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I don't know why this is accepted, after all it is happening in such a way that anyone who could do it would obviously be having done it already. I mean what the fuck. completely unrelated, but what's your opinion about the founders packs for that upcoming 40k video game?
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Name a setting or theme that isnt instantly improved by adding a hip-hop/gangsta rap soundtrack, cause i can't. Failling that, music in games general.
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stat me
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OK. I had a thought that perhaps we could craft a comprehensive high fantasy world based in world myth and folklore. There was an asia themed thread before that became a clusterufuck because the faggot OP thought that it was sensible to "condense" the legends and cultures of the largest continent in the world. The idea I had was that historical region by historical region we would build settings based in the the mythologies of the area. And then we'd integrate them into one world when finished. Tolkien heavily criticized C.S.Lewis for being an eclectic faggot that never even bothered to justify of explain why all the bullshit he crammed into the setting was there. Satyrs, Trolls, Dwarves, Dragons, etc. Tolkien could stomach: But the specifically English idea of Santa Claus was the last straw for him. Middle-Earth was largely rooted in Northern Europe, but the rest of europe had a place. Middle-Earth took a few things from Greek, Slavic, and even Finnish myths. Great wolves, vampiric beings, "Trolls", dragons, rustic races like elves and dwarves mostly have cognates all over the continent of europe. Vast mythological "Zoos" and sterilized "Not!Xculture" are part of the cancer we consider generic fantasy. Who shall join me? Feel free to criticize, but I thought we'd break things down into regions tightly knit due to history and myths before choose which to start with. >Europe >Near East & North Africa >Central asia >East Asia >South Asia >Southeast Asia >Sub-Saharan Africa >Oceania >North America >Central America >South America
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hey guys, currently DMing for the first time through horde of the dragon queen, though i wont make this thread about general first time DM questions as i could refer to a previous thread. my big question is this: through looking at various forums and hearing D&D stories i hear people often speak about "going off on their own" how does this work? i read about people getting into politics and having children and getting married and developing armies, all without the assistance of other players. one story specifically described a four person party in which a battle separated the party into two groups which subsequently spend the next year apart and rejoined at the end of the adventure around level 18. how could a DM swing this when working with four people around a table, Especially when it comes to characters having ulterior motives and doing various things/concocting plots/executing secret schemes unbeknownst to the other adventurers. this all sounds fun, and i know it wont play into tyranny of dragons so im not stressed about it. just extremely curious and would like to know for further reference.


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Upon entering the town you soon a bunch of Pharmacists walking around saying "lots of me..." Anyone they touch is shocked and turns into another one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hkMPKCY_vg

Deniable Assets Quest:

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It is the year 2014 and I’m dropping DAQ. Again, I’d like to thank all of you for participating in my quest, holding out through the meh-tier characters, rolling with the forgotten upgrades, fighting your way out of debt, waiting for my slow ass posts, everything. It means a lot to me that you were willing to share in this experience. It was a joy to QM for you guys, your participation transformed DAQ from an idle pastime into a real passion project before it got sicced by my ADDish tendencies. However, I’ve been reflecting on my decision for a while and I think that there might be another alternative to just note dumping. Frankly, there’s a long way to go before I can reach the DAQ endgame, we’re talking maybe another thirty threads, it really is just that big even if I railroaded you guys hard and aimed you right at the ending. I doubt my ability to run Deniable Assets as a quest for that length of time. So I was thinking I could go back to my roots and writefag it. Writefagging it has several advantages, I can cut out a lot of fat and delays in the story line. The nature of writefaggotry is more relaxed, threads can stay up for days and I can work on the story at my own leisure rather than binding myself to only writing during strict runtimes. There are quite a lot of times when I was sitting in lecture, brimming with story ideas but unable to write them down because the thread wasn't up. I was writing up my note dump and the damn thing, even as short and concise as it was, summing entire threads into single paragraphs hit an easy five pages in google docs. I think I'd really regret not putting that to a narrative. Basically, there’s two options here. I can note dump, or maybe I can try writefagging it. The choice is yours.

changeling the dreaming introduction game

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I am the only person who dms this for miles around, and i want to actualy play in a game one day. so my friend is a changeling the lost dm who is in the same situation that i am in, and i struck a deal with him. he teaches me changeling the lost, i teach him the dreaming, so we both get what we want. >mfw changeling the dreaming is so fucking abstract i don't can't think of a good "introduction to the setting" game help/ changeling discution?

Dark Vengance Conversions

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Looking for some shots of some sweet conversions of the DV box, specifically some pics of DA converted to Chaos, and even more specifically Slaanesh conversions/ paints of the whole thing.

