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Travel in Northern Japan

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I have a friend that is visiting Japan in a few weeks. A South Korean friends of theirs recently told her that the radiation levels in Northern Japan are at such high levels that they pose a risk to anyone even just visiting. I was wondering if there's any truth to the claim, and whether or not they'd be taking a risk by visiting these areas. Thanks.
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Why dont americans travel as much as European nations seem to? >Is it because of the lack of government mandated days off? >Our location? >The lack of jobs in general that allow for long vacations? >The fact we feel superior to other nations? Random picture of Almaty.

Need 4 day travel plans starting from Taiwan

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Group of 5, we already been to Hong Kong, South Korea, and Tokyo. We only have 4 days to travel... so we dont want to deal with a very long flight. Fluent in Mandarin and English. Going in October for our annual business group vacation. Maybe someone has a great idea. So far it seems like Singapore its going to be. Thanks in advance.
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Sup, /trv/ -- I'm heading off to the UK on May 24th. I'll be there until August. I've never traveled abroad before. I'll be staying with my mother in the Sheffield area. We'll definitely be heading down to London at some point as well. I could also probably stay with my cousin in London too. What the fuck should I do when I'm there? I don't have unlimited funds and want to spend as little as possible(when on my own). Not only will I be in England, I also want to head up to Ireland and Scotland as well. I also want to head to mainland Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, maybe some more as well) Can all of this be done relatively cheaply?
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I guess this is the best place to ask about this since most people travel to vegas to gamble. I'd like to know if there's any way to increase my chances on the slots - I usually play the one penny slots, but I never win more than $10 at a time. By how much should I play to really beat the odds, trv bros?
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So I was planning on going to Japan this summer, but my parents started to panic and told me it was a bad time to go. I asked them why and they said that Japan and Chinese relations are bad right now and there's a lot of tension of something that's going to happen. They are both full Chinese and they said that they've been hearing this in the news. Are they just being ridiculous and biased because they are Chinese or do they have a point that going to Japan as a Chinese-American might not be the safest thing to do right now?
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hello, I will be in Maui, HI for 11 days next month. I am wondering if anyone knows of some "must-dos".. Im very open to everything, I enjoy outdoorsy things, seeing small villages, etc, but at the same time I also love a nice day at the spa.. any tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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http://vietnam.visahq.com http://www.vietnamvisacorp.com https://www.vietnamimmigration.org https://www.visaonlinevietnam.com http://www.vietnamvisaform.com http://vietnam-visas.com.vn http://vietnamvisa123.com http://www.vietnam-visa.com http://www.vietnamvisa.com http://www.myvietnamvisa.com http://www.vietnamsvisa.com WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS. SHIT? they all seem dodgy too, what do?

Visiting Japan thread

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So yeah, I'm probably gonna visit Japan within the next year or so. I do plan to look into brochures and stuff for the cultural politeness etc but as a head-start, what are the most common things a foreigner might do which can be offensive? Also, what sort of accommodations should I look for? Middle-class. I'm from India.

Hawaii move

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Sup /trv/, this is my first time posting here. I'm thinking of moving from California to Hawaii this December to disconnect and perhaps start a new nomadic lifestyle. Thinking of starting as a WWOOFer and using my free time to look for more permanent ways to establish myself. Anyone with experience WWOOFing or living in Hawaii, i'd appreciate your input!
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/trv/, I'm arriving at Urumqi airport at 00:55 and leaving at 08:10 Apparetnly there are no flights between 2 and 7 AM. So I'm wondering whether they shut the airport and whether they will let me stay there watiing for my flight. Where can I find out? I don't fancy going to the city and check in some hotel only to leave back 2-3 hours later. Any advice ?
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I've got about £1000 and want to travel through Europe. How long do you think this will last me? Where could I go? How should I travel? I'm planning to travel by myself, this summer, want to use this to inspire myself and sort myself out. Possible starting points would be the UK or Germany. Please help me /trv/, you're my only hope.
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Has anyone here been to any of the South Pacific islands? I'm contemplating on going to one but am unsure if it would be worth it. Is it possible to go to one on a budget?(obviously not a SEA or India budget but something that wouldn't completely break the bank)


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hey trv, I'm going to Copenhagen Business School for an english taught full degree this year . Do any of you who have been to Copenhagen tell me about things to look out for either in terms of landlord tricks or bad neighbourhoods. or tell me which neighbourhoods I should be looking for (I'm doing a degree in international business.) Also any other discussion on copenhagen (eg: nightlife, how to befriend Danes, how to get into those goddamn dormitories when they have like 3 year waiting lists, etc.)
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sup /trv/ new to traveling but I just need to get away from my life for 2-3 months. background : joined the airforce wanting to travel and got switched bases while in school from Okinawa to 3 hours from home in Florida. notes: >want to travel alone >want to go somewhere where I can stay cheap for a long time or I can camp out my self. environment/roofing doesn't matter. no where should I go and how much money should I save stuff I should pack. I want to hike asia or south America or something crazy where I can say I did something cool see crazy sights people animals and basically survive. please guide me on what I can do. I dont want some weak tour guide.
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I'm from Australia and looking to visit California for a month (mid-june-mid-july). I just have a few questions. Is California very different to Australia? As in, will I even notice I'm in a different country? This will be my first time travelling and while I've wanted to go to CA for ages, I want it to be different enough to be worth it, you know? Is a month too long? I'm concerned I'm severely over-estimating the time I'd need. I'm going alone. Is it likely I'll meet people? I was thinking of dividing my time between hotels and hostels, but I know the hostel culture isn't like it is in Europe. Any advice/recommendations of things to check out?

Bad weather ruined plans, please help

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I'm in the blue dot, I was going to drive 5 hours to Vermont this weekend to go outside, hike, shoot guns, hot tub, and just be away from the city. Its going to rain terribly bad all weekend in VT, I can drive 7 hours at a most to my destination and I have to find a new fun way to spend my weekend. There will be rainy conditions everywhere north of DC, the only conditions for my trip are: >Drive no more than 7 hours >Must have access to a hot tub for the weekend at any time (none of this hotel closes hot tub at 7pm business) >Must have outside activities to do (hike, shooting, kayaking, etc) >Must not be city intensive (no rush hours, no crazy traffic, no hookers, no pimps, no craziness) Help /trv/lers!?
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Travelling the world by bicycle. What would it look like when crossing countries? Bike up, show passport, move on? Have you done something similar - if so, what was your route and what troubles did you end up facing? What troubles do you expect one could run into?

First time traveling to Portugal

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Hello! First time here in /trv/ and a first time on an airplane myself, I would like to know tips about flying. Also, I also would like to know if I need a visitor's visa to visit Portugal.

Asian Travel Info

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I am an American living in Japan and I planned this great trip to Vietnam in the summer for my girlfriend and I. But my girl is starting to get concerned because of the Anti-China protests in the country. My girlfriend is Japanese but she is scared because she feels that she will 'look Chinese' to the people there. I wasn't too concerned until I looked a little more closely at the news and found out that the Vietnamese were lashing out at basically everyone that is Asian, including protesting and destroying a factory owned by a South Korean company. So it seems they are just finding anyone that looks remotely Chinese and taking it out on them. I am a stereotypical looking White American so I probably wont have much of a problem; American = Money, but I don't want anyone to take out their political turmoil issues on my girlfriend. Has anyone been there recently or know a little more about the culture there that can help me figure out if my concerns are true or if it looks worse on the news then it actually is.
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