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So If I pick hill or mountain... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So If I pick hill or mountain dwarf does the +2 con stack with the +2 str or +1 wisdom
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I've been trying to create a more realistic drow society in my world and I've come into a few problems. The current one I'm trying to deal with is: Timing/Calendar. Living in a world of perpetual darkness where the cycles of the moon and seasons mean nothing, upon what could one base days, months, or years? Currently the idea for the "year" is based off an el nino-esque flood that comes through every 6 surface-years.
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Would making something like this from leather and steel be OK to Larp in? I'm going for the first time in the summer, and am way over my head. Also First time Larping stories? Tips and Experiences?
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Which D&D religion is closest to radicalism of 40k?
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What're the rules for binding Demonhosts in Black Crusade? DH2e lacks rules for it so I'm looking though BC as it's the closest thing, rules-wise outside of the Radicals Handbook. I've found "summon a demon" and "bind it to a body" but the body explodes after xyz hours and sets the Demon free.
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>bards are good in 5e you said >5e is bard edition you said >OMG, BARDS ARE SO AWESOME, you said Yeah, he's got so many skills, but at the end of the day, all that amounts to is a miniscule additional bonus in a game where the difference between the greatest saxamophone player and an absolute beginner is 10 points, and Billy the Bum rolled an 18 while Mandamarillon the Magnificent rolled a 3. Skills aside, we're looking at mediocre everything else, to such a degree that every class outclasses him in damage, most classes outclass him in armor and saves, his spell selection is largely a joke, and his musical abilities are laughably bad and limited both in usage and effect. Bards just can't fight, and if you're planning on being a guy that's good at everything, you're going to have to settle for being mediocre at everything instead.
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A bit new to GMing, so I figured I would come to your elegan/tg/entleman with a couple of questions. Wanted to try rpgs, but none of my buddies had played before. I new one of them was in Lovecraft, so I picked up the Cthulhu quick start guide and played through The Haunting with them. It went over well, and now we are about 2/3rds the way through King of Chicago. They seem to be genuinely enjoying it, even the guy I figured would scoff at role playing. We haven't gotten super technical on the rules (we're still using just what's in the quickstart and adventure supplements), but I think they're getting the gist. I asked another guy in the group what he would want to play next. He asked for more of a typical D&D style crawl. So, two questions... 1. I just picked up the core books for D&D 4E, done I goofed or will we be fine with our experience level (low). 2. He offered to run the campaign. Do I just hand him the books, offer to DM a one-off campaign to get us familiar, or find a quick start guide? I'm just super pumped they are having a good time. Don't want them (or I) to get too overwhelmed jumping into a way deeper system.

Improving my Parties Fun ammount

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Hey /tg/ I've DMed about 5 sessions about 5th edition now and I enjoy it. I also played 2e, 3.5 and Pathfinder but for my players 5th edition seems about right. They are far from Min/Maxers so the Advantage/Disadvantage system made it better for them. They do however show up and try their best during sessions so I don't mind. I am looking for a couple of way's to enable individual characters to shine. I've watched and read most things by Chris Perkins and I never tell my players No. I'm just looking for a couple of tips on how to set my players up for Success. Do I just make a list of cool things I know the different characters can do and keep that list with me? I don't have to Railroad them into these situations.
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What do I do when my friends don't want to play with me because I'm boring? They say that since I use my green deck all the time, I'm predictable and they know what will happen at every mana drop. I do play it a lot, but I want to evolve and playtest it a lot so I can make it great. Should I just start making other decks (I have a few ideas) or try to get them to keep playing with what I have?
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/tg/, i have a problem. I was never actually your typical dude that likes horror stuff\survival\scary bullshit or that it is scared\finds difficulty in hard stuff\harsh life or whatever you feel like, but after some intensive Warhammer 40.000-related shit playing i can't actually take anything seriously. I mean, am i really supposed to be scared of monsters, humans and a harsh life when i WIELD THE FURY OF THE EMPEROR IN MY BARE HANDS? COME, SHOW ME WHAT PASSES FOR FURY AMONG YOUR MISBEGOTTEN KIND. FOR THE EMPEROR! Is there a cure for this disgusting titanism?

Shadowrun Campaign ideas

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Tell me, do any of these sound fun, do you have any ideas on how to start one of these campaigns? Tread lightly The crew hijacks an experimental tank for the benefit of another corporation. The twist: Mr.Johnson will destroy the crew, and the tank if push comes to shove. The tank is sentient, knows Mr.Johnson personally. Lucy in the sky The crew hijacks/destroys a “floating warehouse” dirigible containing one of the most advanced drug labs in the world. The twist: There’s another team of runners out for it, paid by the mob. Butterflies and Pins The crew must stop another megacorporation/terrorist group from remotely malfunction a bunch of cybernetic organs in the bodies of innocent [and not so innocent] people everywhere. The twist: someone has is listening through these organs, will hunt and kill anyone who knows about this plot. Dog-Eat-Dog The crew must hunt down and alter a bounty on their heads while figuring out who put it there and why. The twist: eh...other than the fact that there’s an endless army of runners and hunters after the team, you later find out that the team hid something incriminating and important and then wiped their memory of it. The only person that knew what and where it was, was killed right at the start. Singularity Blues The crew must find the kidnapper of a affluent entities significant other. The kidnappers are actually a cult, they’re converting [forcing] people into their simulation, hooking them up to cheap life support, and then selling their organs. I am he, you are me The crew must track and eliminate an odd scientist/psychologist/philosopher. This guy switches out body parts all the damn time and created an extremely useful program for falsefying and replicating SIN. He’s also rigged up to life-like drones that look just like him. He’s living multiple identical lives while perfecting his program.
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What festivities do you let into your gaming? Halloween & Oktoberfest themed gaming at my place this month YEAH Image Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/09/30-1/madoka-magica-online-shows-off-girls-halloween-costumes