/tg/ related store puns

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Post your best /tg/ related store puns. I'll start: Tome Depot

Over(Human)Limit Quest: S2 Episode 14

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Open >www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEBIsUsvheA Previous threads: >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Over%28Human%29Limit%20Quest Mis-archived 7th >http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29814791/ Twitter >https://twitter.com/Overhuman_Quest Asher's Sheet >http://pastebin.com/kmsL31FP Encyclopedia/Characters >http://pastebin.com/n7kNbtwG Contracts >http://pastebin.com/9xWXHDMX Previously: San Diego is wiped out by a tidal wave, a young man caught in the deluge as the city is erased by what some might consider the very wrath of god in a world with a sky of endless colors. Snatched from the brunt of the wave, the young man faces an inhuman creature of humanoid form that strikes out his eye to deliver onto him the gift of magic by means of the followers. Praise be to Susej they say. These followers. Selfish in his means of survival, a young man rallies with these people for his own safety as the government seeks to keep the truth of the world under wraps, that magic exists and that people like the followers are throwing it into chaos. Sent on a mission to liberate people captured for conscription based on their awakening to magic, he journeys with others to meet with a woman planted for this very purpose, finding adversity on the way. Having left a trail all too easy to follow, he's been captured and taken to the very place he'd been looking to gain access, though not exactly on his own terms... Recently rescued by unknown allies, the young man takes on a new alias “Faust” to help him lay low. You are Asher Faust, welcome to Over(human)Limit S2

Requesting Image Drop

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Need Extreme Medival Grimdarkness, Drow, Female Necromancers and Tuetons. Give Me Everything /TG/
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Anyone on Roll20 playing Mouse Guard, or considering playing Mouse Guard. Also, Mouse Guard thread.
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Excuse me, fellow Commissar, but if the Khornites are concerned only with achieving the maximum possible amount of blood flow, why do they not create as many human cloning vats, or whatever we use to replace lost blood and limbs, and just whip up tons of blood that way? If they also need skulls, well, the technology is tens of thousands of years old to make new bones, I'm sure that would also be a more efficient use of time than the, admittedly easier for people with no knowledge of advanced science, solution of murdering people.
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Sup fa/tg/uys, I'm starting to DM a group with two PCs, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a campaign designed for two level 1s, or at least two players with multiple PCs.

Adventure Thread!

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Hey guys the Storyteller here. I've got an hour and a half to kill on a long car ride. I just wanted to check up on my favorite PCs Balthazar, Zef, Galby, Kesh and all the others and see how you guys have been liking our campaigns so far
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The Fleshpound snuck up behind the team, I took a shot as demo thinking it was a husk and a few gorefasts, it raged, I called out, there were 3 scrakes in front. I started running. The medics went down first. Both of them. The sharpshooter got chainsawed, the support was a dead man walking. The Pyro was gangbanged by scrakes and siren. I was the last man standing. I flagged out all my grenades behind me and rushed out. I cleared out some of the zed hut the smoke obscured vision. I made it halfway down the hall and a crawler slashed me. I turn around to shoot it, a clot holds me on the other side. Finally the smoke clears and I look up, a raging scrake is rushing towards me. I begged for a swift death... There was no mercy. There was no honor. My teammates bodies were less than 5 feet from me, their eyes open and pleading. They blamed me. I caused this. I did what I could and fired my last grenade at my feet, as the scrake sunk his chainsaw into my chest. I chose to take my own life. Those nasty zeds will not have the joy of taking it from me. Tell me about your latest TPK.
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>Settlers of Catan is such a perfect game with such general appeal that it may simply be the best game ever created, regardless of generation, University Herald reported. http://www.universityherald.com/articles/6535/20140101/settlers-of-catan-top-game-of-2013-probably-the-top-game-ever.htm
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>Decide to make a homebrew RPG >Making system, show framework to group >They enjoy it, help refine it a little >Reading through other systems for inspiration or ideas >Discover your system is basically GURPS lite with the serial numbers filed off >Play GURPS instead, have just as much fun but without the work of building the rest of the system Anyone else ever had experiences like this? I mean I'm glad I enjoy the system and I'm glad it's working well, but the time and energy spent up to that point just feels kind of wasted.

SS13 General/Stories

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>See things about SS13 on /tg/ occasionally >remember I have a computer to play it again >Load up low pop server with custom map (RED FLAG #1) >Recreate Black afro hoganstash weed shirtless dude scientist >Join station, turns out late players go to waiting area of some kind (RED FLAG #2) >Everyone was there >Need Navy ID to go to station, no one had one >Pick up 3 cig packets, chainsmoke, try going to bar and discover everyone's 3x faster then usual >Imbibe too much vodka, drunkenly stagger everywhere except because of speed issues it was more like vibrating across the room >Admin finally gets shit together, (RED FLAG #3), we go to station >everything is wrecked, admin starts talking to xeno >Proceed to alternate between trying to seduce xeno and dying of airloss >Everyone back to waiting area, station's fucked >Except the doctor who kept complaining of dying on radio and I kept telling him to use CPR continuing
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