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Hey /trv/, I'm headed from south Florida up to Canada. Stopping in NYC for a music festival, then Canada (have a friend in Toronto). Going to throw a few boards in the back of my car and stop to surf wherever.... Anyone know any particularly neat places/clubs/surf towns that are off the radar essentially anywhere on or near the east coast? Leaving next week concert is on the 6th i think. Thanks....
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Nevr forgit the great cashgrab of 2014
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Anyone use stoke travel before? It seems like a good way to get set up with parties and activities. Also, how often to you travel to other countries alone? Just starting to travel internationally now and it's not always easy finding willing partners.
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Passing through Dublin on the way home for 2 nights and 3 days with 100 Euros. How far will it get me?


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Travelling to Seattle next month. Is it easy to get a job in there? I'm mexican student and I've like 3 years of experience developing software in real jobs. I mean, i dont care if i get shitty salary, just want to pay the rent
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I am traveling to greece this summer by my self but am only 17. I was wondering if this will limit me any way and if i will be able to get into hostel/hotels. Any information would be helpful. Also any good non tourist traps to go to. Thanks
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Sup, /trv/ -- I'm heading off to the UK on May 24th. I'll be there until August. I've never traveled abroad before. I'll be staying with my mother in the Sheffield area. We'll definitely be heading down to London at some point as well. I could also probably stay with my cousin in London too. What the fuck should I do when I'm there? I don't have unlimited funds and want to spend as little as possible(when on my own). Not only will I be in England, I also want to head up to Ireland and Scotland as well. I also want to head to mainland Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, maybe some more as well) Can all of this be done relatively cheaply?
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http://vietnam.visahq.com http://www.vietnamvisacorp.com https://www.vietnamimmigration.org https://www.visaonlinevietnam.com http://www.vietnamvisaform.com http://vietnam-visas.com.vn http://vietnamvisa123.com http://www.vietnam-visa.com http://www.vietnamvisa.com http://www.myvietnamvisa.com http://www.vietnamsvisa.com WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS. SHIT? they all seem dodgy too, what do?
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Koreans are doing something http://hosyusokuhou.jp/archives/38057448.html

Asian Travel Info

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I am an American living in Japan and I planned this great trip to Vietnam in the summer for my girlfriend and I. But my girl is starting to get concerned because of the Anti-China protests in the country. My girlfriend is Japanese but she is scared because she feels that she will 'look Chinese' to the people there. I wasn't too concerned until I looked a little more closely at the news and found out that the Vietnamese were lashing out at basically everyone that is Asian, including protesting and destroying a factory owned by a South Korean company. So it seems they are just finding anyone that looks remotely Chinese and taking it out on them. I am a stereotypical looking White American so I probably wont have much of a problem; American = Money, but I don't want anyone to take out their political turmoil issues on my girlfriend. Has anyone been there recently or know a little more about the culture there that can help me figure out if my concerns are true or if it looks worse on the news then it actually is.
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I'm from Australia and looking to visit California for a month (mid-june-mid-july). I just have a few questions. Is California very different to Australia? As in, will I even notice I'm in a different country? This will be my first time travelling and while I've wanted to go to CA for ages, I want it to be different enough to be worth it, you know? Is a month too long? I'm concerned I'm severely over-estimating the time I'd need. I'm going alone. Is it likely I'll meet people? I was thinking of dividing my time between hotels and hostels, but I know the hostel culture isn't like it is in Europe. Any advice/recommendations of things to check out?
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I've been all alone for the past six months, just working and going home, with nothing else going on. So I've decided fuck it, I'm taking a gap year. What are the most sociable things you can do in a time like that? Volunteer in Africa? Teaching English as a foreign language? Backpacking? I'm a Brit, for what it's worth.

Bad weather ruined plans, please help

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I'm in the blue dot, I was going to drive 5 hours to Vermont this weekend to go outside, hike, shoot guns, hot tub, and just be away from the city. Its going to rain terribly bad all weekend in VT, I can drive 7 hours at a most to my destination and I have to find a new fun way to spend my weekend. There will be rainy conditions everywhere north of DC, the only conditions for my trip are: >Drive no more than 7 hours >Must have access to a hot tub for the weekend at any time (none of this hotel closes hot tub at 7pm business) >Must have outside activities to do (hike, shooting, kayaking, etc) >Must not be city intensive (no rush hours, no crazy traffic, no hookers, no pimps, no craziness) Help /trv/lers!?
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TL;DR I want to go coast-to-coast in the states on a budget this summer. I have a bunch of questions. I was thinking of taking a plane from Copenhagen (where I live) to NYC, then slowly make my way to the west coast by bus, and then work my way south from Seattle (or go SW from NY and go north on the west coast). I am going to be travelling by myself and on a budget of around $3000 to 3500 USD, whereof about $1100 would go to flight, so about $2000-2500 net. I'm more interested in experiences than sights, I'd pick an underground screamo concert with a stranger over seeing the white house any day. My idea is to travel by bus between major cities, is it possible to get a night bus and sleep while travelling? How do urban and rural areas compare? The midwest? skip or embrace? I'm 19 years old, will getting into bars be an issue? I'm okay with eating shitty meals two out of three meals, what can I expect to live for at that rate? The total time I have free is from about July 9th to August 14th, recommendations on where to prioritize my time? Also general places to do, things to see / avoid.
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Travelling the world by bicycle. What would it look like when crossing countries? Bike up, show passport, move on? Have you done something similar - if so, what was your route and what troubles did you end up facing? What troubles do you expect one could run into?

Hawaii move

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Sup /trv/, this is my first time posting here. I'm thinking of moving from California to Hawaii this December to disconnect and perhaps start a new nomadic lifestyle. Thinking of starting as a WWOOFer and using my free time to look for more permanent ways to establish myself. Anyone with experience WWOOFing or living in Hawaii, i'd appreciate your input!
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I'm looking to buy a one way ticket to montreal the 20th of june from Oslo. Thing is, a one way ticket is $2066 but if i include a return ticket to oslo it costs $1200. This is on KLM's site btw, i just dont understand why including a return ticket would do such a ting to the price? Or am i doing something wrong? Thank you all in advance for any and all replies.
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I've got about £1000 and want to travel through Europe. How long do you think this will last me? Where could I go? How should I travel? I'm planning to travel by myself, this summer, want to use this to inspire myself and sort myself out. Possible starting points would be the UK or Germany. Please help me /trv/, you're my only hope.
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Has anyone here been to any of the South Pacific islands? I'm contemplating on going to one but am unsure if it would be worth it. Is it possible to go to one on a budget?(obviously not a SEA or India budget but something that wouldn't completely break the bank)

UK and Europe

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Hey guys, I'm an aussie going to be travelling the UK and europe for as long as I can, leavin Australia in late January. Is it worth saving a crap load of money here and finding cash jobs there or going with a program? (latitude etc.). I have never travelled before and will be travelling with my best mate, anyone got any tips for me? This is kind of a huge step for me and anyone who is from my area.
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