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Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Defender of Hearts.

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Stage 12: Stone and Emptiness; Akari's Run. The power of Stone isn't hardness. Many things are hard. The power of Stone isn't strength. Strength cannot save everyone. Stone can change, stone can be shaped, stone can be beautiful or plain. The power of Stone is Endurance. Your name is Hebiki Akari, and you are leaving your best friend and mistress behind. Naturally you're doing this on her orders. Yui, with Kumatori-Kiki holding tight to her waist, is riding a cloud down the street through the darkness of the night. The Barrier your aniki threw up is not huge, but it is large enough to conceal your movements from the far side of the not-safe-house. The ninja oni are well out of sight, but you still have some problems. The first problem is the trio of humans whom you noticed approaching from the sides and back of the house. They were military trained and equip[ed as such, with night vision goggles, ear-bud radios, and rifles of some sort – they looked like the ones from the manga that Ryukusa read with you one day, the grips in the middle and forward of the gun, squarish and thick with very short looking muzzles. They had grenades at their waists as well, and it was very clear from how they moved they had training. They undoubtedly have backup, in the form of car or cars nearby, maybe a van if they are looking for a kidnapping.
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any of you fellas have this and can post it for me? got a 10 hour drive tomorrow and would like to get a start on the book

Promises Quest: Beginnings 1.2

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Your name is Howard Blackwood. For a good two or three years, you were homeless because of a fire that also killed your girlfriend and your son. A few months ago, you were ‘adopted’, so to speak, by one David King, which is odd, since one normally doesn’t adopt twenty-somethings. It was only yesterday that you find out why. Yesterday, you underwent a ritual that let you see a world previously unknown to you. Dave’s large estate, which previously looked empty to you, was actually home for invisible, otherworldly creatures—Others. Excited by your new powers, you over-exerted yourself and passed out in a puddle of your own drool. You were woken up in the morning by Dave and one of his other adoptees knocking on your door. When you open it, you were surprised to see that the other adoptee was a woman who looked exactly like your dead girlfriend. She turns her head slightly to look at you and raises an eyebrow. “What are you looking at? Freak.” You didn’t realize you were staring. “S-sorry. You look like someone I knew.” You stare off to the side to avoid meeting her gaze. Thankfully, Dave breaks up the awkwardness. “How about the two of you move on to introductions, then I can introduce Howard to the other two apprentices.” “Maebh O’Hara. Just call me May. My son’s also one of the apprentices, but he’s a lot better at magic than I am.” “H… Howard Blackwood. How old is your son?” (Continued)

Kill la Kill What-If Quest: Part 91

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Projected estimates involve lots of fighting. A new image, for a change. Past threads: http://pastebin.com/uMT2kb5q Twitter: https://twitter.com/Saxton_0 Related Steam group worth checking out: http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791435338813

5e Speculation and Complaint Thread

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I'm curious how 5e is going to handle Sorcerers, considering Wizards are basically sorcerers with spell books. Also, 5e in general just makes everything feel lower power
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Stat him, / tg / >The legend, not the man.

King of Dragon Pass!

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Holy fuck this game is hard as rocks... Apparently starting as an Elmal Clan is the worst thing you could ever do? Why is that? Also, what the fuck is the point of some shrines? For example, Maran Gor. Her blast earth curse says it ruins a clans fields but how does it affect the clan? I mean.. if I use it on the computer, how is the computer affected by it? It makes no sense! Oh and here is a tip for everyone. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST DON'T FUCK WITH THE DUCKS!!
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'lo /tg/. I just got into doing Digital Alters for magic. Seems like a fun thing to do, specially for Commanders. Here is my first go at it, real simple stuff. Have you done any or are you just using some other peoples work? Share you favorites!
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Was hoping for Blood Angels...
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Magic and technology. Is it common practice to accept the reason that many fantasy settings tend not to advance technologically century to century (warhammer, elder scrolls, etc) is that magic removes the need to do so? What are some settings where magic and technology coexist fluidly or vie against each other... And it's done Well?
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Hey /tg/, My cleric of Heironeus is dragging A Book of Pentinence with him. What sort of stories should be in it? I would like a bit of story-wise backbone for when I try to convert (harass) PCs and NPCs with religion of Heironeus. thanks

Stat me /tg/

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HARDMODE: No PTU/A Preferably 3.X

Tunnels & Trolls

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Anybody got experience with this system? Anybody got links to pdfs of 7.5 or even 5.5? It started as a one-of solo adventure, but gained enough traction to self-fund out to a fucking 7th edition and has become a full fledged rpg. I'm interested in giving it a whirl, but can find no pdfs of it.

13th age, Muppets treasure island

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Gents I need help, I want to run my group through Muppet's treasure island without them knowing and want to stat out Long John,but I need help so can you guys tell me what you think his stats would be?
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InSomnia is a "dieselpunk RPG". It's set aboard "The Ark," a massive colony ship carrying the descendants of the Nomans, a race that fled its home planet 400 years prior to escape a genocidal war with the SORG Regime. At the time of the game, the ship is crumbling, and most of it has been abandoned; after awakening from a cryogenic sleep, players will confront and deal with the various factions that inhabit what remains, and even travel into the past to carry out quests that can influence the present. Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh-ofMVpxRY
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You see these cards? They belong to a game called Mage Wars (Forged in Fire expansion is out now for MW players). This is what Magic the Gathering should have been. No random card draws, mages are creatures and can attack as such, a plethora of rules that make sense, and tactics trump luck 100% of the time. Why haven't you gotten a clearly superior game?

M15 Prerelease Thread

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Alright fags, prerelease is this weekend. >What color are you getting? >What color(s) do you want to play? >Card you really want to get. >Card you think that nobody is talking about that will be a limited beast. >Card in M15 you are most looking forward to.

Song of Swords: Karthack Now and Forever

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Last time, on Song of Swords Independence Day Goulash RPG.net and Therpgsite's comical rivalry (just fuck already!) The Protective Power of Wool. >>33165024 Song of Swords is a low-fantasy tabletop rpg with a badass combat system, 150+ weapons, and rules for everything from customizable helmet crests to intelligent donkeys with smooth gaits. Here's the wiki for the game's fantasy setting, which is pretty cool and filling out a bit more every day. http://tattered-realms.wikia.com/wiki/Tattered_Realms_Wiki And it's only just getting started. Join us! Here's the most recent official build of the game, but we're due to get 2.0 any day now! http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7cdal44p66wyrx/Song+of+Swords+Beta+1.9.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/9nitdn3x24v696v/NewSkills.pdf Rules to help you buy your own Princess Donkey, no refunds: https://www.mediafire.com/?3c1x8mbfcr7cuwu And there's a Roll20 room where we stab each other and discover flaws in the beta rules: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/XYMSTQ
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