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Excuse me, Commissar, but since I have witnessed and fought the powers of Chaos on numerous worlds and there really is no point in denying its existence, I was wondering if the Living Saint that helped us to victory on Thraxias IV was actually a daemon prince... of our glorious God-Emperor?
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What was the most charismatic character you ever played /tg/?
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How do I get into fantasy tabletop roll playing games? I think I should get DnD because that seems the most common but a lot of people bash it from what I have been reading.

Sci Fi Nomad Civ Quest

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Granted this is a bit early buy a few hours. But I'm hoping to give us all the time we will need to figure out our best plan for the spot we are in. Quick Summery: We have "traded" a high grade ore find space object for way over what it's worth (550 credits and a great deal of tech.). So now to plan. I'm thinking something a long the lines of hiring about 10,000 troops from the ice planet, I believe we can trust them. But that will be the main thing here, Who do we trust to work with. Then we find someone to buy a Good or even a Great AI hub for the drones and bots. Then we use the SS Exotic Factory Facility Deluxe, If we can, For drone production. If we can get some good plans from them. Otherwise we buy a factory and we build up a drone army to protect our crap, Basically turning the mother ship into a big carrier. While we build thinking we hit up the 4th system for resource gathering to lower the cost we put out and give us a area with little people. But we also have trade partners in the 2nd system (Aliens and Ice Moon 8 people with the troops for sale.). Of course this unfinished just ideas and here is my notes. Sorry for them being a bit all over. Normally keep them in m head, Expect for mass of text info. Random Notes: http://pastebin.com/i8VekKjs System/Area Info: http://pastebin.com/jT77pYcF Last thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33965250/ I hope we do well today. It's our biggest pop civ as of late and we been doing well. Lets keep in up team, We got this!
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Why do you guys hate Space Marines so much?
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I'm looking for a download of the "Within the Ring of Fire" rpg books, by "RAW Immersive Games." Saga book or others. I can't seem to find a PDF or a torrent anywhere :( Please help!
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So, I know Legend of the Five Rings is a feudal Japan-style RPG, but are there any RPGs set in/based on the Meji Period, during or after the Boshin War? I do think it would be an interesting setting, with former samurais and ronin adjusting to the changing times, the changes of Imperial Japan and the clashing of old and new. Heck, a alternative universe where the Shogunate triumphed or the Republic of Ezo surviving would also be interesting. What do you think /tg/?
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So I've been wondering for a while now: is there something that is to D&D1e as Pathfinder is to D&D3.5e?

Sci Fi Space Nomad Civ Quest 4

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Rolled 7 (1d100) {name still pending} Last time among our forces we did a number of exploring, hired out the majority of our merc forces, and then proceeded to make an infamous corp who were notorious for making others feel sorry. Feel it themselves hardcore. As we proceeded to screw them so fucking hard the entire megacorp at large felt the butthurt. We fucked them SO hard that being given a wild world of all things was considered a consolation prize. We got a whole lot of cash for that enough to buy entire star systems or an entire fleet of ships. Enough that we could retire happily and afford whatever you want till the universal entropy. Otherwise if everyone gets a share their rich till the day they die. and that isn't even including all the fun ass toys we got from them. From a super weapon to redacted special projects and even BLACK tier technologies.
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What would the best system be for a Prohibition Era setting where you play as Federal Investigators?

How do you Boss Fight?

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How does /tg/ boss fight? I'm not talking about Grand Finale boss battles, I mean the bosses at the end of dungeons in stuff. Bonus points for more creative boss battles. How I boss battle (Pathfinder): Party goes up stair, they find a small room with the boss, a Gunslinger sitting behind his desk. Between the party there is a line of summoned monsters and the people who summoned him. The summons have a bullshit made-up enchantment that means that the party can't tumble past them or move through their squares. The Summons do nothing but actively move inbetween the party and the Gunslinger. Party has to mow through the summons while the gunslinger is taking free potshots at the party. It was a pretty low level session (Level 4) so couldn't do anything spectacular, but the party seemed to like it.

