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(Role)Playing as a Criminal / Rogue?

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I have a question, fa/tg/uys. What's a way to play a criminal, and NOT be that guy or le edgemeister supreme? I'd love to try and be a professional criminal, yet I'm afraid I'd just be that guy. I've only played 3 campaigns of DnD 3.5 and never once had someone play a rogue or any type of criminal as well.
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Hey bros, anyone got any tips on how to play mages more effectively? At the current levels in my group, the spell resistance is a major hurdle.
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Hey /tg/ working on a system how is my book of alchemy coming along? I'm trying to make it viable as a class archetype. I need to rewrite some stuff but this is just an early draft. Item Costs and explanations. Value Rating 0: >1 Copper-Nearly worthless, isn't accepted by most merchants. VR 1: 5 Copper-Easy to make and plentiful. VR 2:1 Silver-Somewhat plentiful and easy to make. V-R 3:5 Silver-A bit harder to make, and a medium of amount of plentifulnessy. VR 4:1 Gold- Relatively hard to make and less plentiful, but not too hard to really find VR 5:5 Gold-Hard to make, Somewhat rare. VR 6:10 Gold-High quality items usually run this much, you can follow the trend I'm sure. VR 7:50 Gold- The highest quality items(before the extreme quality). VR 8:100 Gold-You get the point right? VR 9:500 Gold-Do I really have to explain it? VR 10:1000 Gold-Good luck finding an artifact this rare. VR 11:Priceless-Apply the expensive property. Anything major I need to fix or convey better? I forgot to include the morphing watch.
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>Women’s hips and shoulders meant that standard male sizes of plate armor would not work.
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>People will pay almost $30,000 to playtest SKR's fantasy heartbreaker 4e clone
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Friend invites me to a 3.5 game Wednesday. Group has dwindled down to 2 players and DM thanks to class starting and work schedules conflicting. Party is level 2, needs damage output/tank. >Talk me out of a Human Monk or Dwarf Paladin. > Talk me out of playing M. Gustave or a short drunk freedom fighter. Pic very much related for Monk
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How does /tg/ feel about Obsidian portal? Is it a good way to make a campaign and display things for the players to see even after game sections? Is their any other places like it?
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Would any of you ever consider using this card with Durdle Turtle AKA Meandering Towershell due to the Towershell's self-exile effect, or is it just too retarded of a combo? Post cards you think work well in Whidisi.
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1988459078/folklore-the-affliction Back it bitches, we need more games that can be solo'd
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Now that the codex has been out for a while and people have played a load of games with it, how is this codex? I recall at release there was a shitton of whining and B'awwwing while some people were saying the update is very welcome. What's the actual consensus on this codex?
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Sup /tg/, gimme a hand here on Monk/Druid Kung-Fu Panda. >Base stats: 8 Str, 14 Dex, 14 Con, 10 Int, 15 Wis, 10 Cha >Wood Elf. 35 movement speed. Gain proficiency with longsword, shortsword, longbow, shortbow. >After racial increases: 8 Str, 16 Dex, 14 Con, 10 Int, 16 Wis, 10 Cha >Drd 1. Gain Spellcasting, learn Thorn Whip (GET OVER HERE!) and Produce Flame (HADOKEN!), also have Cure Wounds and Faerie Fire prepared. >Mnk 1. Gain Unarmored Defense and Martial Arts. Start using two short swords, with dual-wielded short swords you gain 2 attacks + an unarmed strike(kick). >Mnk 2. Gain Ki, Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, Step of the Wind, +10 movement to a full 45 movement speed. >Drd 2. Take Circle of the Moon, gain Combat Wild Shape and increase wild shape CR to 1. Also prepare Fog Cloud and Longstrider now. Take War Caster. >Mnk 3. Take Way of the Open Hand, gain Open Hand Technique. Gain +3 Prof bonus. >Mnk 4. Gain Slow Fall. >Mnk 5. Gain Extra Attack, Stunning Strike. Unarmed strikes are d6. Essentially I'm going to just start advancing as a Druid at that point, using Monk abilities plus Wild Shape to keep turning into progressively more ridiculous kung-fu capable beasts. However, I don't want to be completely useful outside of a Wild Shape and I want to be able to use my spells aside from the Circle of the Moon thing where you heal off them. What are some good spells to load out on here?
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It is the 43rd millennium and there is finally peace. What now?
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ITT we come up with D&D character builds for characters from other canons/lores/universes. pic related is Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrage I'd say something like a warlock/blackguard multiclass? Cleric or FS would be too god-y; and I dunno about having to prepare spells per day. Maybe a sorc build?

