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Let's talk about the Fimbulwinter spell, and specifically how fucking ridiculous it is. http://dndtools.eu/spells/frostburn--68/fimbulwinter--1306/ This MOTHERFUCKING spell costs 100 XP, has 10 minutes of prep-time, and allows you to lock a circle of radius equal to your level in miles into winter for 4d12 weeks. For 100 XP. Get greater teleport and start jumping around the entire bloody campaign setting. If you cast this spell just ONCE every day, that's about six months- 180 castings- before you have to go back and renew the very first endless-winter spell you cast. You could lock a city into endless winter siege and starve them to death under mountains of snow. You could permanently seal off a nation's farms by ensuring that all the crops freeze to death. And all for 100 XP- less than the lowliest goblin mook. WHO DESIGNED THIS FUCKING SPELL?

Worldbuilding Collaboration

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Hey guys. Let's build an original world from the ground up. We can decide based on consensus. I was thinking of dividing it into phases. >Phase 1: Plate tectonics and faultlines >Phase 2: Landmasses and geography >Phase 3: Figuring out climate/biomes/weather >Phase 4: Flora and fauna >Phase 5: Human/non human origins and migrations >Phase 6: History, primitive cultures, religions, languages Who will join me? First thing's first. We must agree on where plates will lie. Red plates = divergent plates Yellow plates = sliding plates Blue plates = convergent plates

Pathfinder General: Third Party Edition

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Old thread here: >>34719696 Downloads: dsp_supplementary_pow.pdf 5.0 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!Loo1jSDY!x9WuJztfUn_8dnafCLmWpzus5UNmGYZRBycSz1GKc8E dsp_the_stalker.pdf 4.8 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!e5JyyKoC!qDayfM10o3gs1VrGWwDyhhwlJIbyHy0TJSRzOFa7HuA dsp_the_warder.pdf 2.3 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!y0Rx0axb!PuXY6-r58xFgeukoBE7pYdPsoNcZ_iYkJ3JYBeRl7ZI dsp_the_warlord.pdf 5.8 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!j1wWnIRK!K74HNXiOiKJ5qzelFFIlBNYEEbZadnRm-UKIuIajk1g dsp_ultimate_psionics.pdf 12.9 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!jw5UXYRL!wjySrEjCibqy_9BSqnUlmqqscvmCPOnMNejEAX7t9x4 Pathfinder - Advanced Class Guide - Final.zip 30.9 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!D1QxFKoZ!thKVIbaNtSMtnMoBcCQOikJUpjO0EjMl6eU7u1VGKoc What third party stuff do you use? Does the /tg/ hack of using DSP instead of core really work? Are there any third party rules, feats, classes or races you feel are good enough to be first party? Why are Duegar so based? Why are all the other DSP races so ass?
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L5R General! Last time: >Being so honorable you can't even function like a human anymore >AEG forums suck >Changing timeline good, changing culture bad? >some other stuff PDFs? PDFs: http://www.4shared.com/folder/61429qLm/Legend_of_The_Five_Rings_4th_E.html?locale=en http://www.mediafire.com/view/06491753yu7htoe/Legend_of_the_Five_Rings_Sword_and_Fan_(6290701).pdf Anyone got Unexpected Allies 2?
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This image made me wonder... Has anyone ever created the Ocarina of Time dungeons in 3.5 or Pathfinder?

Evil City about to Explode

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I have just done a bad, baaaaaaad thing. I was randomly rolling up a city for my players to roll through...and I accidently Evil. The city's primary power is a Neutral Evil Dragonborn Wizard. She rules the city through bully and intimidation tactics. The actual legit ruler has all but handed power over to her. The secondary power in the city is a Lawful Evil Dragonborn Rogue who runs the local Yakuza. He works with the Wizard, and honors their bargains. She follows through as well, so long as it suits her. And the third power is a Chaotic Evil Dwarven Barbarian. And here's where I need help because I have no fucking clue what he wants or why he's here. tl;dr: NE Wizard and LE Rogue own a city. CE Barbarian walks in. All three are considered more powerful/influential than the local King. What happens next? This city is FUCKED. But I have no idea how and why. Any help with ideas?

whos line is it anyway

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hello everybody its time for whos line is it anyway: how many anal circumference jokes can we make before it stops been funny edition with your friendly tripfag tuypo1 rules are simple i give a prompt you say something funny so lets begin rolls you never want your gm to make
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>look on ebay for some used sisters of battle models to buy >related search: slaanesh Why? Why do the poor sisters have to be associated with Slaanesh?

