst results between these three archetypes this season UR Twin + Probably the most interactive of the three decks + Has a decent aggro plan if comboing off isn't desirable - Everyone knows the combo, everyone prepares for it Scapeshift + Has the strongest record this season between my three options + Combo is fairly easy to go off with and hard to interrupt - I feel like I'm soft to Rock/ Jund and their popularity is rising My argument for Storm despite its obvious weight in the negatives is that I believe between its poor results and the point we're at in the season that Storm hate may be at an all time low. As far as Scapeshift vs Twin, I probably have about as much fun with each, so if I were to decide between them it would be which match ups I feel better about. But I'm open to any and all suggestions
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>Playing The Burning Wheel >Running a pre-made adventure >2 out of the 4 heroes get infected with deadly poison that turns them into zombies within 24-48 hours >They are located in bumblefuck nowhere >They need a powerful priest to save them, or a doctor to perform a bloodletting What should I do? I'm not a fantastically creative GM.
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I want to start a new campaign. I want my pcs to roll for stats and nothing else. I want a initial combat with a group of minor humanoids that drop a collection of loot such as daggers,short swords, leathers and heavier armor. Plus a couple of magic scrolls. I want them to rp and choose out of what there is, to forge characters from there, deciding who does what based on loot and what they're good at. What system do I use?

Mul Cleric Broken?

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Now im starting an online adventure and a player is making a mul cleric who seems to be broken. I don't know very much about muls but I feel his build is broken. First of all can anyone confirm these are real feats that the mul gets: Born of two races, tireless, mul vitality, and incredible toughness. Note: he is level one and according to his sheet he is considered a dwarf and took the dwarf hammer porf. Giving him proficiency with a mordenkrad. Which is apperantly a superior hammer that he can now wield because why not :/ Another thing, his class feats include something called battle cleric lore. Im pretty sure this is a bonus he gave for his background but if it really exhists you could you let me know. The reason why I don't just ask him is because I can't contact him till next week and even if i could, I dont really wanna be like da hell you thinkin? Basically a cleric that has super good hp and damage, an enormous amount of surges, and an even more enormous amount of 3 encounter powers! thats without class encounter powers.
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What kind of quest can you send your players on in Tamriel? What kind of campaigns have you had in TES settings?

Planeswalker Quest I

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You are a Planeswalker. You are one of the blessed few, given the power to traverse unreality itself, to wander realms you may once have only dreamed of and to bend the essence of entire worlds to your will. If only you knew any of that. Right now, in fact, you're struggling to figure out where you are, and not the old gamut of incomprehensible universal truths and all that. Darkness surrounds you. That and solid rock. You're in some sort of tunnel, which you quite abruptly learned the first time you tried to straighten up and were rewarded with a nearly-cracked skull. There is a cold breeze at your back, and a stream flows around your feet into the darkness ahead. You can't see a thing, can't hear anything besides your own breathing and can't even begin to guess where the hell you are. But you do know it's not where you were mere moments before. >Vote for home plane Will take write-ins of all kinds, just remember that the more obscure your choice, the more research I'll have to do and the slower these early updates might be. Voting closes in 15 minutes.

Pathfinder: Tier Balancing

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I could use some input, /tg/. I'm playing in an upcoming Pathfinder Ravenloft game. The GM is a bro of mine, and he always runs Ravenloft in October and it's a lot of fun. His character creation rules this time around have thrown me for a loop, though. Basic idea: he wants everyone to be equal to tier 3. What follows are the character creation rules for the campaign. Level of Character 8 Wealth As of 8th level character. The 1st crafter made in group may 'create' items before character creation at craft price. After that, normal prices, even if you have crafting feats. Races allowed Core is auto-allowed. Anything from other books will have to be run through me, and we will have to make sure they are inline with other core races via the racial points of Advance Races Guide Material Allowed Core, APG, UM, UC, Advance Classes Guide playtest, Dwarves of Golarian (Thanks Bill!) Traits You have 2 traits What is new Tiers Wanting to open up the field for other classes, but I really liked the tier 3-4 vibe we had last time around. So we will be using this Tier list http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=11990.0 Stats Tier 1s get 10 point buy Tier 2s get 15 point buy Tier 3s get 20 point buy Tier 4s get 25 point buy Tier 5s and 6s get 30 point buy Gestalt Tiers 5 and 6 classes may Gestalt with any other tier 5 and 6 class. If your character only consists of tier 6 classes, you may gestalt 3 classes, (You want to be a Core Monk||Warrior||Commoner? GO FOR IT)
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Yo, /tg/. Any tips on playing a nonsentient humanoid robbit in [insert system of choice here]? Which systems allow me to play something nonsentient at all?
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