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So I've been reading on... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So I've been reading on the history of wargames and early rpgs. In doing this I have noticed a strange trend that has been repeated in video games. D&D and games generally in the 70's and first half of the 80's were just single unit controlled combat games. Video games seemed to have gone through a similar genesis with RTS and MOBAs. What is /tg/'s reflection on this? Is D&D the DoTA of the tabletop realm?
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>order miniatures online >eagerly await delivery >delivery arrives >package looks like it was handled with a sledgehammer and dunked in water t-thanks, USPS

First Time Fantasy Craft

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I saw this image, and I want to know more. I've run Pathfinder, traveller, 4e, and a few others. How does Fantasycraft play out?
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¡Hilo de Anima Mensual! >What is anima D100 weeaboo point buy game. made by a drunk spanish autist on his spare afternoons and drawn by a deviantart. >News Gaia 2 is released in PDF! But in spanish only. So ask and you might receive if I find it. Also kickstarted seems to be going. >Other Stat up your favorite character in Anima DMD: Him not being an anima character.

Rise of Crimson Quest 2

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>Information on Setting, Characters and prior adventures: https://rise-of-crimson.obsidianportal.com/ You are Alyara Veranir. You were orphaned at the tender age of eleven, when the warring clan of Kaedren attacked your village of Pheylon. Your mother had passed in childbirth, and your father, much like the other men, was killed defending the village. With your red hair and green eyes, you were noted to have the talent for magic, and despite your laid-back, even-tempered personality, you joined with the Dremnar Knights, who had rescued the remnants of you village. In that time, others outperformed you in swordsmanship, and both elemental and spiritual magic. However, unlike others, you did have a penchant for all three, something that has proved useful during your training. Some years passed in training, and now your graduation from recruit to Knight is at hand. Your team consisted of Trelthar Sendren, son of one of the leading Knights, and Vrandimus Melan, a Spirit Mage with decided potential. Your fourth member had originally been decided as Erasmir Llend, an Elemental Mage of considerable skill, but given your impromptu friendship with Amelia Zynidal, (which led to you learning early about this whole trial,) you went against the grain, standing up and halting the ceremony to request the team change. Amelia appreciated the gesture, growing friendlier toward you. Vrand, having been bullied by Erasmir in the past, was also fond of this change, growing friendlier toward you. Trel was put off by your interference of the ceremony, and despite still being your best friend, he’s a bit more distant. [1/3]
>All the women I know who... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>All the women I know who play /tg/ are more pervy than the guys are >We had a recruitment booth set up with figurines and stuff set up >Feminazi comes up to us and screams that we are objectifying women and removing their sexual agency (drops the word "rape" no less than 3 times) >Girl at the booth with me is sitting on her laptop browsing through nude female fanart laughing while this woman screams at me Where did it all go so wrong /tg/

