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So /tg/, i've been playing around with 3.5, and one thing i've noticed is that... In all the splat in everything I've searched There's absolutely no prestige class based around mounted archery, aka MONGOLING PEOPLE TO DEATH So /tg/, will you help me homebrew one out?
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You know what your problem is, powergamer? You look at the roleplaying game as nothing but a game of strategy with some element of chance. You don't care about being in-character. When that moment comes when you've got a strategy devised and you realize you're playing a 6INT/7WIS fighter who would never think up such a strategy, you go along with it anyway. When out of combat your wizard acts like a badass motherfucker who tears the fabric of the universe apart to destroy his opponents, and in combat all you do is run away and throw up defensive spells and buffs while the barbarian takes care of the enemies, you're not being a balancing force in the combat encounter -- you're being a bad player. Fuck you. Pic related: you.

File Names Thread

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File names thread? File names thread!

Question for Players and GMs

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Players: Do you feel okay asking your GM to allow a change to your character after the first session of play [but before the second]? GM's: Would you allow a player to make reasonable changes to their character['s] after the first session of play [but before the second]? Shark Puppy totally related
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>IMO Tau Commander is the strongest non-named HQ choice in the entire game. >9/10 times I've found this build unbeatable: >Commander >Plasma Rifle >Fusion Blaster >Stimulant Injector >Vectored Retro Thrusters >Iridium Armour >Onager Gauntlet >165 pts Could you counter this? How/with what? Is it even possible to make this stronger?

Song of Swords: Seriously Jimmy!

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As written in the rules: "After Maneuvers are Declared, they are resolved. Attack Maneuvers are resolved in the opposite order that they were Declared, such that the last Maneuver declared is the first one resolved." This actually makes it so the person with initiative actually goes LAST. It really shines in Multi-bouts where your best chance is to have really high ADR but not have initiative which lets you act first. This bout has lasted nearly 5 hours, we lost some good people to this reverse order rule, everyones bleeding to death. Old Thread: >>32690636 Read about the campaign setting on this wiki right here. Some anons are aggregating information as it trickles out. http://tattered-realms.wikia.com/wiki/Tattered_Realms_Wiki Stab and get stabbed in the dick with these functional beta rules: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7cdal44p66wyrx/Song+of+Swords+Beta+1.9.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/9nitdn3x24v696v/NewSkills.pdf California Chrome sure could've used these custom horse rules: https://www.mediafire.com/?3c1x8mbfcr7cuwu And there's a Roll20 room where people stab each other and discover flaws in the beta rules: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/XYMSTQ

X men in 40k

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So how well do you think the X men would do in 40k /tg/?
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CYOA general

Digimon Tactician Quest 0

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Welcome to Digimon Taction Quest 0! This is a Digimon quest doing things that may not have been done before. The reason this is Digimon Tactician Quest 0 and not 1 is because I'm new to running a quest on /tg/ and I want to get the hang of it before I start the true quest. So please bear with me and please criticize if you feel I can learn from it. Also, the character you make here will not be the actual main character, this quest is sort of an introduction for you people to Digimon Tactician Quest as well as an introduction for me on how to run a quest. The character you make here may pop up in the main quest though so it's not a total loss of investment. Also, I will be using Wikimon.net as a reference to allow a whole variety of digimon possibilities! Now let's get started already! [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=hscgj0y5s7E[/video] You seem to be floating in a vast white expanse. In the expanse you see flowing streams of blue, green, and yellow data moving about. You then hear a deep, slightly digital voice asking who you are. You answer it without thinking. >State your name and age. >If you wish also state your age.

Ai Quest

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Thread 1: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32737529/ "I'll pick you up afterschool okay Kana?" "Hmm" Kana smiles happily. "I'll see you then Onii-sama! I'll see you later!" After Kana disappears into the crowd you turn to go to your office. "Maybe I'll get that ride from Izumi today!" You smile to yourself but oddly enough Izumi wasn't there today. "Hmm is she still out sick today?" That was the first ominous sign. You get to work like usual and you work throughout the morning. The next sign was the fact that Izumi didn't show up for lunch. "I guess she is still out sick" You check your messages or texts and there was nothing from Izumi at all. That was the third sign, Izumi would've let you known for sure if she was still sick. Slowly feelings of uneasiness starts to build up. You didn't know why but you just felt that something happened to Izumi. Your feelings wouldn't be confirmed until you saw Makoto. "Hey Anon! did you hear what happened to Izumi? apparently she is at the hospital right now" "What? where did you hear this from?" "I was working with her department all morning, I heard it from Izumi's manager!" Izumi did have a weak resistance to colds but not enough to send her to the hospital. "Do you know what happened to her?!" Makoto just shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry man, I don't know..." "Izumi, please be alright" You whisper to yourself. "I'm going to be visiting her this afternoon after work, do you want to come Anon?" Makoto asks you. [ ] Custom
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SCG will be adding modern to their Sunday event slot as of July 19. This is great for Modern as it should see a surge of players as well as more weekly changes in the format.

