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Kaldor Draigo slapped your... 45 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Kaldor Draigo slapped your girl on the ass. Who do you call to your assistance to battle him?

Worldwide Anarchy: Nation Builder

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In the late twentieth century, there were crises of almost every kind imaginable. Wars, famine, disease... The governments of the world strained to keep their people in line as rioting and outright revolution became more and more widespread. Eventually, they caved under the pressure and collapsed entirely, leaving power in the hands of a few dysfunctional power blocs. These powers were the ones rich, disciplined, cunning or just plain brutal enough to retain some semblance of order in their home territories. The groups range from fragments of governments clinging to vestiges of their old powers to power-mongering corporations who used their vast wealth to lock down lands for themselves to violent gangs and terrorist organisations who keep their people in line through fear. You are one of these groups. Name: [What's your group called?] Colour: [Pick a colour] Location: [Where are you based?] Bonus: [Fluff-based] Fluff: [What's your group all about? Do they have goals? Are they a gang, a loose coalition of former military personnel, or something else?] Assets: [Fluff-based]

bad ass stories Thread

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Hey fa/tg/uys I am feeling low so cheer me up with badass stories from your favorite game. Wish I had some but I'm super new to TTRPGs so i'll just explain why I feel so shitty. > went to school for two years earning a A.A.S. in Gunsmithing (where I was introduced to the 40k RPGs > graduate July 2013 with job at Hyatts gun shop in Charlotte NC > Loving my new job go to work every day happy > Sell many guns and work on many cool guns ( being a gunsmith and all) never had a angry customer > start cramping up around Christmas and on day 7 of the cramps discover the pain was actually my appendix going bad > drive 40 miles back home and have my mother drive me to the hospital appendix burst before surgery but they got it soon there after > spend next week bound to a chair reading 40k novels > finally back to job moving slow but still smiling co-worker and I joke about cramps because I used midol to fight off appendix pain before surgery. > the next month my grandmother on my mothers side passes I didn't make it home before she was gone Feel like shit > month later my great grandmother on my dads side passes I was there for this one still felt like shit. > month later my uncle passed at this point im torn and tired. > later that month ( March) I get laid off wont lie drove home that day crying my eyes out it was my dream job after all. > still haven't found a job but at least I have a place to live and aside from that the only things I've got going for me are that I'm getting married in September and I recently became a Master Mason in the same lodge as my father. So yeah 2014 has sucked make me laugh /TG/
Ahoy there, mateys! Welcome to... 59 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Ahoy there, mateys! Welcome to the fiercest builder on the seven seas: Samkyn's naval contemplation! Here be the untamed wilderness of the New World, where law is scarce, treasure flows like ale, and certain forms of homosexuality are technically legal. The New World spreads out before ye. Havanna Isles, jewel of the world, where spices, ancient tribes, colonialism, mystic creatures, and treasure flourish. A land outside of the law, a land of freedom and death! Yer ship floats over to the land, with a small bunch but hearty band of sailors. T'night, the seas are only big enough for eight brave sailors. Name: The name o' yer' character- if'n yer' playing a whole ship, this be the group's name! Ship: The name o' yer' boat, and 'er status. Start at "Great" This may degrade or improve: Perfect >>> Great >>> Good >>> Okay >>> Holdin' up >>>Sinking >>> In Davy Jones' Locker Of course, ye can always anchor yer boat. Flag: Post a picture 'o yer flag with the first post. This'll represent ye on the treasure map. A single colour works, too. Location: Where will your boat let out her mighty sails first? It can be on land or sea. Affilation: If'n you be a member of a navy, or a privateer, or what-have-you, state it 'ere. If not, booty is always a good friend! Loot: Start at 1000 Pieces of Currency. This can also contain resources like ale or rare spices, or pretty jewels. Ship Upgrades: These can be anything of yer liking, put on by a handyman or bought from a trader. Extra cannons, extra space, larger sails, a fancy hood ornament... Start at nothin. Captain: The name o' yer captain, and any fancy titles they may have earned. Crew: Start at 10 (Healthy). This be the number o' crewmates ye have. This also tells how many are downed, or in some bad status: fer instance, scurvy. If ye want to have a special snowflake pirate hero in yer crew, ye can put their name 'ere. Fluff: The special snowflakiness of yer crew, their beard colours, lost limbs, etc.
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Does /tg/ have any good references for late medieval/early renaissance fashion, weapons and armor? My players literally know nothing about anything and need constant visual aids (On a game of numenera, one of my players said a punching dagger was the same thing as a scythe. On a game of D&D they couldn't figure out how the dwarf was using the pointed end of a warhammer if a warhammer was a war-sledgehammer) and although i have been saving images from google and random /tg/ threads to use, i've been wondering if there are any illustrated pdfs or books or such i can simply toss at them.

Hip Hop in your Fantasy setting.

