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Sup /trv/, I have a question for y'all. I'm a brazilian and I've never left my state. I just never had the opportunity and this is something that really bothers me. Everytime I come on /trv/ and read your stories, see your pictures, I just keep longing to go out there and get lost somewhere. Now, since I've never left my country and money is kind of a big deal for me, I want to know a great location that I can visit that isn't so expensive for a poor br student. I like places that aren't too noisy, with great historical monuments, friendly people, a good nightlife wouldn't hurt either.
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Passing through Dublin on the way home for 2 nights and 3 days with 100 Euros. How far will it get me?
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/trv/ If you could only go to eight countries in Europe what would they be and why. pic related Plitvice Lakes national park in Croatia
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You guys have been a big help in the past, and now I think is the time I need you the most. In two days, I'll be hitchin' it from Belarus to India. I'm Canadian, and I have a couple questions. I'm passing through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan to get to my final destination. So I think the hardest thing will be getting my visa to Iran. I was at the consular's office yesterday and I went back today, and I have to go back again tomorrow to finalize everything. They say I have a 10% chance of getting the visa since I'm canadian. What's the best way to increase my chances? Anyway, people with first-hand experience in these countries, any tips are welcome. Thanks a lot
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Is this suitcase too big to be able to be carry-on? I'm flying for the first time in two days (With Delta) and I'm curious if I'll be able to take this as carry on.
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Hey guys I'm going to Indonesia in July with 2 other people and just wondering some stuff about planning etc. It's my first proper travelling trip. Thought it would be good to get some advice from seasoned travellers (anyone who's actually been to indonesia is a huge plus) concerning planning and stuff. I'll be there for a month and i'll be travelling around the country - should I book hostels in advance and stuff? or just find one on the day? also I was interested in doing some tours of the jungle and maybe seeing some orang-utans, but if it's really touristy I probably won't bother, has anyone done this before and can give me some advice on booking/where to go/what it's like etc? thanks guys
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