Girls und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest #105 Part Two

Girls und Panzer: Lafayette... 13 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
> “You have to tell me more.” “Weiss, this is a very dangerous trick. I’m not doing this unless you tell me more.” Weiss sighs. “Okay, fine.” She rubs her nose a bit. “Here’s how it will work, Gertrude. I will be on one end of the stage, you will be on the other, okay? The gun is loaded with blanks, but I will have a bullet underneath my tongue. It’s like you described actually.” You nod. “Okay, that’s fine. You got that cleared with the school, right?” She nods. “Great. Good. Okay, yeah, that’s fine.” “Great!” says Weiss. She and the other Magicians quickly push you out the door. “Anyway! You should get going! We got plans! Plans that involve people actually adept at Magic and sleight-of-hand! Now go!” “But-“ “Go!” She shuts the door on you. You narrow your eyes open the door again, only to find them stripping out of their dresses. They notice you, and immediately scream. “AH! WE SAID GO!” squeals Weiss. You sigh, closing the door. Welp, you might as well head to Bernadette’s place now. You actually receive a call. > Bernadette F. Fairless (Senior VP) Welp. You might as well answer. “Hey, Gertrude.” “Hey, Bernadette-“ Your stomach growls. “Hungry?” “How did you guess?” “Well, I like to think I have good hearing. You coming by my place or do you have anything else to do?” “Nah, I’m think I’m done with most things.” “Oh, good. That’s good… um… wow, didn’t think I’d get this far. Um. You’re fine with watching a movie right?” > Boast > Neutral > Polite > Write in
How do you deal when your... 30 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
How do you deal when your group grows apart, /tg/? >2002 or so, meet two guys in Junior High and we become best bros. One introduces me to D&D. >We play all the time, all through High School, always having great adventures. We once drank something like 60 cans of soda in the course of one night between the five of us, all passed out at the table playing and when I woke up, I found that I had written "Platinum Skeleton testicles" in my inventory with no recollection as to how they got there, >Near the end of our High School years, our DM gets a girlfriend and we play less. We understand, gotta get that girl time in. >We all go to different colleges. More drifting, but I keep in touch best I can. >Sophomore year of college, DM breaks all contact. We don't hear from him in years. >Be two weeks ago >Other bro texts me, saying he actually heard from our old DM, got talking and agreed to play a game with us over Skype for old times' sake. >Haven't played in years, but the second I grab the dice to roll up a character, all the feelings rush back to me. The late nights, the laughs, the stories, the plans for our own systems. The injokes. The friendship. For a brief moment, everything is back. It's 2014, but for one night it's going to be 2006. >Go out and bunch of snacks, pencils. Fish out the old mixed CDs from the high school years, dust off my dice and order chinese. We're all set to play at 7:30 >Other bro comes online. We're chatting. It's 7:45. He tried to call old DM. Then 8. Then 8:20. The soda has gotten warm. I don't want to think about it. >O Fortuna comes on the mix. It's 8:40 now, and other bro has called it quits. We're not going to hear from our old DM. I know it's not an engaging story. But I'm seriously getting bummed out over this and kinda want to vent (inb4 not your blog). What happened to all those adventures we had, Tim? How have you handled this, /tg/? I'm 24 now. How the hell do I find people to play with? Am I getting too old for D&D?
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Hey /tg/ Anyone know of any world builders I can use on the computer? I like to get really into detail and would like to work with the weather patterns, tectonics, mineral deposits, everything. I tried drawing it out but found I had a problem of maintaining scale, most of my continents looked like tiny islands (or, depending on how you look at it, the castles looked like enormous monoliths). Suggestions?

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay General

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Have they decided not to sell the core set for WHRP anymore? I wanted to pick it up but it's been out of stock for fucking ages now. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay General too I guess.
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So, me and two friends have never played anything pen&paper. Could me as a GM (never done such a thing) and only two other players work out? Or should we find a group to join (we don't really want to do this)? If it could work out, can you guys give us some guidelines to start?
Sup. My rogue trader group is... 9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Sup. My rogue trader group is going to negotiate, infiltrate and ultimately conquier a tau planet. So I need to know how does tau society work. Obviously, etherials use pheromone control and propaganda, but how does society work in general? For example, water caste are traders and beurocrats, while earth caste are engeneers and workers. But how does planet control work??? I mean in Imperium we've got planetary governor who can control everything on it except imperial institutions. I suppose Tau got more strict and less varying sheme, but what's it? Is etherial making all global plans? Next thing, how does etherial hierarchy work? Someone explain please how exatly do tau work. And while we are on it, how the fuck does Aun'Va live for a few centuries? It is as strange as Farsight yet there are no talks about it whatsover.
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Why is D&D 5e using the terms "action" and "bonus action," which sound confusing as hell, and not just the more understandable "standard action" and "minor action" like they did in the last edition?
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Hey /tg/. I'm thinking of starting Pathfinder but I can't find any PDF file for any of the books so I was wondering a few things about the game. What's the difference between Pathfinder's and D&D's combat? Do you still roll for skill checks? Is leveling players the same as in D&D? I have a few more question but I can't seem to remember that.

