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can /trv/ help me decide where I should go this summer I'm planning a road trip with my wife and 4 year old kid from Genoa Italy to Marseille What are the places that worth seing on that route?I know Monaco ,Nice ,Cannes and St Tropez are the major ones but are there any other places that you recommend . Should I stop at San Remo for example? Or should I change my route to Portofino La Spezia-Pisa which route would you prefer and which route is more interesting?
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I am trying to choose between three different backpacks for my two month trip to Europe this summer. What would be the ideal size? My options are a 33 liter, a 35 liter and a 40 liter pack.

Going to Sydney

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I am going to Sydney for a year in October this year, i have never been to Australia at all and i wonder a lot of things: Wich attractions are worth seeing? Alcohol costs? Food costs? Other places near Sydney worth to visit? What are the people like? Their thoughts on drugs? And any other useful information

Need 4 day travel plans starting from Taiwan

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Group of 5, we already been to Hong Kong, South Korea, and Tokyo. We only have 4 days to travel... so we dont want to deal with a very long flight. Fluent in Mandarin and English. Going in October for our annual business group vacation. Maybe someone has a great idea. So far it seems like Singapore its going to be. Thanks in advance.
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hello, I will be in Maui, HI for 11 days next month. I am wondering if anyone knows of some "must-dos".. Im very open to everything, I enjoy outdoorsy things, seeing small villages, etc, but at the same time I also love a nice day at the spa.. any tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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http://vietnam.visahq.com http://www.vietnamvisacorp.com https://www.vietnamimmigration.org https://www.visaonlinevietnam.com http://www.vietnamvisaform.com http://vietnam-visas.com.vn http://vietnamvisa123.com http://www.vietnam-visa.com http://www.vietnamvisa.com http://www.myvietnamvisa.com http://www.vietnamsvisa.com WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS. SHIT? they all seem dodgy too, what do?
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Koreans are doing something http://hosyusokuhou.jp/archives/38057448.html

Asian Travel Info

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I am an American living in Japan and I planned this great trip to Vietnam in the summer for my girlfriend and I. But my girl is starting to get concerned because of the Anti-China protests in the country. My girlfriend is Japanese but she is scared because she feels that she will 'look Chinese' to the people there. I wasn't too concerned until I looked a little more closely at the news and found out that the Vietnamese were lashing out at basically everyone that is Asian, including protesting and destroying a factory owned by a South Korean company. So it seems they are just finding anyone that looks remotely Chinese and taking it out on them. I am a stereotypical looking White American so I probably wont have much of a problem; American = Money, but I don't want anyone to take out their political turmoil issues on my girlfriend. Has anyone been there recently or know a little more about the culture there that can help me figure out if my concerns are true or if it looks worse on the news then it actually is.
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I've been all alone for the past six months, just working and going home, with nothing else going on. So I've decided fuck it, I'm taking a gap year. What are the most sociable things you can do in a time like that? Volunteer in Africa? Teaching English as a foreign language? Backpacking? I'm a Brit, for what it's worth.
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TL;DR I want to go coast-to-coast in the states on a budget this summer. I have a bunch of questions. I was thinking of taking a plane from Copenhagen (where I live) to NYC, then slowly make my way to the west coast by bus, and then work my way south from Seattle (or go SW from NY and go north on the west coast). I am going to be travelling by myself and on a budget of around $3000 to 3500 USD, whereof about $1100 would go to flight, so about $2000-2500 net. I'm more interested in experiences than sights, I'd pick an underground screamo concert with a stranger over seeing the white house any day. My idea is to travel by bus between major cities, is it possible to get a night bus and sleep while travelling? How do urban and rural areas compare? The midwest? skip or embrace? I'm 19 years old, will getting into bars be an issue? I'm okay with eating shitty meals two out of three meals, what can I expect to live for at that rate? The total time I have free is from about July 9th to August 14th, recommendations on where to prioritize my time? Also general places to do, things to see / avoid.
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I'm looking to buy a one way ticket to montreal the 20th of june from Oslo. Thing is, a one way ticket is $2066 but if i include a return ticket to oslo it costs $1200. This is on KLM's site btw, i just dont understand why including a return ticket would do such a ting to the price? Or am i doing something wrong? Thank you all in advance for any and all replies.
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Has anyone here been to any of the South Pacific islands? I'm contemplating on going to one but am unsure if it would be worth it. Is it possible to go to one on a budget?(obviously not a SEA or India budget but something that wouldn't completely break the bank)
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Hey /trv/, I'm headed from south Florida up to Canada. Stopping in NYC for a music festival, then Canada (have a friend in Toronto). Going to throw a few boards in the back of my car and stop to surf wherever.... Anyone know any particularly neat places/clubs/surf towns that are off the radar essentially anywhere on or near the east coast? Leaving next week concert is on the 6th i think. Thanks....
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Nevr forgit the great cashgrab of 2014


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Has anyone been properly scammed in Bangkok's red light districts? I just talked to a couple of Brits who paid 3000 Baht each for about five minutes of shitty strip shows. How do you avoid getting scammed in Bangkok but still have some fun?

/trv/ling for a terrible person

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Sup /trv/, I want to go on a couple vacations in the next two years, and I'd like to know which countries/regions best fulfill the following criteria. 1. Best exchange rate for the American dollar 2. Women who are generally dtf, especially with a /fit/, educated westerner who might take them out of their personal hell. (Which I may, if she's hot/obedient/interesting enough) 3. Stuff to do! 4. Relatively safe, for the non-retarded But yeah... I'm really just looking to see the world and "go port to port." Was thinking Costa Rica, Vietnam, or Thailand. What'cha got for me?
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I plan to travel to China end of Jan 2015.. I just wanted to get some general "travel tips" as I have 1. never traveled out of the country before, and 2. never traveled alone before. I don't even know the best way to have money while I'm there.. or set a phone up etc.. It will be a whle new experience for me so I thought maybe I could get some tips from /trv/ it could be anything that would be useful for traveling in general or China specific. I have started already making a few online friends, some say they would be willing to show me around some places.. They are all cute girls. Thanks!
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Does Seattle have a personality? Like the city itself, what makes it unique? I went there in 2004, so it's been awhile, and the whole time I remember thinking "this is it?" I don't know, it didn't seem to have really anything going for it other than the Space Needle, the monorail (which was offline so I couldn't ride it), and the ferries. Everything else just seemed to say "city" and nothing else, if that makes any sense. It just felt bland and lifeless. I'd like to go back and give it another chance, but I'm not sure what I'd even do there. It doesn't really seem built around tourism. Also walking back to the hotel from having dinner at the Space Needle it was only 10pm and the streets were deserted, so it felt like the town has no nightlife, even though I'm not into clubbing or anything anyway. I was just surprised it seemed so dead right after sunset.
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>traveling through China >everywhere we go (big group of white people), Asians stop and stare and take photos of us >the other people are old and don't care and even actively get in pics with other people >I feel emabrrassed like they Re making fun of us so I either turn around or try to take a picture back at them Bd they usually leave Any of you guys experience this in China?
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Hello /trv/ i'm heading to Switzerland in summer i'm going to stay in Zurich for 2 days with my family (day of arrival and date of departure) and 4 days in a rented villa in Fl├╝hli, i'm also going to stay alone in Geneva 3 nights when i come back from UK so can you give me some ideas as to where to go and what do to etc Greatly appreciated
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