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I'm so sorry /tg/

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... so very sorry. ... I'll just show myself out.
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How do you feel about undead heroes? Is it cheesy and just inviting angsty edgy characterization or dumbfuck comic relief?
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What would the IoM do if they encountered the Shrike?
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Supplement scans anyone?

It Has To Be This Way

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Let's talk about Boss Battles How do you like yours to be? Do enjoy something more human, or beastly? Do you implement stages of a Boss, or just treat it like any other? Tell me about your Boss related stories.

Fucking elves and fucking bows

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Hey /tg/, I know very well how everyone in here does like elves. Personally I kinda liked them and everything, up until today. Let me tell you why: Today I went with a friend to the archery place. We thought it'd be fun. And I was shocked. Let me tell you something about bows, specifically warbows. Warbows usually have around 140 draw-weight, meaning you pretty much cant even pull the damn thing. Do you know how warbow people look like? Like some girly, weak, Legolas from LOTR or that actress that got her nudes leaded from hunger games? No, nope, nah, so much no. People drawing bows there have fuckhueg huge shoulders and wide as hell backs. It is insane just how massive those archers are. I am a bit buff guy and I could fire a few arrows, but it was a mighty hard thing to do. I talked with people there a bit and for males it usually takes about 2 years of 'building up' on lesser bows and for females around 3 or 4 years before they can draw warbows. So what I want to discuss here is: HOW THE FUCK CAN THESE GIRLY, NOODLE ARMS ELVES DO IT, and girly, weak, slim and narrow back characters in general draw warbos? Where does this BULLSHIT comes from? How did it all happen? Do people even have general idea just how fucking insane it is to be proficient with a warbow? Why the fuck are usually girls the ones handling longbows/warbows? To wield a warbow you pretty much need to be a protein monster, milk chugging, meat feasting savage viking barbarian type and to literally lift weight with your back muscles for years. How could fantasy in general get this thing so horribly wrong???
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Would making something like this from leather and steel be OK to Larp in? I'm going for the first time in the summer, and am way over my head. Also First time Larping stories? Tips and Experiences?

Eclipse Phase General

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OFFICIAL BOOKS >Eclipse Phase PDFs http://robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs >Zone STALKERs http://gaxtrope.net/eprepo/ZoneStalkers/Zone_Stalkers%20%2809052014%29.pdf >Morph Recognition Guide http://www.mediafire.com/download/j4bjbba89kw8v0y/Eclipse_Phase_Morph_Recognition_Guide_%286098716%29.pdf >Million Year Echo https://www.mediafire.com/?45aax64umrlghf2 PLAY AIDS: >Advice for new players and GMs http://pastebin.com/C56FW2vj >Online character creator http://eclipsephase.oook.ch/Creator/version4/index.php >Eclipse Phase hacking cheet sheet http://www.mediafire.com/view/?axe1vs35muk4juh >Eclipse Phase xls Character sheet https://sites.google.com/site/eclipsephases/home/cabinet HOMEBREW AND COMMUNITY CONTENT: >3 new adventures for your use in convenient PDF form http://awdaberton.wordpress.com/about/ >Various Eclipse Phase fanmade resources, and links to more http://www.aleph.se/EclipsePhase/ >An Eclipse Phase yearblog full of items, locations, NPCs, and plot hooks http://www.farcastblog.com >Community homebrew document https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Gy02gp6-WPQ3SoN_24kLPTUu5EjFO8qh_9pjJSVrrY/edit So since no-one else in the old thread was making it... How often do Exsurgents feature in your campaign? Do you make them a constant threat, or an occasional nightmare when you want to really fuck with your players?
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Which D&D religion is closest to radicalism of 40k?
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What're the rules for binding Demonhosts in Black Crusade? DH2e lacks rules for it so I'm looking though BC as it's the closest thing, rules-wise outside of the Radicals Handbook. I've found "summon a demon" and "bind it to a body" but the body explodes after xyz hours and sets the Demon free.
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>bards are good in 5e you said >5e is bard edition you said >OMG, BARDS ARE SO AWESOME, you said Yeah, he's got so many skills, but at the end of the day, all that amounts to is a miniscule additional bonus in a game where the difference between the greatest saxamophone player and an absolute beginner is 10 points, and Billy the Bum rolled an 18 while Mandamarillon the Magnificent rolled a 3. Skills aside, we're looking at mediocre everything else, to such a degree that every class outclasses him in damage, most classes outclass him in armor and saves, his spell selection is largely a joke, and his musical abilities are laughably bad and limited both in usage and effect. Bards just can't fight, and if you're planning on being a guy that's good at everything, you're going to have to settle for being mediocre at everything instead.
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>roll a sorcerer who's the youngest son in a line of wizards spanning three generations >first character I've ever rolled who has living relatives >get pretty invested and start characterizing them in case the DM has to drive them at some point >party currently framed by a powerful and influential wizard for the murder of a high ranking official >he shattered the rogue's heirloom sword last time we met just to fuck with him >also had our retired PC cleric murdered in his own chapel >we're passing through city where my character's family lives in the next few sessions >no contact with them in over a year >DM knows my character is anxious to see his brother What are the odds my entire family is dead? Also post character backstories.
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classic Modern Thread!!!! >How are you? >What are you playing? >What do you wish you were playing instead? >Jeskai Ascendancy deck. Over-rated or under-rated? > Fetchland reprint. When??
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So, anyone getting in on Wrath of Kings? Standard fare, 28mm fantasy skirmish game. Their Kickstarter succeeded, and they're working on getting their line finished for public sale. The rules are up for free on their website, and judging by the rules and some of the artistic design, I'd be willing to put money down that they got some of Rackham's team for this project. So, anyone interested? Have minis? Opinions?

