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40K List Thread

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Haven't seen one of these in awhile
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So looking for help on two topics here. In an upcoming game, I'm going to be playing a cleric or paladin of Wee Jas. I'm interested in approaching it with themes like: -Death should not be feared, but accepted -Honour the dead -Cheating fate goes against the order of the universe Mixing in some speaker for the dead type stuff. My group generally see's "Goddess of Death and Magic" and just fixates on the death part. Anyone have suggestions to do this well or interestingly? Anyone have stories about playing the morbid (but not evil) followers? Second is that a friend and I are trying to write up characters as a duo. Tying our backstories together, having personalities that compliment or contrast with one another. Has anyone ever done something like this before they can tell us about? Every group I've played in tends to do character generation at home alone and then rocks up to the first session for "You all meet at the tavern"

Why orcs are green

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Orcs have green skin because they have chloroplasts in their skin cells. This allows orcs to survive famines by laying inert in the sun and provides them with some extra calories when on the march. They still get most of their bio-energy from eating, but the boost is still useful.

Building 4E Encounters/Campaign

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I'm new to D&D and downloaded a ton of useful pdfs and was wondering how to make a campaign or module? I read the DM guides and wanted to create an outdoor Gnoll Fortress/camp campaign with Centaurs and similar creatures. I was thinking about making quests like "Stop the Gnolls before they can do X." Before this campaign, I would have the PCs face Dryads, elves and vine horrors (plus a few gnolls). I don't have anyone to play with but I'd figure this would be a good learning experience regardless


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Are Elves Mexican?
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i'm considering removing the "wizard" class from my next Pathfinder game. What are some unforseen consequences of this?
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Why are The Wild Hunt and Event Horizon universally praised on /tg/? The former was a cheap tearjerker drama advertised as a badass contemporary adventure/horror film, and the latter was a mediocre space slasher with less disturbing imagery than Ghosts of Mars. But for some reason The Wild Hunt gets praised here as a faithful and ambitious rendition of LARPing, when all it does is make LARPers look like crazy autists and implies that having a girlfriend should be the ultimate stake in a young male adult's life. Also it's pretty badly shot. As for Event Horizon, people always call it "40k: the movie", when in reality, its only similarity to 40k is its main plot device, and it's a loose similarity at that. Dante 01, among many others, is much closer to the theme and aesthetics of 40K, and Sunshine is a much better space slasher with the same themes. So, even if you can't justify your position, at least attempt to explain it, /tg/.
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>Your adventuring party is enjoying some ale after a long day of adventuring when a large group of boisterous female pit fighters enters the inn. How might encounter develop?
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List of half creatures? Minotaur, harpy, griffon, hippogryph, centaur, mermaid, danny devito
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This is about a Pathfinder game. One of the things about H'Gromm is that H'Gromm doesn't care if a door is open, locked, trapped, wooden, stone, metal, or any sort of material. H'Gromm breaks it all down. Every door he encounters he must break it down. It is the blessing and curse that comes with his -3 to WIS and -1 to INT. Last session me and my murder hobo companions were travelling around in a desert and come up against a large building with glass doors. H'gromm cannot contain himself and before the wizard or summoner cast detect magic he charges at the door with his handy +2 to breaking doors portable ram. I roll, and it should have been an annihilated door. But instead of that my ram shatters. This ram had been with me for some time now and I had grown attached to it, I love my ram. It was unique to me and no one else touched it. And now it was gone. I put up my two mighty fists and raged against the door. Roll to break the door. crack I broke both my hands, every single bone in my hand was shattered. The party quickly casts my hands and estimates the healing time to be about a month and I will regain limited mobility. Luckily the man inside the library was nice and gave me a healing salve I have to apply for a week at the exact same moment every day and I will heal my hands. Considering I can hold no shield or weapon my weapon of choice has become the only weapon I can wield. Spiked. Breastplate. That's right, 'm jumping on everything, body slammin' in a way that mexican luchadores turn green with envy. However, I want to know how I can make my body slams more effective. I'm by no means salty about it because the character got what he deserved, I was just RPing, but I'm also enjoying the crap out of jumping on my enemies flailing like a motherfucker. So please, help me. And also, the glass door? It was unlocked.
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I'm doing an 80s organized crime game tomorrow. I need ideas for songs to put in the soundtrack for the game. Stuff like Animals House of the Rising Sun. Please help, /tg/. I'll kiss your dick.
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So some people at my LGS are thinking of creating their own format. The rules they are talking about is standard card pool, with all rares and mythics banned, and uncommons limited to 1 each (per uncommon, not per deck). What would you run in this format? Pic related, kinda want to make an Abzan midrange with this guy being a core creature, since it's never failed me in limited. Do you have any experience with homebrew MTG formats?
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Requesting the assistance of dungeons and dragoneers of 5th edition. I have a couple of questions, and would like your thoughts on playing a gridless game.


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What is /tg/'s opinions about lightsabers?

Leviathan Monsters in the sky

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Hey /tg/ have you guys ever played Leviathans? what's the good and what;s the bad? I was thinking about getting the starter box.
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Hey guys, got any neat fantasy tokens to share for places like roll20 ?
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HELP ME QUICK /tg/! I'm working on a homebrew system that uses a single d6 for each person and has relatively low starting stats (players start with 12 points to split between 4 stats) but no stat cap and I'm trying to figure out how to do Tests without everything eventually becoming easy as shit to do. This is actually the first time I've done anything with d6 - most of my experience is with the Dark Heresy/Black Crusade systems, but there's so much god damn rolling that I wanted to avoid percentile business. I'm really stumped as to how to balance Test difficulties, though. Any help?

(Role)Playing as a Criminal / Rogue?

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I have a question, fa/tg/uys. What's a way to play a criminal, and NOT be that guy or le edgemeister supreme? I'd love to try and be a professional criminal, yet I'm afraid I'd just be that guy. I've only played 3 campaigns of DnD 3.5 and never once had someone play a rogue or any type of criminal as well.
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Hey bros, anyone got any tips on how to play mages more effectively? At the current levels in my group, the spell resistance is a major hurdle.
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Hey /tg/ working on a system how is my book of alchemy coming along? I'm trying to make it viable as a class archetype. I need to rewrite some stuff but this is just an early draft. Item Costs and explanations. Value Rating 0: >1 Copper-Nearly worthless, isn't accepted by most merchants. VR 1: 5 Copper-Easy to make and plentiful. VR 2:1 Silver-Somewhat plentiful and easy to make. V-R 3:5 Silver-A bit harder to make, and a medium of amount of plentifulnessy. VR 4:1 Gold- Relatively hard to make and less plentiful, but not too hard to really find VR 5:5 Gold-Hard to make, Somewhat rare. VR 6:10 Gold-High quality items usually run this much, you can follow the trend I'm sure. VR 7:50 Gold- The highest quality items(before the extreme quality). VR 8:100 Gold-You get the point right? VR 9:500 Gold-Do I really have to explain it? VR 10:1000 Gold-Good luck finding an artifact this rare. VR 11:Priceless-Apply the expensive property. Anything major I need to fix or convey better? I forgot to include the morphing watch.
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