Sanguinius thread

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So just how fucking awesome is Sanguinius? He's atleast my favorite primarch, He should be yours too. Also.... 1.Sanguinius 2. Fulgrim 3.Angron It should be no other way.


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What should it be like?

Tabletop Simulator is a Thing

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Sup. First time posting. Friend suggested I check out the board. Wanted to know what you guys thought of Tabletop Simulator. If there are card games and board games you love, if you think it has potential for your favorite RPGs, etc.
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Give me ideas for spells that rely on pure force e.g. Force Cage, Wall of Force, Increase Gravity and so on.

Making Players Fear an NPC

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Alright /tg/, let's say I'm a GM who wants to establish that this one NPC is not to be messed with. The thing is that in the past, whenever I've tried to show serious, dark threats the players just use laugh forcedly at them and start rolling. With this one they get to talk to him behind bars first, where the guards will crush them if they try to attack, but what can he actually say to get them to take him seriously?
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How do I beat IG as Tyranids or Dark Angels? My buddy plays IG and he enjoys putting leman russes (often punisher cannons, but he runs battle cannons and the cover ignoring one as well depending on what I'm fielding) on the table's edge, behind an aegis, with camo netting. If he needs mobility he puts them behind a wall of bullgryns with camo netting. How am I supposed to get assault them when they are surrounded by conscripts/How am I supposed to shoot them down when he has a 3+ cover at all times? I tried Hive Guard but I'm wounding on 6's against him most of the time. Even my flyrants can't glance it to death since he's sitting on the board edge and I can't get at his back. The haywire template nets me on average 1 wound before my flyrant gets ripped to shreds by Pask's punisher cannon. For Dark Angels I tried a whole army of tanks with lascannons, but they did nothing since I still need 5's to glance. Next I tried a varied list full of meltas and fast bikes, but battlecannons ate me for breakfast. Even in objective games, there is so much fire power and conscripts eating up the field I can't do anything with half the board
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Hey teegee, When DM-ing I always use same world, that got pretty much wrecked by some high-level campaigns of my PCs. I'll give you a brief summary on how things went and if you feel like, I'd appreciate some speculations on how things proceed. Initally, World (standard DnD; Lotr-esque style) had standard Human Empire, Dwarven Empire, some Free cities of the South, several areas controlled by different tribes (Elves, Gnolls, Goblins, Orcs) and A LOT of wildlands. Eventually Human empire turned to magocracy and within a few decades arcane-war started between Human and Dwarven empire, basically obliterating both. "Fallout" of the conflict came in form of Gated-in monsters size of mountains that would roam the World and obliterate whatever civilisation was left. Many have fled the World to Sigil or other places, while some really strong and good creatures (dragons) sucesfully protected some areas, even some cities that would still fall into ruin due to lack of trade. Eventually a badass Wiz from Sigil crafted a device which trapped almost all of the monsters. And then he bragged about it among his caster collegues. So. This is the way things are. How should they go on in your opinion?
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Should I sell my 2 nissas /tg/? Pic not related

Japanese Tabletop RPG General

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Welcome to Japanese Tabletop RPG General. As the name suggests, this is the place to talk about our pen and paper shit that comes from Japan. Here's a short list. Some of these are translated, others aren't: Ryuutama Meikyuu Kingdom Nechronica Zettai Reido Kancolle RPG Double Cross Tenra Bansho Zero Maid Sword World Links to follow

MTG deckbuilding help

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How many of a card should I run? The rule I've heard is if you want to draw it consistently you need 4, if you want only once you run 3. Is there room to play 2 or 1 of a card? What about legendaries, it seems ridiculous to have 3 of something I can only be using one of at once.
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Pathfinder General Is Sherlock Holmes an empiricist Is the blade adept a good idea for campaign use?
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What is your opinion on CAV? I have never really given in a real look because it was yet another expensive game i did not need to play along side all the other games of expensive little plastic men i play. But with reaper reaching into my pocket with another Bones kickstarter this looks like a deal to good to pass on. it seams like i could get an entire army for very easily $150 with add ons. Would that be enough for 2 people to play? Are the rules a cluster fuck or well thought out? This looks like a good deal and if the rules are ok then i might have to dive head first into the boneyard for a 3rd time.
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