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Thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35530277 Thread 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35570258 Quest twitter (I hate twitter so much and you're all faggots for making me get one): @BV_470 You are MechWarrior Motoko Meilleur, and somewhere in this awful shithole of a city in this awful shithole of a planet in this awful shithole part of the Inner Sphere is your father. You look down at the control layout of the Sha Yu. Everything seems nominal, the stealth system is humming along as per normal. It generates quite a bit of heat, but your thirteen double heat sinks are handling the load easily. Whether or not they'll handle the load when you start shooting is another question. They probably won't. This is why you're clad in just a sports bra and compression shorts- the minimum amount of modesty, to deal with the massive amount of heat you're going to be dealing with. Apparently it's been raining for the past couple of days, given the wet pavement, but not anymore, though the overcast night sky doesn't promise that it's over yet. >Start heading into the city towards the park where Andre was supposed to meet the Doctor. >Break radio silence by broadcasting the pre-determined encrypted message on Andre's survival radio frequency. >Write-in.

Dark Sun

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Dark Sun sure is pretty rad. But I feel that it always had a fundamental conflict in that it was supposed to a grim setting where PCs drop like flies, yet half the splatbooks were for epic level shit. How would this be fixed. I'm thinking that ditching the 4d4+4 stat system would be a good start. The 3-18 of D&D is iconic, though percentile strength is dumb. Perhaps a level 1 start instead of the suggested 3, too? Discuss the Dark Sun world and why it is so great.

xcom style alien invasion rp

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I want to gm an alien invasion with a high lethality rate, especially in the first few sessions when earth hasnt researched armor and countermeasures. What system should I use? The battles should be like xcom, with freeform session interspersed in between where my players play the "xcom" counil and have to come to an agreement on what to spend their resources on. I want the invasion to become fullscale quick though, to get a sort of world war feel with artillery and chemical weapons. I also want the invasion to be a surprise before the first session and maybe frame it as another genre. Should I use warhammer 40k rules? If so, Only War or DH 2e? I think that the weapons and combat system would fit the tech level of the aliens, but maybe theres a better system i dont know about. pls help.

d&d 5th edition bonus spells

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I've made this angry 6'3" female, a cleric of healing. Modeled her after Brienne of Tarth. A pro womens rights, angry Lesbian (but totally str8). I was wondering how bonus spells work in this edition. I am terribley confused. She has a 17 wisdom and the generator says I have 5 spells in addition to bonus domain spells. Can any of you please inform me how stats influence spells per day in this edition. I can't seem to make sense of it.
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So I'm working on this thing called "The Elements of Social Contract". Basically a list of things that determine what make up the basis of a game on a purely social standing and how players and GM's can help enforce them. I'm looking for a second opinion though, does this list seem comprehensive enough to you, /tg/?
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How do I stop being a heretic? Every time I play, I purge the xenos, the heretic, and help the Iquisition. How come every time I gather my forces to fight the warboss everyone hates me? Only been happening in the new version.
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I've wanted to start TEW for WFRp 2ed, but then fucked up the dates. Now I have 11 years of spare time before TEW even starts (2513). Instead of narrating I've decided to run a mini-campaign, where my players will join the upstart Kislevite noble who plans to conquer a large portion of Border Princes with the help of Nuln and Averland. The main theme of the campaign is of course WAR. Also there will be backstabbings, hidden cults in the camp, political fights and players will have to manouver their allies carefully (they join the noble by saving him in Nuln, and he makes them his "inner circle"). Now my questions are: - How to best work battles into my campaign, without them dragging the game too much? Is there an actual huge battle system for WFRP? - Ideas about political intrigue inside the war camp. The noble's force will consist of mercenaries, including Dwarfs, and forces from Nuln and Averland. Also some Kislevites. I'd like to throw some assasination scenarios in. - How can I picture Border Princes, so that they'll feel distinct? I know that it's mostly hills and valleys with ocasional fortified town thrown in. I'd like to spice it up a bit. - Aside from WAR, I'd like for my players to research some intrigue's, raid tombs and generally feel the atmosphere of WFRP. What can I do to achieve this?
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This game is retarded.
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Gonna be playing a bard soon. When I inevitably try to play a tavern in exchange for a night's rest and a meal for myself and my companions, how should this be played? Should it just be "I get up on the stage and start telling a story/singing a song" or should I actually bust out my guitar and start playing a song about a legendary warrior? Or start telling tales to the DM and party? Would that be appreciated roleplaying, or would it be useless and take up too much time, annoying everyone?
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Is there a setting where the gods work as professionals only caring about their specific domains of responsibility and absolutely not interferring with the affairs of mortals? Also in the same setting, are the gods unaware that there are little tiny mortals that worship them and therefore does not answer to any of their pleas.

