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Warhammer Fantasy Battle general.

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Welcome to WHFB general 9th Edition Wishlisting edition http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Category:Warhammer_Fantasy http://www.mediafire.com/folder/2qbp22o8ch8qc/Warhammer_Fantasy_Battles http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page http://freegamemanuals.com/rpg/?page=20&searchquery http://warhammerfluffsource.wordpress.com/ http://www.rengels.de/index.html http://strawpoll.me/1921371/r http://www.mediafire.com/folder/b99hxohp0h4re/How_to_Paint http://pointhammered.com/ http://www.skullbrosawesome.com/ http://garagehammer.net/ http://thedwellersbelow.com/ http://baddice.co.uk/ http://theblacksun.co.uk/ http://www.heelanhammer.com/
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>Kingdom Death will never come out in your lifetime Why even live?
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How do you define "broken"?

cirno quest

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helo eye am cirno and eye am da strongest ice faery in gensokyo dis is my quest and eye made dis drawin just 4 u eye live in da misty lake with my friend daiyousei she is my best friend ok eye am bored what should eye do????

Commissar Quest Chapter 2 I: QCQ and shots!

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You are otto schulte, a thirteen year old girl on her way to destiny - you are a student of the scholia progenium on besvir, and a prospect to become one of the selected officials to one day lead the great imperial armies in battle, if you survive. Little is know of your past - you only know what your uncle(whom you've got no blood relation to) told you: They where charged with your care before you where old enough to crawl. For as long as you can remember you've lived amongst the stars onboard shiftships traveling the interstellar void of the immaterium. You´ve spent the last three months on the planet and have aquired both friends and foes all the while dealing with the simple act of keeping yourself alive - but not everything is as it seems on Besvir and you´ve begun to wounder how much is the Scholia testing you, and what really lurks in the shadow between the trees. Your story is only just beginning. Last week we mastered the skill tree, meet with some old friends and found a mysterious needle. ++++ "Blessed is the mind too small for doubt."++++

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

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Anyone have a PDF of the new edition of Dark Heresy?

Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 5]

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Kotomine Kirei. Former Master of Lancer. Dead, Command Seals confiscated, Servant re-contracted. Ilyasveil von Einzbern. Former Master of Berserker. Dead. Servant killed. Corpse taken by Servant Gilgamesh. Matou Zouken, Master of Assassin. Alive, status unknown. Servant Caster, Circe. Alive, status unknown, Master unknown. Servant Rider and Master. All information unknown. Two enemies killed. Three enemies remain. One ally remains. In the aftermath of your fight against the Einzberns, you and Rin exchange glances, as if to wonder together why the golden Servant had appeared so abruptly. There are too many questions, too many thoughts flowing through your mind to keep in control. Why did Gilgamesh take Ilyasveil's corpse? You know resurrection of the recently dead is possible with Grand Ritual-scale magecraft, but does he seek to do such? What could he use her body for? Who was the second Servant at Caster's Temple when you visited there earlier? Could she have been in a fight, or did she make an alliance with Assassin or Rider? And most importantly... Rin's Servant. He defeated Berserker through transforming his sword into the legendary sword Caladbolg for only a moment, an A Plus Noble Phantasm. How did a Chinese Servant have access to that sword? Who was he? Too many questions, far too many, even if you could currently be called the "strongest" Master of this war. [] Ask Rin about Saber. [] Part ways with Rin for the night, and plan to meet up tomorrow. [] Have a sleepover with Rin and discuss murdering more people all through the night. [] Murder the shit out of Rin. === http://pastebin.com/KNZmkvM3
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Does scurvy exist in your setting? Is your character getting all their vitamins?
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When I was younger I played a bunch of mtg with my friends. This was my favorite card. If I wanted to get back into the game would this be any useful anymore, or was it never good to begin with?
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Khans of Tarkir hype thread Which clan is your favorite?

