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30th November 2014
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Travelling Alone

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Hey /trv/, What are your thoughts on travelling alone? I recently acquired about $50grand CAD, and want to drop $10-$15 on travelling Europe. I'm from Canada, and I have a sister who lives in London England. I have no one to travel with, because my friends all have real jobs or school. Is travelling alone a lonely experience? What is some advice for travelling alone?

Need help US vacation

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Hello guys, I need your help. This Summer break, my dad, little brother and me are going to have a 4 week holiday in the south of the United States. The first two weeks we’ll be spending on a ranch from an uncle. Then we’ll take a week to drive all the way to the west coast and spend another week there. I need your help on figuring out what to do in those four weeks, what sights are there to see, what hidden adventures, etc. etc. I’ll also need some more basic information but I’ll ask that later on. I’ll also post some more about budget, car etc. I’m looking for adventurous activities, my dad is more of the sightseeing type, and my bro just humbles along. Does anybody live within this region and know something about the place that’s interesting for tourists? Please post, any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the route with the places we really want to visit, and here is the link: https://www.google.nl/maps/dir/Dallas,+Texas,+Verenigde+Staten/Silversprings+Dr,+Dallas,+TX+75211,+Verenigde+Staten/Grand+Canyon+Village,+Arizona,+Verenigde+Staten/Las+Vegas,+Nevada,+Verenigde+Staten/Artesia,+Californi%C3%AB,+Verenigde+Staten/Yosemite+National+Park,+Yosemite+Village,+CA+95389,+Verenigde+Staten/San+Francisco,+Californi%C3%AB,+Verenigde+Staten/@34.7428017,-114.8069485,999440m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m44!4m43!1m5!1m1!1s0x864c19f77b45974b:0xb9ec9ba4f647678f!2m2!1d-96.8004511!2d32.7801399!1m5!1m1!1s0x864e9a99207fa06d:0x35dc6afbbdbee2eb!2m2!1d-96.8971881!2d32.7156674!1m5!1m1!1s0x8733174f95ffe325:0xb8ccc2749a229ea1!2m2!1d-112.1401108!2d36.0544445!1m5!1m1!1s0x80beb782a4f57dd1:0x3accd5e6d5b379a3!2m2!1d-115.1398296!2d36.1699412!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dd2c5405cced85:0x9be5a22eea4f2643!2m2!1d-118.0831212!2d33.8658484!1m5!1m1!1s0x8096f09df58aecc5:0x2d249c2ced8003fe!2m2!1d-119.538329!2d37.865101!1m5!1m1!1s0x80859a6d00690021:0x4a501367f076adff!2m2!1d-122.4194155!2d37.7749295!3e0

Caribbean Vacation

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Hey guys. I'm looking to spend my spring break in a tropical place. Not to party, but to lounge around, Ernest Hemingway style. I plan to stay in hostels and do my own thing, hopefully see some nice views and culture. I have a lot of Southwest Rewards points, so I'm going to use them for this. Here are my options: >Jamaica >Puerto Rico >Dominican Republic >Bahamas >Aruba My budget is wide open, so don't worry about cost. I just want to be able to travel on my own, possibly island hop and get around via bicycle, and do so in relative ease and safety (which is why Jamaica is a maybe). Thoughts?
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So my buddy went to Thailand last year and came back and next thing I know he's asking me about dating this chick who is best friends with this woman he met over there. He's in some sort of quasi relationship now(I know what the fuck) and he doesn't speak Thai and she knows fuck all English. He bought a plane ticket yesterday because he's starting a business over there but me being a seasoned traveler he's wants my advice despite ignoring me calling him a dumbass. What are some warning signs I can give him, and also what kind of gift can he bring her?
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How cheap is Warsaw in terms of drink,food and activities?
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What is the best/easiest way to disappear?
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So I'm possibly going to Turkey (specifically Istanbul) for a few months next summer. Is there anything I should know or helpful tips? Past experiences? It would be most appreciated.
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Taking a road trip from Connecticut to Georgia. Looking for cities to stop in and things to do along the way. Would be cool to see some national landmarks, stop in a stoner city, maybe a music festival, crap like that. Probably gonna do it during my Uni's spring break (TBA in February or April). Thinking about the following:: Should my travel companion and I buy gas in bulk from a cheap place near us for the whole trip? Is it even legal to carry roughly 100-300 gallons of gas? What should we pack in terms of food and drink? What kind of budget should we set? How can we make cheap sleeping arrangements? What is there to do in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Richmond, and Charlotte (NC)?
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I've never bought a suitcase before. Haven't travelled in ~10 years. What should I be looking for? What are the things I'm probably forgetting to think about while buying one, since I've barely ever travelled? How much should I be paying? I do plan to pack a decent amount of clothes. Few pairs of shoes.

3 months and Counting

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Hi everyone. I have been gone for three months. UK for one, Ireland for two, and I've just spent a week in the Dam. If you have any questions just ask :) this is my first solo traveling experience and it has been an all round great time
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I have around 4,000 USD. How much of Europe can I possibly see on that? I'd like to see Germany, Netherlands and Sweden if possible. Can a trip be done on such a budget?

wanna be in us

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i think most of the people here are american or live in the us i'm peruvian and also i'm also looking for a job anywhere in north america, specially usa i would like to know wich age is reasonable for working? and whats the best way to go there? by the way, im 17 and i'm thinking of going on january, february and march.
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Do many people here travel by Credit Cards/Miles? If so what are some methods you would recommend? Personally, I just started getting into it. Have been getting air miles from work and conferences I attend, usually paid at someone elses expense. Recently applied and got accepted to American and US Credit Card and that's roughly 50k and 40k respectively worth of points.

Best European country for a student

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I'll be graduating from a US university with a BS next year, and I want to go to Europe for a MS and/or PhD. How do European countries and cities compare in terms of student life? I'm currently thinking about Scotland (pic related-U. of Edinburgh), France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands, but I'm definitely open to other suggestions. Obviously hoping for a place that has good public transport, inexpensive cost of living, interesting things to do, and is friendly to foreigners.
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Doing a short trip to Europe for the first time, (8 total night including flight there) am I biting off more than I can chew? Here's my current high-level agenda: 1. Land in Prague on Nov 22nd at 8pm, stay Sunday and Sunday night 2. Train to Vienna early on the 24t 3. Fly to Cologne early on the 26th 4. Train to Amsterdam early on the 27th, fly out at 11am on the 29th Should I consider a night train from Vienna to Cologne?
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I am travelling to Turkey solo during Jan 2-16. I am in graduate school and therefore poor. I have no itinerary or expectations. Wat do? Pic unrelated
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Hello /trv/ just a /b/ Ausfag visiting I am planning to go to Fiji later this month with me mum. Trip is to relax and be rewarded for all my hardwork really (medfag). I wanted to know what are good websites with travel deals? so far i found >scooponDOTcomDOTau/deals/61913/fiji-beachfront-family-resort-package?source=Travel >travelDOTgrouponDOTcomDOTau/en/deals/719229962 If you guise have no idea about websites with more travel deals, which one of the 2 hotels listed above would you recommend?
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How much on average would it cost to move to a Scandinavian country (preferably Denmark) ? I am in college right now and have roughly one and a half more years to go before I am done with my degree. I am in the midwest and have very few things to actually move.

In Houston need herb

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Where's the good shit at fellas?
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