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Outer Planes Question

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Where on the Outer Planes have G/E/L/C outsiders taken over part/all of a plane to which they are not native? I can think of the yugoloths and Gehenna, but not sure otherwise.
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Just finished reading The Talon of Horus. It left me with a bit of a mixed impression. What did you guys think of it?

Generation A OPFOR: I

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Continuation of the GenA world with two new storylines. Previous GenA quest can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Generation%20A Beads of sweat glisten as they roll off your forehead, stinging against your eyes as you remain still and quiet, standing at confident ease. The walls of worn, unstained wood do nothing to keep the heat outside at bay, a fact you're quite aware of as you wipe your face with a thick forearm yet again. You don't particularly mind the heat and the stuffy interior of the building as much as you do the flies. They seem enamored with what to them must be a new, alien, exciting flavor. You hate flies. Though right now you're too focused on the noise coming through the door to pay them as much mind as you normally might. Noise that despite missing the entirety of your left ear, you can pick up perfectly. “Ladies. Gentlemen. I know you're all wondering why I had you all come here today. I know this isn't our usual and I know it sucks, but this is going to be our base of operations for at least a few days until we see this task through.” Booms the voice of the Commander as clear as though he were speaking to your face. A general murmur follows, bearing nothing of note. “And I've heard your concerns about the current size of our team and the areas we need filled. I've heard them and I've taken them to heart. Lord knows we all miss Garrett, but he's gone. He's gone and we need someone to take the lead on the wetwork.” “Commander,” A new voice, “All due respect but I believe I'm perfectly able to...” “I'm sorry, Alex, but no. You may be good with that machinegun but I think we can all agree that you captaining the Alduin mission proved you need some more experience under your belt before you're ready to be the starting quarterback. You had it nailed up until the tank chase through the city streets... But no. Not yet.” A few bursts of laughter choked back, met with a grunt of dismay.

Fookin' Princesses Part 13: A Real Return

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Alright. So about this time last year I started a small story on /tg/ about a Knight who wound up in a rather ridiculous adventure involving dragons, maids, harems, and a dark artifact from an ancient wizard. I managed to keep the story going until around December when life interfered. I made a small return in February, but that thread never went anywhere. My question is, is anyone still interested in the story? First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/27693404/ Other Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Knight%20of%20the%20Realm
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What would a fantasy setting based on the French Revolution/Reign of Terror be like?
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I have a questions regarding mtg and the stack. Can I respond to ANY ability that uses the stack? Like a card that taps to add a counter to something, can I blast that card before its ability resolves?

use of 3.5 books in Pf

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Discussing use of 3.5 prestige classes in pathfinder, buddy says "only really wizards would need it because they arent strong " > lol what

Eminence: Xander Tales

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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1661433091/eminence-xanders-tales/comments Triple Triad-esque game (though Eminence has card effects too). If nothing else, you could buy the 54 deck add on to compliment your drawer full of various themed bicycle playing cards
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The time for war is coming /tg/ rally your forces.
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>player 1: what if we tried sneaking in as girls? >player 2: hey, yeah. >what >player 1: they're on the look out for a group of four men, right? >player 3: how high would that check be? >player 4: we need clothes. >player 2: this town has a fancy tailor, let's raid it. >player 3: I'm a monk and 4's a barbarian, I think we're too buff to pass. >player 1: I can slim you with some magic, it'll be fine. >guys, wouldn't be easier to infiltrate the old fashioned way >hell you could magic yourselves into women >player 1: fuck that, my mage goes nowhere without his manhood. >player 2: we're gonna be the cutest thing at that ball but we're still gonna be men, damn it. /tg/, has your group ever did something that just made you stop and wonder where it all went wrong? Those fuckers rolled amazingly, too. Two 17s, 18, and 19, before bonuses from cute clothes and slimming illusions. Even the dice gods are against me.
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This motherfucker hust Tesseract labyrinth'd your BBEG and not only took his place, but also his most valuable items and powers. How does your party fair?
I like to play chess online.... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I like to play chess online. An unfortunate side effect of online as opposed to face to face chess, is you get idiots cursing you out at random, usually when you've beaten them. Today, I think I got a new low, as a guy started bawling me out, because I played, as white, the following line. 1. d4, Nf6 2. c4, e5 3. dxe5, Ng4 4. e4, Nxe5 5. f4. It is, apparently something shameful to give the pawn back and avoid the opening line he's undoubtedly booked up on, since the Budapest is hardly a common opening choice, and go for that opening center lead and space instead of the pawn. Apparently, I violate the "spirit of chess" or somesuch. How about you guys, what are some of the worst sports you ever ran into?