d&d 5th edition bonus spells

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I've made this angry 6'3" female, a cleric of healing. Modeled her after Brienne of Tarth. A pro womens rights, angry Lesbian (but totally str8). I was wondering how bonus spells work in this edition. I am terribley confused. She has a 17 wisdom and the generator says I have 5 spells in addition to bonus domain spells. Can any of you please inform me how stats influence spells per day in this edition. I can't seem to make sense of it.

LFG thread

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>First campaign of D&D i've ever played was cut short because we all were working at a summer camp, no time to do anything but had fun >Second campaign was also cut short because a few of the players recently got girlfriends, started dropping out of the campaign, DM wouldn't play without them because he wanted the story to be fluid and everyone accountable >Third campaign was with a few people I met from school, they were all really weird and the DM was terrible, group quickly fell apart because no-one was having fun >fourth campaign fell apart after one of the players was a super sperglord, tried playing as a king, convinced the DM (who was fairly new) to let the PC have certain powers that at first glance seemed harmless but then were annoyingly abused. Sperglord dies first session and drops campaign, everyone else follows suit LFG thread Post the following: -GM/PC? -What game are you playing -What kind of group are you looking for -Timezone and available schedule -Online or Offline (if online, specify what software. If offline, location.)
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Stat me /TG.

11- 15: Wuxia general

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So I've been looking at Epic6 lately, and I more or less understand the tier system that they describe. What is E6? E6 Stands for Epic 6. Earlier this year Ryan Dancey suggested that D&D has four distinct quartiles of play: Levels 1-5: Gritty fantasy Levels 6-10: Heroic fantasy Levels 11-15: Wuxia Levels 16-20: Superheroes http://www.myth-weavers.com/wiki/index.php/Epic_6 each of which is pretty self explanatory, except for Wuxia. Can you all explain to me the game play style of "Wuxia" games? Wuxia general I guess
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So I'm working on this thing called "The Elements of Social Contract". Basically a list of things that determine what make up the basis of a game on a purely social standing and how players and GM's can help enforce them. I'm looking for a second opinion though, does this list seem comprehensive enough to you, /tg/?
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How do I stop being a heretic? Every time I play, I purge the xenos, the heretic, and help the Iquisition. How come every time I gather my forces to fight the warboss everyone hates me? Only been happening in the new version.
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I've wanted to start TEW for WFRp 2ed, but then fucked up the dates. Now I have 11 years of spare time before TEW even starts (2513). Instead of narrating I've decided to run a mini-campaign, where my players will join the upstart Kislevite noble who plans to conquer a large portion of Border Princes with the help of Nuln and Averland. The main theme of the campaign is of course WAR. Also there will be backstabbings, hidden cults in the camp, political fights and players will have to manouver their allies carefully (they join the noble by saving him in Nuln, and he makes them his "inner circle"). Now my questions are: - How to best work battles into my campaign, without them dragging the game too much? Is there an actual huge battle system for WFRP? - Ideas about political intrigue inside the war camp. The noble's force will consist of mercenaries, including Dwarfs, and forces from Nuln and Averland. Also some Kislevites. I'd like to throw some assasination scenarios in. - How can I picture Border Princes, so that they'll feel distinct? I know that it's mostly hills and valleys with ocasional fortified town thrown in. I'd like to spice it up a bit. - Aside from WAR, I'd like for my players to research some intrigue's, raid tombs and generally feel the atmosphere of WFRP. What can I do to achieve this?
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