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Any one ever been to... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Any one ever been to cononthecob.com in Hudson OH? If so, what's it like that stands out? I'm thinking of going, but have never been there. Gaming cons general as well.
This Thread is devoted to... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
This Thread is devoted to Barry Johnson, the Great Pale Sage and the Lord of the Drow. Writefags we summon thee!

Magic: the Gathering Finance

Magic: the Gathering Finance 43 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So pic related is at $41, median price, right now. Should I sell/trade now or keep?
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You know the drill. >GM, player, or both? >Preferred systems >Timezone and availability >Method of play (Skype/Roll20/IRC/etc) >Contact Information >Additional Information

Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 5

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After the walls of Castle Misogyny fell to the forces of righteousness, it took no time at all for the Politically Correct Crusaders to spread all over the civilized world. You were taught by the Revisionist Histo-bot that the righteous women and their white knights played a key role in the revolution and subsequent dismantlement of the major world governments. The PCC managed their takeover due to a discovery of a new powersource. Hypocritium. Able to be harnessed by the Politically Correct Crusaders more effectively than any other group, they swiftly shut down the government in the USA and Europe. 30 years on, they have transformed society. A utopia has formed, where none want for anything. The world outside is harmonious and prosperous. It is the peak of human civilisation, and more than anything else, it is the correct way to live. The women rule from the peaks of their ivory towers, and the men work for them. You are Gordon, a white cis heterosexual male-identifying male with a privilege score of 110.2, whose preferred pronouns are He/Him/His. You’ve got a world class education in the core subjects; English, Anti-Racist Maths, Women's Studies, Privilege Studies, Philosophy, Anti-Religion and Revisionist History.
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classic Modern Thread!!!! >How are you? >What are you playing? >What do you wish you were playing instead? >Jeskai Ascendancy deck. Over-rated or under-rated? > Fetchland reprint. When??
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A bit new to GMing, so I figured I would come to your elegan/tg/entleman with a couple of questions. Wanted to try rpgs, but none of my buddies had played before. I new one of them was in Lovecraft, so I picked up the Cthulhu quick start guide and played through The Haunting with them. It went over well, and now we are about 2/3rds the way through King of Chicago. They seem to be genuinely enjoying it, even the guy I figured would scoff at role playing. We haven't gotten super technical on the rules (we're still using just what's in the quickstart and adventure supplements), but I think they're getting the gist. I asked another guy in the group what he would want to play next. He asked for more of a typical D&D style crawl. So, two questions... 1. I just picked up the core books for D&D 4E, done I goofed or will we be fine with our experience level (low). 2. He offered to run the campaign. Do I just hand him the books, offer to DM a one-off campaign to get us familiar, or find a quick start guide? I'm just super pumped they are having a good time. Don't want them (or I) to get too overwhelmed jumping into a way deeper system.

Game Finder

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Game Finder General thread >GM or player >Timezone/Times available >Systems >Contact Info >Misc stuff >Favorite Movie

Improving my Parties Fun ammount

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Hey /tg/ I've DMed about 5 sessions about 5th edition now and I enjoy it. I also played 2e, 3.5 and Pathfinder but for my players 5th edition seems about right. They are far from Min/Maxers so the Advantage/Disadvantage system made it better for them. They do however show up and try their best during sessions so I don't mind. I am looking for a couple of way's to enable individual characters to shine. I've watched and read most things by Chris Perkins and I never tell my players No. I'm just looking for a couple of tips on how to set my players up for Success. Do I just make a list of cool things I know the different characters can do and keep that list with me? I don't have to Railroad them into these situations.
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Hey /tg/, up for a challenge? Let's try to make the most discordant setting ever using this website: http://www.headlinesmasher.com/generator Make sure all boxes are activated, and make sure to explain the headlines you get, as it doesn't really add to the setting if you just lazily paste them in. Pic very related, as you will soon find out.

Help me /tg/, you're my only hope.

