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Jesus could walk on water. The Emperor can walk on d4s, barefoot. I think we know who's best.

Ork origins

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Hey guys, just wanted to consult those more familiar with fluff than me concerning the origins of 40k Orks and their early days. So according to the 40k wiki, orks were created by the Old Ones to combat the Necrons, and these earliest orks might have even been a separate species. In the "modern" fluff, and even HH era, almost all ork technology is the salvaged Imperial, or Imperial inspired, gear we know and love, but what did their culture and weaponry look like when they were at their peak, primarily fighting necrons, and being equipped by the Old Ones? Is real fluff about this era?

Modern Day Fantasy Thread

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Because these are fun >Sitting on bus >Centaur woman basically sits on me, nearly crushes my spleen >Get off bus, trip over a lamia's tail into a pole >Almost home >Naked man jumps out, hands me several hundred dollars and teleports away, police run by several seconds later. Fucking wizards, but I guess it made up for the rest of the day. How are the rest of you doing?
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I think it's time to add another race to Civ. We shold make a Civ thread. Now.

Fish master race

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In any sci-fi setting, water-breathing species are the best at surviving space travel. >Prove this wrong, fa/tg/uys. spoiler alert: you can't.

Pathfinder Session 9PM EST Tuesday

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Link: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/421859/terra-fatalis "I don't want to die." These are the words of many a pained soul, before they are whisked away to the after life. But, what of those who die before their time? Beyond the reach of Heaven and Hell lies a realm where hope to many is another four lettered word, where survival is an empty victory, and death is truly the end. Enter Terra Fatalis, a true land of the living dead, where prayers and tears fall upon deaf ears. The denizens of this realm are the untimely deceased, spirited away from all planes of existence and all across time. Where Free Daemons roam about, looking for their next hapless meal. It could be a wandering adventurer, a group of Gray Warden scouts, or even more likely, a fresh, unfortunate soul entering Terra Fatalis...Those souls who are lucky to survive the Free Daemons' assault live within the walls of the Gray Haven, the only city in Terra Fatalis where civilization and its vices are recreated. Trade. Law. Murder. Comfort. Despair. Greed. Compassion. Theft. Betrayal. Courage. Love. Death. Sound's the same. Except here, In Terra Fatalis, your soul is your body. Die here, and your soul is destroyed. But in this bleak world, even Hope remains. For beyond the Walls and in the deep Wilderness is a world untouched by gods' hands. Where pockets of souls struggle to survive, the true faces of evil lurking in the shadows, and treasures await to be found. And with them, the Bells of Awakening. The only way out of Terra Fatalis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To join: Upload a PDF or link to your character sheet in the Application topic ** leave your email for the join link. Start at Level 5 with 3000GP Races Allowed: Human, Half Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Orc, Drow Classes allowed: Core, Advanced Players, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and Advanced Class Backstory: Describe who your character was in whatever world they were in, and their tragic death.

Celebrities as boss fights

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A while ago there was a thread based on stating celebrities to use as surprise boss fights. I already used Lady Gaga as a flesh warping bard and Mylie Cyrus as a meteor hammer swinging fighter. Any other ideas?
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If there was only one plane in addition to material plane, how would it be like? Preferably inhabitated by spirits and gods. How would geography be like? What would the outsiders do there? How would conflicts be solved? How would daily "life" go on? Discuss please, I need ideas for my setting. >pic unrelated
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Hello /tg/ I come here with a request Is there a good system that can stat almost everything? I'm not looking for an exact universal system, but anything is welcome I'm more looking for fantasy, steampunk and surreal future/fantasy post apocalyptic (think about Samurai Jack); not really interested in mega battleships and hordes of soldiers with laser guns One should be able to create characters like warriors, wizards, mages, monks with psi/ki abilities, monsters/aliens/beasts whatever, etc. The simpler the system the better.
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I fucking hate this board. You guys always say monks are fucking worthless. You know what? In my game, our monk is better than the fucking FIGHTER. You fucks. And you know what the funny thing is? NO HOMEBREW AT ALL
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>You are not the Chosen One >An Ancient Evil remains asleep >An enormous dragon demands a sacrifice of a virgin every week, but it only wants virgin cows because humans taste terrible, and it's become a mild inconvenience to the farmers of the eastern kingdom >Scheming, hateful nobles agree to set aside their differences and ally to deal with the orc border problem before it becomes critical >The king promises his daughter's hand in marriage to whomever solves the banditry problem, but he's talking about his fourth daughter with a tiny dowry and no lands >The king has ruled that all new taverns must be constructed with no corners so mysterious cloaked adventurers have nowhere to be mysterious
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Hello /tg/. Just a deck I'm looking to get some advice on! Feel free to post your thoughts on it. //Land (22) 4 Mana Confluence 4 Temple of Abandon 4 Temple of Mystery 10 Forest //Creatures 4 Elvish Mystic 4 Sylvan Caryatid 2 Fathom Mage 4 Ogre Battledriver 4 Polukranos, World Eater 4 Kalonian Hydra 4 Savageborn Hydra //Instants 4 AEtherize //Enchantments 4 Into the Wilds 2 Bred for the Hunt //Planeswalkers 2 Kiora, the Crashing Wave

