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How does /tg/ feel about Obsidian portal? Is it a good way to make a campaign and display things for the players to see even after game sections? Is their any other places like it?

Dark Sun

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Dark Sun sure is pretty rad. But I feel that it always had a fundamental conflict in that it was supposed to a grim setting where PCs drop like flies, yet half the splatbooks were for epic level shit. How would this be fixed. I'm thinking that ditching the 4d4+4 stat system would be a good start. The 3-18 of D&D is iconic, though percentile strength is dumb. Perhaps a level 1 start instead of the suggested 3, too? Discuss the Dark Sun world and why it is so great.

xcom style alien invasion rp

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I want to gm an alien invasion with a high lethality rate, especially in the first few sessions when earth hasnt researched armor and countermeasures. What system should I use? The battles should be like xcom, with freeform session interspersed in between where my players play the "xcom" counil and have to come to an agreement on what to spend their resources on. I want the invasion to become fullscale quick though, to get a sort of world war feel with artillery and chemical weapons. I also want the invasion to be a surprise before the first session and maybe frame it as another genre. Should I use warhammer 40k rules? If so, Only War or DH 2e? I think that the weapons and combat system would fit the tech level of the aliens, but maybe theres a better system i dont know about. pls help.
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Would any of you ever consider using this card with Durdle Turtle AKA Meandering Towershell due to the Towershell's self-exile effect, or is it just too retarded of a combo? Post cards you think work well in Whidisi.

Make a Pantheon

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I'm currently running a fantasy campaign with no pre-determined lore. I need a pantheon so I've decided to let /tg/ make some Deities for me to make things interesting. They can be pretty much anything as long as it relatively fits into a fantasy setting. If you have any knowledge of Mythology it'd be good to apply some Myth archetypes but not necessary. Stuff I'm looking for. Name Spheres of influence: Ex. Poseidon is the god of earthquakes and the sea. Appearance. Personality. Tenets for followers. Ex. "Thou shalt not X" and the like Followers: Ex. Average citizens, druids, goblins, kobolds. If you give some sort of made up race or group as followers i'll probably implement them too. Stories about him: Feel free to include other Deities made in this thread in your stories. Don't feel obliged to have to do all of these. If you give me a bare bones idea i'll probably build on it if I like it.

Mecha art

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Can we get a mecha art thread going? All mechs welcome.

/mtgmg/ MTG Modern General

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There must always be a red card in the thread image edition. What are you running? What fucks you over? Is Ascendancy getting banned? Wish? Neither?
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