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hey /trv/ am thinking of opening a restaurant in Brazil with dishes from around the world. Tourists will be my target audience. Can you give me some tips?

Thailand visa

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What are the best ways to stay in Thailand for more than 3 months at a time? Let's say you're making your income online from a first-world country or have enough savings to stay there a while, so money isn't a problem. I was thinking about looking for a job, only for the Work Visa. But are there any decent job offers for Farangs in Bangkok (being an English teacher pays like shit let's be honest) that could provide you with a Work Visa if you don't have any specific qualifications? What about Education Visa? I have read that some private schools will offer an ED Visa and you only have to show up for 4 or 6 hours of Thai classes per week, and they seem to cost pretty cheap (15,000-20,000 bahts for the year?). How often are those just used by people who don't care about learning Thai but just need/want to stay for a year? Are there any tests to prove that the student is taking the classes seriously? Can they be renewed after one year? Any other suggestions? Cost of living is so cheap over there and life is so good as a farang. I don't ever wanna leave this country. Any experiences/stories/infos regarding this topic, people already living there or running out of Visa and also looking for similar infos, please post ITT. people who know about Marriage Visa also welcome.

Need help US vacation

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Hello guys, I need your help. This Summer break, my dad, little brother and me are going to have a 4 week holiday in the south of the United States. The first two weeks we’ll be spending on a ranch from an uncle. Then we’ll take a week to drive all the way to the west coast and spend another week there. I need your help on figuring out what to do in those four weeks, what sights are there to see, what hidden adventures, etc. etc. I’ll also need some more basic information but I’ll ask that later on. I’ll also post some more about budget, car etc. I’m looking for adventurous activities, my dad is more of the sightseeing type, and my bro just humbles along. Does anybody live within this region and know something about the place that’s interesting for tourists? Please post, any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the route with the places we really want to visit, and here is the link: https://www.google.nl/maps/dir/Dallas,+Texas,+Verenigde+Staten/Silversprings+Dr,+Dallas,+TX+75211,+Verenigde+Staten/Grand+Canyon+Village,+Arizona,+Verenigde+Staten/Las+Vegas,+Nevada,+Verenigde+Staten/Artesia,+Californi%C3%AB,+Verenigde+Staten/Yosemite+National+Park,+Yosemite+Village,+CA+95389,+Verenigde+Staten/San+Francisco,+Californi%C3%AB,+Verenigde+Staten/@34.7428017,-114.8069485,999440m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m44!4m43!1m5!1m1!1s0x864c19f77b45974b:0xb9ec9ba4f647678f!2m2!1d-96.8004511!2d32.7801399!1m5!1m1!1s0x864e9a99207fa06d:0x35dc6afbbdbee2eb!2m2!1d-96.8971881!2d32.7156674!1m5!1m1!1s0x8733174f95ffe325:0xb8ccc2749a229ea1!2m2!1d-112.1401108!2d36.0544445!1m5!1m1!1s0x80beb782a4f57dd1:0x3accd5e6d5b379a3!2m2!1d-115.1398296!2d36.1699412!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dd2c5405cced85:0x9be5a22eea4f2643!2m2!1d-118.0831212!2d33.8658484!1m5!1m1!1s0x8096f09df58aecc5:0x2d249c2ced8003fe!2m2!1d-119.538329!2d37.865101!1m5!1m1!1s0x80859a6d00690021:0x4a501367f076adff!2m2!1d-122.4194155!2d37.7749295!3e0