MTG Legacy and Vintage

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Eternal formats: What are you playing? What do you wish would be reprinted, banned, or unbanned? Should legacy adopt a restricted list? What are the strongest decks in each main archetype currently (control aggro combo)? What deck would you play if you had a million dollars to spend on MTG?

The Legion - Quest of Politics and War in Fantasy Antiquity

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Sacra is a Republic which stands admist a world of tyrants and inequality. Now it is under siege, the shining light across a sea of ignorance is being snuffed out. This Quest is about leading an army, managing it and eventually leading it to ultimate victory. The Quest itself will eventually end, and not continue ad infinitum. Primary inspiration is the Dominion series. Do not be afraid if this is your first time coming into the Quest, not much has happened. >Recap: You are Tribune Algarius Popelius Maximus, chief commander of the Sacra Minor Legion. You have made this legion from the remnants of the main Sacran Army which suffered a terrible defeat on the outskirts of the capital city of your homeland. Sacra Minor is a farming town and land trade hub. You have fortified this town from attack, but it seems that may be for naught as a force of one hundred bloodthirsty Jotun march ever closer to your position. You recently defeated Prince Clovis of the Altons, taking a great amount of equipment from the field. At the same time you also made a deal with him for information and a truce. >Present You arise at first light, just as Minor is waking up. You have some decisions to make today. You have equipment and some more battle hardened troops. Riders have been sent to the Necromancers, they'll be back in a day. As you stir awake, Centaur scouts report that the Jotun will be two days march from Minor, if they keep their current pace. 1. Review the troops. 2. Assemble an immediate war council. 3. Screw action, you need some more damn rest. 4. [Insert.]

Campaign Inspiration thread

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Post a pic. Person below you must come up with a campaign or hook based on the image in the system of their choice. Remember, we're going for interesting, not difficult.
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Bit new to /tg/. Been lurking for a while, haven't seen much about Savage Worlds. How common/liked is it here?
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environmental art thread
So why do you all fetishize... 95 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So why do you all fetishize through fantasy a period of history famous for religious superstition and burning anyone with an original thought, instead of the single greatest period of scientific advancement?
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Hey guys, I'm playing in an RFT (random format trial) tournament tomorrow and could use some help. These are the sets we were given: Classic Sixth Edition; Onslaught; Mirrodin; Weatherlight; Dark Ascension; Nemesis; Alliances; RFT uses the Legacy banned list. I came up with some pretty standardWU control with a splash of black for lingering souls and Sorin (hes the only PW in the whole format and very few cards deal with PW). Anyone remember anything clutch from these sets that I sould play? // Deck file for Magic Workstation (http://www.magicworkstation.com) // Lands 3 [6E] Adarkar Wastes 1 [NE] Kor Haven 1 [DKA] Vault of the Archangel 4 [ON] Polluted Delta 4 [ON] Flooded Strand 2 [6E] Underground River 2 [CHK] Swamp (4) 3 [M14] Plains (2) 4 [M11] Island (3) // Creatures 2 [ON] Exalted Angel // Spells 3 [DKA] Lingering Souls 2 [NE] Tangle Wire 2 [6E] Counterspell 2 [AL] Lim-Dul's Vault 2 [6E] Boomerang 2 [6E] Armageddon 3 [6E] Wrath of God 4 [NE] Daze 4 [6E] Power Sink 4 [AL] Force of Will 4 [NE] Accumulated Knowledge 2 [DKA] Sorin, Lord of Innistrad // Sideboard SB: 2 [6E] Armageddon SB: 2 [WL] Disrupt SB: 4 [MR] Annul SB: 3 [6E] Mana Short SB: 2 [NE] Parallax Wave SB: 1 [6E] Wrath of God SB: 1 [MR] Loxodon Warhammer
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Greetings /tg/, in the custom setting of my GM, there is no custom backstory/culture for dwarves. And because I'm going to play a dwarf, I need some backstory for him. Please help me make a fun dwarf culture so I have things to work with.

Elf edition

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Continue your useless explanations of why X class is better than Y class here. And then contradict yourselves while doing it. Also, if you don't have the PDF of the PHB. Sucks to suck nerd. http://Anonfiles. com/file/0011447798cc7d90e14b43e4d5ea5265
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