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Cave Quest 2

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http://picosong.com/97fw/ > Updates You are playing as: Peter Craftsfort - A miner in war zone Africa. He has tool for repairing equipment or picking locks. A trolley, some telescopic beams. Basic tools and 3 sticks of explosives. He also has a marker. Dave Arson - Investigator. He carries a rope, crow bar, mixed nuts, gloves and lock picking tools. Charles Bracwell - Amateur Paranormal Researcher with background in Geology. Very frail, he carries on him a book of local legends and superstitions, heavy gloves, blessed salt a camera and chalk. The three of you are currently staring at a small 14 foot diameter room filled with water. The faucet is dripping water, one drop at random intervals and it's starting to get on your nerves. A hushed breath can be heard from one of you as your lights fall on the corpse of a miner, laying face down in the water. The water, now that you can see it, is exceptionally dark. Black would be an understatement as not even the light from your flashlights is reflecting in it. You inspect the layout of the room and see that it is only about 14 feet in diameter, a relatively smaller room and could easily be crossed. There appears to be an emergency generator in the corner that is clearly water damaged and broken, but the wires do not hook up to that. Instead they continue further past the room. You dip your hand into the water, and it feels more like a warm membrane than water. Instead of a liquid like feel you press in and it cups your hands like gelatin. As your hand reaches in you notice there are ripples across the surface of the water. This doesn't strike you as odd at first, however it becomes apparent shortly afterwards.
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What do I do when my friends don't want to play with me because I'm boring? They say that since I use my green deck all the time, I'm predictable and they know what will happen at every mana drop. I do play it a lot, but I want to evolve and playtest it a lot so I can make it great. Should I just start making other decks (I have a few ideas) or try to get them to keep playing with what I have?

PnP rules.

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Hello, a couple of friends and i are considering starting some pen and paper roleplaying. Most of us is fairly new to the whole idea. I have personally been a gamemaster (or dungeonmaster) in a VtM game/Chronicle, and played some warhammer as an ordinary player. I am looking for some playing system which is easily learned and used for a low/high fantasy scenario. (D10 and D6 are available to me at this point) Any chance any of you might be able to help me out?

Soon to be neckbeard.

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>Newfaq to the wonder beyond words that is Warhammer 40k. >Read all the background shit, from teh spess mehreens to space commies. >Pretty solid on the concept, clueless about the actual game (save for dawn of guard, that was alright) >Enlighten me.
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Fimbulvintr by Jason Bastow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aIfJgRvMlmT5OvIcVWFEA/videos ^Gameplay https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/928526600/fimbulvintr Hey there TG just wondering if any of you are willing to check out a kickstarter it's a project by a friend of mine and i would be happy to see it do well thus i'm posting here.
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/tg/, i have a problem. I was never actually your typical dude that likes horror stuff\survival\scary bullshit or that it is scared\finds difficulty in hard stuff\harsh life or whatever you feel like, but after some intensive Warhammer 40.000-related shit playing i can't actually take anything seriously. I mean, am i really supposed to be scared of monsters, humans and a harsh life when i WIELD THE FURY OF THE EMPEROR IN MY BARE HANDS? COME, SHOW ME WHAT PASSES FOR FURY AMONG YOUR MISBEGOTTEN KIND. FOR THE EMPEROR! Is there a cure for this disgusting titanism?

How should Tau's 7th edition codex be?

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So, lately I've been looking really forward to seeing a new Tau codex. Something to balance our choices, preferably so Riptides isn't the obvious choice to field en masse, because it is literally the best option we have. Wishlisting, I know, but: >Reduce the statline of the riptide, or increase the cost >Reduce the cost of Crisis suits, or improve the BS >Allow better customization of our Stealth Teams >Fix farsight enclaves to be competetive compared to Tau Empire >Give us more weapon options that isn't so clear-cut in use (anti-horde weapon, anti-infantry weapon, anti-MEQ+TEQ weapon, anti-vehicle weapon - It is far too clear-cut in general) >A way to participate in the psychic phase (this could be like the anti-psyker gear that DEldar got - something more than just that Farsight talisman) Anything else people would want to see? You Anti-Tau players out there are free to chime in with nerfs you think they need, though keep in mind that Tau isn't really top-tier because of their codex, but because of how the core rules are written. The only fix there would be to give more armies the same shit Chaos Marines have, that disallows overwatch. Maybe make supporting fire a leadership test? Would make leadership more valuable for us.
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Why are blacks so retarded in real life, compared to their fantasy counterparts, in which they are almost always highly civilised and quite intelligent? Why can't they aspire to be more like them? Literally every black is like "thuuuug lyfe nikkuh!!!!!!" while doing the stanky legg in the club.
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Dear /tg/, I come to you in with questions. I'm thinking about getting back into warhammer 40k. I currently have 5th edition tau and tyranid codex's along with 5th edition rulebook. My questions are as follows: Is getting that triple book pack the only way to get the rulebook? Is now a decent time to get the 6th edition tau and tyranid codex's or do you think since they just released another rulebook they may release new codex's of 6th ed of tau and tyranid as well.