Madrid spain

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My traveling partner and I are explorers at heart and find tour bus activities dull. This is a tourism train route, with highlighted sights. Anyone care to tell us what may be interesting on that map/ or even off of it? We will be staying in the heart of the city with some family, so our board is covered. We may go explore some bars in chueca (18 y/o), What is the identification we would need to carry on us if we get carded? US Drivers license/ or passport? *file too large to post* https://www.metromadrid.es/export/sites/metro/comun/documentos/planos/PlanoMetroTurInterior.pdf
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What would be some must-see breweries for a vacation planned entirely around brewery tours?
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Is it actually possible to get decent sleep on a plane? The few times I've been on a plane at night it seemed like an impossible task to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.
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Hi, me and a friend are thinking about going backpacking to Madagascar in Feb/March 2015. Does anybody know how much we can realistically expect to spend in 1 month if we eat local food and sleep in the cheapest accomodation possible? We definitely wanna go out to nature as much as possible - are guides in national parks very expensive? Any other things to note?
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America is pretty much dead to me. >Can't find decent work to save my life. >The scummiest culture of any 1st-world nation >Provides no basic amenities for its citizens >People are worked far beyond their golden years, and quite literally into death. What are my options here. Where else can I go?
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Anyone go on a tour of the DMZ/JSA from South Korea? Any particular tour companies you recommend or suggest to avoid?
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Anybody in the Oslo region want to meet up around Dec 19,20,21,22? Schedule is not yet set in stone. I'll be in town for two days or so, one of which I'd like to go over to Hardangervidda. Also taking any suggestions on any Must-Do's for Oslo. Anything google missed. I'll be doing the usual museum rounds, and bar hopping.
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For future reference, how much money would an Australian need to travel Europe for a month? I know flights are at least $2k I'm fine with staying at shitty backpacker hostels and hitchhiking or whatever. The cities I want to go to are >London >Paris >Munich >Rome
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>want to go to Germany during Christmas >try order a flight ticket for the first time ever >search online for Copenhagen - Munich flights >all flights last for 10-15 hours, 2-3 changes in between what the fuck? can someone give me some tips about this problem? It shouldn't take 10 hours to fly from Copenhagen to Munich right?
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Hey /trv/, I'm going to be in Riyadh for a few months for work (just found out yesterday), and I've gradually realised as I've read up on it that this could be a pretty boring as fuck time. No alcohol, no socialising with women, no nightlife in general, no movie theatres - harsh. I'll be in Dubai for some of the weekends - that'll be fine, but is Riyadh as bad as people make it sound online? I've gone from "hey this could be pretty cool" to "what the fuck" in about half a day of googling. So, anyone been there? Is it really this boring?
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So, im considering moving to a muslim country. Im not muslim but im dissapointed with the west, i think an islamic society would be better. SA. and UEA are not on my list, BTW.

Im moving to New Zealand

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Hi guys. So Im a 18 yo argentinian guy trying to move to New Zealand next year. Anyone who has lived or live there to give me some advices? Like where to go, where to live, what jobs can I get (as someone that just finished high school).

Ristoranti catania

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Tutti i ristoranti in offerta su PrenotaOra.com. Cerca i migliori ristoranti nella tua città e scegli il menu che preferisci a prezzi imbattibili. Il portale permette di acquistare ingressi ad eventi, organizzazioni di feste di compleanno per adulti e bambini, battesimi, comunioni, cresime, matrimoni, viaggi di nozze, addio al nubilato o addio al celibato e molto altro con sconti fino al 90%. Per info e prenotazione chiama il numero 095 67 81 849.
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Your FAVORITE place that you've ever been to/lived? It can be anywhere.. not just from vacation or for traveling.

Chinese xenophobes

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Hello /trv/ I have the opportunity to move to China for a year and I'm seriously thinking about doing it. It will be in Harbin in the North which seems like a magical, cold place. What I'm slightly worried about is that you read that Chinese people (especially outside of Shanghai and Beijing) are quite xenophobic. Can anybody who has experienced life in the far North of China expand on this? Will they spit on me or just not want to hang out with me? Will they tolerate me if I immerse myself in their culture? Will they insult me on the street? I'm sorry if this is brought up a lot, I couldn't find a China general in the catalogue and I don't browse /trv/ very often

experiences at Hostels

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Hey /trv/ what are your experiences with staying at Hostels? Also Is it frowned upon to crash at night and leave in the morning and do I need reservations to stay at one? Sorry for being retarted.
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