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Trip to friends

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So on this Saturday, I'm leaving on a trip to pic related. I'm going to be gone for an entire month [which is a lot for someone who works menial labor.] I'm already mostly packed. I'm bringing a game console [Wii U] and a 40 some inch tv so that I don't have to bother plugging and messing around in the back of my friends TV. I have some just last minute questions, and board related questions. 1) Is there anything else I should bring [I can post pics of what I have but general checklist is going like this] >water >Food >First aid kid >7 days of cloths + the cloths on my back >Towel >Phone/Kindle [for communication and picture taking] >Toiletries [Shaving stuff, extra wipes, hair brush, dragon dildo] 2) What Kind of stuff goes on this board? Can I post with my trip code pictures of/from my trip, and be met with some good reception, or should I keep pictures limited to saved places on my own computer/the cloud? 3) Should I bring a camera instead of relying on my phones Camera? 4) What other places should I see? I'm setting myself up with time aside from visiting people to see The River Walk in San Antonio [again], Chaco Canyon in NM, Museums/art exhibits in most of the cities I visit, The Golden Gate bridge as I drive north. What other places should I see? Most of the trip is just to hang out and play vidya, and talk with people I've only ever done that online with [having met all but 2 of the 9 people IRL before.] Thanks /trv/. Oh. Not sure it's relevant, but i'm working on a bit of a budget. Only 1500 dollars of spending money after taking funds out for Gasoline and lodging. >pic is a rough look at the route, sans stop for site-seeing

this is a top notch travel site

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Places to eat in Makati?

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I'm on vacation staying in Makati, Philippines for a bit. Any recommendations for restaurants to check out? Doesn't have to be strictly Filipino cuisine.

Study abroad

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i'm going to munich, (hopefully) for the year but i'm cutting it close with money. i started a donations page here http://www.gofundme.com/9n9uws if you wanna help. otherwise. anybody know munich? what are some must sees in the city and nearby?
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