40K lore

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OK /tg/, I don't know a goddamn thing about warhammer, but a lot of the shit i hear about the lore sounds pretty cool. Where should I begin if i want to educate myself? I know there's a shit-ton of material around.

Improving my Parties Fun ammount

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Hey /tg/ I've DMed about 5 sessions about 5th edition now and I enjoy it. I also played 2e, 3.5 and Pathfinder but for my players 5th edition seems about right. They are far from Min/Maxers so the Advantage/Disadvantage system made it better for them. They do however show up and try their best during sessions so I don't mind. I am looking for a couple of way's to enable individual characters to shine. I've watched and read most things by Chris Perkins and I never tell my players No. I'm just looking for a couple of tips on how to set my players up for Success. Do I just make a list of cool things I know the different characters can do and keep that list with me? I don't have to Railroad them into these situations.

Cave Quest 2

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http://picosong.com/97fw/ > Updates You are playing as: Peter Craftsfort - A miner in war zone Africa. He has tool for repairing equipment or picking locks. A trolley, some telescopic beams. Basic tools and 3 sticks of explosives. He also has a marker. Dave Arson - Investigator. He carries a rope, crow bar, mixed nuts, gloves and lock picking tools. Charles Bracwell - Amateur Paranormal Researcher with background in Geology. Very frail, he carries on him a book of local legends and superstitions, heavy gloves, blessed salt a camera and chalk. The three of you are currently staring at a small 14 foot diameter room filled with water. The faucet is dripping water, one drop at random intervals and it's starting to get on your nerves. A hushed breath can be heard from one of you as your lights fall on the corpse of a miner, laying face down in the water. The water, now that you can see it, is exceptionally dark. Black would be an understatement as not even the light from your flashlights is reflecting in it. You inspect the layout of the room and see that it is only about 14 feet in diameter, a relatively smaller room and could easily be crossed. There appears to be an emergency generator in the corner that is clearly water damaged and broken, but the wires do not hook up to that. Instead they continue further past the room. You dip your hand into the water, and it feels more like a warm membrane than water. Instead of a liquid like feel you press in and it cups your hands like gelatin. As your hand reaches in you notice there are ripples across the surface of the water. This doesn't strike you as odd at first, however it becomes apparent shortly afterwards.

PnP rules.

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Hello, a couple of friends and i are considering starting some pen and paper roleplaying. Most of us is fairly new to the whole idea. I have personally been a gamemaster (or dungeonmaster) in a VtM game/Chronicle, and played some warhammer as an ordinary player. I am looking for some playing system which is easily learned and used for a low/high fantasy scenario. (D10 and D6 are available to me at this point) Any chance any of you might be able to help me out?
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/tg/, i have a problem. I was never actually your typical dude that likes horror stuff\survival\scary bullshit or that it is scared\finds difficulty in hard stuff\harsh life or whatever you feel like, but after some intensive Warhammer 40.000-related shit playing i can't actually take anything seriously. I mean, am i really supposed to be scared of monsters, humans and a harsh life when i WIELD THE FURY OF THE EMPEROR IN MY BARE HANDS? COME, SHOW ME WHAT PASSES FOR FURY AMONG YOUR MISBEGOTTEN KIND. FOR THE EMPEROR! Is there a cure for this disgusting titanism?
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