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I hate to make a new thread... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I hate to make a new thread for this but I was hoping some one could direct me to the best d&d 5th downloads.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Etyu3LuwHUHave... 14 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Etyu3LuwHU Have you ever had a dramatic high adventure Final Fantasy style game? I'm not talking about the later games, where it's all scifi and you're fighting against corrupt churches and megacorps, I'm talking about classic era "Warriors of Light" stuff, with floating continents and talking crystals. Tell me how that went, so that I might live vicariously through your stories and ideas.
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5e D&D rules loopholes time! Using a high damage weapon from the MM, such as the bone devil polearm. Benefits: 2d12 damage on a reach weapon. RAW: 3/10. The weapon is large and you may not be proficient. RAW 5/10: Be a blade pact warlock, shape your blade into the weapon. This may not work, the feature says there is a list of weapons in chapter 5 and you DM may rule these are the only weapons that can be used. RAW 7/10: Use the weapon master feat to gain proficiency, which just says 'pick 4 weapons to become proficient in'. RAW 7/10: Use enlarge self or become a werebear/weretiger to become large. RAW 10/10: Use both tricks above to become unarguably able to use a 2d12 weapon proficiently RAW 8/10: Use an ice devil spear. 2d8 piercing+3d6 cold+DC15 slow, and unlike every other monster with bonus effects weapons the ice devil doesn't have a line in its profile saying the extra damage comes from the monster, so RAW the bonus effects come from the weapon. Become a lycanthrope (werebear for preference) Benefits: Large hybrid form, 19 strength, +1 armour, 2d8 claw, 2d10 bite, free multiattack without needing extra attack RAW: 9/10. Your alignment changes and your DM may rule he gets to use your character now, but tigers are neutral and werebears are lawful good with shouldn't be a problem. You'll need to find a way to become a lycanthrope, which your DM can decide against. Ask to start off as a werebear. Try to find one and convince him to bite you for the greater good. Use divination spells to find one and enchantment to make it bite you, werebears have a low wisdom save. Glyph of warding plus hunter's mark/hex Benefits: You get +1d6 to every hit all day without having to concentrate RAW: 9/10. You cast glyph of warding, add your spell at an 8 or 24 hour duration and then have a helpless critter trigger it, then you kill said critter. On a subsequent turn you may now shift the mark to a new target, and this will last all day.
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Anyone around here play Weiss Schwarz? Checked the catalogue but no hit, however there has been threads before according to the archive, so why not. I currently have two mediocre decks(LL and Pdiva), I'm considering if I should buy a completely new one, like KlK or something else, or just keep working on these, there is a minor tournament every 2nd week in my city, and I haven't dare to show up there since I want to do a decent performance for my first time. What decks do you guys run? Any interesting decks recently topped?

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Choose Your Own Adventure

The 4chan Winter Ball, Thread 2

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Okay /tg/, so the 4chan winter ball is coming, and we have yet to finalize our date. Last thread, we decided on /po/ as our date, and began crafting ideas (no pun intended) to create a gift for her. A paper dungeon was discussed, but /po/ already had one of those. Any other suggestions? Is anybody still around from the last thread?

Invasion of the Steampunks

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My Liege! An army of Steampunks has crossed our borders and is invading our lands!
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