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/toy/ board - Toys - 15th June 2014 at 18h

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Saw these things at a record store the other day (way overpriced, $37.99 each) but they see like decent quality though not as detailed as your typical McFarlane figure. I found them online for above $15-19 each but shipping varied a lot (not in the US) which seemed like an ok price? any thoughts on these figures, or funko products in general? I stopped collecting years ago but wanted to pick up a couple of these. Do you think they'll go on sale or anything?
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Haven't heard anything about the PAK MGS line a few months? I guess they are still working on Quiet, Skullface, and Punished Snake. Are you they ever going to rerelease Solid Snake, or do an MGS2 Solid. I'm assuming they'll also do a Phantom Pain Big Boss and a Venom Snake as well, so we can get the new trio.
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What toys are you sad will probably never see the light of day due to their lines tanking? For me... >Sci-Fi Revoltech just might be dead >We will most likely never get Thunderbirds 1, 3, and 5 with posable flaps and supports >We will never get a Pod Vehicles collection with all of them to scale with the numbered vehicles, including an in-scale Mole and Thunderbird 6 >We will never get FAB 1 or the Fireflash, or any of the other countless amazing Thunderbirds / Gerry Anderson designs >They will never sell so well that we get the super cool redesigns from that shitty 2004 movie >I will never be able to line them up when I sit down to watch the first episode of the reboot next year >tfw Gerry Anderson is dead Being a Thunderbirds fan is suffering sometimes.
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