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New OOTS up guys.
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I can sense some great degeneracy in the distance.
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There are a number of settings out there today that allow you to play as members of technologically advanced, well equipped and highly capable covert operations groups operating above and beyond the purviews of the governments that instituted them. This is not a thread about these settings or these groups: this is a thread about brainstorming a potential setting in which the player characters are members of an antiquated, underfunded and ineffectual secret government agency, played for comedy, adventure and horror. >Established in the first half of the 20th century, the agency has been part of or traded between different governmental departments, shifting around to wherever there is an inconspicuous budget surplus they can utilize. >The facility or facilities the agency calls home may have been state of the art when they were built back in the fifties, sixties or seventies, but are for the most part run down and severely outdated today, necessitating a good deal of kludges, quick fixes and work arounds. >The agency was formed to combat a specific threat, for which they spent years preparing for and were granted a golden age of unlimited funding. This threat later never comes to pass or turns out to be much less dire than previously predicted. >The majority of their facility is vacant, sealed off and unmapped. >Members of this agency get into more danger and experience more grief dealing with the skeletons in their own closets and the legacies left in their containment vaults by their own former Administrators than they do on the few away missions that trickle down to them.

How do you scare your players?

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It's been a while since I've seen a good horror thread. Tell me, GMs of /tg/, when was the last time you left your players genuinely shaken and disturbed? What are your favorite methods to do so? How can you deliver real horror simply though simple ambience and spoken word? Is there such thing as a formula for this?
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Sup /tg/. I'm gonna be taking up the role of Control for this Lacuna game I'll have going on with some people. This being my first time running this game, anyone have any advice?

Rules-Light RPGs

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What are some good games that are easy to learn and play? What do you like about them? Got any links or experiences to share? Have any complaints either about the game you like, or about rules-light RPGs in general?
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Having never played warhammer 40k, what would be the best novels to start with? I just need some manly ass science fiction. thanks in advance

EDH General

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What are you playing? What do you usually play against? Do you have a playgroup you meet or do you play at your LGS? What card is overrated? What card is underrated? Are you satisfied with the banlist?


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How does one draft? I thought I knew, but I guess I don't. I've read about bread, and I know of the 23/17 split. I dropped today at 0-2. Every single game I lost was due to mana screw or not drawing answers. Mulliganing was frequent throughout the night. My curve was 2.5, topping at three 5 drops. I had four of the refuges, all four being relevant. What did I do wrong, /tg/?

Systems BESIDES 3.5e

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What are your favorites? Least favorites? Stories? I've played 3.5e, GURPS, Legend, and Dungeon World. ProTip: Do not play Dungeon World. Pic way unrelated. I don't have a /tg/ folder.

Lessons in Knighthood Quest Thread 10

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6-6 tie between taking the orb and leaving it, so I'm using QM fiat to pick one. Sorry. > Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35827734/ > suptg archive tag: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lessons%20in%20Knighthood%20Quest > QM Twitter: https://twitter.com/QMdamp You are Nicole, a knight-apprentice of Alvar, at least for now. Your exact status will depend quite a bit on whether your commanding officer, Knight Captain Clarissa, can recover from the latest reminder that someone might be trying to kill her, subvert her, or cause her much grief in many ways that do not bear thinking about. This would not be such an ordeal to her state of mind if it weren't for the knowledge that the most likely candidates for this as yet unknown hostile spellcaster is someone who has close blood ties to her. Knowing that someone in your own family is willing to cause such pain would be trying to anyone's peace of mind. The most recent chapter of the ongoing saga of Clarissa's supernatureally-induced nightmares comes in the form of a mysterious artefact, a cube with glowing green circle designs inscribed upon its sides. Fortunately you had prevented Clarissa from touching the cube before anything untoward had happened, but this had still plunged her into a black depression that had to be mitigated with a moderate amount of the Duke's wine. Clarissa had been carried unconscious to your shared room. You had tasked Roderick the quartermaster with keeping watch over her, while you tried to figure out the next course of action. Elise the court wizard has just finished disarming the cube, at least for now. The cube has been relocated to the training courtyard, which has the advantage of being in the open, and thus not likely to bring the entire palace down with it if the cube should choose to detonate. >[1/3]
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Going to run Ravenloft arc in my 4e campaign soon, any tips for how to portray Strahd/other useful tidbits? Also, picture related, need mile reference for this for traveling purposes, a rough guesstimate I have is that Barovia is 480 miles wide (as a frame of reference I'll use if I don't get a definite answer)
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Fun fact: it took Celebrimbor 90 years to forge the Elven rings.
After far, far too long,... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
After far, far too long, I'm finally in a position to start running a D&D group again. This time I aim to do things better than before, and one thing I really need help with is D&D accessories. Mats, models, terrain, and other useful items to help illustrate battles. I'm not opposed to spending a bit on this, my only qualm is that I don't really wish to spend 5-20$ on individual mini's. Admittedly, any of those plastic/pewter mini's really wouldn't do too well for me anyways, because I can't pain for shit. Otherwise, I'm open to damn near anything there is out there. So far, I haven't found a lot that piques my interest, and was hoping some wiser folk around here were willing to share some sites or products. If it's relevant, we're doing pathfinder, and I do own the pathfinder mini's, the flat ones that mount to bases. TL;DR - D&D accessories general.