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Sup /tg/ I've been lurking here for 4 years or so and now my dream is coming true! In bumfuck nowhere where I live I've found an rp-group. Problem is, Ive never actually played pnp-game. Today we are supposed to create our characters and Im way over my head. DM said he would help me with that but I'd like to prepare some or just get general idea. When it come to rpg in general I´ve always preferred mage class but now Im thing that I should go with something newbie-friendly. Human Barbarian came into mind. "Krag sad. Krag go to smash ork." So if I go with that class, what I should know, what to do and what not to do. Only things that I know about Pathfinder is the storytiems here on /tg/, the good and the bad ones. I am exited and terrified at the same time that will do something "that guyish" So I need some general advice, tips, anything. failing that Pathfinder general I guess

Quest Thread General - Naked Lesbian Space Hugs Edition

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Links and FAQ: http://pastebin.com/XRcbKXM8 Question for QMs: What Madoka Magica based quests have you been running? Question for Players: What are some new Madoka Magica quests? Bonus: Is Madoka Magica overrated as a quest setting?
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How good/bad is this card in Modern?
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/tg/, I need your help to effectively turn my current campaign into Medieval 2: Total War/ASOIAF/War of the Roses. The game is Pathfinder Epic 6. It started innocently enough as a gritty whodunit story and it evolved into the PCs deposing a robber baron, taking over his castle and lands and declaring they'll conquer and unite the realm. I wanted to punish them for it by sending an unstoppable army, but I think it might be cool to play it realistically. So, what do.

A quick little rage subject

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Okay. I just need to vent a little here, so hear me out if you want to. This might seem like a nitpick, but i've encountered it several times and it pisses me off. Why the hell do adventure designers think that it's okay to throw random ghosts in their dungeons that have absolutely fuck-all to do with the theme of the dungeon, the plot that is taking place or the main villain behind whatever scheme that the PCs are trying to stop? Ghosts! Literally just ghosts! They're not ghosts of people that the BBEG killed, they're not ghosts of people that are important to the setting, and finally, the whole entire adventure has absolutely nothing to do with ghosts of any kind! They are just random ghosts that have no purpose besides for the PCs to fight them, while trying to bring down a fortress of ogres or duergar or what have you. These ghosts usually have some kind of backstory, but even that is only told to the DM through campaign notes, and there is practically no reasonable way for the players to ever discover said backstory. Why have it be there in the first place? Ok. Rant over I suppose. I just sometimes need to validate my anger by seeing if others feel the same way. Anyone else ever noticed this? Am I the only one? Does it bother you or is it just me?
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Hi /tg/, i come here asking for system recommendations. A bit of background: previously i asked for the simplest system i could use to introduce myself and some friends into TTRPGs and as per the boards advice i went with simple D6, as to test the whole role playing thing i ran a game in a hodge podge mix matched world where basically the players could be whatever they wanted (for example in a one shot test before the actual campaign one was a magical mime and the other was a green lantern, both chose more serious and original things for the actual campaign tho) and they actually loved what i ran before scheduling problems killed the campaign. I think we're ready to attempt something slightly more complex but that still allows flexibility, im thinking of running for them a setting idea where the players are regular people in a modern setting but they work as "dream menders" which mean they enter people's minds/dreams and solve mental problems, in which in the mental world they can be whatever they want (as to keep the options open like in the last game while restricting them to a consistent setting when out of the mental world) What would be a good system to run something like that which is more structured and complex but still relatively beginner friendly?
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hey /tg/ I'm starting a new campaign. It's only my second time DMing, and the last campaign I tried to run fell apart after five or so sessions because of interpersonal issues (both in and out of game). One of the players who's going to be in this game was also in my last, and was one of the players who got into an in-game disagreement. Here's the issue: I've got two players who are entirely new to the game, and one who hasn't played much but knows the rules. the fourth player, the one who was in last time, knows the splatbooks better than I do, and likes playing Evil/Selfish characters min-maxed for rogueish things or melee. As a precaution, I''ve decided that I'm not revealing anything about the setting to any of the players until our first session tomorrow, at which point the players will work together to make character concepts and figure out how their characters know each other/why they're travelling together. The experienced player has been complaining about this, asking me to just let him make his character now, asking why the party has to have a justification to already know each other, why can't I do it like he does in his games, etc. So, two questions: one, am I being unreasonable in demanding that they do character creation this way? And two, if I'm not, what do I do if he derails the process by trying to make a serial killer character that none of the other players particularly want to play with? (pic unrelated)

Dial 0: The Night Callers

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Back in January 2013, some folks on /tg/ including myself bounced some ideas for a modern setting. It only lasted three threads, didn't get a whole lot of crunch in, and went into the pile of "/tg/ gets shit done but not really if you think about it" stuff. Regardless, the premise is still in my mind to this day, and I wonder if there's other anons who want to tackle this thing too. If you've got time to read, here's the threads in question: >Thread 1: http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22571179 >Thread 2: http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22683517 >Thread 3: http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22744323 If not, here's the gist: >The number of payphones in your city are dwindling. >The remaining payphones happen to be installed on leylines. >You got a special calling card that lets you use these phones to commune with spirits. >You're drawn into a brutal struggle for survival against other callers. >All of this is orchestrated by the elusive Operator. >You are most likely playing this game with Unknown Armies. Barring any interest in this, how about a "/tg/ Settings that You Want to Revive" thread?
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