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WHERE TO GO IN CANADA? 38 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /trv/ I am a student and next year I'll go to Canada in order to improve my English. I might decide between staying in Nova Scotia or in Vancouver Island. Which place would you recommend? I guess I'll post this in international, too. Thanks everybody :)

Teaching Abroad

Teaching Abroad 17 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /trv/, so I finished up my undergraduate studies last spring and am slowly losing my mind sitting around Chicago working at a crappy but somewhat comfortable office job downtown. I've thought about teaching abroad for years (eventually would like to get into teaching at the University level after going back to graduate school) and have hated the idea of sticking around here for the rest of my life. I'm thinking of doing Korea first since it seems to be the easiest entry level country for teaching, getting some experience under my belt and then just hop around countries every year teaching. Does anyone else have any similar experience of saying "fuck it" and teaching throughout the world for a couple years? How feasible is it? Is it doable? Any issues with visas for your next stop while abroad?
What's the worst place... 312 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click to view.
What's the worst place you've ever been ?

Ghana, Tanzania or Namibia?

Ghana, Tanzania or Namibia? 21 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I can go on a three-month exchange to one of the following places. >Accra, Ghana >Iringa, Tanzania >Windhoek, Namibia What could /trv/ tell me about my options. For me Africa is a large unknown continent and I have to admit that I know pretty much nothing about those places. I am interested in experiencing the stereotypical Africa. Crowded bazaars, parties where I can feel the African rhythm and feel embarrassed because of my white boy moves and cheap living costs. I am doing some research on my own too but it would be nice to get some insights from you people.

Europe trip

Europe trip 54 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi there /trv/. Me and my mate are aiming to go on a roadtrip this summer around Europe in a converted van (mattress, cooking, wash stuff in the back etc). I am going to post below our approximate route, however I came to /trv/ looking for a general places really worth visiting that any of you know of or have experienced yourself, and not worth visiting if maybe we have put places on our route that are a waste of time. I would also appreciate any advice/things we should know before we head out/feasibility of a trip like this. We are 2 Britfags 21 years old looking for a more "experience beautiful places in the world" than get pissed party trip, but im sure we'll be having a good time in places where it feels right. Cheers guys n gals. London - Bruges - Brussels - Antwerp - Amsterdam - Bremen - Hamburg - Kolding - Copenhagen - Valdemarsvik - Stockholm - Oslo - Trondheim - Mo I Rana - Narvik - Nordmannvik - Leirbotnvannet - Honningsvag - Karasjok - Sodankyla - Oulu - Pori - Helsinki - Tallinn - Riga - Kaunas - Bialystok - Warsaw - Brest - Lutsk - Kiev - Chisinau - Tecuci - Bucharest - Botani - Szeged - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Liezen - Lienz - Spresiano - Venice - Verona - Milan - Monza - Bellagio - Turin - Monaco - St Tropez - Montpellier - Bordeaux - Le Mans - Paris - Amiens - London
Hey guys, I'm in need of... 215 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey guys, I'm in need of your superior travelling knowledge. I have got the choice of going to either Singapore or South Korea for an exchange university year abroad and have a few questions. For someone who is looking to have fun for an entire year as well as see this part of the world I need to make a choice. 1. Which country is better for clubbing/drinking/having fun in general? 2. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go to either country? I personally was thinking about Singapore as although it is a small country I was planning to visit all the neighboring countries in the holidays I have in the year, they also speak english and it seems like a better university than the ones in Korea. However I would like to hear your opinions on the matter and maybe give me some advice on both countries!
/trv/, I'm having a... 211 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click to view.
/trv/, I'm having a career crisis. Quick backstory. >22 >Hold B.S. in Bio, 1 semester through to a M.S. in Bio >Only went to grad school because I had no other motivations >Currently teaching undergrads and rotating through research labs >Upon reflection, and after a research trip to Haiti and on-a-whim cross country trip across America, I realize I really want to travel. I've realized that my dream job, whatever it is (I have no clue) is something that will involve frequent and myriad travel. I don't care if it's backpacking or flying everywhere. I just want to see the world. I also want a number of different jobs, or at least different takes on the same job. I don't want to specialize, I want to experience. My problem is that I don't know of any good ways to find a travel-heavy job with my background in biology. I'm afraid I'll get stuck here working a single job in MERKA, my travel restricted to the occasional vacation or mental breakdown. I don't care about being rich, just being somewhat comfortable. I'm looking for help here /trv/. What kind of careers/jobs could I pursue that incorporate heavy travel? How could I make myself more marketable for these jobs? Do any of you have personal experience, or have gone through something similar? Bonus points for anything that can also forgive student loans, as I have quite a few (I was an idiot 4 years ago). Thanks. I'll bump with beautiful travel pictures.

Not Another Japan Thread

Not Another Japan Thread 308 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click to view.
This is a thread for people going to Japan within the next year, and for people who have been to Japan to give their opinions on their plans. Is somewhere not worth going to? Has somewhere been missed out? I'm going in late March. Anyone else there around then? Where are you all planning to go? This is my itinerary, opinions welcome: Day 1 – Land in Tokyo, spend day exploring Day 2 – Tokyo Day 3 – travel to kyoto morning, explore Day 4 – kyoto Day 5 – kyoto Day 6 – nara Day 7 – koyasan Day 8 – osaka Day 9 – hiroshima, okayama, overnight Takamatsu Day 10 – Takamatsu/Shikoku/Iya Valley Day 11 – matsumoto Day 12 – takayama, overnight shirakawa go Day 13 – shirakawa go, onwards to magome Day 14 – magome-tsumago Day 15 – SPARE, used where ever Day 16 – nikko Day 17 – fuji five lakes Day 18 – kamakura, return to tokyo OR Kawasaki Day 19 – Leave Tokyo Please share your plans, let's get excited together! (P.s. all these Japan threads used to annoy me, but now I'm going it's all quite exciting!)
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