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So for the past few months, me and my group of relative newcomers to the hobby have been playing a new system together (scion: Hero, eurgh i know, but we'll get to that in a second. The game took ages to get started, largely cause we live in an area where there isn't many people interested in the hobby, but piece by piece we got a game together. Now despite scions shortcomings, by party has been enjoying the game for the most part, and they're engaged with the story we're creating. So everything's good right? Well, I dunno if it's cause the system's shortcomings are becoming increasingly clear to me or that because the book literally has NOTHING for GMing (Seriously, it's one of the most poorly constructed from the GM side games I've had the misfortune to find) well....running the game has became this increasingly annoying slog for me. But my players have been enjoying themselves and the hassle of getting the game together makes me feel like I owe it to them to keep going. I know the obvious answer is "Duh, talk to them", but I'm just wondering has anyone else as a GM/DM ever just reached a point that they seriously struggle to get motivated to do their job? Should I try give them some kind of decent conclusion to what we've done so far and finish the current arc? Or should I just try and be forthright and say "Sorry, this isn't working for me. It's not you it's me" instead of trying to drag it out.

Cave Quest 2

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http://picosong.com/97fw/ > Updates You are playing as: Peter Craftsfort - A miner in war zone Africa. He has tool for repairing equipment or picking locks. A trolley, some telescopic beams. Basic tools and 3 sticks of explosives. He also has a marker. Dave Arson - Investigator. He carries a rope, crow bar, mixed nuts, gloves and lock picking tools. Charles Bracwell - Amateur Paranormal Researcher with background in Geology. Very frail, he carries on him a book of local legends and superstitions, heavy gloves, blessed salt a camera and chalk. The three of you are currently staring at a small 14 foot diameter room filled with water. The faucet is dripping water, one drop at random intervals and it's starting to get on your nerves. A hushed breath can be heard from one of you as your lights fall on the corpse of a miner, laying face down in the water. The water, now that you can see it, is exceptionally dark. Black would be an understatement as not even the light from your flashlights is reflecting in it. You inspect the layout of the room and see that it is only about 14 feet in diameter, a relatively smaller room and could easily be crossed. There appears to be an emergency generator in the corner that is clearly water damaged and broken, but the wires do not hook up to that. Instead they continue further past the room. You dip your hand into the water, and it feels more like a warm membrane than water. Instead of a liquid like feel you press in and it cups your hands like gelatin. As your hand reaches in you notice there are ripples across the surface of the water. This doesn't strike you as odd at first, however it becomes apparent shortly afterwards.
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does any one know where I can get a copy of cockroach souffle? I was going to run atleast a one shot for my group since the story in our DnD campaign just finished and everyone wants a little change of pace. I'd like to see every hillarious fucking thing this has to offer, unfortunately, I don't have a debit card otherwise I'd just buy it. Here's this http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26912082/images/1377900782281.pdf

Soon to be neckbeard.

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>Newfaq to the wonder beyond words that is Warhammer 40k. >Read all the background shit, from teh spess mehreens to space commies. >Pretty solid on the concept, clueless about the actual game (save for dawn of guard, that was alright) >Enlighten me.
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>No one bought them Poor little Nissa. ;_;
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Fimbulvintr by Jason Bastow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aIfJgRvMlmT5OvIcVWFEA/videos ^Gameplay https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/928526600/fimbulvintr Hey there TG just wondering if any of you are willing to check out a kickstarter it's a project by a friend of mine and i would be happy to see it do well thus i'm posting here.


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Reanimator vs. Reanimator >Final Blow: A hard cast griselbrand ... WTF!?!?
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Cyttorak vs Khorne

A quick little rage subject

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Okay. I just need to vent a little here, so hear me out if you want to. This might seem like a nitpick, but i've encountered it several times and it pisses me off. Why the hell do adventure designers think that it's okay to throw random ghosts in their dungeons that have absolutely fuck-all to do with the theme of the dungeon, the plot that is taking place or the main villain behind whatever scheme that the PCs are trying to stop? Ghosts! Literally just ghosts! They're not ghosts of people that the BBEG killed, they're not ghosts of people that are important to the setting, and finally, the whole entire adventure has absolutely nothing to do with ghosts of any kind! They are just random ghosts that have no purpose besides for the PCs to fight them, while trying to bring down a fortress of ogres or duergar or what have you. These ghosts usually have some kind of backstory, but even that is only told to the DM through campaign notes, and there is practically no reasonable way for the players to ever discover said backstory. Why have it be there in the first place? Ok. Rant over I suppose. I just sometimes need to validate my anger by seeing if others feel the same way. Anyone else ever noticed this? Am I the only one? Does it bother you or is it just me?
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Who plays this card game? What are you playing? Why do you win turn 2? Why do you not? Why was season one so good and the rest shit?
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