40k General

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40k General, bitches. Comin' at you like Khorne

One-shot VTM Larp

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I'm planning to run a one-shot Vampire the Masquerade LARP, just something overnight sort of thing meaning I'll have 7 or so hours to fill with your typical VTM content (Politics, WoD mythos, Just-as-planned, Combat etc) . At the end of the night, if the larp isn't a completely boring flop I'll ask players if they're interested in being apart of a VTM chronicle. I've realized not all of the players will have played any game similar to vampire. Meaning that the best approach to make it a fun night is to create multiple plots and give players objectives eg. Do sabat stuff, kill the sheriff. Also I'm trying to structure the night into stages with stuff happening each hour. Ultimately I'm hoping to have a desperate ending with lots of shenanigans and a final conflict with lives/positions on the line. Naturally I've hit writers block trying to design the night. I'm asking the hivemind with it's years of experience writing campaigns, adventures and plots for ideas/criticisms/suggestions. So /tg/? Any ideas? pic sort of related
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Can we have a fantasy items thread going? - A lantern infused with evil/obscure power. When you kill someone while holding this lantern, their conscious level (lower for animals, higher for humans of course) and so their "soul" (or whatever, depends on the setting) is trapped into the lantern, granting to the user more power while making him addicted to the souls collected. If you stop slaughtering people, the lantern will start to consume your soul slowly. Deaths caused by you by accident don't really count (you have to want to kill your enemy).

Dragon reproduction

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Now, it's been pretty much established that in D&D, dragons can have children with anything alive. There are specifically mentioned examples of half-dragon sheep and shit. My question is, exactly how far does this go? Could we get a whole bunch of fire-breathing scaled grass and flowers if a passing horny dragon wanked to the ground?

MtG Homebrew / Casual

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So here's the thing. I frequently play with turbo-casuals who have been getting more and more upset lately with their inability to beat any of my 15 casual decks. I don't want to lose this playgroup, and they won't let me help them improve, so what I did is I threw together a bad deck. Link below. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/casual-doomwakening/ They now hate this as well. When the plan works (and it does work, most of the time), it pretty much turns into a prison deck. Asymmetrical board wipe every turn isn't regarded as fair by them. So I need a new wincon. Something completely fair. And fun. First instinct was Ethereal Armor. But that just seems wrong with the number of creatures I have. So... Chromanticores. A full 4 Chromanticores. Without touching the manabase, relying only on Mana Blooms and land enchantments. Should I? Would you? Make Chromanticore.dek? Is it possible?

Emergency deck help/Deck crituiqe thread.

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I'm going to a SCG IQ in about 3hrs, and my deck needs a lot of help. I believe I need just a couple more lands, but I'm not sure which cards I should cut. Any advice would be much appreciated. Spells: 22 4x Pharika's cure. 4x Oppresive rays. 3x Ray of dissolution. 2x Aajani's presence. 2x Ordeal of Erebos. 1x Ordeal of Heliod. 1x Font of return. 1x Gift of immortality. 1x Dictate of heliod. 1x Rescue from the underworld. 1x Pacifism. 1x Scourge mark. Creatures: 14 2x Underworld coinsmith. 2x Child of night. 2x Blood toll harpy. 2x Grim guardian. 1x Akroan skyguard. 1x Blightcaster. 1x Banisher priest. 1x Vangaurd of Brimaz. 1x Phalanx leader. 1x Archetype of courage. Artifacts: 2 1x Spear of heloid. 1x Whip of Erebos. Lands: 22 11 plains. 11 swamps. Sideboard. 3x Vanquish the foul. 3x Banishing light. 3x Font of vigor. 2x Dark betrayal. 2x cast into darkness. 1x Hero's downfall. 1x doomblade.

Assassin's Creed

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How can I run an Assassin's Creed style game? Unity finally gives us co-op multiplayer, and it has me excited. I want that kind of feeling in a tabletop game. I want to feel like my group is gliding across the rooftops, slipping into the shadows, and taking out their enemies silently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpJ6GICqQyc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzCEdSKMkdU How do I handle a game where the party is going to be splitting up and taking different routes, though? And how do I handle a game where stealth and acrobatics are common? And how do I work in situations like you see in the cinematic trailer (and less in the co-op one) where an enemy is stopped before getting to an ally? (Also, keep in mind I'm not asking about a system, more GM advice) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOlKBX7BzpI tl;dr: How do I ninja-game?
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So what sort of stories do grandparents tell their grandchildren in post-apocalyptic times? Of how the days were brighter and men stood straighter and how the time before the apocalypse was a heaven on earth?
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Has anyone ever played a game in the world of Discworld?
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