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/trv/ board - Travel - 16th May 2014

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So, where's the best place in the Anglosphere to travel to? I'm from the USA, east coast, if it matters.

Phone/Tablet Apps for Travel

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Hey /trv/ Pissing off overseas for a year, mainly Japan since i'm a weeaboo. But I am wondering about the best apps people might be familiar with? Whether it's travel apps specifically saying "check out this local thing!" or a language learning app. Or simply something that automates open wifi access, etc.. I know about Japan having the open Wifi at train stations and such, everywhere, and some app that makes access easier. apparently a bit buggy at the moment though.

Going to Japan!

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Greetings, friends! This summer, I will be going to Japan for the first time. Me and my girlfriend will be spending the entire month of July in Japan, and I would love if you guys and girls could give me some tips and recommendations! I'm trying to learn hiragana and katakana at the moment, so I hope I'll be able to read a little by the time I get there. We'll be landing in Tokyo Haneda, and we haven't planned anything yet..! What can you guys recommend? Thanks in advance :) The Danes.

Hiking from Fl to Tx

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Hey /trv/ ; i'm in need of some advice. I'm being dropped off with my pack in Citrus County, Florida, then i'm walking from there to Beaumont, Texas. I have ALOT of walking ahead of me. But I think in the end it's going to be a good mind clearing operation. I've been working out and running and walking alot so i'm not overly sore when i'm done. But my real question is. When I get to the end of the Florida pan handle. Would it be wise to continue to follow the coast all the way in? Or if I can, would it be easier (and I know alot more quicker and more effiecient) if I jumped into a canoe or kayak and paddled the coast line all the way to my end point where i'm going to be picked up by someone? Any and all advice is welcome.


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I'm thinking of going to Japan in August. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do? I'm intend to stay about 2 weeks.

Going to Sydney

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I am going to Sydney for a year in October this year, i have never been to Australia at all and i wonder a lot of things: Wich attractions are worth seeing? Alcohol costs? Food costs? Other places near Sydney worth to visit? What are the people like? Their thoughts on drugs? And any other useful information
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I am traveling to greece this summer by my self but am only 17. I was wondering if this will limit me any way and if i will be able to get into hostel/hotels. Any information would be helpful. Also any good non tourist traps to go to. Thanks

gone to/going to sziget?

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I'm going to the sziget festival this year (I'm 20.) It'll be my first music festival but I think I picked alright since most people I've asked about this festival said its pretty chill/not that many hard drugs/druggies so it sounds fine. I just got some questions about it to people who have been/are going to sziget: camping or hostel and if hostel then which ones are the closest/best. I'm prooobably going to go solo since it'll be my first time in europe in 8 years and I didn't bother keeping up with my euro friends. Is that an issue? Because most people said its a friendly bunch at the festival and I benefit from knowing fluent/near fluent English, Bosnian, French and Italian. Finally, whats there to do in Budapest during the festival in terms of cool bars such as punk/metal/jazz bars or just interesting night clubs. other than that it'd be fine if this is just a general discussion thread about sziget and Budapest.

Komi, Russia

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So I found these Stone Idols were #5 on the 7 Wonders of Russia. All the websites about them say that they attract many Russian tourists, but I can't find any tours going there, and I don't want to get lost in the creepy uninhabited forests. Does anyone know how to get to the Stone Idols of Komi? Preferably a tour that gets you there without having to hike 100 km.

Moving Elsewhere

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I'm trying to move somewhere in the US. What's a place that would be worthy of moving?
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