5e Starter set Map Handouts

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Looking for the high res digital version of this without the "X" locations marked to use as handouts. Anyone been able to get a copy of it and willing to post?
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So, is 5e actually any good? I'm starting a new campaign and debating between PF and 5e.
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So I was going through my old MtG stuff in the closet today, looking for a storage solution for a print and play board game I got done putting together, when I hit paydirt -- a stack of money rares I didn't even remember having. I thought I'd sold all my money rares ~6 years ago during a move when I was strapped for cash. The pile includes, but is not limited to, a motherfucking Tarmogoyf. Just going by the top listed price at magiccards.info for each of these, the 20 most valuable cards here is worth $436.13. The question is, how the fuck can I sell these in a manner that will get me as much as possible? If I take these to a dealer or store I doubt I would get half that value. eBay is an idea, but I've never sold anything on eBay before and I'm worried about the hassle. Also, the FNM foil promos I have, while worth ~$10 a piece, have all curved quite a bit, as old foils are wont to do. Does anyone on /tg/ have experience liquidating high value modern-era magic cards that they would like to share? Help is much appreciated here.

Warframe Quest 5: Wall of Text edition.

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Kog’gul administrative assistant #137 was NOT having a good day. First, his dens broodmother had heard he had visited a Males In Power meeting and had abused him for hours before letting him leave for work. His supervisors, also female, had punished him for being hours late by forcing him to sit in the dank, dark sewer security checkpoint alone. The checkpoint was just a tiny closet with video screens streaming from one or two cameras in the sewers, it was judged one of the most boring and menial jobs in Kog’gul reserved only for the worst scum of the fortress. If that wasn’t bad enough, the normally unfit #137 was now sprinting as though the Twin Queens themselves had come to kill him. He was running straight for Rakka’tars personal quarters, the fear of what he saw coming through the sewers had blanked his mind of everything besides the need to warn the General and so he ran, past amused Lancers and shocked clerks, the small, chubby #137 didn’t even pause for breath because he alone knew. The Tenno were coming.

A Tale Of Witches: Chapter Eight (Quest)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConvictCyborg suptg: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=A%20Tale%20Of%20Witches Foolz: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/subject/A%20Tale%20Of%20Witches/tripcode/%210JnhV%2FMfcY/type/op/order/asc/ Sheet: http://pastebin.com/0T3HbUrQ Ask.fm http://ask.fm/ConvictCyborg "Sleep is the harbinger of death". -- Old guardsman's saying I am Maria of House Antioch. It becomes more and more natural to think this. Maybe I'll even find out what it means for me soon! Learning how to defend myself and others is part of being a Witch, which explains the current situation, me me holding a wooden staff and about to try and beat one of my new friends - because that's what she is- even though she's so much more experienced and cool than me. I slam the butt of my stave and prepare into the ground before remembering. Goddess, when will I ever get this right? "Uh..." Evangelyne returns from her readiness pose and Sora leans forward, curious. Don't blush. Don't blush. Don't bl-- too late, I can feel the colour rise to my face like Snaplilly patterns from the bottom of a pond. "Yes? How can I help you?" Her smile is at once warm and curious. Somehow it reminds me of Mother, comforting and interested. She's not as beautiful or fascinating as Eriadne but I still… feel safe in her presence, I guess. Like she's got everything under control. Like she's got it all figured ou-- "OUCH!" I rub my forehead and glare at Evangelyne, hurt and furious. "What was that for?" She draws her finger back to flick me again and I dodge, barely mananging to not drop my weapon. "Spacing out. You don't do that when there is an enemy nearby". She grins. "You're not my enemy, it's different!!" "We were both holding weapons an--" "You surprised me!" "The best enemies do". Oh damnation, stop pretending this is funny, Sora! Evangelyne claps her hands, drawing my gaze back to her. >1/2
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