Pathfinder General

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Sacred Fist AC Bonus stacks with Monk AC bonus. Fuck the naysayers. Pathfinder General, please no magus.

Exalted Quest Recap Thread 3

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This thread will not advance the quest or pick up from where we left, but just go over the story up to now. This is for the benefit of any new readers. First thread is already archived at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35040735/ And the entire quest is archived at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Solar%20Quest As always, any questions and/or relevant discussions are welcome and I will answer to them at the best of my ability. If you're new to Exalted but think this Quest might be interesting, know that it's meant to be as newbie-friendly as possible. If you want to know more about the setting in general, http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Exalted We left our heroine Maka right after meeting with a bunch of new people. After that, she heads back to the western side of the island, where she still has some stuff to take care of. For now, her base of operations is Silk's fortress within the remaining Wyldland. She fulfills her promise to the Water Court and, in the process, realizes the full implications of Sirens' habit of seducing sailors and dragging them down to the depths of the sea. And decides she's going to fix that.

Of Chivalry and Tankery

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Hello /tg/, a week ago we had a most interesting discussion involving a setting revolving around the concept of knights operating tanks and related landships, churning out a number of different settings explaining how such an event could come to be. I'm currently having trouble finding the archive, so I wonder if anyone else is knowledgeable as to its whereabouts. I also suppose this thread could be used to continue discussion. Did the 1d4 article ever get posted?
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This is our remaking of Warhammer, with the same Emperor, similar but slightly different Imperium, and radically different Primarchs. Don't wanna be an Imperial, don't have a Primarch in mind? Not to worry! We welcome all here, currently we have an Ork Empire, a really fucked up Xenos/Human Empire, a Dark Eldar Kabal, a Khornate Knight House, and five different Imperial Army Regiments. Xenos Empires, Great Crusade Era Factions, Knight Houses, Titan Legions, Chapter Successors, Imperial Army Regiments, Eldar, Dark Eldar, anything and everything just come in and pitch it to be a part of the setting itself. With that out of the way, here is our wiki page. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_/tg/_Heresy On the menu: Horns of Ruin, what do? Imperial Army page when Dark Eldar guy, keep on writing, read your chapter, good stuff. Not much else to say on it.


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>so it was more like 60 bales I had to move twice so that's 120 bales and holy fuck we've got one pony how does he even >twitter: https://twitter.com/planefag You are a freshly-minted fighter ace and P-61 Black Widow pilot of the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron, and you are standing next to a packed grass airstrip with a little white-haired Russian girl who's bawling her eyes out. You don't have any ice cream on hand, no chocolate, not even a D-ration (not that those are much goddamn help to begin with; they move through the digestive system like a clay brick.) You vaguely recall her familiar is a cat, but the only fort-like thing within miles was just obliterated down to its constituent atoms, and holding still is a bad idea with a psychotic groin-shooting revolver-swinging Italian lunatic on the loose. It finally dawns on you that this'd be a bad position to be caught in by the press cameras; princess-carrying a sobbing Sanya. You need to come up with a strategy or something. >Try to get Sanya's attention and calm her down enough to walk >Try to find someplace private; she's a little big to be satisfied with a paper bag, after all >Try singing that goddamn la la la song? >Other

Life Quest 4: Happy Birthday 4chan Edition

Life Quest 4: Happy Birthday... 165 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Life%20Quest You are Donovan 'Don' Murphy. Before you sits a warehouse, its roof collapsed and its doors rusted through. It is early in the afternoon on a Wednesday. It's your first day of your new job as a Corporate Repo Agent. Just a few hours ago, you accepted your very first assignment: journey to Antarctica to repossess the equipment and prefab buildings loaned out to a disgruntled college professor to conduct an archeological dig at the base of Mount Sidley. As for why you're standing in front of this particular warehous, your coworker Bart directed you here should you wish to acquire illegal weaponry. You've got ten thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and plans to assassinate your other coworker, Robert, sitting prettily in the back of your mind. Just last night he shot and killed you after you discovered him disposing of a woman's corpse in the woods. Unfortunately for him, you don't die even when you're killed. Bart's instructions were to merely knock on the warehouse door, tell whoever answered that Bart sent you, and they'd direct you to the actual arms dealer. It seems odd that it would be that easy, considering the highly illegal nature of the entire affair, and to be honest you're having some second thoughts. However, backing out now after driving all the way to Norfolk would just seem like a waste. >Knock on the door, best not to deviate from Bart's instructions. >Take a walk around the joint, eyeball the place, see what there is to see. >Maybe wasting time would be worth it to avoid potential jail time. You prefer your anus unviolated. >Write-in
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