Rise of Tides Quest: Chapter 4

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>It has been at least a dozen generations since the great flood, the oceans and seas rising high and smothering out the simple lives of the simple people who lived back then. No one is quite sure why or how it happened, and most don’t really care. Nowadays humanity survives- as it always does- but where once they were a people of the land, steady-footed and strong, they now exist as a people of the sea surviving between the blue aboard ships and boats-cities and on what few patches of terra firma still remains. You are one such person, who has just recently left their home to travel the waves with a dear friend. Last time on Rise of Tides, you and Stephy decided to supplement your stock before you hit Glasport by going off the “beaten path”. In the process you happened upon an old, submerged church and a sunken ship alongside it. Looting it for all you could you managed to get your hands on some rather nice artifacts, however; after surfacing you and Stephy became engaged in a shootout between pirates. After emerging victorious you found a girl, Anise Fabry, locked in their hold. As well as taking their ship you rescued the young girl and are bring her to Glasport where she can start again. Votes are decided by majority rule within 15 minutes. Ties are broken via roll off. Skill checks are 2d10 best of 3, rolling under your skill level, the lower you roll the better. Link to previous chapters: Chapter 1 https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32601968 Chapter 2&3 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Rise+of+Tides

PC check decisions

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In All Flesh Must Be Eaten, an optional rule is for the players to use a deck of cards instead of dice for task resolution. You draw five cards, and must play all of those before drawing more cards. This means that you may be forced to voluntarily play a crappy card knowing it will make you fail the task, but you do it anyway because you either don't have anything better or you're saving the better cards for later. Likewise, you can actively play a great card in order to auto-succeed at a task. This got me thinking. What do you guys think of giving PCs that level of control over their character's actions? While there is an element of luck and uncertainty, they nonetheless have a very strong influence on the outcome. In your experience, would this result in creative story-telling and dramatic meta-strategy or would it be a clusterfuck of butthurt players who don't want to voluntarily fail or try to screw over the system by forcing inane tests to clear out the bad cards? > tl;dr > Does it make sense for players to have a greater amount of control over the success or failure of their PC's actions?

Cripple La Kill CYOA QUEST: 11

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Pastebin (Previous threads and basic info): http://pastebin.com/B0YfTpSY Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cripples_QM "La critique est aisée, mais l'art est difficile. " (Criticism is easy, art is difficult.) -Destouches. "I never really anticipated just how far my love of clothing would take me. At times though, the places it took me were far from pleasant..." -Journal de Courtmanche, compiled at Centuries End.

Dreamland D6: Kirby of the Stars RPG Thread: Boss Rush Insuing Edition

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Welcome all, to the next installment of the Kirby RPG discussion thread! In this thread we will continue discussion of a locally home brewed RPG system inspired by Nintendo's pink puffball along with the setting and lore surrounding him. In our last thread, we ironed out how Creatures and Abilities work well enough to make a few examples and even discussed how Traits would effect Creatures in and out of combat. We also talked out how aerial and water movement would differ from moving on the ground, bringing us one step closer to knowing what we're doing. And lastly, we discussed ways of handling Boss creatures, a key component to both the Kirby series and RPGs in general; we generally agreed on a card system that maps out the pattern of the Boss while also leaving a point of vulnerability for PCs to beat on the boss. Topics which should be discussed, or at least mentioned this thread: > Boss Mechanics, maybe even a mock write-up? > Further discussion of the grid system > Use Items and Temp Abilities > Vulnerable or Invulnerable Status Effect? How should it be applied and what are the ups/downs to both? > Money and Loot: What's appropriate for items to find on quests and what's appropriate to use currency in? This is a key component to RPGs and one often absent in the Kirby games so we need to think how we're handling this whole concept.

Strikers '89 Quest- Extra helping!

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Thread 2 for the night! Thread 1 is here, while it lasts: >>32845271 ++ [x] This is as good as any chance we've had, let's get her! You slam the fighter into a hard turn, breaking right and into a dive, chopping the throttles back so you don't overstress the fighter- even in it's cut down, high speed configuration, you're not sure just how much speed it can handle, and don't want to find out the hard way. In a dive like this, you gain speed far, far faster than even a witch on full blowers- though you're careful to keep an eye split between the unwinding altimeter and your indicated airspeed. Screaming for earth at hundreds of feet a second, you're closing fast enough on Slider that you're almost- almost- surprised when she flips around, cutting her strikers and dropping like a rock out from under your gun sight before you were in range. You rocket past in an instant, cutting your throttles down and riding the buffeting Wyvern through another hard turn, to find Slider closing again from your low three. You key open your mic again, laughing to yourself as you turn into her attack, trying to keep just out of her shotgun's reach. While you're sure Merlin's shield could handle them, you'd rather save her the trouble right now- plus, you never know when you'll need them. 1/2

Will my Dorf turn her baby into gloves?

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So a thread earlier today made me go back to dwarf fortress. And then this happened. Will her baby get turned into gloves?
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You are a soldier of The Empire, who left your home town to join the Imperial army, and before leaving you promised your childhood love to marry her upon your return. However, little after your departure you catch word of how your town was razed by chaos marauders and nobody was left alive. But, years later after you have become a seasoned soldier you find yourself as the only survivor of a ambush by chaos warriors led by a female champion, and much to your chick you realized it is your old love. Not only she survived the onslaught, but she turned to chaos and became a favored follower of Khorne and had a severe mutation and now looks like this. Now she is back she demands you to fulfill your marriage promise. What you do, /tg/?
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I am thinking of starting a short rpg adventure with a small group of friends (3 max). Thing is, they are all very busy, and so am I. For that reason I'm thinking of setting it up in written somewhere online. Any advice? I have never done anything like this before. I'd rather not make it a chat, since that would mean everyone would have to be online at the same time. Should it be some sort of editable document? I'm somewhat against the idea of a google doc, since someone could delete/alter content and cause chaos. Are there any tools for this type of roleplaying?
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