Hip Hop in your Fantasy... 91 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Does your setting have any hip hop influences? Does it have any Lyrical Wordsmiths? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzvL4O3uomg

XWF MANAGER'S QUEST Season 3, ep 10

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Hey guys, I have to go downtown. Ill be back asap
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Magic newbie here. Can instants be played while an opponent is tapping mana? For example. An opponent has 3 lands out. He taps two of them. In response I sac my Strip Mine to destroy his 3rd land. Is tapping mana an un-interruptable action?

Hellborn Quest 49

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It’s Sunday afternoon, and curiously, you are not experiencing any side effects from staying up all night. Probably the adrenaline or something from slaying snakes and claiming landwells. You’re sitting in the corner of the sewing room, watching with vague interest as Cassandra takes measurements of Rowan’s wings where they meet her back. Ro’s wearing some sport tank top with enough shoulder room to allow for the new appendages. “Thanks, Mom,” Ro says. “I guess I never realized how inconvenient these would be if I actually grew a couple.” “Be thankful you only have two,” says Cass, turning in her chair to jot down a few notes of measurement. “Clothes that can fit a Seraph are a lot trickier to make than what will work for you.” “I don’t see the problem,” you say from where you sit, jokingly. “I mean, all you’d have to do it just like, strip to the waist every time you wanted to go flying.” “Speaking of, that’s the other thing,” Rowan says, turning to face you. She fails to account for her large, feathery wings, however. Their motion sweeps pretty much everything onto the floor from the table behind her. “Careful!” Cass says. Rowan looks embarrassed. “Sorry,” she says. “But that’s the other thing. I don’t know how to fly.” Sattler appears in the doorway, sipping coffee from a mug that reads, ‘#1 Mom’. She’s glamored up to look normal, which still doesn’t look normal at all. “Throw you off a roof, you’d probably figure it out real quick,” she suggests.
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Is World of Darkness worth getting into?
How do you sort and store your... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
How do you sort and store your collection, /tg/?
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Hey guys, I've looked just about everywhere and I for some reason can't seem to find a 6th ed Nid codex. This is gonna be a character art thread and if someone just happens to post a pdf/location then that would be cool too

Itemized storytime

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>GMing evil game with this group for the first time >ive run evil games before and have learned from my mistakes. >group consists of an Ifrit viking, Human antipaladin, Drow cleric, Half-Elf rouge (new guy) and (forgot what race) sorcerer >First adventure is an escape from prison, and except from a couple of missteps with the rouge's disable device, these guys are playing great. >boss battle on a high prison wall against archers meant to be watching the only escape route >big boss shows up with locked gauntlets holding a large great-axe. Party is supposed to run as they are all Lv 1 >sorc casts ray of enfeeblement. rolls a 6. >big boss cant hold axe any more, cant drop it either. >long story short, arm gets torn off so that party can claim the axe. If there is any interest, i can tell you more. We played this game for 9 hours. was the longest game I have ran in a while.
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My warrior sprays ink in the Orc's Face!
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Hey teeg, starting a sci-fi deep space style campaign pretty soon and trying to find some good general background music for it. Sci-fi/dystopia music recommendations? Preferably lyricless, for obvious reasons.

Infinity General Thread

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Fluff edition Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game by Corvus Belli in which every turn is your turn. Official site: http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/ Their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CorvusBelliSLL Quickstart Guide: http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/category/access/wiki-beginning/ All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff. Downloads, including the rules: http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/downloads/ Rules wiki: http://infinitythegame.wikispot.org/Home Official Armybuilder: http://infinitythegame.com/army/ Most commonly used Armybuilder: http://anyplace.it/ia/ Reverse Unit search: http://infinity.virgule.net/ Batreps: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLliZQodsai-hSJWZVodY1lOpbi8nvbaDo Terrain Review: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLliZQodsai-jOBNwCAI4CVxkuB6GSBXWn
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Anyone live in the Charlotte, NC area? A Gee Dubs is opening on N Tryon near the University this Saturday. Any fa/tg/uys going? I really only need new brushes and to stare at the heavily overpriced centurions. At least we don't have to drive to fucking Winston-Salem or Columbia.

Infinite Stratos Quest: Deito Deito

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“That was extremely dangerous and could have done more than just badly damage the stadium.” Ms Orimura yells at you, “We are lucky that only the stadium is damaged, the audience was still on site. What would happen if you missed or if that IS was actually manned or standing closer to the bleachers?” Here you are John Smith, standing at attention next to Cecilia and Huang being disciplined by Ms Orimura for the fallout of the drone attack. There were no causalities thankfully but the finishing shot did give quite a scare to all those on site from the tremor. And the stadium will be out of use for some time while the damage caused by the intrusion is repaired. “Orimura-sensei is right. Smith-kun, Alcott-san you should not use an IS as a weapon. It is your partner and for use in sporting events. If you had only waited for a bit longer, we would have been able to help you.” Ms Yamada says with obvious concern in her voice while wearing an IS uniform. She must have been about ready to help you with the rest of the teachers. Ever so slightly you see Ms Orimura shift her body, and then quickly raise the clipboard in her hand ready to strike you. []Dodge []Don't dodge
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