Song of Swords: Rabbit Punch

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Last time, on Song of Swords: Armor Balance Turkish Oil Wrestling When did we get so gay >>34681679 Song of Swords is an upcoming Tabletop RPG and spiritual successor to the popular Riddle of Steel system. Like RoS, it places a great emphasis on a very dynamic, detailed and realistic combat system that is nonetheless quick and fluid in play. It's designed with historical campaigns in mind, featuring more than 150 distinct pieces of weapons and armor from all over the world and history ranging from antiquity all the way to the napoleonic wars. It also has its own pretty kickass fantasy setting coming along, which is called Tattered Realms. The game is still in beta and currently undergoing a phase of rewriting and tidying up of the latest rules to have something presentable for the eventual kickstarter pitch. Here's the wiki for the game's fantasy setting, which is pretty cool and filling out a bit more every day. http://tattered-realms.wikia.com/wiki/Tattered_Realms_Wiki Latest update from Jimmy Rome and its bookmarked version http://www.mediafire.com/download/dwj1g6nczhrb0gu/1.9.2+SoS.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/view/dwj1g6nczhrb0gu/1.9.2+SoS.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/i6cq7zdn279oeky/1.9.2+SoS+%28bookmarked%29.pdf http://paste2.org/NdWXyeBE ARMOR SETS And there's a Roll20 room where we stab each other in the dick and discover flaws in the beta rules: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/XYMSTQ

Dungeon World

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Alright guys, tonight we're brewing. Need suggestions for advanced moves for a voodoo pirate class. excuse the dodgy looking file. i'll clean it up when it's finished http://www.4shared.com/file/pf0ZUzzqba/voodoo_pirate.html

D&D 3,5 OP cleric

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Hi /b! I am playing D&D 3,5. GM let us start as 4-lvl's. I wana play a cleric. The restriction is that we can only use core 3,5 guidebooks from 3e, Magic of Faerûn, Player's Guide to Faerûn and Races of Faerûn. Build suggestions?
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So are Matamon and Krungel Outer Gods or what?

Character Thread

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You ever get a great idea for a character and it just sticks with you? I'm working on a homebrew system and i'm thinking of characters to populate the world. >Modern >Ex-Ranger, Marksman >Great shot, but has shell shock from when his position was compromised and four of his six man team were gun downed around him as they ran for cover. (Bonus to shooting at long range, penalty when being fired upon by automatic fire) >Modern >Brazilian, Explosives expert >A small lanky woman, She helped her family escape riots in her home town with careful use of homemade explosives. Has ties with a south american drug ring and terrorist group. Enjoys knitting and allergic to dogs. Another character idea I've had for a fantasy game: >Fantasy >Bard/Fighter >A commoner for most of his life, until he stumbled upon a dragon crossing a mountain to a new town. Scared shitless and hiding behind a rock, the dragon lets out a roar. This causes rocks to crush the dragon and kill it. Running to the town close to the mountain, the inhabitants hail him a hero. Before he can explain a feast is prepared for him. Stomach growling, He takes his place as a false dragon slayer and gains fame as his story spreads and grows across the land. >Killed two dragons at once... >Nothing but a dagger... >Spend the rest of the game desperately trying to keep the lie going So /tg/, do you have any characters you have always wanted to play? What do you think of mine? >Genre >Name/Description of Character >Backstory
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My fellow fa/tg/guys, I'm thinking about trying out a Pacific rim army with Knights and bugs, but I do not want to just throw a vanilla Knight on the table with my nids. Anybody have any ideas what would make a good base for converting a "tyranid" Knight? How do the heirodules compare in size? Pic unrelated
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Anyone happen to know of or have any creepy insanity/madness tables?
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Create one

Boomer Stream

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Greetings and salutations friends! I have been kindly asked to suggest this stream to you all. http://www.livestream.com/IronBoomerE Pretty cool dude, fun conversationalist, has some interesting stories to tell about Tabletop games while playing video games. Currently playing Mass Effect, but he has other games too. It'll be super cool if you guys checked him out, see you guys later.
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