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My girlfriend and I are strongly considering moving to Germany within the next two years. We have been studying the german language (respectfully I would rather speak the native tongue than rely on people to know english). Does anyone know the best legal ways to go about gaining citizenship? Or even just ways to legally stay longer than 90 days?

cheap journey to bali

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Bali , an exotic island country located in INDONESIA ,Most of the population of Europe made Bali as part of the list of destinationsso many attractions that can be enjoyed by the tourists to spend the summer holidays
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hello, I will be in Maui, HI for 11 days next month. I am wondering if anyone knows of some "must-dos".. Im very open to everything, I enjoy outdoorsy things, seeing small villages, etc, but at the same time I also love a nice day at the spa.. any tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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I'm from Australia and looking to visit California for a month (mid-june-mid-july). I just have a few questions. Is California very different to Australia? As in, will I even notice I'm in a different country? This will be my first time travelling and while I've wanted to go to CA for ages, I want it to be different enough to be worth it, you know? Is a month too long? I'm concerned I'm severely over-estimating the time I'd need. I'm going alone. Is it likely I'll meet people? I was thinking of dividing my time between hotels and hostels, but I know the hostel culture isn't like it is in Europe. Any advice/recommendations of things to check out?

Bad weather ruined plans, please help

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I'm in the blue dot, I was going to drive 5 hours to Vermont this weekend to go outside, hike, shoot guns, hot tub, and just be away from the city. Its going to rain terribly bad all weekend in VT, I can drive 7 hours at a most to my destination and I have to find a new fun way to spend my weekend. There will be rainy conditions everywhere north of DC, the only conditions for my trip are: >Drive no more than 7 hours >Must have access to a hot tub for the weekend at any time (none of this hotel closes hot tub at 7pm business) >Must have outside activities to do (hike, shooting, kayaking, etc) >Must not be city intensive (no rush hours, no crazy traffic, no hookers, no pimps, no craziness) Help /trv/lers!?

Visiting Japan thread

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So yeah, I'm probably gonna visit Japan within the next year or so. I do plan to look into brochures and stuff for the cultural politeness etc but as a head-start, what are the most common things a foreigner might do which can be offensive? Also, what sort of accommodations should I look for? Middle-class. I'm from India.
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Travelling the world by bicycle. What would it look like when crossing countries? Bike up, show passport, move on? Have you done something similar - if so, what was your route and what troubles did you end up facing? What troubles do you expect one could run into?

Hawaii move

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Sup /trv/, this is my first time posting here. I'm thinking of moving from California to Hawaii this December to disconnect and perhaps start a new nomadic lifestyle. Thinking of starting as a WWOOFer and using my free time to look for more permanent ways to establish myself. Anyone with experience WWOOFing or living in Hawaii, i'd appreciate your input!
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Has anyone here been to any of the South Pacific islands? I'm contemplating on going to one but am unsure if it would be worth it. Is it possible to go to one on a budget?(obviously not a SEA or India budget but something that wouldn't completely break the bank)
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Hi /trv/, My brother and I are going on a two week trip through the UK in June. We live in Vancouver, so the time change will be pretty significant. Our flight leaves around 14:00 or 15:00 PST, and is schedule to arrive around 7:00 GMT. Are there any tricks for avoiding or minimizing jet lag? I was thinking about staying up late the night before our flight, and then taking a sleeping pill on the plane in hopes of passing out and waking up on our arrival. Our trip is so short, I'd love it if there was a way to avoid feeling hungover and out of it for the first two days.
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Ask a guy who's never been outside his hometown anything.
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Hullo travelers! My job is sending me to Sorgues, France for a few days (26-29/5) and I'll have the 27/5 free. I'll be staying in the Novotel Avignon Nord which is kinda far from anything. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do this day? Keep in mind though that I won't have my own mean of transportation... Also, does anyone know if I will be able to find a taxi outside the Sorgues train station? I guess not since it seems like a rural area but it doesn't hurt to ask. You see, I'd like to find a cheaper than the taxi way to go from Avignon's train station to my hotel. Last time I paid 25euros for those 10kms (Avignon - Novotel Avignon Nord).

Hyatt Hotels nationwide

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where to travel and stay particularly hyatt in asia? was thinking of tokyo/seoul
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I haven't charted it all out yet, but: Thinking of travelling within Europe as a warm-up, Asia, around African safaris. I won't be leaving for another year or so until I have enough wages saved up. From experience, what would you guys call a sensible budget/cheap ways to save cash and avoid theft. So far my extent on travelling is a few trips to Turkey and Cyprus as a brat on family holidays, and I went off to France by myself last year to see how I handled myself alone. I want to start listing some good places to explore, but don't want to have set it out to the finest detail, I feel that it would take the fun out. Also, I'm female and hear a lot of talk of rape and whatnot, so that's pretty unnerving. I don't show skin when I'm abroad and keep my clothes baggy, and can throw a punch. Any other tips for avoiding getting dicked from all angels?

this is a top notch travel site

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Trip to friends

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So on this Saturday, I'm leaving on a trip to pic related. I'm going to be gone for an entire month [which is a lot for someone who works menial labor.] I'm already mostly packed. I'm bringing a game console [Wii U] and a 40 some inch tv so that I don't have to bother plugging and messing around in the back of my friends TV. I have some just last minute questions, and board related questions. 1) Is there anything else I should bring [I can post pics of what I have but general checklist is going like this] >water >Food >First aid kid >7 days of cloths + the cloths on my back >Towel >Phone/Kindle [for communication and picture taking] >Toiletries [Shaving stuff, extra wipes, hair brush, dragon dildo] 2) What Kind of stuff goes on this board? Can I post with my trip code pictures of/from my trip, and be met with some good reception, or should I keep pictures limited to saved places on my own computer/the cloud? 3) Should I bring a camera instead of relying on my phones Camera? 4) What other places should I see? I'm setting myself up with time aside from visiting people to see The River Walk in San Antonio [again], Chaco Canyon in NM, Museums/art exhibits in most of the cities I visit, The Golden Gate bridge as I drive north. What other places should I see? Most of the trip is just to hang out and play vidya, and talk with people I've only ever done that online with [having met all but 2 of the 9 people IRL before.] Thanks /trv/. Oh. Not sure it's relevant, but i'm working on a bit of a budget. Only 1500 dollars of spending money after taking funds out for Gasoline and lodging. >pic is a rough look at the route, sans stop for site-seeing

A jump

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Wow! Travelling to Zakynthos then jump there.. Awsome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am0aJFhtwJA
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Hi /trv/, American here. What's the UK like? I've never been to the UK (or even outside the country for that matter) and I'll probably never really have the funds to do so. I've always wondered what the UK was like and where a single 20's male with a college degree could live cheaply in the country. Indulge me wouldn't you?


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