How to buff tyrranids

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I thought of a thing, then I made the thing
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HELP ME /tg/! I want to run a Mage: The Awakening game with horror themes! I've read a lot of stuff on suptg but any suggestions that fit the power level of Mage would be great.
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ITT: Some of the most interesting homebrew ideas you've played/GMed. I'll start. Metagame: Bullshit of the Year edition. Honestly, it was just 3.5 with some limits removed and some loopholes purposely left open. The whole story was that they players REALIZE that they are in a DnD game and are allowed to break and abuse the mechanics. We had a Monk (me), a Bard, and a Wizard. It did not take long for shit to get stupid. IE, The Bard just powerleveled his charisma so high that he could roll a 2 and still convince someone to stop breathing 'just because'. The only thing that keep things from being boring was the retarded enemy scaling. The whole world was 'alive' in a sense. The more you broke the world, the more the world tried to break you. The Bard once convinced the Wizard that he had infinite mana, and BOOM, infinite mana. Shortly after, a deaf, level 40 "Mage-bane" Tarrasque wiped the party. Good times.
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There are a number of settings out there today that allow you to play as members of technologically advanced, well equipped and highly capable covert operations groups operating above and beyond the purviews of the governments that instituted them. This is not a thread about these settings or these groups: this is a thread about brainstorming a potential setting in which the player characters are members of an antiquated, underfunded and ineffectual secret government agency, played for comedy, adventure and horror. >Established in the first half of the 20th century, the agency has been part of or traded between different governmental departments, shifting around to wherever there is an inconspicuous budget surplus they can utilize. >The facility or facilities the agency calls home may have been state of the art when they were built back in the fifties, sixties or seventies, but are for the most part run down and severely outdated today, necessitating a good deal of kludges, quick fixes and work arounds. >The agency was formed to combat a specific threat, for which they spent years preparing for and were granted a golden age of unlimited funding. This threat later never comes to pass or turns out to be much less dire than previously predicted. >The majority of their facility is vacant, sealed off and unmapped. >Members of this agency get into more danger and experience more grief dealing with the skeletons in their own closets and the legacies left in their containment vaults by their own former Administrators than they do on the few away missions that trickle down to them.
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So, should I feel at all bad for stealing all the players at my new FLGS because I'm the only GM who runs anything else besides 3.Pathfinder?

That Guy Stories

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>Be 14, watching 11 y/o brother face a 40 year old man in WH40K at FLGS >Brother moves his first unit and measures shooting to enemy unit in range >Brother realizes he was supposed to not do that until all movement is done and asks to take it back so he can move his other guys >40 year old man goes full autism and chews him out because the rules >Whole store gets to watch the spectacle of a 40 year old arguing rules with a boy in grade 6 >Took me 4 years to set foot in a game store again
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Hey fa/tg/uys, have you ever made a campaign based on an important event from history?
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So /tg/ let's talk monsters. Pocket monsters. Specifically Pokemon Tabletop Adventures and Pokemon Tabletop United or jus PTx. I've been following and playing PTA since alpha, back when it was just a bunch of spread sheets. And through its evolution it was a bunch of fun to 'playtest' it. Now that PTU is out t I have been following that, it seems a bit more refined. Or I just like the way classes work a bit better. Getting away from the traditional DnD stats, and giving trainers actual battle stats was a solid move. What have your experiences been with the PTx games? Played in any games? Playing in some right now? Or hell looking to run or play some?

Rules-Light RPGs

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What are some good games that are easy to learn and play? What do you like about them? Got any links or experiences to share? Have any complaints either about the game you like, or about rules-light RPGs in general?
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Having never played warhammer 40k, what would be the best novels to start with? I just need some manly ass science fiction. thanks in advance
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