Shadowrun Campaign ideas

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Tell me, do any of these sound fun, do you have any ideas on how to start one of these campaigns? Tread lightly The crew hijacks an experimental tank for the benefit of another corporation. The twist: Mr.Johnson will destroy the crew, and the tank if push comes to shove. The tank is sentient, knows Mr.Johnson personally. Lucy in the sky The crew hijacks/destroys a “floating warehouse” dirigible containing one of the most advanced drug labs in the world. The twist: There’s another team of runners out for it, paid by the mob. Butterflies and Pins The crew must stop another megacorporation/terrorist group from remotely malfunction a bunch of cybernetic organs in the bodies of innocent [and not so innocent] people everywhere. The twist: someone has is listening through these organs, will hunt and kill anyone who knows about this plot. Dog-Eat-Dog The crew must hunt down and alter a bounty on their heads while figuring out who put it there and why. The twist: eh...other than the fact that there’s an endless army of runners and hunters after the team, you later find out that the team hid something incriminating and important and then wiped their memory of it. The only person that knew what and where it was, was killed right at the start. Singularity Blues The crew must find the kidnapper of a affluent entities significant other. The kidnappers are actually a cult, they’re converting [forcing] people into their simulation, hooking them up to cheap life support, and then selling their organs. I am he, you are me The crew must track and eliminate an odd scientist/psychologist/philosopher. This guy switches out body parts all the damn time and created an extremely useful program for falsefying and replicating SIN. He’s also rigged up to life-like drones that look just like him. He’s living multiple identical lives while perfecting his program.


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The last few weeks we've had a renewed interest in the old /tg/minecrafters steam group after a nostalgic thread got someone to put up a server. After some playtesting and sorting out of mods the /tg/minecrafters server is now fully operational. Our last server was devoured by a terrible otherworldly force so now we're starting fresh for anyone to join.
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Hey /tg/, up for a challenge? Let's try to make the most discordant setting ever using this website: http://www.headlinesmasher.com/generator Make sure all boxes are activated, and make sure to explain the headlines you get, as it doesn't really add to the setting if you just lazily paste them in. Pic very related, as you will soon find out.
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>You find yourself in a gritty, nightmarish dystopia where one's worth as an individual is determined by how many people like their lame jokes and ugly clothes.
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Neckbeards assemble, i need your wisdom! So once upon a time i read a 40K story from games workshop, not a novel but a two page short. I cannot remember the name only that the story describes an imperial guard world that gets caught in a warp storm and starts to rain blood. The storm continues and it describes the increasingly insane people as 'the blood rain fell, but the enemy never came' in repeat. They go so mad with fear of an enemy that never arrives that their own fear turns them into cultists for khorne or something and they slaughter each other. Ending with something like 'finally the blood rain ceased, but the enemy never came'. Does anyone remember this story? I want to say it was in a 13th black crusade issue introducing typhus and the nurgle zombies but im not sure.
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does any one know where I can get a copy of cockroach souffle? I was going to run atleast a one shot for my group since the story in our DnD campaign just finished and everyone wants a little change of pace. I'd like to see every hillarious fucking thing this has to offer, unfortunately, I don't have a debit card otherwise I'd just buy it. Here's this http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26912082/images/1377900782281.pdf
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How you really wizard.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine sizes

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I am making a pixel shooter based on warhammer 40k and I need to know how tall space marines are compared to guardsmen. Guardsmen are currently 8 "pixels" tall so should space marines be 10? 11?

/tg/'s WIP/painting/modeling general

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Where has everyone gone edition
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>No one bought them Poor little Nissa. ;_;

Mythical/Named Firearms

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Hey, /tg/, I'm planning a sky pirates campaign of roughly early-to-mid-19th century tech level, and I wanted to see if I could come up with a compendium of unique firearms with mythical origins. Nothing too game-breaking, but enough that my players don't feel like all the good weapons are swords and bows. Unfortunately I have hit writer's block, and am requesting your assistance. System is Pathfinder. tl;dr mythical guns thread. I'll start. >Hand-crafted by a master hunter at the beginning of the second era, this carbine was used to hunt increasingly large prey. By the time its owner passed, its bullets had pierced some of the largest mortal creatures in existence- including, according to legend, a dragon or two. Now that its owner is gone, it passes from hunter to hunter, itching to once again fire upon the biggest beasts in creation.
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